Niagara (continued)

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Niagara (continued)Chapter 4.Girl sat between us in a private corner table. Henri ordered for us which ruined my plan to order the aforementioned cheeseburger and fries. I began to mellow out quite nicely once the champagne started flowing. Henri seemed to be making an effort to include me, at least a little more effort. I’m not very good at holding my alcohol. I don’t get mean, nor sick, but, I do get sleepy and (reflective?). Katie though likes to party and she appreciates good wine. And this champagne was delectable.We were half way thru dinner and well into our second bottle of the bubbly when I decided to let the evening takes it’s natural course-let this man have Katie and me for that matter. Not me in a physical sense, no, but, mentally, yes. That would be a necessity, or, it could and would never work. At least one of us would end up unhappy if I didn’t cede control to this fellow and go along to the end. The alcohol made my capitulation vastly easier. I made my surrender in like a split second, perhaps less. They served a crème Brule that I’ll take to my grave. It was beyond anything imaginable. I wanted to order one to go, but, Katie told me if I did I’d walk back to Ohio with it. Henri got quite a kick out of that tête-à-tête.After we finished our dessert and were enjoying our coffee Henri drained the last of 3 bottles among us then presented a toast, the most intimate of the evening. I was included but he spoke directly to my wife.”Mademoiselle,,,,,,Monsieur, to an infinies nuit, infinies. Amour trois, qui?”I immediately recognized “trois” from my large Penthouse Magazine Letters section collection. I could not wait.He touched my glass first then interlaced his goblet with hers. I know it’s crazy but I found the moment–the act exceedingly romantic if for no other reason than my right hand & Girl’s left were clutched tightly the entire sequence.She’d never taken her eyes from his.Chapter 5.As the elevator doors finally & mercifully closed on just our trois Girl broke from my tight embrace behind her-crossed the space between us-and fell into Henri’s open arms. They engaged in a kiss that immediately crossed into his people’s christened name. I fell back against the elevator car wall, my head began to spin at a slow, deliberate gait. We’d never kissed like that. She’d never cared much for French kissing to be honest, so I hadn’t pressed the act during our relationship. “Christ.” I lightly hissed.She was on tiptoes when he cupped her bottom cheeks thru the light fabric of her mini dress. ‘Don’t draw that up, she’s naked up under there, bud.’ Unfortunately, or, fortunately Henri could not read minds and he drew it up. Girl’s perfectly round & pink ass, cut judiciously canlı bahis by a divide that God had created on his best day was a genuine American masterpiece framed by sheer black nylons and a garter belt as wicked as the nuit we were ascending to.”Ohhhhhhhhh………” I couldn’t help myself.Henri traced, with the very tip his own right index finger the surface of that crevice from below and close to where I’d earlier marinated my own index finger to the apex where twin dimples I’d committed to memory on prom night nearly a decade earlier had sealed my heart. Their kiss went on.He loitered then with his index fingers my find, those twin dimples, his opposing thumbs keeping the dress at bay and away from one of God’s miracles on earth.”Grrrrrrrrr………” I couldn’t help myself, He is my witness.In response Girl sustained her left tip toe, but, bent her right leg at the knee, her 3 inch heel pointing at me—with a purpose? Their kiss went on.He stopped fiddling with my dimples and pointed at me. Well, not at me, but, the elevator doors. ‘Christ, we hadn’t even budged.’ Then the finger pointed skyward.”Up?” My voice sounded like Katie’s.His hand sliced the air, then pointed skyward again.”All the way?” My voice sounded like Katie’s.He hand sliced the air, then took station at the edge of her left cheek. The finger tips of his left hand were poised along the edge of Girl’s right cheek. ‘Uh, uh, I don’t believe I can stand this, Henri. Please?’ I mashed the lone button. Against my better judgment and unspoken plea the Frenchman divided before my very eyes living proof that God walks this earth.The car initiated it’s ascent……their kiss went on.Chapter 6.We came to a stop, but, the doors stayed closed. As he ended their endless kiss Girl immediately dropped to her knees and grasped for his belt buckle.He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a key ring.”In the compartment, merci, Cully.” His voice genuine and caring for the first time since he began bumping into us at Tussauds. He nodded to his right and tossed me the key ring. I muffed the catch, of course, bent, picked it up and opened the compartment door. As I pushed the thick solid rod into the hole I heard behind me somebody’s belt being unbuckled, a zipper being pulled, and pants dropping heavily to the elevator car floor. I twisted the rod home and the elevator doors divided at once.I caught just a sliver of a glimpse of colored lights dancing over the cataracts before I twisted back around.We’d never kissed like that. She’d never cared much for French kis…..Wrong “never” confession. Sorry. She’d never performed oral sex on me, well very rarely. Like once in a blue moon. She’d never cared much bahis siteleri for oral sex to be honest, so I hadn’t pressed the act dur….oh, you know the rest of the drill by now.Girl quickly drew Henri’s white boxers down to his knees, his modestly sized cock standing straight out, it’s natural curvature-of course-you guessed it-pointed at me. As I watched my wife swallow this man’s meat I praised my foresight for buying her that 3 year subscription to “Cosmopolitan” Magazine for Christmas 2 years prior. ‘Bless you, Helen..Gurly..Brown.’Katie had both hands busy with Henri’s scrotum, her mouth full of French dip.”Mon ange…mon amour.” He’d went up on the edge of his heels. ‘Oh, Christ.'”Katie.” I kept my pitch noncommittal. And quite frankly I was indeed such.She’d not moved her head, just let his meat age in her humidor as she tugged and squeezed his bag. How he held fire was beyond me.I wanted to pull her away, but, I didn’t want to make a mistake. Henri stepped into the breach.”Mon bebe, mon amour. Arreter, cheri, mon cheri, arreter.”Katie let his cock fall from her mouth, her breathing now coming in great gasps.”Take her, Cully. The boudoir left-then right. Merci, Cully. Cheri, prochainement.” He assisted Girl to her feet, their eyes locked, their breathing labored, he kissed both her cheeks then beckoned me forward with but a nod. I too was under this man’s spell.I instantly obeyed. Chapter 7.”C’mon, baby. C’mon, Katie-Girl.” I tried to lead her away, but, she wouldn’t break eye contact with Henri. She was completely out of it. The combination of the champagne and his presence had her near catatonia.He leaned forward and softly whispered in French close to her right ear.She quickly countered: “Veuillez faire l’amour pour moi. Moi, Henri?””Qui, mademoiselle. Prochainement, cheri. Bebe.” Again he nodded toward me. “Cully.””Prochainement, vous promesse?””Qui, cheri, je promets. Cully, you’ll need to carry her,,,,now. Merci.”I’d do anything this man told me to do. I too had become captivated. I scooped Katie up in my arms. She was light as a feather.”Non, seulement avec yous.” Her voice adamant.”Qui bebe. Prochainement. Left and all the way down then right, Cully. Merci.”I felt like I watching an X-rated Twilight Zone episode without sub titles. He kissed her hand and brushed her cheek ever so tenderly then dismissed us with his eyes.As we turned left out of the elevator car she quickly turned her face to my chest. She was hiding. I caught a better look at the cataracts. They were incredible. The entire wall was composed of floor to ceiling windows. I was stunned but kept moving. We finally reached the end of the hallway and turned in to the bedroom. The curtains bahis şirketleri had been opened, the view sustained into the bedroom as well.”Katie, you need to see this, baby.”I carried her to the windows. “Look sweetheart.””No, I want to see it with Henri. Set me down, Cully, now!” She wasn’t as catatonic as I’d assumed. I complied. She smoothed her dress down and faced me. The lights were on, but, there wasn’t anyone home.”Katie, get control of yourself.” I made a move to bring her to me.”No, I want Henri.” She backed away toward the bedroom door. I froze in place. Katie could be quite unmanageable when she made up her mind to be. And she’d made up her mind to be.”I’m going in here until Henri returns. Knock on the door when he arrives. And not until. Promise me, Cully.” She stepped into what turned out to be the bathroom.”I pro……She slammed the door in my face and threw the lock……mise. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck me.” Chapter 8.A couple minutes later I heard what I was positive was the shower running in there. ‘Maybe that will cool her off.’ I returned to my viewpoint over the horseshoe. If it all went to Hell from this point on at least I got to see this. “Ah, Cully, enjoying a wonder of our world.” Henri had returned. He was carrying a tray with an ice bucket holding a bottle of wine.”Where is your beautiful wife, Cully?”I motioned to the bathroom area.”Getting wet I see. Ah, such a beautiful c***d.” He popped the cork and poured forth three flutes. Then handed one to me and took another for himself. “To Canada and to your sovereign, Cully. May we shoulder-to-shoulder till there are no more tomorrows.” We touched glasses.”Viva la France, Henri. Viva la France.””Viva la France, Cully”……He covered his heart with his right hand……”You are living proof that youth is not wasted upon the young.”We touched glasses.He’d donned a satin robe that covered him to mid thigh.””Pardon, Cully, do you like men?” He was blunt. And I liked blunt men and women.”No, Henri.” I was blunt.”En suspens! That means outstanding, Cully. Neither do I.”We stood in silence for a bit enjoying the champagne and the cataracts before Henri spoke once again.”If you give her to me tonight…I promise to give her back tomorrow, if tomorrow ever comes.””What?” Though I’d heard him plainly.”Do you trust me, Cully?””I really don’t know you, Henri. We met but a few hours ago.””Do you have faith, Cully?””In whom?””Man.””Yes, some men, my father for instance.””Ahhhhhh, I see. Have faith in me. Let me be your father tonight, your papa. Do you understand, Cully?””You won’t harm her?”Henri shook his head. “Je promets.””You’ll give her back sometime before there are no more tomorrows?” I smiled as we met eye.He chuckled and once more laid his hand across his heart. “Je promets.”The shower ceased—The faint white noise it provided gone in an instant—The silence deafening now.”Do you trust me, my son?””Qui, papa.” I’d hesitated nary a beat.

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