My little sister Lily, Chapter 3: Life with Danny

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My little sister Lily, Chapter 3: Life with DannyI woke up to the most wonderful feeling that morning. I looked down at the blankets and saw a lump. I felt my sister’s lips wrap around my cock under the blanket. She was bobbing her head up and down letting her tongue explore. I held in moans so I could let her have her fun. I just laid back and enjoyed. She would stop to inspect it then move on to touching it again. She felt my balls then rubbed the head with her fingers. She put it in her mouth and just softly sucked it. It felt really good but I didn’t quite feel like cumming. She pushed her head down. Mmm I take that back. She let my cock gag her over and over like she was trying to learn to take it all. This went on for a few minutes before I felt the pressure. I knew I wouldn’t have a huge load because of the 4 times I came yesterday so I let it go. I felt the first jet fill her mouth. She just flenched and continued to suck my cock dry. She came out of the blankets looking pleased and I smiled.“You were awake!” She grabbed her pillow and hit me.I laugh and cover my face. “I didn’t want to Interrupt you.”“Did you at least enjoy it?”“Is that even a question?”She stars to blush and I pull her into me. She puts her nose on mine.“I love you, Lily.”“I love you, Danny.”“Do you want to cum?”“Can we try something?”“Of corse.”“Will you teach me to play with myself?”“Well I mean I’m not a girl but I will do my best.”She lays down by me and I sit between her legs. I grab her hand and put her fingers on her clit. I show her my favorite way to rub. “Little circles seem to feel good.”“Do I put my fingers inside myself?”“You can.” I was getting hard again. I moved her hand down and pushed my finger and hers together into her wet pussy. She moaned softly. I slowly pull my finger out leaving hers. I sit back and watch my little sister finger her cute little pussy.“Do you want to rub my clit?”“Sure.” I reach down and start to rub it for her. Oh I wish I could be inside her, filling her with cum. Her fingers make squishy, wet sounds. Her head leans back and her back arches just a little. She fingers herself harder and deeper. I reach down and start to stroke myself as I play with her and watch. Just then she stopped. She looked at me sad.“Danny, I cant stop thinking. What are we?”Well I guess she’s definitely a woman. Men don’t pause sex to ask philosophical questions, that’s for sure. “What do you mean?”“What is our relationship?” She closed her legs and sat there.I moved up and pulled her onto my lap with the blankets between us. “Lily your my sister.”I paused thinking about to how to tell her how I was feeling but she beat me to it.“But… we…”“I know, and your more than my sister.”“I’m I your girlfriend?”“Lily, I have to admit something. You see… I never really wanted a closed relationship.”“What do you mean?”“Well I believe that I can’t ever love just one person. People like me sometimes have relationships with more than one person at one time. Sometimes it will even go both ways if someone likes boys and girls. Like maybe if I called you my girlfriend we would find another girl and she would be both of our girlfriend. Sometimes there are other people that never get involved more then one on one. I also believe that people come and go.”She sat listening and taking in what I had to say but didn’t seem to upset.I went on. “I guess I’m saying if you want to be my girlfriend I’d love that but you have to understand that I will definitely have more women in my life then just you. Maybe one day I will love someone else more. If you get jealous düzce escort we have to talk about it and decide what to do about it. Also I can’t help but hope you would be open to other people coming into our relationship and even having other men… or woman you keep to yourself other than me. Lily, I just want you to be happy.”She was quiet for a long time just thinking and holding onto me. “Am I not enough for you?”“Oh, baby! Don’t think about it like that! Right now your more then enough for me… but who knows who we will meet in our life.”“Can I decide when something changes?”“Explain.”“I want to be your girlfriend and it just be us for a while then see what changes and when… then decide what I want to do then.”“I just don’t want to hurt you, Lily.”“Just promise you will ask me before you do anything with anyone else.”“It’s a promise.” We sat for a second. “Damn!”“What?”“I have the hottest girlfriend in the world!”She laughs and hits my shoulder. She got up. “Well, I’m going to go take a shower.”She stuck out her chest and rocked on her knees like she would do when she was little and I was only a teen. Just then the dream I had the first night she was with me came rushing back. Oh I had to join her in the shower. Even though we had had sex four times now this prospect was a bit of a rush to me. I heard the water turn on in my bathroom. My cock was already getting hard. In my head I wondered what she would do. Would she bend over? Would she let me pick her up and slam her on the shower wall holding onto the the wall best she could as my cock pushed in and out of her. Mmmm it was all so wonderful. I got out of bed slowly stroking my cock. I walked over to the door. There she was behind the clear shower curtain rubbing her body. I whispered to myself, “So much better then my dream.” Her long brown hair touches her round ass as the water washed down it making it fall straight. The arch in her back was just beautiful. Her breasts were the most beautiful teardrop shape hanging off her chest. Her thighs were soft but not to big and she had the slightest tummy. I look at her hips thinking about how I was using them to help me thrust into my beautiful sister. From this view I could truly say she her looks were intoxicating. Now I can call her mine too. I couldn’t help thinking of one of her new school friends coming home and playing with us. Hopefully she meets one that’s old enough and just as sexy as her… or maybe a little less so she can relax and not be jealous. Just thinking of that made me about blow my load onto the bathroom floor. I waked quietly up to the curtain and slipped in behind her. I slowly ran my hand over her hips and my cock rubbed her ass. She jumped just a little.“Oh! I was hoping you would decide to join me.”“Oh really now?”“Mmmm and hard too. I’ve been watching videos. Can I try something?”“Sure.”She dropped down to her knees right in front of me, the water running over her. She took my cock in her hands and went to work.She slowly licked around the tip exploring the shape of my head but at the same time stroked the shaft of my cock. She flicked her tongue at my pee hole and softy played with my balls. Not tentative touches but with purpose. She softly moved them in her fingers so they rubbed along each other back and forth almost like the jade balls you twist in circles when your stressed. She slowly took the tip into her mouth sucking me like a straw. I tilted my head back and let the water wash down my chest. She worked inch by inch down about half my cock, letting every inch have its turn. I started escort düzce to feel her throat and she pulled away. She bit her lip and took hold of my shaft and with a deep breath she leaned in and took about 7 inches. I watched this amazing feat with shock and pleasure. I knew I was past her mouth when she started to swallow me. She got about another inch and about 20 seconds in before she started to turn red, pulled off of me and started trying not to throw up. She started to stroke me but I had already started to cum the second I left her mouth. I put a hand on the shower wall and caught my breath. “Man what a morning for me.”She looked up at me. “I’m so sorry, Danny.”“For what!” I started to laugh.“I didn’t make you cum.”I pointed at the shower wall behind her.“Oh.” She turned slightly red.I pulled her up and softly kissed my amazing sister. “I love you.”She just smiled.I reached behind her and pushed my pinky into her ass. “Say it back.” I said with a sly smile.She stood there shocked. I slowly started to finger her ass with my pinky.She leaned into me and let out a yelp followed by, “Yes, yes, Danny I love you.”I slowly pulled out my finger.“That… felt kinda… good.” She looked confused.“Lily, lots of girls like that.”“Maybe you can do it again later?”I kissed her again. “Your wish is my command.”“Your so cheesy.”“Need help washing?”With that she agreed and we finished off a very touchy shower with lots of suds and went to sit on the couch in big fluffy towels.We watched pretty much whatever was on as background noise and talked over the ham and eggs Lily made.“I’m not a good cook.”“I think they are pretty good.”“You kinda have to say that.”“No I don’t.” I say as I shove my mouth full of ham.An episode of How it’s make later:“Hmm.” I thought about my question. “Did you ever catch me?”“Do you mean masterbating?”“Yes.”“Well this one time when you were watching a show on tv and I walked in but I had no idea what you were doing. I thought it was really strange and just left.”“Did you ever think about me like that, Lily?”“Not really, but I had friends that had crushes on you.”“I guess I did think of you like that once but it was a strange dream. I amount didn’t know it was you because we were older then you are now.”“Danny! Go on.”“I don’t remember to much but you had just got out of a relationship and you made a move on me.”“What did you do.”“Well, I woke up.”“Darn I’m kinda let down.”“I’d probably let you kiss me. Then maybe you would try to get me to touch you like you did when it actually happened.”“Well what if you were the one to make the move.”“Who said I would be.”“Wow.” She laughed.“Okay. Let me think.”She watches me. I rub the scruff on my chin. “I’d probably try to get you to make a move honestly. I loved when you were first here. You were just so sexy. I mean you still are.”“But what if I didn’t.”“I don’t want to force you to do anything.”She looked very angry.“Maybe I’d trick you into walking in on me. Maybe I’d date a friend of yours to make you jealous.”“More details!”“What if I put you on my lap and got hard. I’d make sure you feel it. I’d take your panties and make you come find them. Maybe I’d even cum inside the clean ones. Mmm thinking of you walk around my cum rubbing into your pussy.”We watch a few more episodes of whatever, friends, more how it’s made, a reality show. Then we decide to go have lunch, after some shopping, dinner. We come home and decorate a little. That night we made love and I filled her with cum. The next day was similar except we went to see a movie. Life went on like this until my break düzce escort bayan was over. I guess I didn’t know leaving her alone would cause that much trouble but I was wrong. That night when we settled into bed she gave me a funny look. “I want to try something tonight.”“Oh ya? What’s that.” My heart started to beat fast.She smiled, “remember in the shower last week?”“Another blow job?”“No, the pinky thing.”“You want to try anal?”She nodded happily.“It’s probably going to hurt… a lot”“I think I’m okay with that.”“I think maybe you should let me play with it and see how you like it?”“I trust you, bubby.”I flip her over and put her on her hands and knees. I lean down and gently lick her pussy top to bottom and lick her sweet little rose. Once I’m hard and she’s wet enough I get behind her and slowly push my cock into her. She moans softly.“Mmm, Danny, it still feels so big.”“Your still crazy tight.”I push in and start slowly fucking my little sister. I softly rub her rose with my pointer finger slowly parting her ass to let me in. I spit onto her hole and start to fuck her with my finger and cock at the same time.“God, Danny, that feels so amazing. I wish I could have you in both holes.”I thought about telling her that I could call a friend and make that happen but that’s something for another night. I get another finger and slowly push it in. Not even close to the size of my cock but she whimpers a little, then starts moaning louder and pushing back on me. I push my cock and fingers in deep as she starts to cum. At this point I’d normally be holding back but my focus was her ass. I wanted to fill it with cum. She laid down and caught her breath.“Danny, I think I’m ready.”“Tell me if you want me to stop.”“I don’t want that power.”“What?”“Well I know it’s going to hurt but you have to go through that before it feels good so even if I say stop, don’t. I’m sure if something goes wrong you will be able to tell. Like if I rip open stop.” She gives me a little half smile.“If your sure.”“I’m sure.”I take my other hand and gather as much moisture from her dripping pussy as I can until her ass is a wet mess. I take my rock hard cock and press the head onto her virgin ass. I slowly push. She starts to shake and moan more in pain then pleasure and for some reason it turns me on. I’m two inches in now and she’s holding the blanket like she’s going to fall. Three inches. I push the thickest part of my shaft into her.“Danny it really hurts.”“Shhh it will get better.”Four inches, five.“Ahhh, Danny, stop!”“You told me I can’t.”Six inches.“Please!”“It’s almost in.”I drive in the last few inches a little faster. I’m fully inside my sister ass about to cum.“Does it hurt anymore?”“It just feels sore and strange.”“Can I cum inside you?”“Oh yes, definitely.” She looked back at me and bit her lip. “Let me do the work.” She started to pull away slowly then pushed back.“It’s so tight, Lily.”A few more strokes and she started to go a little faster. I could see it hurt bad but was causing her just as much pleasure. She reached down and played with herself. I pushed a two fingers onto her pussy. She was going almost fast now.“Lily, your going to make me cum.”“I’m close too.”“Oh god yes, I love being inside you, sis.”I pushed in deep and fingered her pussy hard as we both started to cum. It was almost hard to cum it was so tight but I still managed to spray my seed deep into my sisters ass over and over. I slowly pulled out just as fast as I put it in. A little bead of cum followed me out.“Lily, push?”She looked back at me and pushed a little. Cum came leaking out of her ass, so much cum. It ran over the very end of her pussy lips and down her leg.“That’s your cum, bro.”“God Lily, your going to make me hard again.”“Maybe we can wait a few days before doing that again?”I laughed. “Yes.”

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