One Time In Tijuana

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One Time In TijuanaIt has been one year since I got deported from California, and since then I have been living in Tijuana. During this past year I have had so many experiences that I will never forget, especially one experience that I’m having right now. It all happened to me just last week. It began on November 18 around noon time when I was going to meet a guy outside a movie theater in a location called Zona Rio. After waiting for half an hour, I knew this guy was never going to show up on my blind date, so I decided to cruise around. Oh man, all over the place they were hot Mexicans walking around or just cruising with friends.When I decided to drive back to my house in my old car, I saw this fine pelon (I later found out his name was Raul). He was around 5’9”, light skinned, with tattoos, smooth chest, and with one little earring under his bottom lip. He was wearing blue basketball shorts and a white tank top. He was walking along the street when I stopped my car next to the road to ask him for directions. When I grabbed his attention, he approached the truck, and he gave me that mean look that tells you right away he doesn’t trust anyone. I asked him directions on how to get back to “Rosarito por la libre” (this is the old avenue where we don’t pay toll road). When he was giving me directions on how to get back, I was checking out his bulge, and I could see over the short that he had a big thick dick. After getting directions, I asked him what was he doing and he replied that he was on his way adapazarı escort to McDonalds to buy some food for him and his girlfriend who was waiting for inside the movie theater. I asked him if I gave him my phone number if he would call me later on to talk and kick it. He replied, “Simon ese” (of course homie), and he told me his name was Raul. All this happened on Saturday, and by Tuesday evening Raul called me around 6pm. He told me that he wanted to kick it, so we agreed on meeting. I was going to pick him up at this super market store. I got to the store and I was waiting for him for atleast 10-15 minutes when I saw him getting off the taxi. After talking with him for a couple of minutes outside my car, we decided to back to my house and kick it. Once we got into my house I asked him if he wanted to see any movies, and he told me put some pornos. Without delaying more, I put on a porn and with minutes Raul was hard as a rock. When I saw that he was hard, I asked him if I can see his dick, and he told me, “Porque lo quieres ver, cuando lo puedes mamar?” (Why do you want to see it, when you can suck it?)I quickly got on my knees, sucking this big brown uncut dick. His thick was fucking thick with a lot of foreskin. I sucked his pito good and fast,enjoying how hard and hot it was, and playing with those big gangster balls. It didn’t take long time before he busted a big load into my mouth. He moaned load and held onto my head as his cock spurted all its cum out. I sure sucked the cock until escort adapazarı the last drop. After this Raul took a quick shower, and I drove back him near his house. Before he got out of the car, Raul told me he was going to call me back later. Two days later, Raul called me and asked me if I wanted to kick it but he was going to bring along Daniel, one of his homies. To be honest I wasvery disappointed when he mentioned that his homie was coming along. But the disappointment didn’t last long time. When I met Daniel, I was pleasantly surprised, excited and a little horny. . Daniel is 6’1”, light skinned, bald, 100% gangster, with tattoos and the name of his barrio (gang) on his back written in big script letter. Later that night I also found out he has an amazing beautiful uncut dick. His dick was even bigger than Raul’s dick. So, to make a long story short, this fucker was a fine ass pelon. When we were in my car, driving back to my place, Raul and Daniel started talking shit aboutthe experiences they had while they were in prison….how their cell would suck their dicks in the middle of the night. When we got to my house, the first thing I did without asking them was to put on a porno. I did not know that my dream was about to come true of sucking two gangsters at the same time. While they were watching their straight porno movie, I was sitting by my deck looking at the BiLatinMen web site. Then Raul asks me if I can suck his dick while he watches the porn. Then Daniel told Raul that whatever adapazarı escort bayan happened there stayed there, and thatthey both knew that this was going to happen because that was one of the reasons they came to kick it. After getting from them a green light and reconfirming this, I sucked Raul and Daniel’s cocks. While I was sucking Raul, I was jacking off Daniel. After sucking Raul for 10 minutes, I felt a sweet warmcum running down my “garganta” (throat). Raul busted a nut without saying anything (that little fucker). After he came, he told me that he needed to go intothe restroom to clean himself. So I was alone with Daniel, sucking his big cock and playingwith those huge low hanging nuts. Daniel told me that he was not going to bust a nut because he didn’t want the cum to get it all over him. Right away I asked him to do it, and I promised him that he was not going to get any cum on his clothes. By then Raul was back in the room, and he was looking at us. Then Daniel told Raul to just wait a minute because he was almost ready to cum. Before I expected it, he came inside my mouth, and I sucked until the last drop. After this Daniel stood up in front of me and was teasing me, asking me if I still wanted the last drops coming out of his cock. Daniel’s pants and boxers were down around his knees, and he was grabbing his cock with his hand and swinging it all over in front of me. We joked around for a couple of minutes. Then I drove them back to they neighborhood. They told me they were coming back on Saturday. Since then I have sucked Raul and Daniel 2 times inthis past week. I’m glad that my fantasy is still alive and hopefully it lasts for a long time. Now Daniel is the one that calls me all the time, and the one that takes the initiative.

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