My first piss experience

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My first piss experienceWell i am a 18 year guy and lonely(I dont care if anyone hates me but im a bit fat and i have really big tits and a busty ass) and wanted to share my first best experience. I was home the whole day and it was about 1 pm and all alone nothing to do, so i went on porn sites just searching and then to a live chat site. I hated cock as i am not a gay but i met a bisexual on that site and we started to talk. First he suggested me a site’s name and it turned out to be a shemale’s site and i just made a face but then i saw a tranny with saggy tits and a big cock sucking cock. Suddenly my cock started to get hard, I put my hand on it and I became really horny. I was talking to that guy and he started sharing his experiences which made me rock hard.He then mentioned that have i ever tried drinking piss?? I just made my face and told ill never try that thing but then he told me his piss experiences and i was fucking horny and i never felt this way before. He told me to go and drink a lot of water (a loooot). My stomach was bursting and also paining a bit. I came back and i asked what will happen now and he told me to canlı bahis siteleri wait for half an hr.We talked all dirty and really nasty about piss, ass fingering and trannies.Suddenly after some time i had the urge to piss and i told him ill go and piss and he told me not to. He was technically being my teacher. He told me as this is the first time,”Go and get a biiiiig glass and trasparent.”, I refused as i didnt want to do it but then he forced and he made me so horny that i rushed and bought a transparent and really big plastic glass so that i could throw that away afterwards. He told me to switch on a piss drinking solo video which should be pretty long and i had to do it.My every response was ,”Yes teacher”. He shouted at me and told me to call him ,”Yes Daddy”. I could not show how horny i was at that time. He told me to lay down some cloth on the floor as if the piss drops no one will know and also get a straw, my answer was ,”Yes Daddy”. Suddenly i was going to burst and just could not resist so he told me to open skype and he will instruct me but i told i dont have a webcam, he told its ok as he is my daddy tipobet and i could see him and listen so i did what he said. As soon he came on skype i heard the mature manly voice and he turned out to be a 45 yrs old man(which i really loved;;)))). Well he started to make me horny and there came the piss drops on the floor . I just couldnt control and he told me to piss in the plastic cup. I held the cup with my left hand and my cock with the right. I started to piss and then came all the clear white and hot piss in the cup. The cup was full but i wanted to piss more so he told to bring another cup and fill that up. I could see him shake his cock and even he started to piss and at that time i was so hard that i wanted to get into the screen and suck his cock and piss. He told me hold the cup which was really warm and smell it. My first reaction after smelling ,”WTF” and he laughed, he showed his piss which was also clear but a bit of yellow. He told me to slide a finger in the glass and as soon i slided it was just amazing, i dont know what happened inside me but i was on the world. He was doing the same things what tipobet giriş i was doing. Then he told ,”Now this will change your life from today”, and i put that finger inside my mouth. I layed down on the floor as put my hand inside the glass and took some piss and on tits and nipples which were fucking hard. He told me to bring my mom’s unused lingerie and wear it . It fitted me as my mom has big tits and busty ass. I wore those silky stockings and my mom’s heels and then took the piss and poured on the bra. I took out one boob and started sucking my nipple(my tits are big) and then he told me to take the straw and take some piss through it in my ass. I was on top of the world so i didnt know what i was doing and did what he told. I slided my panty a bit and the straw went inside my ass and i shouted as this was my first time. I could see he was enjoying too. We played for 45 min and my other glass was half left. The piss video was on and so was he on skype. He told me to cum in these panties, first i was scared because these were my mom’s then i cum in those and felt amazing.He told then to sniff the cum and drink all the rest of the piss which i did. The cum was just amazing and so were the dirty panties which my mom had worn but were unwashed. I took that panty inside my mouth nd that sticky magic was just amazing. It was like i was addicted and was lost for an hr.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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