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Natured Or NurturedNatured Or NurturedBy: Londebaaz ChohanWhen Arthur asked Ruby out for the eats and movie; she surprised him in more ways than one. Actually, it was their first meeting at a dinner gathering to revel the High School graduation of a distant friend’s younger brother. Ruby first surprised Arthur with an immediate acceptance of his invitation but much more when she told him that it would be a double date because she wanted her twin brother be also present. Ruby was 19 years old, more beautiful than any girl, Arthur had seen or taken to his bed so far. She was tall as almost 5’ 9” as compared to him being 6’ 2”. She had an angelic face with lips as red as a Ruby, eyes as green as an emerald and hair as red as a sapphire. Her punched in tummy and wide curved hips ended to form the smooth legs that seemed never to end. Arthur wanted to spend some time with her and hoped for more dates, possibly ending up naked in her bed or his bed to fuck her till his cock was numb and hurting while the balls were shrunk like prunes and aching severely. He had no nerves to refuse her demand.On the agreed time, when Arthur arrived at the given address, she met him at the door as she came to answer the door bell. Now Arthur was even more stunned and breathless to see her beauty. She took Arthur in and asked him to take a seat while they waited for her twin brother to come down from the upstairs, where she said, he lived in the upper portion while she lived on the ground floor. She was wearing a very non formal, tight cutoff jeans shorts and pink top that stretched over her tits. Arthur had to adjust his cock couple of times, quickly and discreetly to relieve the growing discomfort of the long stretched meat in his pants. As she walked away from Arthur, she called her twin brother to hurry up and come down.Before long there was some noise of steps coming downstairs. Arthur looked and felt the room spin as he saw the most gorgeous and handsome man coming down. The theory of male and female twins never being identical, got smashed when he saw this equally exquisite man walking down those stairs. His hair was also red, eyes also green and lips red as a ruby. Only little rough around the edges screamed of his masculinity. He was wearing jeans, hiding the loud aspects of his body. His thighs rippled with each downward step on the stairs. His half sleeve shirt showed the manly biceps. His eyes were really identical to Ruby and hair too, which hung to his broad shoulders. Arthur being a self-claimed and certified straight jock, had never noticed the naked boys, even in the shower or the locker room, was now paying so much attention to the details of this dude with his open mouth. The guy walked up to Arthur and offered his hand for shaking and saying, “Hello”, showing his pearly white teeth. “You must be Arthur, I am George”. His voice was so manly, soaked in testosterone. Arthur was hardly breathing, standing face to face with a guy as the dictionary definition of the maleness. They shook hands and George took his hand warmly and said, “Sorry man, but my date had to cancel and I did not want to sit home alone. I hope you do not mind my tagging along to eats and the movie”.“No, no. That’s fine, no problem”. Arthur found himself tongue tied. He could not believe himself acting so mesmerized in George’s company hoping he did not tell his sister about him being such a pussy opposite George. Arthur cleared his throat and spoke with some renewed confidence, “I hear it is a very nice romantic movie to see with the date. Too bad, your date had to cancel”.George giggled and quickly answered, “Well, to be perfectly honest, I am glad that he cancelled” and gave Arthur a special wink. Arthur was startled to know this detail and right then Ruby appeared in the room, ready to go. She looked at George and told him that he was worse than women, when it came to get ready. “If you were not ready and down by now, I was planning to send the firemen up, after you”. She added. “Oh, unlucky me, I came down too soon”. George laughed out loud.Having these two with him was making everything seem unreal and it shall turn a lot of heads. Arthur was not at all second to anyone. At the blooming youthful age, he was 6’ 2”, 180 ponds, extremely fit with all the sivas escort muscles at the right places. His girls had told him many a times that they could drown in his eyes, surely meaning that his eyes were pretty and deep blue. He was not a red blond like the twins but surely had sandy blond hair tied in a pony as a fashion statement.Ruby asked them to move fast. They only took little time at the fast food stop before reaching downtown to the cinema. George rushed to buy the tickets and Arthur went for the refreshments. The movie was out only about a week ago but being an early show, there were hardly a dozen other less people in the hall. The trio choose the seats all the way back of the theater. George and Ruby sat on either side of Arthur.Less than half an hour into the show, Arthur felt Ruby’s hand taking hold of his hand and place it on her thigh and he began to caress her silky skin under his palm. Urgently his cock sprang up like a flag staff. She whispered some vague words in his ear as she leaned over and licked his ear. Arthur turned a little towards her in his seat and they were kissing, sucking each other’s tongue. They were in the middle of some serious activity, when he felt a hand drop in his lap, reach and cup his healthy, cum filled hard balls. Arthur spread his legs for better and easy access. His offer was accepted and the hand tussled a little but soon unzipped him, reached and held his shaft. Arthur felt fire exploding in him. Ruby was moaning in his mouth, making his fingers to crawl towards the heat source between her legs. Suddenly she pulled away with a desire to go to the ladies’ room. Arthur groaned loud as she walked away but immediately realized the fact that the hand on his cock was still wrapped on his thick, ample shaft and stroking him. He looked down and followed that hand on his cock to the brawny arm until he was eye to eye with George, giving Arthur a heart-stopping smile and immediately lowered his head to drop in Arthur’s lap to take his cock in the wet mouth.Arthur thought, he was dying. He was so consumed by the fire of sex, shame of the events and lots of other thoughts but he did not even try to pull out of George’s mouth, rather his both hands immediately dropped behind George’s head and began combing his hair like he always did to the girls who sucked his cock to hold them there. George bobbed his head and Arthur’s hips also reciprocated. A serious wave of scare and excitement was running through Arthur. He could not believe that a guy was blowing him and he was not only cooperating but was a more willing partner in it. George’s mouth was sending sensations of a very different but delicious kind to his body and soul through his cock. George was undoubtedly a maestro cocksucker and an aficionado, all wrapped in one. Arthur’s heart was beating and thumping loud. Suddenly thinking of Ruby returning and see all this, a bolt of lightning hit Arthur and he unloaded his cum in George’s mouth. George swallowed all with a hurry, milking him and licking him dry and then before settling back even kissed his lips giving Arthur a taste of his own ball’s juice. Though Arthur was scared of the situation but he could not resist to return the deep kiss, needing more of George on him very much unlike to do with any other man. Right then Ruby returned back to her seat. Arthur was stunned. In those few minutes, she was away, he had kissed George, George had sucked him, he had blasted in George’s mouth and he swallowed all of his spunk. Arthur was on a roller coaster ride with his head spinning at double the speed. Very quietly, he tucked his cock back in his pants and zipped up his fly. Ruby cuddled back to him and rested her hand on his manly hairy chest, making him wonder if she could feel his fast racing heartbeat. He glanced towards George to see him watching the movie as if nothing had happened and then Ruby slipped her tongue in his mouth making him worried if she would taste the cum in his mouth. Ruby moaned deeper in his mouth as they returned each other’s kiss. Soon Arthur felt a caressing of his finger and he accepted the hand to clutch it in his hand locking the fingers. It was very unreal to know that he was playing with the very pretty girl and aroused sexually but his escort sivas mind was sketching her brother as the one to be with. He pulled Ruby much closer to him by the hands that were united together. The face imprinted on Arthur’s mind was of George, not Ruby’s. He could not believe, what was happening as the lust with every passing moment was growing cold towards Ruby. He was searching that special spark to reignite the fire, he recently had for Ruby and pulled slightly away from her to look at her face, pouty lips and even the most-fit tits.His eyes fell down all the way to her long and slender legs. His cock twitched and he knew, what he should do. He took Ruby’s face in his hands, looked all over it and quietly whispered, “Sorry” and rapidly turned towards George and locked his lips on those manly tasty lips. George needed no more consent and pulled Arthur for a mother of all kisses to melt into him.Their fingers threaded through their silky hair as they lost in their special wonderland. Their tongues felt perfect against each other, the facial stubbles was creating new sensations while rubbed together. Soon they broke off the kiss as Ruby announced that she thought, Arthur was her type, but no big deal. In life you win some and lose some. “As long as you two are happy together, all is well”. George and Arthur were both baffled by her speech but glad that she was not at all angry. Arthur’s jaw was dropped and his mouth was wide open making George announce that he had something to put in his mouth to feel Arthur’s lips around it. Ruby decided and announced to leave out of there right then.She took the car keys from Arthur and climbed on the driver’s seat asking Arthur and George to crawl into back seat where they wrapped their arms around each other and Arthur rested his head on George’s wide shoulders. Each inhaled other’s scent deeply as she drove along. Arthur’s cock was throbbing, straining with each heartbeat. He was not sure, what was to happen next but wanted it to happen whatever it was. Ruby pulled in her driveway and everybody came out and went inside. She said goodnight and disappeared in the long hall towards the other end and George took Arthur by the visibly shaking hand and led him upstairs. The room upstairs was huge. There was a round King size bed in the middle of the room. The panoramic floor to ceiling windows were all covered with bright yellow velvet curtains. A brand new leather couch was placed against the wall opposite of the wall to wall closet for clothes with mirrored doors. With the flip of a switch, wireless surround-sound speaker system started playing some very romantic music. This looked like a dream to Arthur.George climbed to sprawl across the bed, watching Arthur mesmerized like a dead drunk. George was stroking his cock through his jeans showing the outline clearly. Arthur climbed on the bed also. George leaned back, making Arthur fall over him and they resumed their kissing. Gorge’s hands were spreading over Arthur’s body. As a matter of fact they wanted to touch every single inch of each other. Suddenly George flipped Arthur such that Arthur was under and George began to unbutton his shirt and Arthur reached up to help remove George’s shirt. George’s chest was more perfect than any Adonis. His brown nipples were hard and erect outwards. Arthur earnestly took one into his mouth and began biting it gently. George let out a loud groan in response and his knees shriveled making him collapse on Arthur’s body, who was glad to give George such high amount and quality of pleasure. George growled and moving slowly, he came eye to eye with Arthur and complemented his effort and telling Arthur that it was now his turn to taste Arthur’s body meat and rushed towards the edge of the bed, tugging Arthur’s jeans over his hips and pulling them down to his ankles and then dropping them on the floor. Now, Arthur was completely naked except for the unbuttoned shirt covering his upper body. Arthur looked in George’s hypnotic eyes and George flashed a most sexy smile before quickly taking Arthur’s cock in his mouth in one attempt to make him moan as an electric like shock ran to each nerve ending in his body parts. Arthur’s back arched high off the bed. George tongue felt wonderful as he sivas escort bayan licked Arthur’s cock shaft, taking his head to suck but then moving quickly down to take his balls in his mouth one by one. After washing the balls well with saliva, he moved back to Arthur’s cock shaft and began sucking his swollen head before taking the length deep in his throat. The pleasure coursed through Arthur’s body was definitely different and more intense than when he had gotten his cock sucked by his girlfriends and his breathing also became erratic. Just as Arthur was about to cum, George stopped and quickly stood above Arthur.Very suggestively and seductively, he unzipped his jeans and wiggled it off his big taut ass buns. He was not wearing an underwear. His lower body was also magnificent. His cock was slightly smaller than Arthur’s 9- incher but it was terrifying for its girth. There was no hair anywhere on George’s body. As George wiggled his hips and cock in front of Arthur’s eyes, Arthur reached and held his silky skinned balls. Arthur had never touched another man’s balls ever before that moment, which made his own cock surge in its length, hardness and also the thickness to new size.George felt the pull on his balls and slid back on the bed close to Arthur and Arthur began to stroke him but suddenly feeling the need to taste him, he shifted such that George was on his back and Arthur was on top leaving the trail of kisses and saliva slithering all over down to his cock. Reaching to George’s cock, Arthur showed restraint just to tease George and then very slowly took his balls in his mouth one by one tasting the salt even on the skin of his balls which he loved. He slurped George’s balls for a while before letting them out with a plopping noise and then he paid attention to the charming cock of the lovely man. George’s cock stood straight up out of his pubic area and its purple helmet head seemed to be ready for blasting. Arthur stuck out his tongue and touched his cock hole, drooling the pre cum in large pearl like drops. Surprisingly, his pre cum tasted like the citrus instead of the salt. He took another taste to make sure and then sucked, licked his full cock length until he saw George’s face contorting and his hands clenching with sensitivity rising. Arthur knew, it was his time to receive the reward. He closed his eyes and positioned his mouth perfectly over the tip of George’s cock slit and slowly descended, until his balls were pushing on Arthur’s lips and George’s cock was felt hitting the back of his throat. George grabbed the back of Arthur’s head to keep him there and began thrusting his hips, fucking his mouth. Arthur was also getting excited and wanted George to cum in his mouth and began stabbing his cock with tight closed lips around it and also began fingering George’s tight puckered love hole. This made George talk filthy and dirty, telling Arthur that he loved his finger in the ass and repeated asking him to fuck him harder and deeper. Arthur obeyed and started to finger fuck George much harder adding the second finger, deep to his third knuckle with an insane speed. By now Arthur’s cock was spewing pre cum like a leaky faucet and he knew, he will cum even without touching his cock. Noticing George’s balls knotting, Arthur knew, George was also ready to blow his load. George was now repeating for Arthur to keep finger fucking him and rubbing his prostate.All of a sudden, George filled Arthur’s mouth with his semen coating his throat. Arthur pulled away slightly to take his load on the tongue for tasting. George’s squirt hit him on the face as well as on his tongue. Arthur took his cock immediately back in the mouth and sucked hard to empty his balls. Soon, George pulled away with no more juice to supply and announced loud to Arthur, “Just give me few minutes and I can muster much more for you”. It was exactly then that Arthur noticed that he had cum as well and his orgasm had lost the lust while seeking more and more cum from George’s balls. Most of all Arthur was amazed how quickly, he had become an avid cocksucker. He crawled and lay next to George on a pillow and George told him, how absolutely amazing he was and Arthur smiled big for the compliment and knew to do anything for George if he asked and the next second, he heard George, “I want to fuck you in the ass”.Without a word, Arthur turned on the pillow, raised his ass high in air for George to take all.The end. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan March 19, 2020.

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