My Wife Suggests I go for a Walk Part 2

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My Wife Suggests I go for a Walk Part 2My Wife Suggests I Go For a Walk part 1 can be found here: and pics of me dressed up are here: “date night” with my wife was erotic to say the least. She got me all sissified under my boy clothes (hot pink nightie with matching g-string panties and fishnet stockings) then teased me through out the date. After the movie, she made me take off my boy clothes in the car and gave me my present of hot pink locking high heels which fit perfectly and locked nicely. She gave me my custom blonde wig to put on as she drove us home.Only she didn’t drive us home. Our city has numerous wooded walking/bike paths that follow the local river through the city connecting the different parks. The paths occasionally have a light. She pulled to a stop at a point where the path intersects with the road with a single street light.“Get out.” she calmly ordered. I gawked at her. I had never been out in public dressed up and I’ve never worn high heels. “Don’t make me say it again.” she warned. “I’ll pick you up at the next parking lot on the trail.”I open the door, get out and delicately balance myself on my new heels. She laughs at me as I watch her drive away. Her car leaves my sight as I stand under the single street light all dressed up in hot pink slutty sissy clothes and my first pair of high heels. The next lot is almost a mile away.After a few seconds of staring in the direction of my wife’s car, I begin to realize how exposed my situation is. Being under the light at night means anybody looking my direction can see me. I seek the shadows of tokat escort the walking path.This proves to be difficult. If you’ve never worn them, walking in high heels is difficult on a smooth surface, and while the bike path is blacktop, it still has the customary cracks and unevenness. Each step is a struggle to not fall over. Crossing the railroad tracks was the most tricky; but at least I’m no long exposed under the light.It’s about midnight. The paths technically close at ten, so they should be deserted. I just have to get better at walking in these heels. That, and hope I don’t run into anybody.It’s slow going, but I start to get used to walking in the heels. Tiny steps.The trees are close on either side and make almost a canopy over the path until it opens up on either side. Another single lamp post lights the middle of the clearing showing a small walking bridge that goes over a tiny crick. The only way across the crick is the lit up bridge; and on that bridge in the light, are three guys shooting the shit and doing some night time fishing.I panic. Looking around I can see that there is no way to get by the crick without going over the bridge, and since the bridge has the solitary lamp post, it is impossible to walk it without coming into direct contact with these men.After hesitating briefly, I continue to walk into the clearing knowing that since it is light where they are and dark where I am they can’t see me. My mind races at how this interaction is going to go and almost everyone ends up with me getting my ass kicked. Every interaction, except one.Having decided my course of action, I proceed toward the bridge, the light, and the men.As I approach, I can hear their conversation escort tokat die down as I start to come in to the light. They are so shocked at seeing me they freeze, not knowing how to react. I clop up to the nearest one who’s mouth is gaped in amazement. Before anyone says anything, I drop to my knees and undo his pants. A quickly stiffening cock is two inches from my mouth. I go to town on it. The guy who’s cock I’m sucking is still too shocked at this turn of events that he can’t say anything, the other two, however, aren’t currently getting a surprise blowjob.“Hell yeah, slut!” says one.“We all getting some, you little whore!” says the other as he pulls out his already hard cock and sticks it toward my face.I hop off the one and instantly gobble the new one. The third cock shows up and I start to jerk it off. My other hand goes back to the first one jerking that one off. The situation happened so quickly that I finally have time to realize what is actually going on.I’m in the middle of nowhere, at night, fully sissified, sucking on some stranger’s cock and jerking two others towards my face under a single light out in the open so I could be seen by anyone who happened to look my direction.After changing up who I was blowing and jerking a couple times, one sat on the built in wooden bench. I crawled over to him and proceeded to suck him off. Another guy slid my g-string to the side and proceeded to finger fuck my ass. The next thing I know, I feel two hands on either side of my hips as he starts to push his cock in. My ass sweat and saliva still on his cock worked okay as a lubricant, but it still hurt. I gasped in pain and pleasure as he pushed fully into me.“That’s a tokat escort bayan nice tight ass, bitch!” he said as he fucked my ass while I was sucking the other guy. “Oh fuck yeah!” he yells out as he cums in my ass.With the cum as an extra lubricant, I straddle the guy I was sucking and his cock slides right in my ass. As I bounce on this second cock, I feel the third guy approach me from behind and he starts to press his cock into my ass too. After a few seconds, my used ass relents and this third cock slides in. Spit roasted earlier, double penetration now.It doesn’t take long and the second guy pulls out. I get off the cock I was straddling and drop immediately to my knees as the guy who was DP-ing me shoots his load all over my face and eager mouth. The guy I was straddling stands and shoots his load all over my face and mouth also.I have never been so fucking horny in my life. “Thanks, boys.” I stand “That was great!” and proceed to walk the rest of the way across the bridge. But just as I get past the bridge and start to walk out of the light, I turn my head back with cum still dripping from my face and say “Bring some friends next time!” I wink at them and walk out of the light so they can no longer see me.The rest of my walk was uneventful. I got to the lot where my wife was waiting. There was a truck there too, most likely belonging to one of the guys on the bridge. I told her what happened and she told me when she got to the parking lot and saw the truck, she went back to the spot she dropped me off but I was already gone.We drove by the lot the next two nights. The truck and four other vehicles were there both nights.(I was going to get pictures of the route I walked and the bridge over the crick to post with the story, but everything is snow covered right now and it’s just too damn cold. Anyway, here are some search tags to help my story reach a wider audience: sissy, crossdress and crossdresser, gangbang, public)

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