Nap at lake brings a BIG benefit

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Nap at lake brings a BIG benefit[It has been 4 months since I posted. I have 30 stories in some shape or another, ready to be posted. I’d love to post for you, but here is the catch. I HATE posting and never 1) getting any ratings and 2) never getting feedback!!! So, I am going to post a few of my stories this weekend and if I get good feedback, I may feel motivated to keep writing…I really do hope you enjoy… because I want to hear about how much you enjoy it!!]Summer is my busy season, and after racking up 70 hours of work in six days, the drive home was just more than I could handle yesterday, so I pulled off at a state park and set my alarm for an hour nap.When I woke up, I sat up in my car and looked to my right and there was a woman, maybe 35 or 40 years old, just pushing her bikini bottoms to the pavement not two car spaces away!! She had the door of her Dodge Ram truck open, shielding her from the beach and the trees at the back of the lot hid her from the access road, but I had a direct line of sight, and may I say, it was a very nice line of sight!She had a short butch hair cut and olive colored skin. She was fit too. I mean, her legs looked more like they belonged to a 16 year old girl, but on her they looked absolutely incredible. I was just wishing güvenilir bahis şirketleri that I could see a little more, when she turned her back to me and put a foot up onto the truck frame and from behind I had a perfect view of her bare naked snatch and round smooth ass. As she raised up to dry her thighs with her towel, you could see that her hips cut in perfectly to form the classic wasp waist that made me just about drool!!!That was when things got interesting, because as she was drying between her thighs, she suddenly looked up and around toward the beach. When she did not see anyone, she began moving her fingers around down at her pussy without the towel!!! I was about to scream! I mean, I rubbed my eyes and did a double take. This woman was diddling herself just feet from me and while I could not see the details I could see her hips rotating back and forth and the side of one of her breasts as she began fingering and pulling on a nipple that was dark, long and fully erect!Then she turned to sit on the threshold to the driver’s seat and I thought my fun was over but she was not looking my direction. She was too far gone to care, and besides, she had already ruled my car out as being empty!She spread her legs and while she had tan canlı bahis lines, even her untanned parts were darker, as if she got them some sun whenever possible. She raised her fingers to her lips and licked them to get them wet and I about shot a wad. Her pussy was bare accept for a small inch square black landing patch at the top of her slit.That was all I could take. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and spit in my own hand. I was every bit as hot as she was and looking back at it I can completely understand why she did not care. I did not even look around!!! I just started sliding my hand up and down as I watched her in her lurid touch.She sank three of her fingers deep into her sopping wet slit and those fingers were covered with her hot juices. Then with two of her fingers she spread open her lips and with her middle finger she began circling her clit.Her other hand raised one of her big saggy tits to her mouth and she sucked the hard nipple in and when the wet nipple popped back into my line of sight, I could hardly believe how thick and long the puckered wet flesh had grown!! She threw back her head as she pinched her nipple and I could hear the moan clear in my car and it was almost enough on its own to send me over the edge.I spit güvenilir bahis some more on my hand and adjusted my pants down just a little more and when I looked up, there she was, staring straight at me!! “Damn, she can’t stop now!” I thought and without thinking a single second I just blurted out, “Don’t stop, cum for me baby!!”She closed her eyes and within 30 seconds she shuddered and leaned forward. Her swaying breasts, swung back and forth and then she shot squirt after gush of pussy juice out onto the hot pavement as she was racked by an orgasm of her own bringing. That was all it took. I shot three or four wads of cum over my fist and onto the steering wheel and dash, and I can remember thinking, I did not give a damn either. When my eyes finally fluttered open and uncrossed, I looked over just in time to see her pussy disappearing inside some modest shorts. A second later, she was pulling her shirt over those two beautiful breasts of hers and she looked across the parking spaces with a shy little embarrassed smile on her face.I looked down and started to ponder how I was going to clean up my own mess when I saw her moving toward my car. She had her bikini bottoms in her hand and as she bent to look in my window she said, “Looks like you need to clean some of that up. Maybe you would like to use these? And she tossed her bikini bottoms into my lap. I just stared at them stupidly and she laughed turned and drove off.And I beat off a second time into the seat of those panties before I headed on home to catch some Z’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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