Not As Bad As I Feared

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Not As Bad As I FearedNot As Bad As I FearedWe joined a “swingers club” a few months ago. I do not think either of us thought it would happen, especially me, that we would have sex while others watched but last night it did.We were supposed to meet a “friend” at the pool hall for drinks and see what happen from there — but for what ever reason he did not show. Hubby and I both think it was a miscommunication but none the less we were not too disappointed. Auggie asked me if I wanted to go to the “club” and use a room, I told him I didn’t care as long as I was with him.The past few times we have went, I have been a bit apprehensive with the things that go on in there out in the open. But to both of our surprise, last night seemed to be different. I felt comfy — as if we were the only people there. We arrived, paid our entry fee and went into the bar area, found a table and sat down.The place was busier than it had been on previous nights, but yet the only person I saw was my husband. We talked for a bit, listened to the DJ and then went outside for Auggie to smoke. There were a couple of guys out there chatting — the introduced themselves, made some small talk, then went inside. Auggie finished his smoke then we too went back in, but instead of going back to the same table we had before, I lead him to a little sofa area.We sat down and watched pieces of an old Burlesque show, then we kissed…. not a peck…. but a passionate, loving kiss. At that point, I once again felt that we were all alone — as if we were in our own living room — and that was all it took. Auggie laid me down on the sofa …. kissing me and slowly sliding his hand up my dress to feel the heat and wetness he was looking for. We gazed into each others eyes as we kissed and I saw that wonderful look on his face…. the one that he gets when we are about to have hot and passionate sex.I knew in the back of my mind that there were people everywhere, two couples at a table talking less than 5 feet from us, as well as an entire bar full of others (most within viewing distance) but I did not see karşıyaka escort or hear them. I watched my hubby slide down to my most intimate area and felt his hands and mouth begin to do all those things that he does so well.I closed my eyes and began enjoying the pleasure he was giving me. I was still aware of the people who may be watching (I held onto my dress allowing only hubby access to see) but did not care that they knew. After he suckled my clit and fingered me for a bit, he stood up… I looked at him and he knew it was not over.I stood and kissed him then pushed him back down onto the sofa, I straddled him while lifting my dress to position it better. We kissed as I rubbed his rod through his jeans and he rubbed my bare clit. I had warned him that he would end up with a wet spot if he did not stop — knowing that he did not or would not care. I came, just enough to moisten his hand and giggled that I had warned him. Next thing I know — we have his jeans unzipped and pulled down and I can feel his hard shaft rubbing on my mound as I moved against him. I reached down to touch him but instead I slid a finger inside myself and offered it to him. He sucked my honey off of my fingers, than I reached down and guided his shaft inside of me.There was that look once more, that look of indescribable, pure love. He let out a sigh while sucking in a sharp breathe when he penetrated my honey pot…. God I love hearing that sound! I rode him right there in front of everyone… and did not care if anyone was watching yet alone know if they were.I knew the eroticness of this would intensify our lovemaking and that it would drive both of us to climax much quicker than normal. After a while, I really do not know how long, we both gave into our pleasure and the fluids flowed as we both came and allowed those a****listic sounds to escape from our mouths as we once again kissed so passionately. I gazed into his eyes and we both smiled as he told me I had to clean the mess I made on him. I slid off of him — careful not to expose myself or him — and licked and escort karşıyaka suckled his cock of our sweet juices that had entwined and coated him.When I had finished, I stood so he could pull up his jeans… he pulled them up as I sat back down on the sofa, then he dropped to his knees and devoured me… licking and sucking every drop that he could out of me as well as what was on me.I felt my head fall back onto the headrest of the sofa, my eyes roll back in ecstasy and gushed — forcing not only a fresh load of my nectar but our love cocktail that was still within me. He consumed every drop, gave me one final flick of his tongue and the raised up and kissed me — allowing me to lick the remaining juice off his chin and lips.We composed ourselves and that was when I realized that we must have put on quite a show for everyone but I did not care. He excused himself for a moment leaving me basking in the passion and love I felt for him. There I sat on the sofa, now totally aware of all the people whoI am now very sure watched everything, and regained my “lady like” composure.Just then I see the owner of the club begin to approach me, we exchange our Hello’s and he compliment me on how beautiful I look sitting on the sofa with my dress flowed around me and my legs bent to the side covered by my dress. I thank him and he walks away as Auggie returns.Hubby tells me he needs a smoke and we stand to go outside. As we are walking past the crowd, I feel as if all eyes are on us … it may have been my imagination — I really do not know. We go out, make small talk with a few people then reenter the club. We decided to get a room to continue our sexual escapade only to find out that they have changed a few things since the last time we had been there. Instead of having a private hotel room – they now have a community “play room”.One of the workers show us where it is and the three of us chat a bit and he leaves. We decide to have a go on the top mattress (like playing king of the hill) — we are all alone, climb to the top and begin to kiss, I grab for my karşıyaka escort bayan loves cock and know that he is wanting it sucked. I have no problem lowering my head to pleasure him but of course just as I begin, here comes Rick to comment that we are the first to use the new play area, he watches for a moment then walks on.As I continue, I can hear others enter the area (3 or 4 other couples), but none of care. They begin their own fun as a group on the lower levels, and there we still are on the top level as if we are the cake topper of a wedding cake. Auggie slide down between my legs once again, eating me out like a starving man who has just gotten his first hot meal in weeks. I lay there, moaning, writhing in ecstasy and cumming in his mouth — he does not miss a drop of my love juice. He removes his jeans and rolls me over to take me “doggy style” and I am more than happy to allow this. I can feel eyes upon us and hear muffled voices but I do not care. He begins to pound me from behind and I can feel the climax approaching, just then he pulls my hair to raise my head, as if to show everyone who it is that he is pleasuring, but I do not care who see me. My eyes are closed and I am enjoying the moment just as he shoots his load deep inside of me with one final thrust.Oh the feeling of his cum shooting deep inside of me!! He pulls out and lays beside me for a second — telling me he needs some water. But I am not done yet…. I want to clean our cocktail from his shaft. I lick and suck off our combined juices — opening my eyes for but a mere second to see everyone else has finished and dressed as we continue. One of the guys say Hi (we had met a few weeks ago) and waves as I am suckling my hubby but just close my eyes again and finish the job at hand.When all is done, we get our jackets and shoes so hubby can go have a smoke. We then decide it is getting late and we should head for home since I have to work Sundays. As we are leaving, the man who showed us the play area tells us that we “got the ball rolling” — we chatted that we did enjoy it but did not care for the “rubber necker” who gathered for the show. He laughs and says “Well, if it matters, I heard nothing but good comments”” which of course embarrassed me and flattered hubby as we walked out the door.Would we do it again??? I guess we will see…

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