My Daughter’s Roommate

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My Daughter’s RoommateIt was well after midnight, and I tossed and turned, tormented by her presence in the next room. I was agitated, my mind racing with delicious yet agonizing images in my head – “sleep” not only seemed hopeless, there was a part of me that didn’t want to fall asleep at all, as it would put an end to any possibilities, no matter how silly or remote. And in that state of mind, you can understand why I thought perhaps I *was* asleep, that I was dreaming, when the door slowly opened, and there she stood, silhouetted by the dim light behind her, and she whispered …Summer break, and my soon-to-be senior in college daughter was travelling out-of-state to do an internship for a month. One of her roommates, who I knew well, was at home, spending time with her family, her new roommate, Lisa, was doing the same, but would be back the following week. Because I needed no more than a phone and computer to work, I agreed to house- and cat-sit for the week until Lisa returned.The first few days passed uneventfully – to be honest, it was pretty boring, with not a lot for a single older guy to do in a mostly-empty small college town during summer, so I filled my evenings with taking walks, browsing the farmer’s markets to get things to make for my solitary meal, chat with the vendors, then return to eat alone, (well, with the cats), read, and watch tv.That changed on Wednesday afternoon, when I was sitting on the living room couch, working, and heard a key in the door, and the door opened, and I was startled by the sight of a stranger at the door. For her part, she didn’t look surprised to see me there, and I realized who it must be – “Hi, you must be Lisa”, I said. She smiled, strode over to where I was sitting and offered her hand “Yes, and you must be Mr. ‘Rain'” and we shook hands. “Call me ‘Gentle’ – ‘Mr” makes me feel like a schoolteacher.” She just smiled, and said “Happy to meet you”, and letting go of my hands, said “Let me put some things away”, picking up her bags and headed up the stairs. I offered to help, but she said “No, I’ve got it” and I watched her, appreciatively, as she headed up the stairs.My daughter hadn’t really said much about her to me, that she was really nice, was really into healthy things like yoga and diet, was pretty much a low-maintenance roommate, but that there was something just ‘different’ about her, not in a bad way, at all – she liked her – but that she could be uncomfortably direct at times. She had no boyfriend, nor ever spoke of one, and there was just the barest suggestion that she might be lesbian. This turned out to be inaccurate…What she *didn’t* tell me was that she was strikingly beautiful – not in a supermodel way – but in “perfection-in-simplicity” bahis firmaları way. She had a pleasant face, arresting clear blue eyes which held you directly, flawless tan skin, shoulder-length straight brown hair, and a body that seemed sculpted, long, lean, and taut, she looked much taller than she actually was, and true to form, she was wearing yoga pants, which outlined her perfect ass as she climbed the stairs.I was kind of expecting her to stay away and do her own thing, but she came back down immediately and sat down in the chair, and began to talk. I learned she was older than my daughter, and was pursuing an advanced degree, and other things. And that she’d returned early because things had become uncomfortable at home, without elaboration. At this, I’d been thinking that I really had no reason to stay, now, but now, with her there, I *wanted* to stay, but couldn’t really think of an appropriate way to say that I really had no reason to, and she must’ve read that in my eyes, and she added “You’re more than welcome to stay” – then, added “Actually, I’d like you to stay, it gets lonely here by myself.” I guess she saw my heart leap into my throat at that, as she met my eyes and smiled at me. We made and had dinner together later, cleaned up the dishes, then we decided to watch a movie together. She drank wine, I had bourbon, and we kind of made fun of the movie together. At one point, the movie had a rather abrupt transition to a rather explicit sex scene – we both tried to figure out how to react to it, and we started trying to talk over the scene, neither looking at the movie, nor at each other, until the cries of the actress on-screen got so loud, that we looked at each other, and both started giggling uncontrollably. After recovering, she said “Well, I think *this* movie needs one thing” – I said “Acting? Writing”, and she said “This” and pulled out a joint. She said “You don’t mind if I smoke, do you?” “Only if you won’t share”, I replied.So, together, we were both pretty well lit by the time the movie dragged to its conclusion, after which she said, “It’s been a long day, I’m going to head up. You’re sleeping in (my daughter’s) room?” I said “No, that seemed weird to me, I’m sleeping in the guest room.” She winced, and said “Eww, that bed isn’t the best.” I said “Eh, it’s good enough for me.” With that, we said good-night, I turned everything off, locked up, brushed my teeth, and headed off to bed, in the guest bedroom down the hall from hers.I lie there, unable to sleep, restless and thinking bad thoughts. After awhile, I heard her go into the bathroom next door, and heard her showering, which of course, made it all worse, knowing that just feet away, she was naked tipobet güvenilir mi in the shower, a part of me trying to convince myself that her showering was some sort of invitation, but no matter how I tried, I couldn’t manage to make that ridiculous leap, and knew it could only end with her screaming.After awhile, I heard her pad down the hall to her bedroom, and the sudden twinge of disappointment I felt as her door softly closed made me realize I’d been hoping she’d come in. I felt embarrassed – I mean, come on, she was 20 years younger than me, and I was being foolish – yet, I couldn’t help but be disappointed, and flipped over to try, again, to sleep.I was on the edge of falling asleep when I hard the door open, and I looked up to see her standing in the now-open doorway, silhouetted by the dim light from her room, and she whispered “You comfortable in here?” “Not really”, I replied. “Well, my bed is much more comfortable.””I’ll bet. Uhh. Is that an invitation?””If you want it to be.”Quickly, before she changed her mind, and ignoring that voice in my head that said I should decline, I jumped out of bed. Irrationally, since I sleep naked, I paused to pull on my shorts, then followed her down the hall to her bedroom, which was dimply lit by a small lamp, and smelled heavenly, of flowers, incense, and her. She unself-consciously pulled off her t-shirt, the only thing she was wearing, then started to lift the covers, thought better of it, and laid down on top of her comforter on her side, facing me, he glorious nude body on full display. I actually stopped to admire her, her taut, lean, muscular body, her small but perfectly-formed breasts, with small aureoles, yet long, pointed nipples, her flat stomach, with abs suggestive of a “six-pack”, her waxed pubic area, and her long, musuclar legs. I notice she was tanned, but little in the way of tan lines – I wanted to ask, but …She caught my eye, then looked at my shorts, and made a face, like “really?” I quickly stripped them off, and lie next to her. We just looked into each others eyes for a long time, looking for, I don’t know what, but eventually I slowly moved towards her and kissed her very gently on her mouth, then again, then again. Our kisses became progressively more intimate, deeper, but slowly, languidly – kissing is underrated, in my view, and we took our time, just kissing, and kissing again, until she moved in a way that suggested it was time to move on.So, I kissed her face, nibbled her earlobe, then her neck, then down her shoulders, and across her collarbone, kissing and nibbling her skin as I moved down. Slowling moving down to her breasts and nipples, kissing, sucking, nibbling each in their turn. bahis siteleri Around this time, she put her hands on my face, gently urging me “lower” – instead, I kissed her fingertips, then she put her finger in my mouth, which I sucked and gently nibbled, which made her moan aloud. I moved down her ribs, her belly, her navel, kissing and caressing her the whole time, then down one thigh, up her other thigh, then across her pubis, coming close to, but never quite touching her sex. I started kissing and gently biting her inner thigh, moving higher, when I heard her mutter “Ok… enough teasing” and reached down and urged my head toward her pussy, and I eagerly complied. I kissed, and licked and caressed her wet pussy, while my fingers caressed her thighs, and ass and everywhere else they could reach. I did this for awhile, and then carefully spread her clitoral hood to find her engorged and rather large clit. I carefully flicked it with my tongue for a bit, then carefully drew it between my lips, and sucked it into my mouth, where I swirled my tongue back and forth and back and forth. This definitely elicited a reaction as she made some made some incomprehensible noises and arched her back in pleasure.After a moment, I stopped tormenting her clit, as I didn’t want to over-stimulate her, and returned to licking her labia. I noticed, now, that she’d pulled her knees high and higher, pressed to her shoulders, and I got the idea she wanted me to lick her ass.Unsure, I gave her little rosebud a tentative lick – her half-moan, half-squeal said that was precisely what she wanted, and so I proceeded to lick her hole thoroughly and her moans told me how much she liked it. I then returned to her clit, and while gently working that, slipped the tip of my wet pinky finger in her ass, and two fingers into her vagina, stroking her G-spot, until she finally came, and loudly, both vocally, and vaginally, cumming wetly on my lips and mouth.And because this is now *so* long – I’m going to skip the rest of that night, and pick it up the next morning, when I awoke slowly, her naked body pressed against my back, spoon-fashion, with her arm thrown over my chest. She was already awake, obviously, and knew I was because she kissed me several times on my shoulder and back of my neck. I groaned, and stretched, and said “Good morning.” “Good morning” she said.She kissed my shoulder again, lingeringly, and then said “You know we can’t do this again, right?”I turned to face her, then slowly rolled her onto her back, took her hands in mine, and stretched them over her head, and kissed her gently, lingeringly.”Do what?”, I said.She spread her legs, and I squirmed a bit until my erection found her hot, achingly wet pussy, and gently entered her.”This”, she said, as we began to slowly make love.”I know”, then we carefully kissed, out tongues slowly dancing together, our hips keeping time – we might not be able to repeat it, but we were going to make it last as long as possible …

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