my first time ( translate from ilk seferim )

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my first time ( translate from ilk seferim )i think it’s gonna better if i tell the story from the begining. When i was born my father was very happy to heard a has ason. İ guess lmost he doesnt know after happens. From the time after some situation happened about somethings wrong but my parents prefer didnt talk about that until i was twelve. the year at the begining of effective my hormones top so my body was begining the transform like a girl. espicially my breast my booty my emotional situation not different from my body. İ feels like so hot and get turn on when i see naked man body at magazine or beach finally my parents made a decision for a professional help. My dr was old and great helpfull man. all tests took just two weeks. at his office after tests my dr looked results turn my parent and said that . ” its very spesific situation at one percent million can find just five percent hundred male gender characteristic and ninetyfive female gender characteristic. espicially has a breast like a same girl who has a same age and one percent ten as normal penis also its effective like a clitoris and the others if you ask my advice with psychologic test results and the others you have a nice daughter how quick do your accept this situation its better all of yours. buy the way we have a problem she has a anestetic reaction for surgery so surgery operation not option for us now but that situation can be change next so we have always contact between us When she is eighteen again think about that.first off all you must change to city of live and begin new life also her name must change her school change and all the other things. begin the cosmetics and dress shopping. also we start to live in istanbul and we have a new name arzu one of them beautiful her names than means desire for english. my orientation has a little time İ accept quick new identity. also i have many girlfriend at school i move on and seen like a georgeous college girl. Ok i tells some lied but i have to that. i dont have a peirod for menstruate my very tiny penis like a clitoris so it wasnt for underwear or swimsuit. nobody can see thats diffrent. also may men s looks always on me i cant judge they. İ m at 175 cm and have adorable long foot smooth skin amazing ass like a jennifer lopez. but someones looks diffrent effective on me who teachs mathematics as name hasan. karşıyaka escort Teacher hasan’s wild looks so turn me on i feels like so wet and can be achieve. He was 38 and 185 cm tall bellied and hairy he was like a bear but i liked him very much. You know what tells all beauty girls like ugly men. Teacher hasan was married and his wife also teacher same school She is very little and tiny has a pale skin. She was ordinary mildred woman i think her older six years from husband. the school has a some gossip about they. Teacher hasan’s wife was not happy to would husbands sexual desire and her said ” we are old people so we must live like a old people. My desire not like a before. İ wanna intersting another things like a my career my our garden. He was always preassure for sex also i think he always think about sex. its much for me what am i doing i really don’t know. ” when i heard that i was sad for teacher hasan. Sometimes at lesson he was errect and he tried to hide that. when those days i was watching porn and use little vibrator at my asshole for orgasm my dreams was always about teacher hasan. How could i know that my dreams came true very close time.The day was first week of may. Ladies toilet was a crowded and smoked . İ dont smoke but all gossip talked here so i m hang on there. Suddenly we re heard so masculen voice it was belong teacher hasan. He was so angry and yelling ” out out get out here all of yours ” all girls just runned. Why i was doing that i dont knw i was taking slowly nad was my hands finished then turned teacher hasan. His looks changed he came slowly to me and said ” Arzu dont you think that you must more careful. İ know your situation İ m also board of school. Your all information about identity send before. Also your father and me talk about that we have a same idea this sitiuation has a more privacy. Buy the way i have promissed your father about i ll take care of you. ” İ was very shied and confussed if he knows my situation during all times. His looks on me and errections maybe hi has a desire about me like a mine about him. İ looked his eyes he was more excited and his breathe get more when my looked under i realised his pants front. He was errected again. İ was thinked this is my time then i stucked his neck sametime i conceived his cock from pants front. During the time i feeled escort karşıyaka his pulsate. he was just get back and said stop with hoarsed voive. İ was suprised and shied again. İ just wanna run out than move suddenly one hard hand catch me from my belly and his lips attack on my lips he was sourced amazing and his hands move on my boobs hardly i was really so much turn on the he was push my shoulder and unraveled his belt just get out his amazing cock its too big really was so fat its head like knight hat i was think about how i take in my mouth so i started was first licking from veins he was get turn on more and more at up and down i was liking his cocks vein slowly i moved like a paintbrush style from left to right and back also i moved on from dawn to up and back at his cocks body at the and i pushed my lips on his cocks head while my lips stucked his cock’s head i started to move my toungue on his cock’s top point when enough get wet i drived my lips ahead it as i find deep. His voiced hoarse and his began the self control a fem times drived with my lips very slowly on then i begin to move hardly push on back on hardly and hardly i drived two minutes after he lost self control he was move cum attack inside my mouth with yellin first shot came inside my mouth it was so warm i throught my nails his ass for instincly he came so much and i tried to get out his cock from my mouth but i cant second shoot came my mouth really loaded also i made a orgasm my asshole get spasm attack and my ass start to vibration out of my control then his back andd his cock out but my mouth still open and his cum was leached my mouth side and third shoot came inside my mouth from out again his filled my mouth and fourth fifth shoot attack came in succession my face my hair my neck my tits filled his cum. when attack and his back a few step with no has a control and quickly sit on ground and get breathe hardly i lost my bodies control too so i skirt alone on the ground. i drunk his cum about half water glass i was lost my mouth virginity and i was happy to know that so here comes my asshole virginity next and i knewed well thats not so far.A five minutes later we were a get normal we re just collected quickly but my clotches was awful. and i couldnt out so. Teacher hasan told me wait here and he was out just back five minutes later he was getting karşıyaka escort bayan new school uniform he was at boardthats no problem for him so i would permission from him i told that you know i cant back so class . He said you re right i had a permission for two days the we left from each other wayTwo days during he was complitly inside my private fantasy i always imagined him while violation me from ass.So i was at shool again and i was made a important decision today was my special day. Before i perpared all thingsİ brushed my hair horse tail style and weared red colour transparent sexy lingerie then i clotched college skirt and shirt also i bring open two button. when passed two lesson i just went to ladies toilet where it began everything then i was waiting what is gonna happens i took first my lik** vaseline tube slowly put inside my asshole and pushit to filled inside my asshole then some vaselin push out then despersed around hole. Ten minutes after i heard some voice then opened the door. He was get inside first he asked to class where iz arzu nobody knows anything but they said that to him she was here two lesson. he knew so ofcourse i could hear his step voices just stop front of my cabin ” knock knock ” ” are you there i opened the cabin’s door slowly then he just stuck my lips and belly we started hard vacuum where place find each others bodies with our lips when he was sourcing my niples i could get crazy then he turn me back and began to lick my asshole and around i feels i couldnt get much so i told him ”please do it just do it please i begging you ” then he puted his finger inside my asshole also he knew my asshole was ready for that during from since very longtime before. he touched my backdoor his cock than he just puted its half just one shot i feels like so pain but i thank i can handle it its goingto pass a little time after then he made second attack to inside deeply also his cock penetrated all my asshole like acrazy things he started to hard attack series from behind hardly hardly attack again againmy asshole gives some voice like awet pussy when he shot my ass get spasm attack five minutes later he get spasm too and filled his cum inside my asshole at the and that was i was a woman real woman not virgin when he was get back i turned to him then i crouched front his cock and i licked how much cum i find. also his cum dripping my asshole on ground. when all happened finished i kissed him from him lips and i told ”would you mind give presmission again”this is my first time if you would to know what was going on please wait next story about arzu..

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