my true second time

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my true second timeThis is the story of my second time with a cock. hope u enjoy. im not gonna explain too much about the first so if this doesnt make sense to yall read the first story then this one. So after my first time , i was shocked and slightly sickened by myself. Im a straight dude who had just let his mate suck him off then had my own cum in my mouth. Needless to say i was nervous. I grew up in a small village and if one person found out then everyone would find out. It had been about six weeks since mine and pauls meeting, and i couldnt stop thinking about it. My feelings of disgust had changed to curiousity and i couldnt stop thinking about him moaning as he swallowed my cum. He had gone away for the summer to stay at his dadsand i was nervous about him returning, if he told anyone of our mates my life would be over. But anyways. So one day im around a mates house having a few whiskeys and a smoke playing ps3 when paul turns up with a few more of our mate he had just got back and was dying for a smoke and a drink as his dad was a prude and didnt let him do anything like that. As he walked in i felt my heart miss a beat. I was scared he would say something but he didnt. Did he even remember i dunno? After a few hours my mate said he had to pop out and our other mates went home or whatever so we had to leave too. Paul live just up the street from me so we walked together it was a bout a mile so took us a while. On the way we chatted about the summer and the usual shit. We were both high and slightly drunk so it took us a while to get home. Just before we got to our street paul asked what i was up to now so i jokingly said probably have a wank and a smoke . At this point i should say that i lived with my parents and 22yr old sister who had gone on holiday. I had given up on family vacations as soon as i was old enogh to stay home by myself . Paul asked if he could join me so i agreed . We called in the shop and got some alcohol and went back to mine. casino siteleri After an hour or so we were both mullered. I find grass and drink dont mix so i passed out. When i woke paul had gone or so i thought so i went downstairs to lock up etc. When i went pass my sisters room i heard a noise and wen i opened the door i found paul rubbing his cock with a pair of my sisters dirty panties. I was shocked and didnt know what to do. His cock looked like i remembered but better. My dick got hard instantly and i started rubbing it through my jeans. I guess he must have sensed i was there or something cos he turned around to look at me. “well u did say a smoke and a wank” he walked over and undid my jeans and rubbed my rock hard dick. ” i have wanked everyday thinking of this ” he said My heart was pounding as he slipped his hand in my boxers and pulled my cock out. I wasnt sure what to do , id be lying if i said i dint kinda want this to happen after last time and i was so horny and turned on. Fuck it i said to myself so i grabbed his dick and started pulling it. He moved the panties up to his nose and sniffed.” she smells sooo good he exvlaimed as he breathed out. ” i know ” . I would sometimes wank off over her panties , he pulled them up to my nose and rammed the creamy gusset into my face. Feeling his cock in my hand was a bit weird. It was smaller than mine and was hoodless. It may have just been me but it felt really hot in my sisters room so i pulled off my shirt and paul did the same. We let our jeans and boxers fall to the floor. Paul knelt down and stared at my cock as he stroked it before looking up at me and asking ” dare me to suck it again” feelin horny and drunk i did and in an instant i was down his throat again but this time in my sisters bedroom in the safty of my house. I carried on sniffing and licking her dirty creamy panties as he sucked my cock roughly it felt so good and he sounded like he was enjoying it. A thought grew in my canlı casino mind “i wonder what its like, sucking a dick ” so i told him to stand up and licked his lips. Tasting my own pre cum was so hot and i swear i could have came over it. He grabbed the panties and sniffed hard. “u dirty boy ” he said ” licking ur own sisters pussy juice” . I knew i wanted to taste his cock i had to have his cum in my mouth. I pushed him on the bed and crawed between his legs till my nose was by his ball sack. “are u sure u wanna ? ” he said as he stroked his dick. I knew i did or a least the weed and drink were telling me i did. I licked the tip of his rock hard cock and could taste the salty pre cum on his exposed bell end. Slowly i drew his cock into my mouth and took it all. It was smaller than mine and easily slipped in my mouth and hit the back of my throat, hearing him exhale and moan i knew i was doing it right. I had seen enough porn to get the idea of how to suck a cock. I slowly went up and down twisting slightly as i neared his bell . I found myself stroking my dick as my head went up and down and pauls hips rose to greet my mouth. ” can i lick ur arse hole ” he moaned as i sucked his nuts and stroked his dick. I was shocked by how much i was getting off on this. So after about a second of thinking about it i said ok. I stood up and bent over then felt the most amazing feeling ever. His tongue slipped around my arse and teased my virgin hole. “that tastes so good ” he moaned as he tongued fucked me . Will u do mine now? I was a bit apprehensive but after a minute or two i agreed. He lay on my sisters bed, her panties in hand and raised his legs. I lay down on my stomach and started licking his brown hole. I could taste his shit but didnt care if anything it made me delve deeper, probing his hole as i stroked his cock. I coild feel his balls htting my forehead as i rammed my tongue in his hole. His body started to tense and he told me to stop but i couldnt kaçak casino i kept licking and stroking wanting more i wanted his cum. He begged “please i dont wanna ah ah ah fuck cum yet” cum shot out of his cock and landed all over his chest and face. I gutted i really wanted to feel it hit my throat. I moved up and licked his cum off his chest. To be honest it tasted horrible but i kept licking it up then moved above him i could feel his dick twitching awith my cock as i lowered my mouth to his. He opened wide and said “give it to me ” i spat his cum in his mouth and watched it slid down his throat. “your turn ” he smiled as i lay down and raised my legs as he did. We swappwd posistions and his tongue again found my hole and teased it open. “let me fuck u ” he said but that was a step too far at the moment at least so i said no and told him to keep lickin. I grabbed my sisters panties and licked them clean as he licked me clean. I could feel my orgasm building and it felt so good. I grabbed my cock and stroked it as he licked me out . Faster and faster ” im gonna cum” i moaned ” im gonna cum right nowwwww !!!! ” I felt a slight pain as he slid his finger deep in my ass as my cum shot out. I dunno weather his finger was responsible but the jizz was so powerful as was my orgasm that the load landed partly on my face, in my mouth and on my sisters pillow. His finger was still fucking me as reality hit. The drink had worn off and i felt so wrong and dirty. I swallwed my cum and wiped my face as he withdrew his finger and sucked it clean. Not knowing how to feel or what to say i suggested he get dressed and leave. He sensed the uneasyness and told me he wouldnt say a word to anyone. He kissed me on the lips and licked my cheek ” cant let that go to waste ” he said as he swallowed the cum he had licked off. He got dressed and left. I was slightly ashamed and embarrased. I was straight. I love pussy and chicks. I avoided paul for a bit but after a while we started hanging out again. But it was never the same. It was dirtier and better and very cum filled. But thats a different load of stories. If u liked this one please comment and friend request all requests accepted. Thanks for reading. X

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