Naruto Lemon Series Part 4

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Naruto Lemon Series Part 4You sighed bored out of your mind as your feet dangled off your bed. After sealing another tailed b**st everyone was taking some personal time off for a job well done. Everyone was either away or just didn’t want to be bothered making your life boring. You sat up from your bed pushing off with your feet as you stood walking into the kitchen to get something to drink.”I thought you weren’t here.” you heard a deep voice say as you turned to see Itachi standing there.”No such luck… I didn’t really feel like listening to all the fighting.” you said rubbing the back of your head laughing lightly.”I see… well I was called for a mission so you’ll have the base to yourself.” he said as you titled your head saying, “But I thought when Leader-sama said we all had time off her meant.. All of us.””It seems he changed his mind.” he said as you could sense a hint of uncertainty in his voice.”Alright.. Well hopefully someone will come back early.” you said a little sadly.”And make sure to be on your toes you never know if someone might come near the base.” he said as you went to say something but footsteps cut you off.”Hello Yami-chan!” you heard and turned to see a bubbly Tobi.You turned to see Itachi walking away then turned back to Tobi giving him a light smile.”Hehe hey Tobi.. I thought you were out doing something?” you asked as he giggled lightly.”Deidara said I should come back, so I decided to come to see you.” he said as you smiled sweetly.”Thanks Tobi you’re a great friend.. it was getting boring here.” you said flailing your hands in the air as he laughed.”Where is Itachi-san going?” he asked as you looked towards the door and said, “He has to go on a mission.””So Yami-chan is the only one here?” he asked hopefully as you laughed lightly saying, “I sure am.””Well… then let’s go play in Tobi’s room!” he said grabbing onto your hand and dragging you towards his room as you sighed smiling.He brought you inside and closed the door as you flopped onto his bed waving your legs back and forth. He fumbled through his closet and found a puzzle as you laughed lightly going on the floor. You both began putting it together as he kept looking towards you then looking away.”Tobi… is something wrong?” you asked as he stopped what he was doing and scratched his head.”Well.. Tobi.. was wondering..” he began as you sat up tilting your head slightly.”Wondering what?” you asked as he sighed and looked towards you.”Had Yami-chan.. ever.. had sex?” he asked as your cheeks began eskişehir escort burning brightly.”W..why do you ask?” you asked stuttering slightly as Tobi scooted closer to you.”Cause I saw Deidara-kun doing it once.. and he said that you have sex with a special kind of friend… I wanted to know who Yami-chan’s special friend was.” he said sitting on all fours tilting his head cutely.”Well.. I’ve never had sex.” you said bluntly as he plopped back on the floor.”So.. that means Yami-chan doesn’t have a special friend?” he asked tapping his chin lightly.”I guess not..” you said standing up from your spot brushing yourself off.”Where are you going?” he asked standing up as you smiled towards him.”I have to go take a shower.. after wards we can hang out more.” you said as he clapped happily.”Alright!” he said as you smiled walking towards your room.You walked into your room and closed the door sighing lightly. Damn that Deidara for having sex where Tobi could see, he should have known Tobi’s over curiosity would get the better of him. You pushed off the door and walked into your bathroom grabbing a big fluffy towel with you. You turned on the water as steamed began to fog up the room and you stepped in sighing in content. You lathered up some shampoo and began washing your hair as you hummed lightly cleaning yourself off. Once you finished you turned the water off and grabbed your towel drying yourself off. You dried your hair a little with the towel then wrapped it around your body loosely. You whipped the mirror off since it was fogged over and brushed through any stray knots you had missed.Once you finished you opened up the bathroom door as the steam rolled out under your feet sending chills up your spine. You tightened the towel around your body and make your way to your dresser to grab some clothes. You pulled them out and placed them on the bed humming lightly not hearing your door open (It makes you wonder how she got in the Akatsuki…). You began taking off your towel when you heard the door close making you jump turning and hugging your towel close.”Tobi… you scared me..” you said gripping your chest lightly.”Tobi is sorry… but Tobi wanted to ask Yami-chan something and couldn’t wait any longer.” he said walking up to you.”Sure Tobi, go ahead.” you said relaxing since it was only Tobi.He stepped closer closing you in between the wall and him as your eyes shifted lightly.”Tobi wants to be Yami-chan’s special friend.” he said placing on of his hands at the side of your eskişehir escort bayan head.”W..what?” you said slightly shocked as Tobi shifted lightly.”Tobi has been thinking… and Yami-chan has been Tobi’s best friend and Tobi thinks you should become my special friend.” he said tilting his head slightly.”But Tobi.. I don’t think.. you don’t know..” you tried to say but didn’t know what exactly to say.”It’s alright Yami-chan… even if you don’t always or want to be Tobi’s special friend… can we.. pretend.” he asked touching your cheek lightly.You looked at Tobi’s swirly mask and pondered what he had said. You couldn’t deny your curiosity as to what it would be like with him and you were horny as hell with a thirst you couldn’t quench.”Alright.. we can pretend a little.” you said as he lifted up his mask just enough for you to see his lips curve into a smile.He pressed his lips to yours making you close your eyes and lean into it running your tongue along his bottom lip. He seemed a little confused at first but got the message and opened his mouth as you got to work massaging your tongue on his. You forgot all about your towel and ran your hands through his spiky locks as your towel pooled at your feet. He let go of you and looked down as you guessed he was looking over your body.”Yami-chan’s body is much better than Deidara-sama’s special friend.” He said cutely as you laughed pulling him back towards you.You grabbed the zipper on his Akatsuki robe and pulled it down seeing him in a black muscle shirt and black pants underneath.”I think Tobi has a better body than Deidara’s.” you said as he squealed lightly kissing you again.You brought your head down to his neck as you began nipping and sucking on it lightly causing him to squirm a little. Your hands slithered down his shirt as you grabbed the edges of it pulling it up. He pulled away from you as he turned around quickly taking his mask off to pull it off all the way then placing it back on.”Will you really not let me see your face?” you asked quietly as he shook his head hugging you.”Maybe someday but not today Yami-chan.” he said as you felt his breath on your breasts.You sighed nodding as you pulled his head back up to your level and kissed him again running your fingers along his surprisingly muscular chest. Your hands reached his pants as you pulled away slightly looking down and helping you take them off to see his boxers with little teddy bears on them (That would be so cute ^^ ). You giggled lightly as you could escort eskişehir almost see a blush reach his cheeks from where you saw the bottom of his face.”Very cute Tobi.” you said as his hands reached for your breasts in one quick motion.You moaned lightly as he began squeezing them slightly and rolling your nipples in between his fingers. Your hands wrapped around his neck pulling him into a heated kiss loving his gentle touch. You maneuvered his boxers off to set him free making him shiver lightly. His gloved hands moved down your body pulling you up so you could wrap your legs around his waist. You could feel him against your inner thigh making you moan in anticipation.”Deidara-sama said this hurts girls who haven’t found there special friend… Tobi is sorry if it does for Yami-chan.” he said holding you against the wall as you smiled at him.”It’s alright Tobi… I’ll be alright.” you said rubbing his shoulder reassuringly.He gave you a sloppy kiss as you felt him penetrate you causing a light groan of pain leave your lips making him pull away looking at your face. You bit your lip to keep from crying as he stayed perfectly still afraid you’d break like glass. You wiggled a little as you felt his fingers dig lightly into your hip to control himself from moving.”It’s alright now Tobi. It doesn’t hurt anymore.” You said giving him permission to move again.He wrapped his arms around your hips propping you better against the wall and began pumping inside you at a steady pace. You moaned lightly running your fingers through his messy dark hair as you felt his lips rest on your neck. He began kissing your neck as you wrapped your legs tighter around him making him push you harder into the wall and his pace to pick up.”Oh Tobi… harder.” You moaned as Tobi nodded his head quickly doing what you requested.You pulled him closer to you as your heels dug lightly into his back causing a grunt to escape his throat.”Ya..Yami-chan… you feel so good…” Tobi said as you felt his breath on your chest.You could feel the knot build up inside you as sweat began to build up over your still wet body. Tobi squeezed your butt slightly making you yelp and moan louder adding your excitement.”Oh… To… Toooohhh Tobi!” you moaned coming as he moaned deeply coming right after you.Your head fell onto his shoulder as you both panted lightly getting your breath back. Tobi slowly moved one of his hands up your body and brought you over to your bed laying you down.”Tobi is glad Yami-chan could be my special friend for tonight.” Tobi said putting his mask down to its usual spot as you smiled cuddling into his side.”Yami’s glad she did too.” You said closing your eyes drifting to sleep.Don’t pretend you feelIt turns your words to plasticDon’t pretend that this is realIt’s all make believe

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