My Night In The Sun

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My Night In The SunI’ve been working for a large corporation for the last ten years. I started out as a junior executive straight out of college and finally worked my way up to middle management as the head of the marketing division two years ago. My work requires me to travel frequently, I’ve lived in nine different cities so far during my career. Perhaps that’s partially why I’ve never found the “right” girl to settle down with and marry. Another contributing factor – maybe the biggest factor – is that I’m highly sexed and very promiscuous, sort of a male nymphomaniac. I’m always very careful not to contract any social diseases, but I’ve still been able to enjoy many different kinds of sex with many different partners, both female and male. I really have no preference for any particular kind of activity or fetish – I enjoy it all. In January of this year, I was transferred to San Diego. Since I only anticipated being here for two years at most, I decided to rent an apartment rather than go through the hassle of trying to buy a house and then re-sell it two years later.I found a place in a fairly new apartment complex in Point Loma which suited my lifestyle superbly – a third floor unit with a big kitchen, a big living room for entertaining, and a balcony that overlooked the complex’ swimming pool. I’m very voyeuristic, and looked forward to being able to enjoy the human scenery at the pool when the weather warmed up.My work kept me fairly busy my first few months here, finally in mid-April things began to slack off and I found myself with a little more free time. I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet many people in my apartment complex yet, so I spent a lot of my free time at home alone gazing lustfully at the many “girls next door” who began to frequent the pool. Two girls in particular always showed up at the same time each day, arriving together and leaving together. They were very friendly with each other, always talking and joking, but I never saw them converse with anyone else. One was a short brunette, with well-padded hips and thighs – a little overweight and stocky, but not flabby. Her boobs were large for her height of about 5’2″, and were usually totally exposed, except for her nipples which she tried to keep covered with the skimpiest string bikini top I’ve ever seen. Her closely cropped hair permitted a clear view of her monumentous breasts from all angles. The bottom of the suit she usually wore was cut extremely high on the sides, barely two inches of nylon fabric came down through her crotch, covering the crack of her cushiony ass and most of her bushy pubic hairs. Whenever she turned over on the chaise lounge, or spread her legs wide enough, the sweaty pink fabric of her suit rode right up into her crack; making her pussy lips, labia, and anus plainly visible to me through the almost transparent cloth from my vantage point.Her friend, a petite Oriental girl, had almost no tits at all, but her nipples, which must have been at least an inch long, constantly protruded and looked like two dark thimbles stretching the white knit fabric of the one piece swimsuit she usually had on. Her long black hair reached down to her ass, although she usually kept it pinned to the top of her head. Her feet were very tiny and unblemished, she kept her toenails closely trimmed and always painted a bright, tasty, eye-catching red. Her olive skin was an immense contrast with her suit, making her look like a miniature geisha goddess.The two girls were obviously very friendly, as they massaged suntan oil on each other from time to time, they did it oh- so-gently…much more of a caress than a functional move to apply the oil. The Oriental girl, especially when massaging oil on the fat girl’s back and thighs, always lingered a little longer than was necessary on those delicious globes of the big girl’s ass..and at least once, I was sure, slipped her dainty index finger under her friend’s suit and diddled her anus oh-so-lovingly. Although I didn’t know anything about either girl, other than what I had seen from my balcony while playing with my cock, I convinced myself that they were probably dykes. They were never with any guys, and seemed to be too friendly to be mere acquaintances.This went on for several weeks, each day I spied on those two tasty creatures while sitting on my balcony, a beer in one hand and my dick in the other. I was too nervous to approach them; after all, they were probably gay, and I didn’t want to risk a rejection. Anyhow, I was enjoying my solitary fantasizing, and I guess I didn’t want to risk having my fantasies shattered either.One Saturday in mid-May, I finished work unusually early, went out on my balcony and started drinking beer a little earlier than I usually did. My two fantasy girls showed up at their appointed time and planted themselves in their usual corner of the pool area, showing me a perfect view of their gorgeous tits and asses. A little more tipsy than I usually was this early in the afternoon, I decided to go for broke and introduce myself to them, fuck the rejection…Who cares?In my semi-inebriated state, I decided I could make a better first impression if I dressed as revealingly as they did. I pulled on my white Speedo Bikini bathing suit. My cock, balls and ass cheeks were plainly visible through the thin material; my wiry pubic hairs created a dark shadow in the front of my suit. No shirt, no shoes…I went downstairs.”Hi there, my name’s Greg. I just moved in a few months ago.”Both girls looked up, I thought I detected a half smile kocaeli escort and a gleam in the eyes of the Oriental girl as she looked at my face, glanced at my crotch, then quickly away. The fat girl eyed the bulge in my bathing suit steadily and unabashedly, then looked me square in the eyes. “Get lost!” she said disgustedly.I’m generally a very cooperative guy, and don’t like confrontations. Usually, I would turn around and walk away if I found myself in a position like the one I was in now. But today…I guess the brew and the fantasizing about these two dolls had emboldened me.”Hey, I’m just trying to be friendly. No need to get rude.””Sure you are,” retorted the fat one. “Waving your penis in our faces, advertising your wares. You’re looking for a quick fuck, just like every other guy in this city. Well, you’re not going to find it here. Go back to your balcony and masturbate if that’s what gets you off…and don’t say you don’t do it, we see you every day.”I was flabbergasted. I had no idea they had seen me. I must have turned twelve shades of red.”I-I-I’m sorry,” I stammered. “I-I-It’s just that you’re both so gorgeous…Your ass…and your friend’s feet…I didn’t know you could see…I-I-I guess I’ll go now.”I could tell the Oriental girl was trying hard to suppress a smile. She reached for the fat one, pulled her close, and whispered in her ear. They conferred briefly, then both started laughing. I turned to leave.”Wait!” called the fat one. “Are you really sorry?””Yes,” I hesitantly replied.”Will you do anything to make it up to us?””Yes,” I answered, a dim light beginning to flicker in my mind.”Will you do anything we tell you to…no questions asked…no matter how vulgar or dirty?”I suddenly realized that this was probably a sexual proposition. So, they were into a little master/slave play? A little S&M perhaps? I was definitely game.”Yes, I will,” I asserted.”Okay,” said the fat one, “my name is Gina, my friend here is Susan. We would like to have a servant to abuse – both physically and verbally – tomorrow when we go to Black’s Beach. You’ll do. We’re not going to let you get your rocks off – your duty will be to do exactly what we tell you to do…and we’re going to make you do some pretty nasty, vulgar things…all for our enjoyment. We’re going to fuck you – like you want to fuck us – maybe with a dildo, or maybe we’ll find some gay guy and tell him he can fuck you while we watch. At any rate, you’re not to speak at all, and you must do everything we tell you to. Is that clear?”Listening to her talk, my cock had grown to it’s full six inches. The bulge in my suit would surely have been visible to everyone else in the complex…thank God I was facing the girls with a wall on either side. Only they could see. I really wanted to do this. Yes, I would grovel at the feet of these two nasty creatures and do anything they said. I would gladly play the subservient role for them”Yes, Miss Gina, I’ll do whatever you say.””Okay then, you wimpy asshole. Get out of here. We’ll be by your apartment to pick you up at 9 o’clock sharp tomorrow. Make sure you’re ready! Be prepared for some pain, you prick! Oh…come here.”She motioned for me to bend my head close to hers. Assuming she wanted to whisper something nasty in my ear, I did so. I saw stars as the full force of her open palm cracked across my left cheek.”That’s just a small sample of what you can expect,” said Gina. “Get out of here.”Rubbing my stinging face, I turned and walked away. Behind my back, I heard Gina and Susan breaking up in guffaws of laughter. My hard-on had rapidly disappeared, although a drop of pre-cum stained my bathing suit.”Wait!” Gina yelled. I turned. “Do you really want to be treated like shit?””Yes,” I responded.”Tell me you want to be treated like shit.””I want to be treated like shit.””Louder!””I WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE SHIT!””Okay,” purred Gina, “we’ll treat you like shit.” Back in my apartment, I ate, showered, and set my alarm for 8:30. I wanted to be sure not to miss the knock when Gina and Susan came by the next morning.BUZZ – BUZZ – BUZZ – BUZZ – I reached up, hit the alarm, and parted my heavy eyelids with difficulty. 8:30. I’ll sleep a little more. Suddenly it hit me – this is Sunday! Today is the day! I jumped from bed, quickly showered, and pulled on my cut-off jeans. At 9:00 exactly there was a knock at the door. I unlocked the door, turned the knob, Gina and Susan came bursting in.”On your knees, slave!” shouted Gina.I dropped to my knees rapidly, more surprised than frightened. Susan quickly darted behind me, and planted her sandaled right foot for such a little girl. I fell forward. Gina grabbed my hair and lifted my head up.”Who told you to put on shorts, slave?”I started to reply, but as soon as I opened my mouth, Gina shouted, “Silence!”Pushing me onto my back, they pulled off my shorts, then stood me up.”To the bathroom you dirty pig!”For the next hour or so, things happened so fast I was in a daze the whole time. The girls manhandled me easily, although I made no attempt to resist. I was enjoying myself – even the humiliation and pain they subjected me to.First, they blindfolded me, put me in the bathtub and washed me with cold water…I was thoroughly clean when they finished, but my cock and balls were as shriveled and small as a prune. The next thing I know, I was bent over the side of the tub and felt a greased finger entering my asshole. I didn’t mind – it felt great – suddenly, it was removed and replaced with something much harder…and longer…it escort kocaeli violated my rectum, and as my bowels began to fill with warm water I realized that they had brought an enema with them. I was very bloated when they finally removed the nozzle, they made me hold the liquid in until I was grimacing with the effort, at last I was allowed to expel the fluid. Finally considering me clean, they removed the blindfold. Gina produced a rubber butt plug – only about 3 inches long, but about 2 inches in diameter. After making me such on it for a while, she inserted it in my anus and made me put on a pair of tight, french-cut nylon panties – which rode right up in the crack of my ass – to hold the butt plug in place.Gina announced, “That will stretch and prepare your asshole for what’s to come, slave. You are not going to cum at all. If you touch yourself, or ejaculate for any reason…there will be hell to pay. Do you understand?” She punctuated her question with a firm squeeze on my shriveled balls, I meekly nodded in the affirmative.With that, I was ordered to put on sneakers, gym shorts, and a T-shirt; and was led downstairs to their waiting van for the drive to the beach. In the van, I was immediately ordered to remove all my clothes again…except for the butt plug and panties. Gina drove, while Susan removed her shorts, spread her lovely legs while lounging on the sleeper in the back of the van, and ordered me to chow down. Quickly obliging, I reveled in the taste and texture of her tight, pink lipped Oriental cunt. Her pubes were closely trimmed, very dark and wiry; her clit was large red nodule which protruded from the thin lips of her labia. I tongued and slurped her delicious cunt the entire 30 minute drive to the beach, very pleased to be able to make Susan orgasm at least three times that I noticed. Whenever I slowed, or didn’t lick in the right place, Susan would reach down and paddle my ass with a sandal, or push on the butt plug; which now had performed it’s function by loosening my sphincter muscles significantly. Gina watched the show in the rear-view mirror, from time to time telling Susan to give me an extra slap for her or ordering me to slap myself. By the time we pulled into the sandy parking lot at Black’s Beach, my ass was a nice shade of red, my anus was very loose, and my cock was as hard and as stiff as a pole.”So, you enjoyed that did you, you worm?” said Gina, squeezing my cock. “Put these on.”She proffered a pair of flimsy women’s jogging shorts, with no lining, which were too small for me. Pulling them on, I found myself with half of my reddened ass cheeks hanging out, my engorged cock plainly visible through the thin material. Susan then fastened a leather dog collar around my neck.”You will wear this all day,” she stated, “everyone will know that you are our slave. Put on your shoes and let’s go.”Feeling like a fool wearing only the tight shorts, shoes and dog collar; my two mistresses led me down the steep trail leading the the beach.As soon as we hit the beach, Gina and Susan shed all their clothes and ordered me to do the same. I was finally able to remove the panties and the butt plug, only the dog collar had to stay. The beach was sparsely populated this early in the morning, Gina and Susan ordered me to stand with my hands at my sides while they fingered each other’s pussies in front of me and watched my stiff cock bob in the breeze. Tiring of this amusement, Susan said to Gina, “Let’s find a good spot to set up for the day.””I know just the place,” replied Gina. “Let’s go.”The two girls began walking north along the beach, whispering to each other and occasionally glancing back at me mischievously. Trailing them, I was enjoying the sight of those two delicious bare asses and the sensation of the sun and the breeze on my skin.Gina led us to a spot about one-half mile up the beach where big rocks came down the side of the cliff to the sand. During high tide, the surf lapped right up to these boulders; during low tide, like it was now, the rocks created convenient alcoves for people to lie in and not be seen by passer-by until they were directly in front of them. This was also the area where many of the gays who came to Black’s Beach liked to hang out.Spreading their beach towels on the sand in one of the alcoves, Gina and Susan ordered me to lie on my stomach with my feet toward the ocean and my legs spread. With a bottle of baby oil, they thoroughly oiled my backside from neck to toe – paying particular attention to my enlarged anus.”You’re almost ready, slave. We just need to make one more preparation,” giggled Susan. Picking up one of her sandals, she began to paddle my already glowing backside. When she was finally satisfied that she had attained the right color, my ass stung. Looking over my shoulder, I saw that it was a bright, fiery red; glowing with baby oil.Gina and Susan then positioned themselves on either side of me, sitting and facing the ocean. “Now all we do is wait,” said Gina.I was facing the side of the cliff, and was not allowed to turn around or look behind me. With my legs spread, my stretched asshole and bright red ass facing toward the surf, I felt very vulnerable…but very excited. I didn’t know what these two crazy girls had in mind, but I was sure it was going to be fun.A few minutes later, I heard some people approaching along the beach. As the voices came nearer and nearer, Gina and Susan each placed a hand in the crack of my ass, and pulled my cheeks apart as widely as they could. As stretched kocaeli escort bayan as my anus had been by the butt plug, I knew it must look as big as a juice glass to whoever was passing by. With my face in the beach towel, I realized that my cock was hard…I was going to be a faceless exhibitionist who would be ogled by strangers in passing! The voices suddenly stopped behind me.”Hi,” shouted Susan, “nice day for the beach.” “Sure is,” replied a male voice”Nice ass you have there,” giggled a female voice.Gina and Susan both laughed. Gina ran her finger around the rim of my asshole. “This is our slave. We’re showing him off.”The two voices laughed, along with Gina and Susan, then moved on down the beach. The girls resumed their vigil.This went on for a couple of hours, about 15 times my cheeks were stretched wide while people passed by; male, female, singles and groups. If the passer-by didn’t say anything, Susan would shout a greeting to them, making sure that each one lingered a little behind me to look at my ass. In between people, Susan would paddle my ass a little more to retain it’s color or apply more baby oil if necessary. Gina had brought a cooler of beer, they both sipped beer while having their fun and even allowed me to have a few sips. My cock remained hard the whole time – I found that I was really enjoying this unusual exhibitionistic game.Someone else was approaching, again the girls stretched my ass cheeks apart so wide I could fee the ocean breeze in my anus.”Hi,” said Gina, “nice day.””It’s getting better by the minute,” replied a deep male voice. “What have you two girls got there?””Oh, this is just our slave,” answered Susan. “We’re showing off his ass to whoever wants to look. See how nice and red it is?””That is nice,” said the voice, “and such a tasty looking asshole, too. I think it’s probably big enough for this.”I couldn’t see what was going on behind me, but I definitely heard the sounds of some guy flogging his dong. Gina and Susan were in hysterics.”I don’t know,” said Gina. “That’s pretty big. Our slave needs a good fucking, though. Why not give it a try?”I was about to jump up and leave, but thought better of it. I was really turned on by the conversation that had just transpired, but I had never been fucked by someone I didn’t know. What about disease? Apparently sensing my hesitation, Susan withdrew a condom from her bag.”You’ll have to put this on that big monster,” she said. “We have to make sure we keep our slave clean.” Gina and Susan stood up and moved in front of me to get a good view of my face. “You’d better enjoy this slave,” said Gina. “You wanted to fuck us so badly yesterday…let’s see how much you like being fucked.”Rough hands spread my legs apart even further, and parted my cheeks. I felt the tip of his cock being rubbed against the outside of my well-oiled asshole, suddenly he thrust the full length of his manhood into my rectum. I bit my lip. His penis was no bigger around than the dildo that had already loosened my anus; but the length! He must have been at least 8 inches long! After a few pumps, I no longer felt any pain, and began to enjoy the sensation of being fucked immensely. And I didn’t know who he was or what he looked like! My cock was as hard as the one in my ass, with each thrust he drove my cock into Susan’s beach towel which was supported by the soft sand. Gina and Susan seemed to be enjoying the show immensely, they began to kiss and fondle each other’s tits and pussies while watching the stiff dick being pushed in and out of my ass.Watching the girls, I realized that I was about to cum. The combination of seeing those two beautiful creatures fingering their twats and having a hard cock filling my ass was more than I could bear.Suddenly, my visitor stopped thrusting, and let out a load groan with his dick planted up to his balls in my asshole. As he came, I climaxed simultaneously, spurting puddles of creamy white jism all over Susan’s beach towel. Susan and Gina, fingering each other’s clits furiously, also began to squeal with pleasure as they orgasmed along with us.Our male visitor withdrew his rubber encased appendage from my anus with a slurping sound, thanked the girls for their generosity, and departed the way he had come.Susan scolded me severely for having cum on her beach towel, with a sandal she again began to slap my ass cheeks vigorously.”As punishment for what you have done, you slime,” said Gina, “we’re going to find a bigger cock to fuck you…you’ll really feel this one. And this time, we won’t even let you hear his voice so you won’t know when it’s coming.”With that, she withdrew a Walkman Radio from her bag and placed the headphones over my ears, turning the volume up load on a Rock station; I could no longer hear anything or anyone behind me. My cock began to stiffen again in anticipation of what was to come. Shifting my head to get more comfortable, I bumped the radio and lost the station…the static in my ears was very loud…BUZZ-BUZZ- BUZZ BUZZ-BUZZ-BUZZ-BUZZ- I reached up, hit the alarm, and parted my heavy eyelids with difficulty. 8:30. I’ll sleep a little more. Suddenly it hit me – this is Sunday! Today is the day! I jumped from bed, quickly showered, and pulled on my cut-off jeans. At 9:00, I was waiting breathlessly by the door. Nothing happened…9:30…10:00…10:30. I realized I had been stood up. I went out on my balcony and began to sip beer while watching the pool. At about 11:30, on my way to the kitchen to get another beer, I noticed an envelope that had been slid under the door. Picking it up and ripping it open, I read:Greg,Susan and I decided to make other plans for today. You said you wanted to be treated like shit – now you’ve been treated like shit. Hope you enjoyed it.GinaTHE

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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