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only a game p2Legs on his shoulder bouncing on the bed a gagball in my mouth looking at him, in controll and strong , fucking his secret sissy boywe can ear his mom downstair making breakfastHer son powerfull cock pounding in me , taking away my pussy for his pleasureI never expected this to happen but last week end drunk and alone it just happenedNow he just fuck me whenever he wantsevery day of the week, during school break we drive to a safe spot and he fuck me full of cumhe unloaded in me , replaced my panty and kiss me”fuck i love your pussy, i needed this for a long time””you really love getting fuck its so cute when i cum in you ”kissing before going down to eat breakfast, her mom unaware of me in panty dripping cum , her son big load all in meshe leaves the place to do some errands and her son always ask me to be in panty around him getting my sweat pants off telling me he prefer to see me in cute pantywe finish eating and he wanted to go out shopping he had me ass up before leaving , plugging me with the toy he turn on before going outi felt so weak, at his side him showing me panties at wallmart whispering in my ears he want to buy me more cute stufffollowing him around him filling my basket with cute lingery , the bzzzzzz i my ass making me so shy He had me looking down the whole time waiting at the cashier, panty after panty scans ad the lady looking at us suspiciouslythe tinker bell little bikini in her hand my friend smilling at her he paid and she watch me follow him in silence , the bzzzzz she could ear was coming from me looking at my bubble but wondering if she is rightthe next stop was quick he left me in the car getting a bag he ordered from the sex shop ”i cant wait to see you try your new stuff”we got back to his place and he took me to the showeri let him place me ass up and he used nair strip to wax me off the small amount of hairs i hadcarefully making me all smooth, hairless his bbc getting awake he washed me in he mother shower gel, making me smell yalova escort good and skin smoothsit on his bed legs spread i watch him explain to me he wants me to cum like a girl”this will help you cum like one ”watching him lock me in a pink little chastity , taking the key and putting it away”wow i love this, you will always need to be fucked no more wanking your small cock””you need to be plugged and in panty for me always, now in cage you will only need my cock ”he sat down and ask me to parade in my new underwear he bought mei could feel my cage swing as i walk and started to try the pantypulling it over me , hidding my lil cage inside , bulge of my cage making him so happy to see how cuter it was”come here its so cute”getting groped over my new little panty, him rubbing his hands over my crotch holding my cage telling me i am a very good secret sissy locked in, him rubbing it the smooth panty caressing me just the right wayi started to want to suck his bbci felt sexy for him and felt like sucking cockstaying locked truly redirected my hornyess toward him ad his bbc”go try some more, i want to see them all ”i giggle away my lil cage clacking as i walk bouncing my ass for him to seei liked being a sissy in secret, it was becoming way too fungetting the panty down trying the new one”wow nice i bet you feel good in these””yes i do , thank you””good girl, you like being my secret girl?””its crazy but i do, i like being alone with you””me too, damn your ass so nice in panty, you gonna wear one evryday for me?””if you do i might want to fuck you more in that pink hole”i moan him pushing on my plugged ass”always put this in, you gotta be ready all the time you understand?””yesss i do””good girl, go try another one”i moved away and came back in a red string, my cage in the pouch like triangle frontmy little bulge swinging so cute he had me on my knees showing him how cute and well i fit i the string”so fucking cute, how do you feel ?””like yalova escort bayan sucking your cock mmmmm”and i moved toward head on his crotch kissing his bulge”you feel like kissing on my cock?”nodding on my knees my lil cage swinging in the panty pouch looking at him get it outso small and locked, horny lil sissy boyi kissed his cock moaning thanking him for my new cute panties”you so cute, i want to buy you more and make you into a real girl”mouth around his cock , getting turned into a sissy girl so horny but unable to wank like i used to i kept sucking like a mad horny lil sluthe was too horny , i was flip ass up doggy and fucked moaning my cage making clack clack clack on each trust” i dreamed of having a sissy before, i fucking love this, you love it its so cute””you like being my lil white girl ?””mmmm yes i do , i love your cock”he was making sweat love to my asshe pop in and out so much time he got me open like a prom bitch discoreving how good it feels in her pussyhe had to cum quick his mom back sooncumming again in me, everytime believing it was more than alright , wanting this more and more, cum in me smilling back at him calling me a cute white girl i stayed that night too, he should have gagged mouth me, he made me moan like a bitch around 2am before crashing to sleep the next morning we ate breakfast with his parentsjust like all the other times i thanks his mom before leaving the tablei knew something was wrong when he had to follow his mom to pickup some heavy stuff his dad ”not feeling ok”the second he told me he had things to do, i picked up my ”stuff” from his room and walked out wanting to go homehe left with heri was in the driveway”you are not going no where”his dad was out his big hand locking on the back of my neck”hey wait what you doing”pushing me by the neck back insideto his room, pushing me down ”so you like sucking the bbc sissy boy?””what ….”he pull my cloth off until i was in the cute panty on the floor looking escort yalova at him undresshis 9inch poping outi look at him call me a sissy who love cockspushing his cock on my face until he got it inside”there you go suck me sissy boy, i wont tell my son ive used his sissy ”he was strong and holding my head up for him to fucki gagged and look at him sliding in my mouthhe had way too much fun in my young mouth , making me suck his bbc he got out and i try to crawl away from him wanting to fuck mei endup being caught walking on all 4 ass up , unplugged him laughting at how his son teach me to wear a plug and a cage”this is why you walk around plugged in a cage take it up your sweat pink hole”fucking me hard with all of his 9 inch bbc, calling me a good sluthappy to see his son had such a good secret white sissy to train and fucki was filled by him, all of his cum pourring in me deep mixing with his son loadi felt used and weak him getting dress telling me to get the fuck outthe very next morning i had to txt my friend a liei was ass up in my bed his father fucking me when he txted he wanted my pussy, a picture of him hard in his bedhis father laught at his son picture on my fone”you are loving mine better, one day you wont need him anymore, i going to have you better than he could””i should thank him to have made you into my slut”i was moaning, he was a bit bigger and fucked me better tooi felt nice on his lap fitting him in me bouncing up kissed and called cindy his new barbie”you my barbie girl?””fuck yes daddy””you will think of my cock tonight whe he fucks you, i want you to wait till he asleep and go in the garage if you want my cock before you sleep”i tougfht he was crazy but he knew i would do itan hour of seeding my ass in the morning before his work later and i was cleaning his cock moaning i love how he fuck methat night his son dumped in me quick, like he used to do i waited near an hour before going in the garagehe joined me after earing me enter the garageass up taking him so easy , his son cum actring as lube”oh fuck cindy he prepared you just fine””mmmm you little slut gonna make me cum hard ”i kept quiet his bbc fucking me deep , loving it i was a slut for bbc and its all i care about

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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