old tom part 2

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old tom part 2part one of this story was how I was introduced to my new dressing friend by an of chance meeting at another friends house who as I am aware at this time does not know of mine or old toms sexual preferances.As I ventured into the room to my right there was an airer on the left wall a dressing table just past that with various array of make up items, to the right as you go in there was a bed made up with an eiderdown over the top, but on the far away wall was a wardrobe which was the object of my desire I hope.On opening the wardrobe the items of female atire was fantastic with slips,knickers,bra`s,corsolette`s and corsets.Tom`s wife had been a little larger than me which was great as the items of clothing were I hope going to fit without me struggeling too much.The whole time which was about three to four min`s tom had been taking his trousers, shirt and socks off to show me and to admire himself in the mirror on the dressing table and was also peering over my shoulder to see the items he knew where there but to admire them as he does every time he looks at them.When faced with an array batman escort of clothing at face level and no one to find your tresure trove hidden in the garage its like being in a sweet shop and loads and loads of money to buy anything you want, I had a mixture of feelings both sexual and happiness and pre cum ouzing from my clitty inside my satin knicks i was wearing which i forgot I was wearing when I left home earlier.The invite from tom was still on my mind when he placed his hands on my shoulders and asked if i had every thing i needed for our kink as he put it, which I replied oh yes and more ? where do you keep your stockings.As tom went over to the other part of the wardrobe to my right to show where the stockings were kept I thought it was about time I showed him what i was wearing took of both my shoes and socks, jeans and shirt to stand there in satin gold knickers complete with wet patch on the front from pre cum.There were ff nylons hanging from hangers and new packets on the shelfs on the right with an assortment of wigs on the other shelves, tom turned to look at me and comented escort batman on my lovely satin knickers but threw on a satin dressing gown over his shoulders and said that he was going down stairs to make a cuppa and jion him down there when i am ready dressed or not.toms invitation was there if i wanted to accept it or just get dressed and leave and leave it there, but with so much of lovely lingerie and stockings and a safe enviorment to which indulge yes you have guesed it i stayed and adorned a corsolette ff nylons which were a little longer than the ones i had hidden in the garage as tom was longer in the leg than me, but better longer than too short and it looks rediculas as if wearing ladies lingerie on a medium built bloke was not.I applied red lipstick and a dark wig to my atire and put a wrap that was hanging inside the first wardrobe and ventured down stairs sheepeshly.Tom was in the living room as i peeked around the door to see that the curtains were not drawn and tea on the table beside an armchair across from toms, i mentioned the curtains but he replied that the nets were realy close batman escort bayan and it would look out of place to see the curtains drawn at this time of day, so i went over to the chair and sat down with half an eye on the window god knows what for as there was nothing i could have done if anything had happened.small talk was then started by tom like did i take sugar or not,when did i start to dress and what i liked when dressed and what items excited me most.Just being there dressed and talking at the moment was fine by me as emotions were running through me like an express train that any sexual feelings were suppressed at that moment well for now anyway, after chatting for what seemed like ages i remembered that her indoors was finishing shortly and i still had to get changed back to male atire and get home in time.tom mentioned that he had enjoyed relaxing in front of another dressed and would it be alright if i came over again another time and perhaps we could talk more or even just a tea over a biscuit and dressing together.I replied yes oh yes i will be back and that I had some movies he may like on dvd, he pointed to the dvd player and said that should be ok as its barely a year old.A time of next wedensday at 0930 as she is going to work at 0830 and no doubt i would have a few chores left by her and it was my day off also.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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