Nervous virgin’s virginity “fixed”

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Nervous virgin’s virginity “fixed”It had been quite a heavy night I reflected as I made my way home. I had certainly had too much to drink, especially when I wasn’t used to drinking but it was Mike’s, my best friend’s birthday party and to just drink coke would have made me look a real nerd, I already had that reputation so I definitely didn’t want to reinforce it. My parents were not exactly happy about me staying out all night but I managed to reassure them I would be fine staying over at Mike’s and that I would be home by early Sunday afternoon latest.I was beginning to feel it bit better as I walked home, it must have been the fresh air and the walking, all of sudden I heard somebody shout at me from across the street . . .”Hey Matt!, Matt!” . . . it was Wendy, my older sister Sue’s friend.She came running over the road and greeted me like a long lost friend . . . Wendy was about 18, slightly plump, glasses, nice although not particularly attractive but from what I had overheard from my sisters conversations for some reason was very popular with all the boys at school.”So what you doing round here on a Sunday morning?” she asked.I explained about the party and that I was on my way home.”Lots of girls there then?, bet you had some fun eh?, you get off with anybody?” she said quizzing me.”Errrr no but it was a good party””So . . . you got a girlfriend yet?” she persisted.I was starting to feel distinctly uncomfortable at the this line of questioning and If this was how the conversation was going I was going to be glad when we reached Wendy’s house, I know it was along this street somewhere but I was not quite sure where.”No, but I’m not bothered about girls, too much else to do” I replied trying to satisfy her and also put an end to this awkward conversation.”Bet you’re still a virgin too eh?””Yeah but it’s OK, I’m not bothered” I said hoping we would soon get to house so this questioning would end.”You don’t know what you’re missing, had lost mine ages ago when I was your age . . . you need get that fixed babe” she said grinning.I had never thought of virginity as something that needed “fixing”, in fact I hadn’t even thought about much at all, most of my thoughts were about computer games. I had to admit I had started what the guys at school called “wanking” but only recently, I had more chance of flying off to Mars than getting close to a girl.”I Could help fix it if you want”. . . she said”Look, just quit will you?, Sue’s been trying to fix me up with her friends younger sisters as well, I don’t need any body trying to fix me up with girls” I said now getting irritated.”That’s not what I meant babe, I meant I could “fix it” for you” she said once again grinning.She must have straight away noticed my look of sheer terror and embarrassment …”Chill out Matt, it’ll be OK, my mum’s out until this afternoon, you get to find out what it’s like and . . .. I haven’t had a fuck for months”.At that point we had reached her house, she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me after her up the garden path towards the front door.”Look, Wendy . . . I can’t . . . I’ve never even . . .” I started as we reached the front door.”OK, OK . . . relax Matt, just forget it OK? . . . do you want to come in for drink still?” she said.”Yeah OK” I said feeling the pressure suddenly lift.Once inside I followed her into kitchen where she got a balıkesir escort can of orange juice from the fridge and asked me what I wanted, I said water would be fine, I had a really dry mouth, I wasn’t sure whether this was the effect of the drink from last night or just nerves.”I’m really sorry Matt, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, I lost mine when I was younger than you and discovering sex was just awesome . . . just thought you would like the opportunity and we could have a bit of fun” she explained.”You’re gay are you? not there is anything wrong with that but it would just explain things” she went on.”No way! – it’s just that I know nothing what’s so ever about all this stuff . . .””Don’t you even have a wank?, you must do, all guys do that” she persisted.Once again the conversation was starting to get deeply embarrassing and started to think of a way of making my escape. I put my glass down and turned to head for the door making my excuses and saying I needed to get home, but to that I to that I had to squeeze past Wendy who was standing in the kitchen doorway.Without saying a word Wendy pushed me back against the wall and kissed long and hard, then released me just stood there grinning at me. I staggered backwards in a shocked and feeling although I had had some sort of an electric shock.”Oh shit Matt look at that!!!” she said pointing down at the front of my jeans.My embarrassment was complete – I looked down to see I had a hard on and the front of my baggy jeans where standing out like a tent, it was like my head said one thing and my body was making a liar out of me.”Wow Matt” she said stepping forward again and starting to slowly stroke me through my jeans.The stroking felt so good I was just unable to pull away although that was what I thought I ought to be doing for now but I was rooted to the spot. My penis grew even more and felt it was trying to break out of my jeans with her every touch.”Come on, I’ve a real good place for that” as she said grabbing my hand.Wendy dragged me up the stairs. Still in a slightly confused state at what had just happened a few minutes earlier in the kitchen I followed her into her bedroom, a small room with a single bed up against one wall and a mass of clothes, CD’s and magazines s**ttered untidily all around the room.”Not much time for preliminaries I’m afraid, we need to be cleaned up and out of here well before mum gets back . . . “she said as she pulled her t-shirt off over her head.My eyes nearly popped out as she then unhooked her bra to reveal the first pair of breasts I had ever seen in real life – they where incredible and I couldn’t take my eyes of them as bounced and wobbled as she moved around the room clearing clothes and other things off the small bed.I have to admit this was not how I thought it would be, I imagined losing my virginity would happen with a girlfriend who I was in a relationship with and that it would be a beautiful exciting moment, naive and romantic thoughts I admit, especially for a young boy but that was my thinking. Now here I was with my sister’s rather plump friend who I didn’t really fancy and about to actually “do it”. . . the strange thing was my penis was not thinking the same thing at all, it was as hard as an iron bar and ready.”Sorry but you are going to have a wear a rubber . . .” she said as she fumbled in escort balıkesir the draw of the small bedside cabinet.She then handed me a small packet, I recognised the blue Durex logo on it but it was the first time I had actually seen a condom or packet of condoms in the flesh as it were.She obviously saw the perplexed look upon my face . . . I had already discarded my jeans and was standing there in just my boxers and t-shirt, she snatched the small packet back from my hand.”Come here I’ll do it” she said rather impatiently.She pulled down by boxers, causing my penis to spring out in front of her, then with one deft movement she expelled the air from the end of the condom and unrolled the thin rubber all the way down my whole erect length. I remember thinking she must have done this before. Although I had seen condoms before I had never ever had worn one or seen what one looked like on, I am not quite certain what I was expecting but I thought for some reason the rubber would be much thicker, a little like the rubber gloves my mum wore for washing up. A totally absurd thought but I guess it shows by complete lack of knowledge and experiences with all things sexual. The pale pink rubber clung and moulded it’s self to me as I looked fascinated as by encased penis gently throbbed and bobbing about in front of me.As I stood there transfixed as I watched Wendy hook her fingers into her knickers and ease them down over her hips then finally step out of them.”Come on we don’t have much time . . . do me doggie style” she said turning her back me and kneeling on the bed.Even though I was full of doubts and nervous as hell I stepped out of my boxers which were now around my ankles, moved forward and climbed on the bed. My rubber clad penis waved around in front of me, until I came to rest against Wendy’s ample arse, I pushed my penis down between her legs searching for the right place to gain entry.After a lot of fumbling I was close to giving up in frustration and embarrassment, this was clearly a very bad idea and I was just making a complete idiot of myself. I pushed and prodded but to no avail. . .”This is just not working Wendy, I just can’t . . .””Just relax babe, here let me help” she said as she reached down and took a firm hold of my penis.I felt her point the head a little further down and then rub it backwards and forwards along what felt like a wet groove, I groaned as I felt the heat even through the condom.”Ohhhhhh yeah babe, think we’re ready . . . that’s the spot, now just ease it in slowly ok?”I put both hands on her arse to steady myself then slowly pushed forward as I felt here release her grip on my penis. Yet again somehow I missed the mark, my penis just seemed to sk** and slid on the wetness but not go in, how hard can this be I thought, clearly for me very hard.”You see I can’t do this, it’s not going to work””For fucks sake Matt, just relax, here. . .”With that she took my penis in her hand again and wiggled backwards all the time holding my penis steady, suddenly although I could see nothing I felt the head slip in somewhere warm.”That’s it, you’re in, now go slow but push all the way in” she guided.I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was not prepared for such a wonderful feeling – slippery, warm but most of all a feeling of snugness like a glove, almost as though this place had balıkesir escort bayan been made perfectly to fit my penis. As I pushed forward it was as if her vagina was opening to let me in then closing around me to grip me.”Oh fuck Matt, yeah . . . That’s it babe push that cock in there and fuck me good”I guess I must have hesitated a little after that, probably suffering from sensation overload and perhaps also a bit surprised by Wendy’s rather graphic language. . .”Are you OK?. . . come on push it in and out, fuck me and make it feel good babe”Still in a slight trance I looked down as I withdrew for the first time to see the tight rubber glistening with a slick even coating of Wendy’s juices. Apart from the incredible feelings at that moment it was also visual stimulation that sent my mind into a delightful spin – “Oh my God look at that I’m really doing it” I thought to myself.I did as Wendy said, and it felt more than good, it felt incredible as I slid back in her tight vagina, I felt her push aback on me to meet me as I pushed in, the feelings of pleasure were sheer bliss. It was no longer important whether I fancied her or not I just knew this was the best thing ever and I never wanted this to end, the physical pleasure was just beyond compare.Holding tightly onto Wendy’s arse I now started to rhythmically but very slowly start to pump in and out, with every in thrust Wendy pushed back to meet me. With my nerves now a distant memory the waves of pleasure began to wash over me with every thrust. The small bed was beginning to rhythmically creak and Wendy was beginning to moan with our every movement.Steadily with deliberate movements I continued and at the same time savouring the delicious sight of Wendy’s tight vagina gripping my length with every in and out movement.I was still trying to take things slow, I’m not really sure why, maybe because I was uncertain how this was supposed to go but Wendy was now starting to urge me to speed up. . .”Ahhhhhhhh yesssssssss – come on, come on do it faster and make me cum”One thing I was beginning to realise was that any increase in speed would mean I wouldn’t be able to hold on long before cumming, most probably before Wendy, as the intensity of the sensations seemed to be building fast. This was not like wanking, this was way more intense.”Come on Matt, pleeeessssse fuck me faster . . . “I started pushing in and out faster and faster, not only was the bed now creaking but the room was filled with the sound on flesh slapping against flesh and moaning.I was now fast losing what control I had and was starting to u*********sly moan myself, my hips seemly taking on a life of their own as the intense sensations in my penis began to spiral out of control way beyond anything I had ever experienced. I am sure it was in my mind but my penis seemed to be growing bigger or Wendy was gripping it more tightly, my whole being seemed centred on the incredible sensations emanating from my penis.Then in an instance it happened. . .”Ohhhhhhhh God Wendy it’s so good . . . I can’t stop it, I’m cumming ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!”Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck Matt, fuck me!, fuck me!, fuck me “” she screamed.At that moment I think I must have seen stars and nearly passed out as I felt my penis spasm again and again then erupt and start spurting spurt after spurt into the condom.Wendy slumped forward on the bed and I fell back panting for air only just remembering to stop the now very full condom slipping off before doing so.A moment later there was a noise from downstairs that brought us both back to reality with a bump.”Hi Wendy, are you up there? – I’m home!”

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