OHGIRL’s College Date

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OHGIRL’s College DateI was lying on my stomach across a black pleather bean bag chair, my lips wrapped around Jason’s cock, as he sat on the floor in front of me, with the front of his pants undone and his legs spread. My bra had been torn off earlier by his other 3 roommates and one of them was currently pulling my thong out of the way while he fucked me from behind. I was grunting with each stroke as my ass pointed into the air, making access to my wet pussy easily available. I’m not sure if it was Jacob, James or Justin, but I was positive that each one of them had taken a turn stuffing my cunt with their hard white cocks. I had met Jason in one of my math classes on Campus. We had talked and he had told me that he recognized me from a frat party at which I had performed well over a year ago. Apparently he was just a freshman at the time, so he wasn’t allowed to take part in any of the upper classman activities while he was joining the fraternity. He asked me if I still danced and I told him yes and gave him a guest card for free admission to the club. He showed up one night and he purchased a few lap dances before he said goodbye and that he would see me in class. A week later he asked me out for drinks after class and I decided that it would be fun to relax one night and enjoy myself with someone my own age. I met him at a famous bar on the campus strip, that has since burned down years before, called Papa Joes. We had fun listening to music and I actually had quite a few drinks. We left for another nightclub to meet his three roommates. Jason had told me that all of their names started with the letter “J” and that they called themselves the “Four J’s”. They were part of a lip sync group that impersonated a famous boy band at that time and they often performed at the club. I was introduced to them and they performed later in the evening when the DJ played one of their songs. We had a lot of fun and decided to go back to their dorm room, at the Frat house, to continue our little party. I finally had enough hours to become a sophomore and had been taking classes part time for nearly two years as I paid my way through school as a stripper and escort. I could have quit after my first year and went to school full time, since I had made more than enough money to take care of myself, but I enjoyed the perks of my lifestyle. I had just turned 20 three weeks prior and had been in this business for over a year and a half, so in my mind, I had quite a few productive years in front of me. Jason and his friends were all Juniors and it was nice to have a night off and still have fun with a bunch of fellow students. They were all attractive young white guys and even though I was Jason’s date, we all flirted around as they started a drinking game when we got back to their room. Try as I might, I never did manage to figure aksaray escort bayan out how to bounce the quarter in a cup and spent a lot of time drinking more alcohol that they each passed my way. I couldn’t drink anymore and was barely able to stand up when they changed the rules to stripping after each missed flip of the coin. It took two minutes before I was wearing only my thong underwear in front of all four of them. They had eagerly helped me out of my dress and all of their hands had taken part in tearing my bra off. I was running out of game options, so I drunkenly volunteered to give a blow job to the next guy who bounced his quarter into my cup. Jason made it on his first try and I fell onto the bean bag chair as I knelt down to blow him. I had been sucking Jason’s long cock for only a few minutes when I felt the hands of the other three roommates tugging at my underwear. Apparently they couldn’t pull my thong down, so the first person just pulled them aside and slid his pole into me. One of the guys turned off the lights and the room was lit by only a small nighlight plugged above one of their desks. I looked behind me on a couple of occasions, but I couldn’t see which of the other three guys were fucking me. Jason eventually let Jacob replace him and I felt him lean over and moan into my ear as he shoved his stiff shaft into me. He was pumping me really good, as I sucked on Jacob’s hard, pussy soaked dick, and I was groaning louder with each thrust. The “Four J’s” continued to take turns in my pussy and mouth when I heard a knock on the door. Light poured into the room as the door opened part way and I heard some whispering. Two of the other frat members were wondering what was going on and one of the four said that they had a drunk girl in the room. “Let us watch” one of them demanded and the door closed again as the shuffling of their feet brought their shadows within view. I was pretty drunk and hadn’t expected to be having sex with anyone but Jason tonight. Since I had begun selling myself for sex almost two years ago, I never gave sex a second thought when I was with a man. It was very comfortable for me to sleep with someone I had just met and even though I rarely went on dates with guys my age, whom weren’t paying me to do so, I always ended up having sex on my first date and any date that may have followed. Almost all of the men I had ever met, since I had become a stripper, had paid me and the few times that they didn’t, I felt no need to be a prude. I knew from the time Jason had asked me out that I would at least give him a blow job this night, but now I was entertaining not only him, but his three friends. Jason pulled his cock from my pussy and I saw Justin’s face as he rolled me onto my back and spread my legs. I was just allowing them to have their way with me, aksaray escort my body rolling and moving with their guidance. Justin tried to pull aside my panties again, but they kept getting in the way. Another pair of hands reached down to help him while he pulled on them with more force and I heard them tear as the fabric ripped and they were tossed into the darkness. My head was turned and another cock found its way into my mouth. I began sucking it while Justin finally slid into me with ease. The bean bag chair had melded to fit me, as I laid there on my back being fucked, and all I could do was look up and watch their faces while they each took their turn pumping my worn out twat or stuffing my mouth with their long cocks. Two other unknown faces joined the fray while I laid there with my legs spread, their arms holding them above me as they thrust their hips back and forth between my spread legs. James flooded my mouth with a warm blast of his hot cum as he moan out loud and I swallowed him quickly before he was replaced by someone else. One of their unknown guests came in my mouth next and then Jacob filled my pussy with his seed. Jason returned me to my knees, as I laid across the bean bag chair once again, and fucked me from behind before he erupted in my cum filled vagina. Another of their frat friends blew a load in my mouth while I was sucking him and he rapidly stroked his cock in my mouth to get the last drops of his thick jizz pumped from his cock. The door opened to the room again as some of the guys left, but another two cocks joined in and hung in front of me as Jacob fucked me from behind and I sucked on Justin’s swollen knob. More sounds from the hallway and a mass of movement made me realize that more of the frat house had awoken to the loud sounds of fucking from the “four J’s “ room. I hadn’t been entirely quiet while I was getting fucked and the guys had all been fairly loud as they drunkenly shared me between them. Justin held onto my head as his cock throbbed in my mouth, unleashing a huge streams of warmth onto the back of my throat. Years of practice kept me from gagging as I sucked him dry and then pushed back against Jacob’s cock as he shoved it deeply into me and began to ejaculate. Someone grabbed my hair and another hard cock filled my mouth. I began sucking instinctively while someone else easily pushed their hard organ into me from behind. Some pushing and yelling began to ensue as the alcohol and testosterone began to mix in the room. The lights came back on and I saw that the room was full as I was once again flipped over and laid on my back. My head hung over the side of the squishy bag as each of my legs were held up by a different guy. Some one knelt next to my head and guided their tool into my mouth and then an onslaught of hands began to rub, touch and escort aksaray squeeze my breasts as more of the frat boys began to take turns fucking me. I lost track of who came and went and all of the early morning became a blur, as one after another, the guys who had joined the gangbang filled my pussy and mouth with their huge loads of cum. Back and forth I was rolled from my knees to my back as each guy took their turn and fucked me in his desired position or placed their cocks between my lips to suck. As the crowd began to dwindle, someone balked at fucking my spunk filled hole and easily slid their cock into my ass, using the cum that had run down my crack as a lubricant. A few others followed suit and soon my ass was filled with sticky liquid. The final two guys stood before me and I sat up on the bean bag chair and sucked them off before they left. Two sets of bunk beds lined each wall as I sat there for the first time taking in the room. Jacob and James were sleeping in their separate beds on one bunk, both passed out, and Jason and Justin were in the other, sitting on the lower bed and drinking a beer. I was completely naked and still feeling quite a buzz from the alcohol from that night. My hair was a mess and I looked around for my clothes but only saw my torn panties laying under a desk chair. The clock on the desk read 5 am and I was drained from the fucking I had just received. I sat there in the cum covered bean bag chair with dried and fresh cum all over me and still oozing from my well used holes. Jason smiled at me and apologized for how our little orgy had gotten out of control and he offered me one of his beers. I some how pulled myself up and joined them on the small bunk bed, sliding between them and opening the beer as I took a long swallow. I leaned back against the wall behind me and the cool bricks eased my tired body as I laughed at both of them sitting in their boxers with erections. I put the beer down and stuck a hand in each of the underwear and gripped their cocks, slowing stroking their shafts to an even harder form. “Maybe we should get in the shower and clean up and then we can discuss how we can all lock the door the next time.” I jokingly said. They both fucked me again as we stood under the warm flowing water in the shower stall and afterwards, I slid into my balled up and wrinkled dress, that we had found stuffed in the trash can. I hooked up with the “Four J’s” a couple of more times that semester and gained a really slutty reputation, as word quickly got around the fraternity and sorority circle. I never really knew who most of the guys were from the night that Jason’s fraternity had pulled a train on me, but it wasn’t important in the grand scheme of things. I had my fun on a handful of unpaid dates and got asked out on quite a few more, as I became more recognizable around campus. It did draw more college guys to the club to see me dance and eventually led to more paying gigs. I’m not positive, but I’m almost sure that a few of my future clients were a couple of the guys that fucked me during that drunken night out.

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