My surprise date with a hermaphrodite

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My surprise date with a hermaphroditeI was sitting around my house one day hornier than ever. I went online and to a site, I knew of where I could meet someone to play with. I went through the post then I saw something that caught my eye. The post said, ” I’m looking for a man who is into anything!” It caught my eye so I opened it. The post was well written and it was from a woman who said she wanted to find someone who is open to just about anything. There was a picture with the ad of a beautiful dark-haired woman with a great body. I have to admit that I wondered why such a sexy woman would need to place such a post. She had piqued my interest so I wrote to her. I told her she was beautiful and sexy and I was into anything sexual. I would love to meet her and so anything she wants to do. I sent my message and it did not take long before I got a reply from her. It said, “Thanks for writing to me. Well if you’re really into anything sexual then I would love to meet you too.” I sent her another message with my phone number and I got a text message from her right away. I guess she was as horny as I was because she wrote. “Hey, baby I am so glad you answered my post. Let’s meet right now I need a man right away.” I sent her my address and she answered me she was on her way and would be there in 20 mins. I jumped into the shower and put on a T-shirt and shorts it was warm out plus I had no idea if we were staying in or going out. Well in 20 mins. she rang my doorbell. I answered the door and there stood this beautiful woman with dark shoulder-length hair, deep brown eyes, and a body to die for. She was wearing a short summer dress with 3″ heels. This woman was a stunner. I asked her in as I told her my name. She said her name was June and she was glad to meet me. I walked June into my living room and we sat on the couch. I asked her if she wanted something to drink and she said water, please. I went to the kitchen and got us both a bottle of water. I sat back down with her and handed her the water. She took it and drank some. I asked her,” I have to ask you something.” She said sure. I said,” Why would a woman as beautiful as you and with such a great body need to place a post on a web site to find a man?” She took another drink then set the bottle on the stand and turned to me. Then she said,” Well before I get into my reason why can I ask you a question first?” I said sure. She said, ” Well you said you’re into anything sexual. Did you mean that? I mean anything at all?” I looked at her and I could see she was worried about something. I told her,” Yes I am into anything sexual if I have not done it I am willing to try it.” “Well,” she said how do you feel about trannys?” I said,” To be honest I have been with a tranny before because I am bisexual.” She smiled at that so I asked her, ” Are you a tranny?” “No, I am not a tranny.” So why ask me that question?” She said, “Well I am a hermaphrodite.” I looked at her just a second or two then said,” Wow, really? That’s cool I have never met a hermaphrodite before.” She smiled at me then leaned in and kissed me. It was a soft light kiss that made my dick start to grow. The kiss continued and got more passionate too. She broke the kiss and looked me in the eye and said,” Do you really want to be with me even though you know what I am?” “Yes, why would you ask me that of course, I want to be with you. You are beautiful and sexy I tokat escort would be a fool to say no.” She smiled and said,” Good the last couple guys who found out what I was just about ran away after they found out and that hurt me I did not want it to happen again. So I decided to be upfront with the next guy I met and hope he understood.” I smiled and told her,” I want to be with you baby I do not care what you have.” I stood up and took her hand. I walked toward my room. When we got there I turned to her and took her into my arms and kissed her deep. Wrapping my arms around her and pulling her body tight to my body.We kissed for a couple of mins our hands going all over the other’s body. Her body was tight and so soft. I started to undress her. I unbuttoned her dress then pulled it off her shoulders and it fell to her feet. She was wearing a very sexy bra and panties set that only made her look hotter. She pulled my T-shirt off and started kissing my chest and licking my nipples. I moaned as she did this and ran my hands over her body caressing her body as I did. I reached around and unhooked her bra. I pulled it off her shoulders and she pulled back and let it fall to the floor with her dress. Her tits were so firm and did not sag one bit. They stood high on her chest with nipples hard. I kissed her again and kissed down her neck to those beautiful tit’s. I ran my tongue over one tit all around it until I reached her nipple. I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked on it making her moan. I licked and sucked on that nipple as I caressed her other tit. She was not just standing there her hands were busy too. She was running her hands all over my back and chest. Then she reached down and felt my hard dick in my shorts. She leaned back and looked down. She smiled and said,” Wow, that is a big dick baby.” I smiled and said,” It’s all your’s baby.” I picked her up in my arms and laid her on the bed. I stood next to the bed with her eyes watching me. I slowly pushed my shorts down and my dick popped out. She let out a little gasp when it bounced in front of her face. She looked at it and asked,” How big is it, baby?” I smiled and told her.” Its 9″ hard and 2″ around.” She smiled and said,” Yum” She leaned over and took my dick into her mouth. She started to suck on it as I played with her great tits. I rubbed then and pinched the nipples as she sucked my dick as no one had ever sucked it before. I let her keep going and she got about half of it down her throat. She pulled back and left a trail of saliva from my dick to her mouth. She smiled and told me she liked my dick a lot it tasted good. She took it back in her mouth and after a couple of mins, she had it all in her mouth. It felt so good deep in her throat I could feel her swallowing. She was doing so good she had me close so I told her that. She just smiled and sucked me harder. It didn’t take much longer and I was coming down her throat. She drank every drop of my cum. It had made my legs weak it was such a strong orgasm. She cleaned my dick and kissed the head when she took her mouth off it. I sat beside her and looked down at her beautiful face. I told her,” Baby, that was the best blowjob I have ever had.” She smiled and said,” I enjoyed it too I love your big dick.” I leaned down and kissed her hard then I stood up and laid down on the bed beside her.I looked her in the eye and told her,” Now it’s tokat escort bayan my turn to please you.” As I leaned in to kiss her she stopped me and asked me,” Are you really sure you want to go farther baby?” I smiled and kissed her hard then said,” I want to please you not only because you gave me so much pleasure but because I want you to have several orgasms and have the best time with me that you have ever had with a guy.” I reached down and slowly pushed her panties down. She was watching my face as I took her panties off. I moved down and pulled them off her legs and when I looked up she had her hands covering her private parts. I looked at her with a smile and said,” Please baby let me see.” I reached and pulled her hands away slowly. Into my sight came the prettiest pussy I had ever seen and right above it was a beautiful small dick and balls. I sat there looking at this beautiful sight for a minute then I looked up at her face. She was crying so I leaned down and kissed her and asked her,” What’s wrong baby?” She kept crying and said,” Yyyyooouuu hate me!” “WHAT?” I say no baby I was admiring your special gifts not discussed by them. I think you have a beautiful pussy and your dick looks so good too.” I can not wait to taste them both.” She stopped crying and looked at me and said,” Really?” I smiled and said let me show you how much I like you. I moved down and got between her legs. I spread her legs apart and looked at her closely. I asked her,” How big does your dick get baby?” She looked at me and said,” It gets about 5″ long when hard.” I smiled and asked,” Which do you like to be stimulated the most?” She said,” Either one I can come by both really.” I looked at her small dick and pussy and leaned in and started to lick her pussy. She moaned as I kept licking her and I watched her dick start to grow too. I knew then that she was stimulated by both so it did not matter which I played with. This was a first for me but since I have been with both men and women I was in heaven. I licked her pussy making her leak juices and saw her dick start to leak too. I then reached up and stroked her dick as I licked her pussy. To be honest I was in erotic ecstasy I didn’t know which to play with. Then I stopped stroking her dick and placed my fingers at her pussy opening. I slid one finger into her pussy and she moaned. I kept licking her clit as I finger fucked her pussy. She was moaning and moving all around in pleasure. Then I grabbed her dick and placed it in my mouth. I took the whole thing into my mouth and started to suck on it. I was still fingering fucking her as I sucked her dick. She jumped when I took her dick into my mouth and screamed in pleasure. I sucked her dick and finger fucked her then she shouted,” OMG, IM GOING TO CUM!!!!!!!” and she came I felt her pussy clamp down on my fingers as she came and her dick started shooting into my mouth. I drank her sweet juice and kept sucking her dick and fingering her pussy making her come over and over. I was not sure if she could shoot several times like her pussy could come several times but I found out she kept coming in her pussy like any other woman but only once by her dick. At least right now. When she finally came down from her orgasms I kissed my way up her body and laid beside her. I kissed her hard deep. She was crying again so I wiped her face and asked,” What’s wrong baby?” She smiled escort tokat and said,” Do you have any idea how long it has been since a man has done that to me?” I looked at her and said,” It should happen every day for you baby.” She smiled and kissed me again. She ran her hands over my body and when she got to my dick she felt it was hard again.She looked at me and said,” Oh baby your hard please fuck me.” I said,” Are you sure you can take my big dick?” She smiled and said,” Baby, it’s still a pussy just like any other pussy it can take it as a matter of fact I want to feel every inch in my pussy. So please fuck me.” I kissed her and climbed on her. I got between those long sexy legs and placed my hard dick at the entrance of her pussy. I pushed the head in and she moaned. She was really, really tight. I asked her,” You have been fucked before right?” She was looking down at my dick at her opening and looked at me and said “Yes, but not with a dick as big as yours so go slow.” I pushed the head in more and she moaned more. I would push an inch in then stay still so she could get used to my size. I got about 4″ in and she came squeezing my dick so hard it almost hurt. I looked down and her dick was hard but I had to concentrate on going slow for now so I pushed more of my hard dick into her pussy. It took me several mins to get the whole thing into her and she came twice more before I got it all in. Each time she came I swear it felt like her pussy was going to break my dick off. Once I was all the way in her I started a slow fuck and she was crying and thrashing about in pleasure. I fucked her for a few mins and then I could tell she was getting close to orgasms again. So I reached down and started to stroke her dick. She moaned louder then shouted,” OMG, OMG I’M GOING TO COME HARD!!!!!!!!” and she did I felt her pussy squeeze my dick as she came but I also saw her dick shooting some come onto her stomach. She came so hard she passed out. I stayed still and waited she regained consciousness and looked at me. I smiled and said, “You ok baby?” She smiled and said,” Yes, I’m ok that was the biggest orgasms I have ever had.” I smiled and slowly started to fuck her again. She moaned and said,” Yes baby fuck me as hard as you want I want to feel you shooting deep in my pussy.” I started to fuck her faster and harder and she kept moaning. I was getting close and I told her and she yelled at me,” CUM IN ME PLEASE!!!” I need to feel you cum inside me. Don’t worry I can’t get pregnant.” So I push my dick in and out a few more times with her going ” MUM, MUM, MUM” then I pushed my dick as deep as I could get it and came long and hard in her pussy. She moaned as she felt my cum shooting into her pussy. I shot the biggest load I have ever shot into her. When I calmed down from my orgasm I slowly pulled my dick out of her tight wet pussy. When the head came out it came out with a pop. I watched my cum start to run out of her pussy. I looked up and saw her dick was soft and a pile of cum on her belly right above her dick which was laying on her stomach. I laid beside her and we kissed. She looked at me and said,” Wow, baby that was the best fuck I have ever had.” I smiled and said,” Me too baby.” We hugged each other close and fell asleep in each others arms. Now you may think that it was a one-time thing but the sex was so good neither of us wanted to leave the other. So we are still together and we have even moved in with each other. The other day I introduced her to my family. They have no idea she is who she is they just think I have met a beautiful woman and am involved with her. If they only knew the truth right lol?

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