My Dad Part Ten, ten weeks after : Olgas story

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My Dad Part Ten, ten weeks after : Olgas storyMy DadChapter TenTen weeks after: Olga’s storyIt felt really strange to wake up with your Dads hands between my thighs and your mum and brother naked, Mums tits where just inches away from my face but her hand was on Alex’s hard cock even though he was still asleep. Mum woke up and asked me if I wanted a coffee, as she got up I saw her fattish pussy and her huge tits hanging gets an inch from my mouth, I reached out and kissed her right on the nipple, her nipple was still a little sticky from the milk last night, she said “thanks that was nice, did you enjoy last night, you know the last time I saw you completely naked was when you were eleven and you had just started to grow your hair down there” she came back with two cups of coffee and we sat looking at each other’s body’s, I noticed on mums right breast she had a red mark just below her nipple which looked like a tree, I said “Mum, what’s that mark on you boob, it looks like a tree” she said “Hon pick up your right breast and look under it, see you have one too, it is called a birth mark but it is unusual for mother and daughter to have the same sort of birth mark and for them have them in the same places, I know yours is out of sight and on the opposite breast to mine”, Mum said “your nan, my mother, told me when she was carrying me she sat under a tree somewhere on holiday and it started thundering and lighting resulting in the implanting of the shape of the tree as a birth mark onto me that’s how it got passed to you I do not know” I looked at Dad lying on the floor still asleep, the blanket was over the his chest but his lower part was in the open , his cook was hard but his balls were between his legs, it felt so strange to be looking at my farther in front of me, and to see the place where my life started so long ago, Mum said “look at them wonder what they are dreaming about, your Dad has every morning had a hard on sometimes he has had his cock in me, it’s nice to feel him inside when you wake up” I said “Mum how long have you wanted to be naked in the house because I wanted to be like it since I was little, remember that babysitter you had when we was little and her nighty caught on fire, she ran outside instead of trying to smother the flames, later, when we got older you told us she had died though it, remember what a job you had trying to make me keep my clothes on, even today I hate having anything on and that’s why” Dad woke up and sat up his cock was sticking out from between his thighs, he said “darling a nice cup of coffee would be nice” I said “Dad I’ll make you one” he watched as I got up and I knew my pussy slightly opened but I did not mind any more Dad said “you are lovely Olga great body. As I was making the coffee by Dad I felt his hands on my bum easing my cheeks apart, I thought he must be able to see my ass hope I wiped it clean after having a shit in the night, his one finger was just opening my ass hole up, Dad said “Olga have you ever had a hard cock up your ass before , and what did you think about it” I said “ no I never had sex in either ass or pussy until yesterday, really enjoyed it though, and yes you can do it again anytime you like if its aright with mum, I promise all you I will never say anything to anyone really enjoyed it, have often wondered some of the feelings which I have had before when playing with my body, but could never kırşehir escort dream of the feelings which passed though me last night and the orgasms, my whole body was throbbing and trembling, I passed dad his coffee and he just touched the inside of my thigh, that close to my pussy I felt his knuckle’s brush my lips, he said “your skin there is just like your mums she as that super fine soft skin too” I knew dad had known he had touched my pussy because his cock was starting to look larger, I saw mum reach out and rub his cock, pulling back his foreskin to reveal his big shining nob which by this time was very big and hard, she started rubbing his huge cock against my closed thighs, holding his penis she moved it up and down my thighs and the v shape at the top of my legs, moving it across and down the centre of my crack, I could fell the juice starting to come out of the eye in his nob as mum moved his penis between my thighs following the lines of my crack, she made sure his cock was rubbing my clit and lips, I could feel his shaft pushing in between my thighs, mums other hand was now on my cheeks and I could feel her squeezing them and her finger nails digging into my skin, she really had a good grip, I reached down and touched the bare skin of mums tummy just above her mound, she must have shaved a few days ago because I could feel her bristles, Mum must have knew what I was thinking because she said “Olga how would you like to shave that for me right down to my ass “ I said “ Mum, When do you want it done, be pleased to do it anytime you want” she said “Later if you like OK” for a woman of sixty-one years old she still had a great body, my hand was over the top of her mound and my fingers where just sliding in to her nice fat pussy, her clit was really very large and I just managed to pull her skin back she felt really soft, she was gently pushing my ass so my whole body was pressing up against Dads, she let go of my bottom and after a second or two I felt this cock sliding between my ass cheeks, I could feel all Alexis cock between them and he was fucking my grove, Mum still had hold of Dads cock and gently parted my thighs so she could put dads cock inside my very wet pussy, she was just putting his hard nob just inside my opening, every time she did I could feel how big his nob was and also it felt really warm against the walls of my virginal passage which was waiting for him to entre me, meanwhile mum still had Alex’s cock and turned her head to spit on it even though it looked wet and shiny, she then put his cock on my ass hole and started pushing him into my hole, I could feel the top of his cock opening my ass as he and mum pushed harder into me, it felt so big and I thought mum had pushed her dildo up me, his cock was really hard and warm as he pushed it right into and I felt his balls bouncing off my cheeks, mum was now back in front and was trying to insert dads cock into my very wet pussy, she took hold of my hands and put one on her very wet cunt and pushed so my fingers were just inside her, my other hand she put on her tit, her nipples were sticking out like two little fingers pointing at me, she got Dads cock with both her hands and pushed him inside my cunt I could fell his balls in her hand too, she pushed him in as far as he could go, no sooner had his warm cock entered me than he burst, his cock was thundering his cum was going escort kırşehir deep inside my body, really hot juices I felt going deep into my pussy and beyond, he must have come a bucket full, I could feel it leaking out between his cock and my pussy walls, no sooner had Dad came in one hole than my brother’s cock started pumping his juices into my ass, dad pulled away and stood in front of me, his cock shining and dripping with thick white juice, mum got down on her knees and started licking my thighs which by this time was dripping with spunk, my brother pulled his prick out and sat down watching mum, I reached out and took hold of dads softening cock and pulled him closer, bending down a little I put his cock into my mouth and licked his spunk off his shaft and nob, mum now had her head under my body and was licking and sucking my pussy lips stretching my lips her tongue was licking right up my slit and back over my ass, with one hand she reached up and started rubbing my clit, after a few minutes I knew It was not going to be long before I came too, my body was starting to tremble, my juices were pouring out into mums mouth which she was swallowing, she got my lips between her fingers and started rolling it and I knew she was making me cum, my whole body was having fantastic feeling running though it from my toes to my head, I could not stop trembling and my juices were squatting out like I had pissed myself, dad had got a jug and was catching my juice in it, it was over half full of this nearly clear liquid that had come out of me, Dad said it felt sticky to the touch and looked a little Smokey, but tasted so nice as he drank some of if, he gave it to me for a taste and yes it was still warm and did feel sticky in my mouth but had a strange taste, nice to move around with my tongue. I tipped some of it over my breasts and watched it flow down between my cleavage, dad took the jug back and had a good drink out of it tipping the rest over mum who was now lying on her back, knees bent and legs wide open showing us all her long pussy lips and pink insides which were really wet and glistening with my juices, she had a very nice looking cunt for an older lady, one which says to anyone who is looking at it come and suck this, Dad tipped the remaining juice in the jug over her open pussy, we all watched as it ran down into her opening and it felt really strange to see my juices inside my mother’s cunt her huge breasts were hanging either side of her arm pits, her belly button was full of my juices, I bent down and licked her left breast, her nipples were dark brown with rather large halo’s around each nipple, she tasted of sweat and dried milk with a strong taste of spunk maybe because her body was like mine socking in Dads and Alex’s juices, she reached out and pulled my head onto her tit making sure she put her hard nipple in my mouth, with both hands she took hold of her breast squeezing and pulling up towards my mouth she said “Olga suck as hard as you can” as I did most of her large halo was in my mouth and I could taste her sweet, warm milk pouring into my mouth, it tasted so good, I could her Mum saying “go on Olga swallow it don’t waste a drop, I opened my eyes and looked across at her other breast only to see Alex on her other nipple, my hand was holding his cock which I thought was Dads, I was rubbing him up and down and he started to get hard again, kırşehir escort bayan I pulled him hard so as he would move closer to me because I wanted to feel his testacies which I knew had to be warm and hanging, I could feel a hand on my pussy and another one on my breast, I remember thinking “Dad please fuck me again as hard as you can, my cunt wants you so bad please do it” but it was Alex’s hand down there on my cunt, his fingers were working up and down on my crack, I stretched out with my fingers and felt his sack holding those two balls and managed to get hold of them between two fingers easing them so they were dangling down in front of his thighs I could feel them swaying back and forth as I wanked his wet cock, all the time Alex and myself had played with each other over the years, he had never fucked my pussy, he had fucked my ass and between my breasts but never inside me there, today I felt was different though I knew today I wanted to feel his big hard cock deep inside my pussy, I pulled his cock until it was just brushing past my lips then took hold of him I pushed his nob into my very wet opening, he said “are you sure s*s” I said “ I want him inside me and I want you to fuck me more than anything, I’ve waited for this day for so long now I want the real thing throbbing inside me, it has been fantastic feeling him right up my ass and pumping your spunk in there but this time I want your spunk deep in my tubes,” with that Alex was pushing him in hard and I could feel his warm, hard nob deep inside rubbing on the walls of my cunt, he felt huge, as he was pushing him in and out, with his fingers he was rubbing my very wet clit which felt like it was going to burst open with excitement , the feelings was something special , I felt these hand pulling my nipples and looked only to see my dad playing with my hard nipples, I reached out and took dads hard penis in my hand and pulled him towards my mouth, inserting this very hard and wet thing inside I gripped it gently in my teeth and was running my tongue all over his swollen nob and sticky shaft, I managed to get my tongue on the base and right by the piece of skin from his foreskin to his nob, I kept flicking it and it was starting to send him wide, he started nibbling my nipples then around my halo, I noticed my halo’s had now tiny little bumps all around them, I kept flicking the skin on his nob and trying to push my tongue into the eye of his cock, after a few minutes doing this I took his cock out and looked at his wet shiny cock, I pulled his nob until he was by mums fanny, which was now socking in juices, I moved his cock up and down mums slit just inserting it slightly into her heaving body, Alex was still pumping away at my cunt when I felt him really push hard against my pussy and loads of warm spunk shot right up inside my body, I thought to my self-thanks Alex, I pushed dads cock into mums hole and he started pumping her with very hard strokes, I could see his cock going right up inside her and her lips being sucked in and out with every stroke, I reached over and started rubbing her clit with one finger just touching dads shaft, Alex pulled his softening cock out of me and loads of Alex’s spunk came out of me and onto mums tummy which mum was rubbing into her skin, I got up and watched dad working his cock into mums fanny, then he started to slow down and I knew he had cum inside her, my fanny was still dripping Alex’s spunk out, I went into the bathroom and ran a bath, which dad came and shard with me, he washed me and I washed him, mum stood watching with Alex who both had a bath after us, life went on like and still does when I am at home.

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