My sister and her friend Ami

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My sister and her friend AmiMy sister and i had been messing around in dads tool shed and i had found his stash of dirty films….lucky for me my sister was happy to sit and watch some. mum and Dad were away for the weekend and my parents trusted me to look after my younger sister while they were away. We loaded one video into the recorder “Uncle and niece i****t” thought that might be quite interesting. Just before the film started the door bell went and My sister looked outside and saw her mate Ami at the door, it had been a hot summer and most of the time me and s*s sat in our shorts and t shirts, Annie my s*s had a little strappy top on didn’t leave much to the imagination either, well not mine anyway. Annie got up and went to the door, Ami came in wearing a ra ra skirt and a strapless top which just kept her young breasts at bay from popping out. A and A started talking and my sister got the subject round to what we were about to watch, Ami was quite excited she had watched one with her 17 year old brother who had got a really hard willy while he watched it she said she’d noticed it and wanted him to show here but she didn’t know how to ask, she also said that she learnt how to masturbate or play with herself from it, my sister had done that for ages so didnt need showing self exploration and a fruity relationship with her brother.So we all settled onto the sofa and started the film, Ami had nice soft long legs and i could catch the slightest glimpse of her white knickers when she moved my cock was already starting to rise, great when your young the slightest glimpse of boob or fanny and the cock rises like a spring board. The film started this awful 70’s horrible music and this image of a young school girl knocking at the door of her uncle, who answered the door karşıyaka escort in his dressing gown, yes we’ve all seen it. So cut a long film short he accidentally throws open his robe to reveal his hard cock the niece shocked by the size, starts to suck him off then fuck so on….Well Annie knows how excited i get and she looked over at the bulge in my shorts…..good she says that’s hard….i asked her what she was talking about and Ami said your shorts are bulging…gonna show us your cock then….well I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…always worked. Ami smiled and said she had never seen a real willy before except when her brother was asleep in bed and his covers had fallen off, she said she spent ages just looking at it but never dare touch it.I stood up and both girls sat up in their seats looking at my bulge, i pulled down my shorts and pants at the same time, my cock was rigid, i loved showing people my cock it just made me feel really free and sexy….my sister came over to me and grabbed it straight away….love your cock she said and began wanking me and playing with my balls..Ami came over as well and looked at my cock….let Ami touch it, Annie let go and Ami grabbed my dick and then clasped my balls with her other hand oh joy the feeling of soft hands round your hard rampant cock c…cant beat wasn’t long before i needed to see some cunt and tits so i asked if both girls would take off their clothes one at a time, Ami was desperate to get naked i was now starkers with a cock big enough to satisfy both girls and throbbing in anticipation.Ami pulled down her skirt revealing white knickers very nice to, she proceeded to remove her top her breasts were firm but small the top had been a tight fit and pushed up what bosoms she had, her escort karşıyaka nipples were small and perfectly formed i had to grab them and stood behind her waiting as she bent over to remove her knickers, tufts of pubes around her pussy lips glistened where her wetness had escaped her cunt, her pussy lips opened slightly as she bent over and i could see inside her pink fanny and the juices were flowing good and fast. My sister then stripped of her to exposing her forming tits smaller than Ami’s but perfect in shape with nipples to die for i spent many a session sucking her nipples in the past and always loved fucking her. Ami asked me to grab her tits as she backed into my stiff cock pre cum smeared her ass cheeks and she smiled at the texture of cum on her bottom the sliminess of pre cum oozing from the head of my knob at quite a rate. I grabbed round her breasts and played with her nipples, Annie now naked and her lovely cunt looked soft and as inviting as it always did, again wet shiny lips beckoned me in she walked over and put her hand round my cock wanking a little pre cum up the shaft then rubbing it into Amis cheeks.I grabbed at Annies bottom and pulled her in so our bodies touched and i could feel the soft flesh of their bodies against mine, gosh they felt so lovely.I suggested we all go to the sofa i sat down with Ami on one side and Annie on the other, my sister asked if i would finger both of them at the same time and she would wank me… absolutely, both girls spread their legs apart allowing easy access to my probing fingers, i loved to finger them very deep inside i loved the ribbed walls of cunt on my fingers the sound of the juices sloshing around inside their cunts as my fingers thrust in and out of them, they grabbed my arms forcing karşıyaka escort bayan my fingers deeper into themselves each thrust deeper with every movement. I could see that Ami wasn’t far off cumming as er face started to go slightly redder. and she bit into her bottom lip, i worked my hand quicker hoping she would cum on it and thankfully after a few deep fingers into her wet pussy she started to cum wave s of pleasure ripping through her, she arched her back as if to direct the electric pulses to her wet cunt, she bucked and moaned as the pleasure slowly subsided and she came back to us red faced but beaming with that almost innocent did i do that look……she started to kiss me and sat on my cock shoving it inside her cunt she started to go up and down on my long shaft feeling every inch inside her cunt…..her tits were in my face i had to suck them, Annie came round behind her and started to finger herself and then reached don to my bollocks holding them in her hadn she stroked between my ass hole and balls then inserted her finger into my ass, what a feeling that was, definitely aint gay but boy was that sensation intense, Ami bucking on my cock and Annie fingering her clit while anally stimulating her brother. Wow how good was that.Ami came again as she rode my hard shaft then moved out of the way for Annie who had brought herself nearly to the brink,s he climbed on my cock and thrust down so hard my cock hit her cervix and she moaned in pleasure…she thrust her cunt up and down my cock until she finally came and her body tensed as each shooting wave of glorious orgasm raced through her body, my cock was near to bursting to so i said i have to cum girls, they both wanted cum over them my sister always like d me to cum on her tits, i started to wank myself over them as cum rose inside me filling my tube with bubbling white cum, i spurted so my cum out my ass hole ached at eahc pump as hot cum covered the girls bodies,,, they loved it all over them hot love potion from my ball sack freshly made just for them.

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