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My New Ther****tThe other day I was really sore from working out and thought it would be a great to treat myself to a massage. Being something of a massage freak I am always looking and hoping for that elusive Happy Ending as an extra. I looked on the internet under Massage Ther****ts and found a local gal who was happy to make an appointment for me the same day. She had a sexy sounding voice and I figured maybe I would luck out and finally get that Happy Ending I was looking for. But when she said her location was in a beauty parlor I figured forget the Happy Ending. This would be a completely normal and non-erotic massage, especially with all those women getting their hair done just outside the room.When I got there I was a little hesitant and embarrassed to enter a beauty parlor for a massage but I finally did go in and saw there must have been 15-18 women there. I felt like all eyes were on me, the only guy in the place! A lady at the reception counter asked me if I was there to see the massage ther****t and I told her yes. She directed me to wait on a chair just outside a room which was in the back of the parlor. After I sat for about 5 minutes, the door to the room opened seeing a woman exiting and hearing her say, “Okay, I’ll be back in a minute, go ahead and get dressed!” Then she saw me, confirmed I was her next appointment and introduced herself. She handed me a form to fill out and asked me to list all my pains and areas of concern. Said she would prep the room for me right after her current client left. As she walked to the bathroom to wash up I couldn’t help but check her out. She was in her late 30’s or early 40’s and about 5’7″ with a really nice build. And surprisingly, unlike most ther****ts, she wasn’t wearing a smock but shorts and a loose and very short blouse. It appeared to be cut off 6 inches below her boobs and you could see her tummy showing. After she went back in the room she re-exited the room just a minute or two later along with her current appointment. She was a gal about the same age. She had nice full tits and had on a blouse that was low cut enough that you could see her ample cleavage. I noticed you could still see a little bit of the massage oil on her chest. The image immediately went thru my mind of the ther****t massaging her tits and I could feel a little stir in my shorts. Once the gal left she turned and invited me into the room closing the door behind us.The room was about 8′ wide and about 12′ long. It was brightly lit from the fluorescent lights she had turned on. She told me she would be back in a couple of minutes and to get undressed and lay on the table face down. As she left the room she turned off the overhead lights. Except for a couple of candles flickering in the corner it was very dark now. I stumbled at first while my eyes adjusted to the darkness. After I took off my clothes, like any other guy I gave my pecker a few strokes to stretch things out. I wasn’t sure how long she would be out of the room so I gave it a few more tugs and then got up on the table. I adjusted myself so my pecker was pointing straight down giving it a couple of more tugs. Grabbing a really small towel she left on the table I covered my ass, put my face in the face rest and relaxed. When she came in she picked up the form I filled out and asked me what areas she needed to pay more attention to. I told her of my workout session and made it a point to tell her my neck, stomach, lower back, glutes and my legs from the knees up. She said, “Okay, now let’s see what your body tells me” … and grabbing some oil from her bottle attached to her hip she started the massage.Standing at my head she worked my shoulders and neck area. Moving around to my one side she began to work my lower back. Surprisingly, after only a few rubs she asked me if she could move the towel to work my glutes. I said yes and she gently folded the towel bornova escort half way down my ass. As she started to work my but her hands moved up and down along the crack of my ass. Her finger tips slightly slid in the crack of my cheeks; not too deep but enough to feel really good. It was good enough that I could feel my body stir a little. She worked from both sides with the same motions. As she finished with my butt she went to a side table and grabbed some hot stones and placed them on my butt and lower back and then re-covered my ass with the little towel. The hot stones felt really good. The heat felt fantastic. I thought, this was a really nice massage so far.She then moved down to my hamstrings and worked one side at a time. As she worked them she began to do this one movement that drove me absolutely crazy. With alternating rotating hands pulling my muscles and skin upwards and around in circles she went from my knees and worked up towards my ass. I was hoping she would rubbing my balls but she jumped over them to my butt. When she moved to the other side she slowed down a bit and this time her one hand brushed against the tip of my cock as she moved up to my ass. My heart skipped a beat and I gasped. Now I could feel her fingers slide deeper and glide to the opening of my ass, pause just a second then move back down towards my knees again. When her fingers went across my asshole I subconsciously lifted the muscles in my ass ever so slightly. She repeated that a few more times before moving onto my lower legs. As she did I reminded her she didn’t have to spend too much time there and she replied “no problem” and soon grabbed my feet. As she began massaging them she told me each area of the body that the foot massage affects. When she mentioned the groin area I said with a little laugh, “Oh, you can spend a little more time on that spot… if you want.” She replied firmly, “It’s amazing how all you men want that … you know there are other parts of the body that need more attention!” I wasn’t sure if I had said the wrong thing so I sheepishly said, “Okay…” and then shut my mouth. When she finished with my feet she removed the stones from under the towel and told me it was time to turn over. I was still tight from my workout so I took my time doing it while trying to keep the towel over me. As I finished my turn the towel dropped to the floor. I looked at her and said, “Sorry …. ” She said not to worry and that it happens all the time to most of her clients because her towels are so small. Then with one hand on my lower stomach area just above my cock she bent down, picked up the towel, threw it onto her side table, saying, “If it’s okay with you we really don’t need this.” I didn’t say a thing.She moved to the top of the table standing directly over my head. As she started to work my forehead, temple and neck I couldn’t help but open my eyes a little and look up. I was thrilled to see that the bottom two buttons on her short blouse were missing. As she reached over me moving down over my chest I could see under her short blouse. She was not wearing a bra and from what I could see in the dark she was more ample than I had earlier thought. As she moved down the side of the table she started to massage my stomach. It was okay while she had her hands up high but it was driving me crazy when one hand went down just above the base of my shaft before stopping and moving back up again. Stopping just above my cock she began making a circular motion with her palm which made my cock stand up and begin to sway like a metronome. I peeked up at her and could see she had a little grin. That made me so hard my cock tilted over towards my stomach. When it did, she didn’t stop, but kept her hand directly beneath it and began to rub faster and make wider circles. The back of her hand felt good as it was also massaging my tool. Just when I escort bornova thought maybe she take me out of my misery and grab my cock and stroke it, she stopped and moved to the other side again. She went right back to the same area but now she was using both hands making my cock really swing around in circles. I could feel it slap against my balls, my thighs and then against her hand as it went around. I thought I was going to spew a load any minute. Then without any warning we both heard a familiar sound and she stopped. Her cell phone was vibrating on her side table. She picked it up and harshly whispered to the person calling, ‘Damn it, I told you do not call me when I am in session …!!!” and hung up.As she went back with both hands again I noticed she had a disappointed look on her face when she saw my cock had gone a bit limp. Re-starting that whirly bird motion again it didn’t take long for my cock to get hard again. But then I was a little frustrated when she deserted my cock once again and moved back to my thighs. One hand slid down my thigh and as it came back up it slipped deep into the crack of my groin on its way up to my stomach. I could feel her oiled palm gliding against the side of my balls and a few times gliding over half of my ball sack and brushing against my shaft. I was hoping she would stop teasing me and just grab them but after doing the same thing to my other thigh she moved once again back down towards my feet. I was going to remind her about not spending too much time on my lower legs but before I could she parted my legs so they were barely hanging onto the edge of the table on each side. She then grabbed my knees and forced them outwards so I looked like a frog laying on its back. I then felt the table jar a little and felt something between my legs. I took a chance and peeked a little and saw that she had gotten onto the table and was sitting on her knees while between my legs. I was really curious thinking about what she was going to do now.As I closed my eyes again she began to rub up and down both of my legs from the ankles all the way up to my stomach. Each time she did that, her hands slid into the crack in between my thighs and crotch then on up to my stomach. When they got to my stomach they did a few of those rotations again. My cock flapped from side to side hitting the back of her hands. After she repeated that scenario a number of times I was rock hard and almost standing straight up.” Come on now … grab that thing!”, I thought! But she didn’t. After several minutes of this she said, “I hope you don’t mind … but it’s getting a little warm in here.” With my eyes still shut I told her it did feel a little warm but I was okay. I felt the table shake a little and took a quick peek and was thrilled to see that she had removed her blouse. She saw me and said, “I see you peeking. I’m sorry but it IS warm in here. But if this is too much for you I can get dressed again … or stop!” I quickly replied, “No, that’s fine. I’m sorry … go on with the massage”. I thought she was upset but instead she added if I wanted to I could keep my eyes open. I told her, “I hope you don’t mind my watching … you have really nice tits!” She answered me, “Thank you, now just hush and enjoy the massage.”Thankfully she continued to rub under my thighs and rub past my balls and go up and do those maddening circles on my stomach. I don’t think my cock could stand up any taller. I saw the clock on the wall and noticed my hour was almost up. I asked her if she was only going to work on my stomach and legs for the rest of the session and she said, “No, I have a little more … just hush and relax” And with that she bent over and took my cock in the palms of both hands and began to slide up it towards my chest and then down towards my feet. It was a little rough feeling but the feeling of her hands finally on my cock felt great. bornova escort bayan I began to groan a little and she whispered, “Shhh”. Then, without hesitation, she grabbed my cock and began stroking it slowly. After a few strokes she held my shaft in one hand while she used the fingers of the other hand to roll around the head of my dick like she was turning a doorknob she asked me, “Is this what you have been waiting for?”. I answered with a deep guttural whisper, “Oh my God, holy shit….. YES” I thought I would soon blast a load when I suddenly felt one hand move under my ass and begin to probe around. She said, “I couldn’t help but notice that you seemed to like it when I played around your ass.” I simply replied, “Oh yeah!” Then as her finger located the opening to my ass she added, “I think you’ll really enjoy this …. ” With that I felt her finger slip into my already oily ass. I tried to hold back my excitement but moaned once more. Her finger seemed to know exactly where it was going as it went straight to my prostate and began to massage it as she stroked my cock a lot faster. After about 5 minutes of this I felt my balls building up a load. Suddenly I arched my back, curled my toes and launched my cum all over her hand and my stomach. The feeling was such ecstasy I was about to scream out in pleasure when she reached up and covered my mouth and whispered “Shush … they’ll hear you!” . I held in my groans as much as I could. She didn’t stop when I came … she continued to stroke me even harder now. She removed her finger from my ass and then continued to stroke my cock for another minute or so milking it for every drop. It was behind description how great it felt.She got off the table, moved to my one side and bent over and while she once again grabbed my cock, gave me a small kiss on the forehead and asked, “Now… is that the kind of massage you were expecting in a beauty parlor? …. Or was it the kind you were hoping for?” I just lay there still moaning. As she grabbed a few wet naps and wiped me clean I told her I was hoping for it. And then added that after seeing all the ladies just outside the room I sure as hell didn’t expect it. I also added that I was happily surprised when it took a nice turn. She asked me when I thought that the massage took a turn and I said, “At first when I felt your fingers slide along my asshole … But even more than that … when you did those ‘whirlybirds’ making my cock stand up. That really did it for me!” She giggled and told me that was her way to test a client to see if he wanted more. Needless to say it worked on me. I got off the table to get dressed and she told me to wait second. She reached over to the table and grabbed another wet nap. Reaching down to my now limp dick she wiped away one last drip of cum off the tip of my dick. She said she didn’t want me leaving the room with any wet spots in my shorts …. someone might ask questions. She then went out of the room just like she did with her last client so I could get dressed. When she came back in to get paid I gave her $50 for the massage and then handed her an extra $50 tip. I told her I was very sorry but that was all I had with me and didn’t expect the extra service. She said that was just fine and that she usually gets that much as a tip for what she did anyway. She told me to make sure I call her in advance to make another appointment and added, “… but during the day time I don’t always have the time to do what I did today. You were my only one like that .. this early in the day. I normally just have regular clients at this time. If you want the same type of massage as today you’ll have to make a special appointment later when the shop is getting ready to close….. or at night when I can offer you even more excitement.” I didn’t know what she meant as more excitement but I said, “That sounds great, and I will definitely call you for another appointment. I think I’ll get another one just like today’s … that was mind blowing ….. And it will be even better if I don’t have to cover my mouth!” She laughed and said she’ll expect my call and then walked me to the door.I will go back!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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