My Husbands Mistake

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My Husbands MistakeMY HUSBAND?S MISTAKE (found on: husband Jim and I have been married for 11 years, we married straight out of high school at a young age, he was 19 and I was 18. He had enlisted in the military rather than going to college. It was while in the service that Jim became interested in pornographic material. He was especially interested in interracial pictures and movies. A week would not go by with out him bringing home some new material for us to watch. I found the material to be some what offensive and not a turn on.Every time we would sit and watch the movies Jim would comment on the size of the guys cock and look in amazement at the woman in the film sucking and fucking those monster black cocks. He would ask how could a woman fit them inside her. He felt somewhat inferior with his 5 inch dick and by the fact that I had not gotten pregnant. At this time I had no problem being satisfied by him, and felt that a baby would come in the right time. While he watched he would ask me if I would like to try those big black cocks. He would say it would feel so good inside me and that it would be such a turn on to see me being fulfilled by a black man?s cock. I tried to explain to him all I needed was him and was not interested in them.Jim had this fantasy going on for the first 8 years of our marriage, I would tell him I was not interested but he was insistent and kept telling me how hot it would be. After 8 years of constant asking or begging and hundreds of movies and pictures I told him I would try once, just to let him get this out of his system. What a mistake it was for him and a blessing for me.I had asked if he had anyone in mind for us to try this and he informed me he had not put much thought into it because he never believed I would do it. He suggested that we check out the chat rooms on AOL. So I created a new screen name to do the looking (I did not want anyone who knew me to see me in these chat rooms); I checked out several chat rooms and had a profile stating that I was a MWF and the instant messages came fast. Faster than I could answer.Along with the instant messages came the pictures of these black men showing their cocks. I sent them my pictures when they asked and found that my being a BBW was not a problem for these guys. Before long I had several black men I was talking to everyday. Jim had me show him all the photos that the guys had sent; he was very interested in one particular guy. He said his name was Randy. He had a cock that was 11 inches long and 3 and half inches thick. Randy ataşehir escort was very, very dark and black. Jim got hard just looking at his long black cock and told me it would look so good inside me.I decided that since Jim had liked Randy, I would make the arrangement to meet him. Randy and I met at a bar two towns away from my home (I did not want anyone I knew to see me). When I met Randy, he was a perfect gentleman. We sat and talked for about 2 hours. I explained that Jim wanted to watch and Randy had no problem with that. Infact, he said he has done this before for white guys wanting to see their wife or girl friend being fucked by a black man. He laughed as he told me; this would be a mistake he would regret. Randy told me Jim does not know what he is getting into. Somehow I knew Randy was telling the truth. I decided right there, that it was the time to try fucking a black man and told Randy so. I asked him where we should do this, and Randy suggested we do it in my own bed.I was somewhat taken back but this idea but Randy said what better way to let Jim have his fantasy fulfilled, than seeing his pretty wife fucked by a big black cock in his own bed. The idea was so hot I agreed in a heart beat. We set the date to be the following Saturday, I gave Randy the address and phone number, what a feeling came over me as I did. I was now committed to fucking this big black man. As we left Randy walked me to my car and kissed me good bye, he slipped his tongue deep inside my mouth, my knees buckled and my cunt became very wet. I would have taken him right there, he said see you Saturday and walked away. I felt so frustrated. All the way home my cunt dripped thinking of that kiss. When I got home Jim asked how things went. I told him fine and that we would do this on Saturday. He wanted to know where we were going to meet him and I told him it would be a surprise and a big turn on.On Saturday I dressed in a shot dress with a very low neck line, put on my makeup (maybe a littler over board because Jim said I looked like a cheap slut), and did my hair. Jim was excited and kept asking where we were going to meet Randy; I kept telling him it?s going to be a surprise. I had told Jim we were meeting at 7pm. As the time neared, Jim was wondering what was up because we had not left the house yet. At 5 minutes to 7 the door bell rang. Jim?s eyes opened wide and said Kathy you did not let him come here? Laughing at him I went to open the door and there stood this big handsome black man. As Randy came in I gave him a kiss feeling escort ataşehir his tongue slip into my mouth. After the kiss I introduced the two of them and had Randy sit on the sofa as Jim called me into the kitchen.Jim was furious that I let Randy come to the house. I told him it was his idea for me to try a black mans cock and it was my choice to have it where I wanted to, in our bed. I returned to Randy and sat next to him and we started to make out. I told Jim to get us some drinks and went back to making out with Randy.When Jim came in with the drinks, I had Randy?s cock between my lips sucking this big nigger?s cock. I stopped long enough to tell Jim to put the drinks down and sit his ass down. Jim looked in awe as I sucked on this big thick cock, trying to get as much of it in my mouth as I could. I looked over and saw Jim with his little dick in his hand jerking himself off. I took Randy by the hand and said ?Let?s go to the bed room? looking at Jim I said don?t come in till you?re called.When we got into the bed room I removed Randy?s clothes and sucked his cock some more, Randy played with my wet pussy as I did. I stopped just long enough to strip my clothes off and went back to Randy?s huge cock. I was feeling like a whore, here I was naked with a black man in my bed. This is the first man other than Jim to see me naked. As we kissed I told Randy ?I want to feel that cock inside me?Randy laughed and said? I knew you would slut? this just made me wetter. Randy told me to come sit on his cock. I went to the dresser draw to get the condoms; Randy looked at the box and broke out laughing. He said ?they are way to small bitch? I knew they were but said ?we need to try to use them, Jim would flip if I did not? I slipped one over his cock and it was very tight and broke before it went down 2 inches over his cock. I tried another but it broke again, I took it and rolled it down to the base of his big black cock, laughed and said ?at least it will look like it?s on?.Randy lay back on the bed and I positioned myself over his cock. I slid down on it very slowly, as it was so big and fat. My cunt was so wet that it was not long before I was sitting on top of him. I looked at Randy and said ?should we call him in?? When Jim walked in, he saw his goody white wife being taken by a black cock. He dropped his pants as he watched us fucking. Looking over I saw his cum on the floor. The poor guy came with out even touching himself. I rode Randy like I had never been fucked before; he was calling me all kinds of names, his ataşehir escort bayan white slut, and a nigger loving cunt. He was asking if I wanted his cum inside me. I begged him to put in deep inside me.Jim looked at the nightstand, saw the box of condoms and looked at Randy?s cock deep inside me. All he saw was the condom wrapped around his cock. Poor bastard did not know it had broken.Jim looked on… yelling for Randy to fuck me. Telling him how exciting it was for him to be fucking me in his bed. Jim was telling him to give it to her, fuck her, give her what she wants, cum in her. All the time thinking his cock was wrapped. Randy pounded me like bull in heat. As he came, he arched his back to force his cock deep inside me, I could feel his hot cum filling me as he held me down on his cock. We stayed that way for what seemed like hours.After Randy?s cock became somewhat soft I let it slip out of my pussy and I kneeled over him. My hot box was in front of Jim as Randy?s cock pulled out. All that followed was Randy?s cum dripping out of me. Jim looked with his eyes wide open, he could not speak, and he began to cry. When he finally could speak through his sobs he asked what happened to the rubber, Randy looked at him and said ?guess it broke, in fact it broke while she was putting it on? I looked at Jim and said ?it was your idea, I could not stop once it started and I wanted you to see your wife enjoy her first BLACK COCK?Jim just looked startled, and wanted to know where I was in my cycle. I told him well it was about right for getting knocked up. Jim and I were trying to have a baby, so he knew what could happen.After Randy was done he told me he was going away for about a month but wanted to see me when he got back. I told him I would see him again. I could not wait to feel his cock inside me again.When Randy came home from his trip two months later, we met and he asked how things went with Jim. I told him he was right, Jim does not want me to do this again. It was a big mistake. I told Randy I would be fucking him again, and wanted to feel his cock in me soon. He laughed and said ?I knew you would?He asked how I had made out with him Cumming in me, and all I could do was smile. Randy knew right then that he had dropped his seed and I was pregnant. He asked if Jim knew and I told him ?no, I was waiting to tell you first?After I told Jim I was knocked up he just cried, he knew he was going to have a white wife with a beautiful black baby. It has been almost 3 years now since Randy?s son had been born. Jim is the care taker of the baby, and he feeds, bathes and does all with him.Randy and I are still fucking and sucking. Randy is also sharing me with his friends and has encouraged me to find more black cock.Jim has made a big mistake; he has changed his pretty wife in to a BLACK COCK SLUT.

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