My Fantasy Photoshoot

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My Fantasy Photoshoot”Are you sure you want to do this?””Yes” replied my pretty young wife, “It’s your birthday and I want to fulfil your fantasy.” And with that she leaned in and give me a long smouldering kiss. I loved her so much!”Ok, I’ll make the arrangements for Friday night.”With that, she got up off the sofa beside me and headed off to the bathroom for her evening shower. I logged straight onto xhamster. I checked my contacts, and Derek was online.”Hi Derek, you know I told you about my fantasy? Julie’s agreed to do it! You interested in being the model??”I had to wait a few minutes before I got a reply.”Hi Dave, I was just having a nice slow wank over your wife,s photo’s. Are you for real?! I’d love to help you fulfil your fantasy!””Yeah of course, its all for me, you,ll be getting nothing from it will you Derek! 😉 “We made the arrangements, Derek was gonna arrive at 8pm Friday. I was so excited!I couldn,t believe this was actually gonna happen after having been my fantasy for so long!Friday night came, Julie was fresh from the shower and dressed in a pair of her tight fitting jeans and a crocheted style pullover. She was starting her second glass of red wine, helping her relax.For those of you who haven,t seen my wife,s photo’s, she’s a 27 year old brunette, about 5ft6, 8 stone, size 8, with a beautiful pair of pert 34B breasts, topped off with amazing sensitive nipples. I have a fetish for her slender feminine hands and wrists. Her hands look so erotic wrapped around my thick cock, her slow sensual hand jobs are unbelievable! There was a knock at the door, I opened it and in stepped Derek. Derek was about my age, 35, tall, well built and in possession of a 9 inch BBC! “Julie, your model is here!” I hand Derek a cold beer, and ushered him to a seat opposite Julie.”OK, just to run through the rules again,” I said to both of them, “This is my fantasy photoshoot. I will be asking you to both pose in various positions, in vary states of undress. You can also improvise. But remember, there is one rule, The rule, NO PENETRATION!! You can touch, stroke, caress each others bodies with your hands, you can brush your lips over one anothers bodies, but no penetration, virginal, anal, or oral. Derek, if you can stick to these rules, Julie will finish you off with one of her amazing hand jobs, your choice where you shoot your load. Ok?””Thats cool with me Dave!” Derek replied.I turned to Julie, she was nodding, but her eyes were fixed on the growing bulge in Dereks jeans. I smiled, and grabbed my camera. “Julie, why don’t you help Derek relax a little.” With that she slipped her slender hands up the back of her crocheted top and unclipped her bra, pulling the straps out down each sleeve before pulling her bra out from under her top. the outline of her bare pert breasts were clearly visible under her top, her stiffening nipples poking through the crocheted material. Derek made an audible gasp, and shifted a little in he’s seat. He’s cock must of been swelling. I smiled, turned my camera on. “Julie, why don’t you go help Derek canlı bahis siteleri out of he’s clothes. She got up, eyes still fixed on Dereks ever grow bulge, and stepped over to him, her breasts slightly swaying, and knealt between Dereks open legs. She placed her hands on he’s knee’s and slowly slid them up the inside of he’s thighes. I started clicking on my camera, getting a nice close up as her delicate hands reached Dereks crotch, cupping he’s impressive package. Her finger tips found he’s belt buckle, and unhitched it, pulled down he’s zipper, and with Dereks help, wriggled him out of he’s jeans. Julie worked her slender pale hands back up Dereks dark muscular legs. Dereks thick meaty cock looked to be fully erect, laying horizontal across he’s left thigh, snug in he’s tight white boxers. “Julie, tease him a little” I said. I zoomed in as Julie leaned forward, and started kissing Dereks cock through the material of he’s boxers, slowly working her way along the thick shaft towards the swollen head. “Click, click” I was getting some great photo’s already, Julie was looking so aroused, Derek looked in 7th heaven!Julie slowly stood and leaned into Derek, brushing her braless breasts against Dereks cheeks, He’s lips found one of her nipples poking through her top, and he chased it as she moved back and forth across he’s face. “Click, click, click!””Derek, help Julie out of her top.” He didn’t need asking twice!He’s hands grabbed the material at the base of her top and lifted, Julie helped, and she was soon stood there topless. There is something undeniably sexy about a beautiful woman stood in just jeans, “Click.””Help him with he’s shirt Julie.” Julie reached down, took one of he’s big hands in both of her petite slender hands and raised it to her right breast. Derek started to massage her breast as she reached down again and unbuttoned he’s shirt, sliding it off over he’s strong shoulders. Julie then unbuttoned her Jeans and wriggled out of them. Both Derek and I gasped, as I realised she had chosen my favourite knickers, a white thong, lacy and mostly see through, allowing a teasing glimpse of her neatly trimmed pussy underneath. “Click, click click!” Dereks hands slipped down from her breasts, down over her slim toned waist and reached around to cup her perfect bare arse cheeks, giving them a gentle squeeze, “Click””Julie, I think its time to set that cock free.” She eagerly responded, bending over at her waist, thrusting her arse out me, her right hand slipping inside those tight boxers and encircling he’s thick hard shaft.”Oh Dave, It’s so thick I can barely touch my thumb with my finger!” She grabbed the waistband of he’s boxers and pulled them down, he’s big angry cock springing free, with a grunt from Derek. The look of awe on Julie’s pretty face was a picture… “Click, click!”Julie sank to her knees again, grasping that thick shaft, thicker than her delicate wrists, and slowly started stroking it. Derek had already been oozing pre-cum, and soon he’s shaft was sparkling with it as Julie worked bahis firmaları her hands over he’s cock, “Click, click, click”She leant in and started brushing he’s big shiny head against her cheeks, running the tip all around her open mouth. “Julie, remember the rules!!” “I know, but I can lick can’t I?” I nodded my approval, and focused my camera on her mouth, zooming in tightly. Out came her nimble tongue, and started to trace around the head of Dereks cock. A string of he’s pre-cum stretched to the top of her tongue as she briefly pulled away, “click.” She pursed her beautiful pouty lips together and pressed them against that big dark swollen head. Derek through he’s head back, clearly trying to keep control. He was sweating profusely.”Slow down Julie, we don’t want him cumming yet!”Julie backed out, and gently but firmly push Derek back so he was laying on the sofa. She then climbed on, straddling him and laid on top of him. The contrast of her milky white skin against Dereks dark muscles was amazing, her breasts pressed against he’s chest, bulging out from under her arm pits, “click, click.” She reached back and under her peachy arse, fumbling for he’s cock. Suddenly up sprung he’s thick cock between her thighes, the head clearly visible above her arse. She started pushing back against it, rubbing her pussy against it, burying her face in he’s chest, “click.” She reached back grasping he’s cock again, and worked it into and through her thong, he’s thick veiny cock held tight against her smooth cheeks by the material of her thong, “Click, click, click.” Derek reached down grasping the thin piece of material and started tugging it down. Julie obliged him, helping him remove her last item of clothing. She then raised herself up, kneeling above him, reaching down and took a grip of Dereks impressive cock, lifting it and starting rubbing it up and down her clearly very sodden pussy! Julie’s pussy gets so very wet when she is aroused! “Click” It wasn’t long before some of her juices were trickling down the length of Dereks cock. Her nipples were rock hard, standing out like bullets. Derek started massaging them, squeezing her pert breasts.Julie was starting to nudge Dereks cock against her pussy, her lips parting around he’s head, “Julie, the rules!” Julie let out a big sigh as she released he’s cock, it falling hard flat against he’s stomach with a whack! She lowered herself down pressing her pussy against he’s shaft and started to slowly glide up and down its length, smearing him in her juices, “click, click, click.”My own cock was unbearably hard by now, oozinng profusely, as I watched my sexy wife driving this well hung man wild. “Ok Honey, I think we need to take a break, let Derek cool down a little. Julie reluctantly clambered off Derek, her slender fingers lovingly trailing along Dereks 9 inches. Julie sat on her chair, naked, as Derek sat himself up, “wow, she’s incredible Dave, So sensual, so intense!” I just gave him a knowing wink.We all had a few more sips of our drinks, as we all cooled down a little, bahis firmaları Derek was starting to fall to half mast, my boxers were starting to feel a little less tight, Julie’s nipples softened.”Can I suggest the shower next?” I asked, Dereks eyes lit up, Julie smiled and nodded. We had recently had a wet room fitted, with the shower effectively in the middle of the bathroom, giving plenty of space. Derek and I both followed Julie’s naked arse up the stairs to the bathroom, catching glimpses of her pussy between her long legs. Julie turned on the taps, the water initially cold, causing goose bumps all over her skin, her nipples erecting immediately! She looks so sexy wet. Derek stepped under the shower, next to Julie, he’s cock still at half mast, its head brushing against her tight stomach. Derek Started running he’s hands all over Julie’s wet body, I started taking photo’s, “click, click”Julie turned and backed up against Derek, he’s now fully hard cock pointing straight up between her cheeks. Julie arched her back, looking up at Derek towering over her, and started to grind her arse against he’s thick shaft. Derek reach around caressing her slim toned body, “Click”I handed Derek the body wash, and he duly started soaping up Julie’s body, groping her breasts, massaging her waist, and stroking her pussy. Julie was starting to whimper, biting her lip. “Please Dave..” No Julie, no penetration” I said sternly, anticipating her question! She moan out loud and turn to face Derek, yet again falling to her knee’s, grasping he’s wet soapy cock, and started stroking him, “Click, click, click!”After several minutes of Julie stroking, kissing, licking, teasing he’s cock, Derek turned to me, “Dave, I’m not gonna last much longer!””Julie, finish him, drain him!”Julie picked up her pace a little, she was level with he’s mighty cock, its tip just an inch from her lips. “Where do you want to come, big boy,” she ask Derek, “Do you want to cum all over my pretty little face?” Derek just grunted he’s approval, looking down at her, her slender soft fingers grasping he’s thick cock, working him. “Click, click, click, click”Derek let out a low long moan, he’s cock started to throb in Julie’s hand, and second later a big thick rope of cum landed across Julie’s right cheekbone. Three other ropes of cum soon landed on Julies face, I was just holding my finger down on the shutter button, catching every moment. Once Derek was done, Julie leant in and kissed he’s cock, rubbing he’s softening head all over her lips. Five minutes later, Derek was dried off, dressed and heading for the door, a big grin on he’s face. Julie was still under the shower, freshening up. I slipped out of my clothes, (not easy with my rock hard cock!) and stepped into the shower behind her. “Happy birthday Dave” she said with a smirk on her face. She grabbed my cock, and guided my to her entrance. No surprise I Slipped into her tight pussy with ease, she was so aroused, so wet, so hot. I pushed her to the far wall of the bathroom, and took her there, stood up, her climaxing on my cock within seconds. It wasn’t long before I let out a loud grunt and flooded her pussy, my cum oozing out and running down her thighes. “Click” We both spun around and there was Derek, stood in the doorway with my camera!”Derek!!” we both shouted!!

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