My girlfriends secret (revised with spelling error

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My girlfriends secret (revised with spelling errorI’ve been with Rose for almost three years, nothing was going to change the way I felt about her, nothing.It was New Years Eve when I found out, but only because she didn’t want to keep any secrets from me.So it was New Years Eve, Rose and I were in the living room watching t.v. Rose was laying with her head on my shoulder and her legs were up on the coushin because the couch only had two seats, I wasn’t complaining. Rose’s dad Mike walked in, “Hey, do either of you two want a beer?” Mike was already buzzed, he doesn’t easily get drunk, but it doesn’t take a lot to get him loopy, the dirt tracks in the back yard can prove that. “No thanks daddy, can I just have a mt dew instead?” I was surprised, I didn’t know Rose didn’t drink. Mike didn’t care, “Ok honey, hey jack, do ya want a sodey pop, too?” out of the corner of my eye I saw Rose facepalm. “Yes, sir thank you.” I said with a chuckle, then I looked at Rose, “You don’t drink either?” She shook her head, “No, I can’t do alcohol, it makes me hurl, and it makes people stupid.” I was a little surprised. “Same here, well just something else we-” before I could finish, Mike came back with the sodas, “Ok, here ya g-woah!” he tripped over the brass lining in the doorway, the cans flew across the room and exploded on the wall, spraying the soda all over us. My shirt was soaked, but Rose got covered all over, though she managed to cover her face at least. “You see what I mean?” she whispered. As we stood up, Mike realized what happened, “Doh, sorry heh-heh, my bad.” he walked back to the kitchen, he was so buzzed he for got all of what happened. Rose looked at me, “I’m going upstairs to change, come on, I’ll see if my brother Pj has something that’ll fit you.” She quickly lead me upstairs while everyone was distracted. When we got to her room, she shut the door queitly then turned around to look at me. “Ugh, I can’t stand it when anyone in my family gets drunk, that’s why I was hoping to spend tonight at your place, or hell, anywhere but here!” I looked around, her room didn’t change much since the last time I was here, interesting since the last time I was here was about 7 months ago, Rose wanted us to go to the movies and she was paying. Back then her room had dark purple wall paper, the bed was a twin size with blue sheets, the dresser was across the room in the left corner, it was a simple pine dresser with a dark color, she had a somewhat small t.v., but she didn’t use it much. Still not much change other than the wall paper was gone, the walls were grey now. Rose looked at me, “Ok, go ahead and take your shirt off.” So I did, just before the fabric covered my eyes I caught a glimpse of her biting her lower lip, she was staring at my abs, they’re nothing special, just an 8-pack. I’m 6’2″ and I weigh 145lbs, and I’m pretty muscular for my age, both Rose and I are 20, though her birthday was September 21st, mine was July 7th. When I got my shirt off, Rose already had hers off and she was looking in the mirror. Rose is about 5’9″ she weighs only 110 so she’s on the skinny side, but not bony. She had dark red hair that went down to just above her waist, she kept it down because she didn’t like the hassle of doing anything with it. I didn’t notice sooner, she didn’t have a bra on. I don’t know anything about women’s breast sizes, but hers were normal seeming, not giant bowling balls, but not tiny little stubs either. I walked over and groped her, I’d done it before so for a moment she didn’t care, but then she stopped me. “Must you always do that?” she turned around to look at me. “Sorry, can’t seem to help myself sometimes.” She giggled, “You’re a shitty liar.” Then she turned back around, and I saw a faint look of panic on her face, “Oh no, my pants got soaked too!” I just smiled, “And? You can take them off in front of me, I’ve seen you naked before.” Rose gave me a straight look, “No, you’ve seen me topless before, not naked.” I was a little confused, “Ok, so what’s the problem?” She hesitated, “Well, I’ve kept this a secret from everyone, even you, and you know how I don’t like keeping secrets from you.” I smiled, “Ok, so why can’t you tell me about this, whatever this is?” She frowned, “Because I always thought, if I did, you be disgusted and leave me. Most guys would.” I put my arms around her, “I’m not most guys. Do you remember what I said to you, it was about a few months after we started dating, remember?” There were tears in her eyes. “Yes.” I kept going, “I said, I was in love with you, I told you nothing was ever going to change that, nothing.” Tears started running down her face. “Yes, but-” I couldn’t help but interrupt her, “But nothing, you can tell me anything, you’re stuck with me no matter what!” she laughed a bit, the tears stopped, “Ok, but this has to stay between us, no one else can ever know, ever.” I stood up, “You know me, I’ve never spilled any secret, ever. And I never will.” Rose turned around and wiped the tears from her face, “Ok, but you might want to sit down first.” I sat down on the end of the bed, it was against the wall just under the window. Then I looked at her with a straight face, “Ok, hit me.” She laughed, “Ok.” Ever so slowly, she started to unzip her jeans, then she looked away, there were tears in her eyes again, but I didn’t say anything. Then she slowly eazed her pants down until they were around her knees, then she stood up. I almmost couldn’t believe what I was seeing, Rose, my girlfriend, is a hermaphrodite! She has a fairly small penis, I leaned a little to my right, yep, and a vagina too. I looked up and she was crying softly, my heart sank. She was still looking away, “So, now you know. If you want to leave, I won’t stop you, just please, don’t say anything to anyone.” I stood up, she was still looking away, it looked like she was about to cry a river. I didn’t leave, I couldn’t, I love Rose, I don’t care what anyone would say, I’m not going to leave her, burdur escort ever.I walked over, and hugged her. She stopped crying, “You, you’re not leaving?” I looked right in her eyes, “Nope, this is how you are, I’m not disgusted, not one bit.” I turned her toward the mirror, but kept my hands on her shoulders. “You see that girl there? That’s the girl I fell in love with, not for some big boobs, or even a tight pussy. I fell in love with that girl because she doesn’t act like someone she’s not, she loves me, and I love her just the way she is, and I always will.” Rose turned around quickly and hugged me, “Why can’t more guys be like you?!” She was crying, but she was happy now. She looked up at me, and the tears on her face seemed to dissapear.”Do you think, now that you know, could we, uhh?” I looked down and saw that she was holding her crotch, I smiled, “Uh, fuck?” She stepped back with an ackward look on her face, “You make it sound so wrong! I just want to finally have sex with my boyfriend. I’m sure you can guess I’m still a virgin.” I laughed, “Yeah that’s ok I am to.” she walked up and kissed me, about a second later I felt a thud on my jeans, Rose jumped back almost immediately, “Oh, god I’m sorry, I-” I stopped her, “It’s ok, I have one of those, too!” We both laughed, then she looked at me with a curious smile, “Do you think we could even, make a threesome?” I raised an eybrow at her, “I don’t see any problem there, who do you have in mind? And can this other person keep a secret?” She walked over and picked up her cell phone. “Yes, Lindsay can keep a secret.” I wasn’t so sure. “Lindsay? I don’t think she even likes me.” Rose smiled, “That’s because she thought you were gonna just fuck me and leave like some other assholes would.” I couldn’t say no, one I didn’t want to be mean, and two Rose already called her. “Ok, but how is she going to get in without drawing attention?” Rose gave me a quick smile, “Lindsay’s very agile, she’s going to climb the back porch and come in through the winodw.” About 2 minutes later we heard footsteps outside the window, followed by a quiet knock. “Awesome, hey Lindz!” Rose tucked her penis between her legs and pulled her jeans up so her cock wasn’t noticable. She opened the window and let Lindsay in. As she climbed in I could see Lindsay’s nipples through her grey hoodie, probably from the cool air outside, she was also wearing really small blue running shorts, I couldn’t help noticing, she also didn’t have any panties on! Her hair was similar to Rose’s, not as long, and she was a brunette, though she preferred to have her hair in a ponytail, she said it helps her move better. As she sat down on the bed, I noticed her eyes were immediately locked on Rose’s breasts, “Hey Rose, I came over like you asked. so when are you going to tell me why you’re topless?” Lindsay was bi-sexual, and EVERYONE knew it. Rose giggled, “Ok well, I’m not sure how to start off, so I’ll go like this. You’ve had sex before right?” Lindsay raised an eybrow, still staring at Rose’s breasts. “Yes, but only with girls, not guys.” Rose continued, “Well jack and I are still virgins, and we were hoping that you would join us?” I saw Lindsay’s nipples grow a little through her hoodie, “You bet I do, but that doesn’t answer my other question, why did I have to come in through your window? I’ve been here like a million times now.” Rose stopped smiling, “Well it’s because I need you to keep a secret, can you do that?” Lindsay snapped out of her hypnosis, “Does this secret involve jack, too?” Rose nodded, “Yes, but it’s really embarrasing and I don’t want you to get disgusted any never talk to me again.” Lindsay smirked, “We’ve been friends forever, I know almost evertyhing about you, and you know everything about me. I’ve kept every little secret you’ve told me. I’m not telling anyone anything.” Rose smiled again, “Ok then, uh, I’m not sure how to say this, so I’ll just show you.” Rose stepped closer to the bed. I just sat quietly and waited. Rose stopped a few steps from the bed and started to pull her jeans down again, Lindsay’s attention was now directed at Rose’s crotch, about a second later Rose gently pulled her cock out from between her legs, Lindsay’s eyes were like bowling balls now, “Holy shit, you have a-” Rose jumped in with a straight face, “A penis, yes.” Lindsay was in shock, she grabbed Rose’s cock, to which Rose was turned on instanly. I stood up and walked behind Rose, she looked back at me, “She won’t tell anyone, I know it.” I just nodded, then groped her again. Lindsay was still stroking Rose’s cock, then she tilted it up a little, “But you still have a vagina, oh my god.” Rose had a full erection now, “Yep, I was born like this, so the only other people who know are my mom, and dad.”Suddenly we heard the back door open, everyone was leaving. Rose gasped, she quickly ran to the door and turned off the lights, then she darted back across the room and closed the blinds. We could hear the conversation outside. “So they’re not coming with us?” It was Rose’s aunt Lidia. “N-no, I th-think they went to bed, l-look, even the lights out.” That was Mike, he was officially drunk, he studders a lot when he is. About a minute later we heard the two cars start up and leave. Rose finally exhaled. “I almost forgot, everyone goes bowling just before midnight.” I chuckled. Rose turned the light back on, then walked back over to us, “Ok, now where were we?” Lindsay giggled and stood up, she unzipped her hoodie, I was right, no bra and her nipples were hard. Lindsay threw her hoodie over to the closet door just next to the bedroom door. “I think this was next.” then she kissed Rose, she immediately had a hard on again. I took my pants off and threw them over to the closet as well. Next Lindsay grabbed Rose’s cock and started rubbing it between her legs, the crotch of her shorts turned a little dark, Rose’s cock was dripping precum, and Lindsay was getting wet. While they kissed, escort burdur I pulled Lindsay’s shorts down, she just stepped out of them. I threw them over to the closet with the other stuff. Then Rose stopped and looked at me, “I guess I should too, huh?” I just smiled, I grabbed the waist of her jeans and pulled them down, Rose slowly stepped out of them. I threw her pants over to the other clothes in front of the closet, they now formed a small hill that smelled like lemon lime and wet pussy. They went back to kissing and I groped Rose again, she let out a quiet moan. Lindsay kept rubbing Rose’s cock between her legs, while I played with Rose’s breasts for a while.Then we heard the cars out back. Rose almost paniced. “Wait what?! Oh, shit if they find us like this!” My head shot around the room really fast then I looked at the closet, “Lindsay, quick-in the closet!” We quickly flew in the closet and shut the door. I heard a lot of shuffling, Rose was putting on the green silk pjs I bought her for christmas. Then she gasped, a second later the closet door flew open, she threw our clothes in and closed the door again. We heard her dart over and grab something off her dresser, probably a book, then she flew into bed. Then we heard footsteps, the bedroom door opened. “Hey Rose do you know where I left my wallet?” I couldn’t believe this, it was Mike. What the hell? “What the hell? I’d bet anything it’s in in the kitchen, or his back pocket!” I whispered quietly, Lindsay giggled. “I don’t know dad, it’s probably in the kitchen, or your back pocket.” Rose sounded annoyed. “That’s what I said.” I whispered again, Lindsay was getting bored, she wasn’t the kind of girl you kept waiting for anything, if there was a long line at the store checkout, she’d look for a shorter one, if there was a traffic jam, she’d sneak a u-turn and go a different way. She reached back and started rubbing my cock slowly. “Hey you’re gonna get us caught.” I mumbled. “I don’t care, I came here to fuck, so I’m gonna fuck.” she mumbled back, now she was annoyed. She started rubbing my cock between her legs. “Oh, I see jack went home, huh? Well next time you see him, let him know it was good to see him again, and he’s welcome around anytime.” Oh for god’s sake, “He’s still here?!” I managed to keep that quiet. Lindsay giggled again, she turned around and pressed herself against me, good thing I was leaning on the wall. She started to push my cock in her pussy, Lindsay pussy, she was really tight for a girl who’s had sex before, but then she did say it was only with girls not guys. She was breathing heavily, but she was quiet. “Ok, see you later dad.” Rose was trying to sound normal. The bedroom door finally closed, then the back door. Rose got out of bed and started walking over to the closet. “You love her don’t you?” Lindsay was slowly riding my cock in the dark. I managed to mumble a ‘yes’. Lindsay sighed, “She’s lucky to have you, everyone I’ve been with is either a complete retard, or a f**king asshole. But don’t worry, I won’t take you from her, but I don’t think she’ll mind sharing you.” She didn’t have to see my face to know I was smiling. “Thanks.” I muttered. Then, the closet door handle turned, It was my turn to panic, I prayed Rose wouldn’t be upset seeing us like this. The door opened, and to my surprise, Rose had a teasing look on her face, “Hey, you were in here having fun without me.” I saw Rose was pitching a small tent through her pjs, the soft fabric may have had something to do with it. Lindsay broke the short silence, “Well?” she pulled my cock out of her pussy and turned to face Rose. She grabbed my cock again and started pushing it into her ass, then she leaned back to look up at me, “Pick me up?” she asked with a squeak in her voice. I picked her up and spread her legs across the closet doorway. She smiled at Rose, and I noticed she was spreading her pussy lips. “It’s not a threesome with only two people right?” I looked up and Rose’s crotch was wet, her cock was dripping precum again. She pulled her pants down just enough to pull her cock out, without saying anything she stepped closer. Rose started rubbing her cock on Lindsay’s now soaked pussy. Then Rose slowly started to push in, Lindsay was writhing in pleasure, then when I looked back up at Rose, she was pumping in and out slowly, she leaned up to kiss me, as we kissed for a minute I felt the urge to cum. Then Rose pulled away, I could tell she had to cum, too. I smiled at her, “You too huh?” Rose smiled back, she leaned back up to kiss me, then right when we made contact, I couldn’t hold it back anymore, I heard Rose moan, we both came at the same time, I shot my load deep in Lindsay’s ass, Rose shot her’s in Lindsay’s pussy. Our cum started to seep out around our cocks and drip on the floor. Lindsay came back to reality, “Oh shit, that was f**king awesome. Wait did you guys- Oh no.” Lindsay started to panic, Rose looked at her, “What’s wrong?” Lindsay was panicing, “I didn’t take my pill today! Oh god.” Rose stopped her, “Oh, thats fine, I only have one testicle, and one ovary, I have almost no sperm count to speak of, it would be impossible for me to get a girl pregnant.” Lindsay started to calm down. “Really? You’re not just saying that to mess with me are you? I’d love to bear your k**s Rose, but I can’t have k**s yet, I’m not ready!” Rose put her finger over Lindsay’s mouth, “I’m serious, the doctor said that I have such a low sperm count that it would be impossible to get a girl pregnant. She even said that my eggs wouldn’t be fertile until I’m 27. Hell I could creampie myself and nothing would happen.” Lindsay stopped shaking and got a little aroused, “Really? You could do that?” Rose giggled, “Yeah but some other time, I’m spent.” Rose’s cock slipped out of Lindsay’s pussy and dangled like a string. Her precum was dripping on the floor. Lindsay pulled my cock out or her ass, my precum was dripping too, it started to form a puddle on the burdur escort bayan floor. We stepped out of the closet while trying to avoid our pond of cum, Lindsay and Rose kissed again. “You really got lucky with him Rose. I’m a litt jealous, most guys would have seen your cock,” Lindsay picked up Rose’s cock, it grew a little, “and they would have run like hell.” Rose smiled and looked at me. “Yeah I did, you’re welcome to share him, too.” Lindsay giggled and looked at me. “I told you so.” I nodded, and looked at Rose, she figured it out in an instant. “Thought so, I heard you mumbling in the closet.” Rose said with a giggle.Just as Lindsay climbed out the window, she turned around and pulled Rose toward her, they kissed again. “Thanks for the fun Rose. So when can I expect to do this again?” Rose smiled, “Soon, don’t worry, I’ll let you know.” They both giggled. I had my jeans back on, moslty, my cock was hangin out. My pants were dry but still smelled like lemon-lime, oh well, I’ll do my laundry when I get home anyway. Lindsay turned to slide down the roof, “Bye, I’ll see you guys later.” Rose gave a small wave, “Bye Lindz.” I was leaning over Rose with my arm dangling down across her chest, my cock had enough of an erection that Rose saw it out of the corner of her eye, I saw hers grow a bit. “Bye Lindsay.” She slid down the roof and jumped down into the grass. A moment later we saw her dart across the yard and with one hand, she lifted herself up and flipped over the fence and dissapeared. Rose turned around to look at me. “So, it’s just us now.” I smiled. “Yep.” I looked down and Rose had an erection again, I raised an eyebrow at her, “You’re spent, huh?” Rose giggled. “Hey, you can’t expect me to be done without actually getting f**ked by my boyfriend now can you? You f**ked by best friends pussy while I wasn’t looking, AND her ass right in front of me, it’s my turn to enjoy that cock.” I had a hard on too now. Rose grabbed my cock and started licking the tip, I looked down a bit and she was stroking her cock slowly. She sucked my cock for about 2 minutes, then I felt the urge to cum again, somehow Rose knew, she looked up at me, “Well? Don’t try to hold it in.” It hit me like a ton of bricks then, I exploded in her mouth, a little of it shot out her nose, but she didn’t move, all the rest of it went down her throat, I kept cumming for a few seconds, I must have shot a bucket-load down her throat. Then it stopped, but my cock was still rock hard. Rose pulled my cock out of her mouth, then she looked up at me and swallowed every remaining drop. “Holy shit,” She looked at me with a smile, “that was a lot, think you got anymore?” She gave me a suggestive look. “Ok, where do you want it now?” I asked breathing heavily. Rose laid back and spread her legs then with her right hand she spread her pussy lips, “How about like this?” She held her cock against her stomach, and rubbed her pussy a little. I was like a puppet, I climbed over her, and started rubbing my cock on her pussy, she moaned a little. “Well, don’t bother teasing me, I’m ready to go.” I couldn’t speak. I just slowly pushed my cock in her pussy, some of the veins in her cock bulged out a little. I was pumping in and out, at a normal pace, Rose was almost in ecstasy, she had her eyes closed, and she was stroking her cock at pretty much the same pace as I was f**king her. WE just kept going for a few minutes, then I noticed Rose was jerking her cock pretty fast now, we both had the urge to cum, but first, I quickly pulled out of her, then I grabbed her cock and curled it around until it met her pussy, then quickly pushed it in, Rose gasped. “So that’s what mine feels like. Well, shall we?” She looked at me, her face was almost completely red. I quickly shoved my cock back in her pussy, and kept going for about a minute. Then we couldn’t hold it anymore, we both came at the same time, Rose let out a squeal. We both shot our loads deep in her pussy, there was so much cum it started to squirt out between our cocks, it formed a puddle on the bed now. Rose was breathing so heavily I thought she was going to pass out, after we finally stopped cumming, Rose struggled to sit up, she was shaking a little. She put her arm around my neck and kissed me, we kissed for about a minute then she laid back down. “Oh my god, that was unbelievable,” she was still shaking a little, “I almost blacked out.” I pulled my cock out of her pussy, hers followed after a second. Rose looked at the puddle of cum on the bed, then to her pussy, which was still dripping, then up to me. “Oh my god, was all that from me or you?” I laughed a bit. “That actually came from both of us.” She was a little surprised. “Where was all that earlier?” I laughed. “Lindsay got most of it remember?” Rose laughed a bit as she struggled to stand up, so she held onto me, she looked over at the bed. “Uhh, I’d better change the sheets before everyone comes home.” I set her on the floor next to the door, the floor is really soft shag carpetting, it was made right so it doesn’t shed. “I’ll do it, just tell me where the sheets are.” Rose smiled at me. “In the bathroom closet, top shelf.” I came back with the sheets and Rose was leaning back against the wall. “We definitely have to do that again sometime.” I looked back, Rose picked up a strand of cum that was dripping from her pussy and stuck it in her mouth, I laughed a little. “Is that one mine, or yours?” She laughed. “I’m not sure, but one of us needs to stop eating so much hot-sauce,” We both laughed. I finished changing the sheets and put the dirty ones in the hamper next to the dresser. Rose stood up, she wasn’t shaking anymore. She walked over, threw her arms aroumd my neck and just before she kissed me again, we could hear the neighbors outside shouting “5!4!3!2!1!” Just as we kissed, it was as if there was a block party outside, everyone up and down the street was cheering “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!” I felt a tear run down Rose’s cheek. “So, did you make any resolutions Rose?” She was crying tears of joy. “Just one, but I’m sure you know it by now.”I’ve been with Rose for three years now, my New Year’s resolution? I love Rose more than life itself, I’ll never leave her, ever.

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