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MY FRIENDS MOMMy friend and his mom have been staying with us for a while now because they ended up losing there house a few months ago i have always thought his mom was sexy she is light skinned with long black hair tall thick and has nice size tits D cup most likely she has a nice ass to i always look because i notice most of the time she doesnt wear any underwear i look and don’t see any panty lines she never does never does even around the house and i can always see her but crack shes about 43 years old and im 17. A few weeks ago me and my friends were playing basketball till about 7 oclock at night and then we went to get something to eat and we both went back to my house we were both all sweaty so he got in the shower first so i went into my basement wear they were staying and she was down there watching TV its a nice basement it has two rooms and she was in the main room she was asleep she didnt have anything on except a holter top and some lepard skin panties they looked so skimpy they must have been spagetti string and she layed on her side with her thigh exposed it looked so soft and smooth i stood there just watching her sleep and my friend was in the shower still so i walked up to her and gently rubbed her thigh and her butt i put my hand inside the strap illegal bahis on her panties and rubbed inside of her ass. And then she woke up, to my suprise she said it took you long enough meet me down here at 2:30am when D*****n her son would be alseep and just about everyone else in my house would be too. So i came back down at 2:30 sharp i crept down the stairs remebering to be extra quiet and i didnt want anyone to hear me. So she j****s is that you i said yes she came on in my friend and his brother were alseep in the main room so we walked in the other room it didnt have much in it except A couch and the top of a bed without the boxspring so i came in she was laying on the couch with a big blanket on top of her she said take it off so i threw the blanket on top of the bed she was completly naked underneath she had the sexiest body id ever seen her legs were spread and i could see her pussy lips they looked so good her tits looked so nice they were big but still firm on her chest. I came in nothing but a T-shirt and sweat pants i had no boxers on and i was instantly hard when i seen her It showed in my pants. She said lose the clothes and close the door so i closed the door first and took off my shirt and then my pants my cock was hard im about illegal bahis siteleri 10 inches at full she looked in amazement she said i didnt think it would be so big so i threw my sweat pants in a corner and walked over to her she laid back and spread her legs so i kneeled on the couch and grabbed her legs i started kissing her legs and her inner thighs and i finnaly found my way to her pussy i licked and sucked on it and played with her clit she was excited and she started grabbing the couch and clinching my head she finnaly came in my mouth i licked up her juices then she said sit down and lay back so i did and she got between my legs and started to suck my cock she took the whole thing in her mouth then took it out and licked around the shaft and then took it back in her mouth and deep throated it then she took it back out and put it between her tits she went up and down then she spit on it and started sucking again i told her i was about to cum and she said i want it all in my mouth she kept sucking and got a huge load in her mouth probaly one of the biggest i have ever released it filled her mouth and a little got on her chin she wiped off her chin with her thumb and put it in her mouth then she put my cock in her mouth again and i was instantly canlı bahis siteleri hard then she laid back on the couch and spread her legs again she pulled me on top of her and she said she wanted me to fuck her hard so i put my cock in her and started to fuck her hard she said fuck me hard that dick feels so good so i kept fucking her and kept sliding it her till it was all the way in and she started screaming that cock feels so good so she had put her panties that she was wearing earlier the leopard ones and stuck them in her mouth so she wouldnt make wouldnt make so much noise so we continued and after a while she spit the panties out so i and she licked her lips i told her to lay face down on the bed so she got up layed on the got on her knees and forearms on the bed and so i walked over to her spit on my cock and lubed it up and stuck it in her ass and started to pump her she was yelling but was her screams where muffled by the bed so then i grabbed her hair and kept pumping her i started to speed up and after a while i started to slow down i kissed her softley and and grabbed her boob and i ended up cuming in her ass we laid there i held her in my arms when we got done it was about 4:45am she said you have to get out of here before someone catches you but well have to do it again real soon. And that was the first of many times with my friends mom. My friends dad never came around often so she was always in need of a man and she ended up gettin her tubes tide so i didnt have to use condom PART 2 COMING SOON…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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