MY COUSIN part 1

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MY COUSIN part 1Hi! My name is Kevin, an 18 yr. old gay and this is my story…I had a cousin named MIKE. We were so close during our c***dhood years. We were just about the same height that time with the same blue eyes and pink lips yet he had his nice curly brown hair and I’ve got my shiny straight black hair. When we were about to go to highschool, his family went to live a thousand miles away from us since he’s got to go to school there.After our highschool years, Mike’s mom called in and talked to my dad asking him to let Mike stay in for vacation that summer. It had been so boring lately since I had no one to hang-out with, for i am the only c***d in the house so i was so excited and happy to know that dad of course will let him stay.Mike has changed a lot now when I saw him came Thursday morning. He talks and walks so manly bearing a perfect hunky built. Yet i was so glad that we were still about the same height, so he must’ve grown as to the way I did.. We’re both 5″11 in height which is cool.I felt a little awkward approaching him that day so I left him with my parents interrogating him. I heard him ask about me too when i left and went inside my room but I’m not so sure what it was. Mike will be staying with me in my room which he always do way back. That Friday night, my parent called both of us in the living room.”We will be gone for two days so we’ll be back by Monday afternoon alright..”, Mom said.”I will take care of your son, don’t worry aunt..” Mike responded.”I can take care of myself mom, we’ll be fine..” I interrupted, konya escort trying to put emphasis on the word “myself”.As I woke up that Saturday morning, I heard some splashing from the outside. I ascended from my bed and went to check from the window. The view from the pool just stunned me. Mike was just wearing a tight white brief. OMG! Why was he just wearing such outside? I went to see if my parents had leave and which they did. So i went back to my room and just secretly watch him. He has that beautiful smooth masculine tan body while wearing those bulging six pack abs. His my perfect dream guy yet knowingly his my cousin,, hahaha! well maybe he just think of me as his good cousin too.The moment he rises from the pool, my eyes grew wide seeing his partly visible 4 inches soft cock! His perfect hot body was a compliment to the water.. Fuck! He doesn’t know how much I love him…I’m sure that I was not completely out of my mind, daydreaming perhaps, maybe just thinking of wanting to taste his juicy cock. LOL!Mike actually noticed me watching him swimming and diving, so i just gave a shy smile and he smiled back , waved, then jumped back to the pool.I went to the poolside wearing a white shirt and a floral shorts, walks towards the table to put the food on for our breakfast and sit on the chair.. “Hey , pal wanna join? It’s a nice morning isn’t it?” Mike called me up.”Yeah?! maybe later..” a little shy answering.”Okay!” he shouted and made a big splash..He must have change in some ways but i felt like his still the same cousin escort konya I knew.. Sweet, funny, cool, down to earth and a cutie guy. But his real hottie now, he must have not known that.. heheheI went near the poolside and soak my legs. Sitting by the edge away from Mike. “How have you been doing lately? Ever hook up with a guy?” ,then Mike came near me, and asked.”Huh? what do you mean hook up with a guy?” my heart beating.. “Nah! I know you like guys, don’t deny it, I saw you looking at me,, staring my cock,, haha! right?” him teasing me.”w..wh..aa..ttt..? haha you saw me staring at your cock no way!?” me stuttering.”w..wh..aa..ttt..? haha are you tense? your blushing okay and it’s fine you look cuter, that’s why i love you,” him grinning..I raised myself up, and walk towards the chair. When I was almost there, Mike hugged me!! My heart throbbing!! He hugged me so tight that i can feel his hot wet body against mine. His arms so strong, he makes me fall in love with him more.. I can sense his soft cock behind my virgin butt.”hey, it’s true, i love you! I’m the one who asked mom to call in and ask your dad for me to stay here before i go back to our place because I missed hanging out and playing with you. I missed my little cutie pie.” he whispers.”hmmm.. yeah really, i missed you too,, and i love you too..” i faced him and look him straight in the eye.Suddenly Mike just kissed me, slowly, that i can’t stop myself to kissed him back and finally grabbed the chance to taste his sweet lips as he is with mine. Now he is kissing me torridly konya escort bayan while rubbing his soft cock against mine i felt like im precumming.. “hmmmm…your so sweet..” me moaning..I made my way through his nipples while he groans in pleasure..”ahhh! yeah!! keep going!!..” him facing down at me.Now i’m sliding my tongue way down his abs, to his belly button.. and now going down further biting his underwear where his big erect cock is hiding..”ohhhhh… suck it.. yeah.. i know you want it..” him talking in pleasure.I pulled down his undies and grabbed his smooth 8 inch cock and grabbed it, and lick the tip of his dick..”yeah,,, beautiful cock you have,, slllrrrpp!! sweet precum you have.. ssshhhoop..!” hungrily sliding my tongue and licking his dripping precum..”yeah fuck,, drink it all up,, yeah i love it.. ahhhmmaa..” him saying sexily.Then i went to play with his balls and lick it wet.. then maneuvered my tongue way up from his shaft to the tip of his cock..”ohhhh… ahhh.. yeah I love my balls being played,, yeah..” him feeling indulged.And right after that, I went to deep throat his big cock and pushing my way up and down… gratifying my hungry mouth with his juicy meat…”shit.. keep going,, yeah im about to cum.. fuck.. ssshhhtt aaaah! yeahhhh! hmmm…..” him in ecstacy.So i covered his pinkish dickhead with my mouth and jerk him off slowly.. until i felt his sweet juice explode inside my mouth… I waited ’til I drained him all up and gobbled it all the way down… “wow!, that was so hot,, your such a good cocksucker pal..” Mike smiling..”tnx.. and you’re the best guy i’ve ever had…” staring at him happily..After that, we jumped together to the pool, then went to the table eat our breakfast, and enjoyed the beautiful sunny morning……………

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