My Sexy Aunt

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My Sexy Aunt…* based on a true story… I had slowly became sexually aroused for my nephew Brad for a long time. His touch and mine told us we both had desires for each other. We had never got the chance to get together and sure didn’t need the family causing us both trouble.… When he was little, he always helped me get around and me being blind seemed to turn him on. I think because he was shy and bashful. Being around me with no eye contact, made him feel comfortable around me. I could feel it in his touch. He liked to touch me. When we were alone we did a lot of touching which turned us both on. Hands at first, then arms, then faces and on to our legs and then one day…. my tits. He let me feel his boner and I let him feel up my dress and rub my pussy. He had a great and sexy touch. We liked to get each other aroused and then…we started kissing real hot in private….. …Blind girls have a great advantage. We can smell a lot about a guy. His aftershave, or cologne, nervous perspiration, and what girl he was just with. The tone of his voice. If he’s talking towards us or away from us. The touch of him is the most reveling of all. Body temperature, moisture, and the slightest shaking in his hands. His reaction to conversations can be felt in his hands. Voices that are lying sound different that ones that tell the truth. ….Body heat tells us a lot too. My purse makes a little sound when it is opened, so I know if it being opened by someone else. Brad had a nice voice, very sincere, and I could tell he was horny for me. He quickly knew how to arouse me, and did so to make me happy. He would let his fingers trace my nipples outside my blouse, just to watch me smile. He loved to make me horny…and I loved to give him hardon’s. ….My brother and sister in law were going out of town for a week, so I ask her to send Brad over to look in on me for that week. They said fine and Brad caught on quick that this was a chance for us to get together. I was only a few years older than Brad and they didn’t know about our secret little feeling affair. …There was something about being the first girl to have sex with him that was driving me to be… that girl. He had admitted to me that he was a virgin, but to please not tell anyone. This was becoming quite an obsession with me. Now was the time to act and get that virgin erection all to myself. I was a virgin also. …Brad was the only guy I ever let feel me up, and I had to let him know I ’wanted’ to be felt up. In the early days, I moved his shaky hand where I wanted it to let him know it was ’ok’. …We finally were alone one day when it very first happened. It was my first sexual thrill from a guy. Brad….….I tried not to act excited when ’they’ decided I should go check on aunt Tina while they were away. As a teen guy and I had sivas escort gotten sex desires for her over the years. The warm touches she gave me told me she liked turning me on. It first started big a few months ago…..…. We were in my house alone together for about an hour. She decided to get bold and gave me this sexy hug as we were standing. She whispered: (“…we have to have a talk Brad.”) I started getting a boner as I felt her push her pussy into me. I froze up as I had not even had my first sex yet. I was very inexperienced, with Tina being the only girl I had the hots for. Tina was a beautiful blond with nice tits and shape….but the sexy way she acted to me when no one was around, got to me.…That day I really got turned in by her and I got a big boner. She whispered: (“Brad…I have to tell you something….I want to be the first girl you have sex with. I can teach you how girls like to have sex and you can ask me any questions you want to. Will you wait until we can be alone together and take our time with our first sex?”) I couldn’t speak at first, as she kept rubbing her pussy right on my boner. Then I said: (“…that would be wonderful Aunt Tina, I’ve dreamed about you for a long time, this would be a dream come true for me.”)… She held me tight and told me how wonderful is was going to be. Then she said: (“…we have time to get in a little practice right now.”)….She said to close my eyes and to let her do some ‘hot’ kissing practice, not just regular.… While her lips played with mine she put her hand down my pants. I felt her warm fingers feeling my boner. Her warm lips were wet and her tongue traced along my lips. This was mega hot. She said to feel her tits. I went under her t-shirt and felt her warm tits over her bulging bra. She said to un-hook her bra. Now reach under and feel her nipples and be gentle….. I moved my hands under and went for her nipples. They stuck out firm as I felt them. She started breathing as hard as I was. I was loving this. She said to now put my hand under her skirt. I slipped my hand under. She had taken her panties off and I felt her wet slit. …Time was racing by as we got really turned on and I slipped my finger in her pussy. She moaned a little and said to rub the top and called it her clit. She jumped and moaned a little more. She said: (“…my pussy will be waiting for you Brad…”) …We had to stop as others would be coming home any minute. I watched her ass as she headed for the bathroom. She never looked so hot to me as she did now. It was hard to wait to get my hands on that body of hers. Now I had to cover my big boner and think about something else. ….Time dragged by with my school, mom and dad’s chores for me and Tina vivid on my mind. We both waited for the time to be together. We talked by phone though….and escort sivas our hot talk just made the waiting worse. We found out how long we each had been wanting each other and were shocked on how long ago it started. I knew she kinda liked me but I never knew she fingered herself and thought of me….but….I told her I wanked the same about her. I swiped a pair of her panties and shot cum on them and a picture of her I found too. She said she had dreams of us having hot sex. … All this talk was just making us want each other all the more. One night on the phone she fingered herself to orgasm as I wanked thinking about fucking her. To hear her moan and breathe like that was awesome….. Tina thoughts…….My obsession for Brad was happening for real. Tonight my brother and sister in law leave for a week. A whole week for Brad and I to be together. I was wet all the time now waiting. It was hard to wait to get my hands on him. ….Late Friday night I hear a knock on my door. He said it was him. My heart jumped as I opened the door. Our arms went around each other as I felt the head from his body. I felt his excited breathing on the side of my face. I had a robe on, and nothing else. I started undressing him right there. I wanted us naked and free. Two virgins all shaky and fumbling our fingers. I felt him pick me up and carry me to my couch. It felt like I was flying as he spun me around and around kissing my face over and over…. We both giggled as he finally sat down with me across his lap. I felt his face for the smile I knew was there. He was like a little k** on Christmas. He felt my face like I felt his. He took my hand and held it up to my own face…he said: “See how beautiful you are..” He guided my hands around my face, using my hands as his eyes. We took our time feeling us and I saw him like never before, using his eyes and my hands to see with. I felt his chest with it’s beating excited heart. He guided my hands around my tits that he loved so much. I got a new picture of things through his hands directing mine. We did the same with our lips as they and our tongues felt all over us. …He said he saw this movie where a guy put lotion all over the girl and it was beautiful. He brought a bag with him with lavender lotion in it. He opened my robe and started in on me. I had never had this done to me. I got new chills I never knew I had. He warmed it with his hand and put it all over my body as I went into a new world of feelings. It was making me so horny I had to take in bigger breaths. …He got up and kneeled over me and put on the great aroma all over every inch of my body. I got so relaxed, when he got closer and closer to my pussy, I almost orgasmed right then. This special lotion he found began slowly began to heat up after is was applied. sivas escort bayan I was in another world of pleasure and aroma. I was weak but managed to pull him on top of me. I applied the lotion to him also. We both sighed as I felt so good. Now his boner was rock hard resting between my legs….. It was time to put it in my pussy. I guided it slowly in my tight pussy. A little at a time as we gasp for breath. I pulled my knees up and slowly it went in deeper and deeper. We gently let it go all the way in me. We mesh together as one. We now go to another world with each other. The feeling I’m getting are off the scale. We wrap ourselves in each others arms and I now know what it feel like to have his erection in me. We began to fuck together as an unexplainable high climbs up inside of us. ….Finally together. I pull him in deep to my pussy to get all the feeling I can. He’s starting to peak with me…I moan out as he starts to shake and we feel it. The hot cum flowing in me. We gasp for air as the feeling takes us away. I didn’t realize my hips could move so fast as I pumped my pussy around his cock. Photos. More moaning and squirming between us. Something inside my pussy squeezed down on his cock and lock on it tight…still higher I went as we kept fucking until we just locked up and let the cum flow in me…….—– ….Brad and I have been together for 4 years now. The family is now use to it. Some nice people say: “Cool, she has a ‘sighted’ room mate to be with.”…he does take advantage of me thought. He sneaks up behind me (of course I can hear him) and gropes and cops a feel of my tits and pussy. I act surprised. I take his clothes while he’s in the shower and then turn out all the lights in the house. He giggles and has to try and find them. There always between my legs when he finds me….…. In the evenings he likes to play a porn video. He puts a disk in the DVD player. He says the disk sound is crappy, so he will narrate. He loves to get me all turned on as he describes the action. He fondles me as the video plays. …One of my favorites is the one about 2 blind girls fucking their captive sighted guy. …He puts me on top of him and describes how they force him to fuck them as he struggles to get away. They hold him down and take turns fucking him. He is forced to suck their tits and eat their pussy’s as they hold him down. ….The story gets me so hot I attack Brad. I put my tits in his mouth and make him suck them so hot. I slide down and suck and lick his warm erection. I move up and force him to eat my hot pussy real good…then I put his erection in my pussy and force him to gladly fuck me. I have to moan as we feel it coming. We lock our bodies together and I feel the hot blast of his cum shoot in me. I climax hard as I squirm, tremble and finally collapse on top of him. ….I feel a million feelings all over my body that a sighted girl would never feel…I see with my hands…and they never tell what they see…. (Oh, by the way, we don’t even own a DVD player.)

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