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OPENING UPOpening Upbyjaybee©I couldn’t believe it – after 25 years of courtship, with twenty of those in wedded bliss, my wife was actually suggesting we see other people! Not just see, mind you, but to have affairs, as with the three-letter word involved. Oh, well, so much for being faithful, right?I am Steve, and I am a cool thirty-seven years old. My wife is the same age, but as a sideline, I should admit that she keeps in better shape. We’ve been friends since lower classes, and we actually went steady when we were just twelve. I know a lot of people think that’s too young, too immature an age to be thinking of such things. Fact of the matter is, we’ve been best friends and at that time, life was friendship, not sex. So by the time, we got around to ‘doing it’, we were actually making love to each other. (Admitted that it was at the back of a car, but for two people in love, it doesn’t matter.) And when May got pregnant, it was with love that I proposed to her – the k** was the catalyst, a bonus in our lives.With a sweet little baby girl in our arms, May and I went on our honeymoon. We named the little one after my late grandmother, Kezia. For the last twenty years, these two have been my world, my little planet.So why was my wife thinking of opening up our marriage?”Steve, I know marriage isn’t about sex alone, but it is a part of it. Quite frankly, don’t you think ours is a little too … soft, too easy?”Yep, that’s what twenty years of marriage had reduced making love every alternate day to – ‘soft’ and ‘easy.’ Granted, the excitement or anticipation of what sex held for us in the beginning had vanished, but wasn’t it too early to throw in the condom? We knew each other better than we knew ourselves. We knew each other’s bodies more than the other, we knew the needs before they were expressed, the words before they were spoken. She was right – the excitement had certainly been cut down by half. It was starting to be like watching reruns of old westerns; you wouldn’t want to, but when you do, you’ld be satisfied for the moment.”I – yes, honey.” That was me.”I know this is hard, but I think it’s better for the two of us if we see,” May paused before dropping the hammer, “Others. Think about it this way – we won’t get so bored with each other that we’ll end up separating, and we still manage to be together. Maybe just a fling or two – just to get that feeling of doing something naughty, like sneaking off or lying to each other about office hours.””So you just want a little cock and a lot of thrill?” I asked, unconvinced. Keep cool, I told myself, and keep it short.”More like a lot of cock and a little of thrill,” my life laughed at her own joke. My expression would have done a statue proud, and she quickly sobered up again. “I didn’t mean that! Maybe we should just forget the whole thing…” I could see that she was disappointed.”Look, sweetheart,” I began, reaching over and hugging her. “No matter what you do, I’ll always love you.””Me too.” May murmured as she melted into my embrace.”I know. And I have always respected your judgements – after all, you chose a fine man, ma’m.” As I ran my hands over her tummy, May giggled. “I also want you to know that you are ireeplaceable in my life. AND, I agree with you. We don’t have anything to look forward to in our sex except the afterglow, nowadays, right?””It’s not that you aren’t any good, Steve,” May interjected. “It’s just that we are too secure with each other.””I know what you mean. And I am not going to argue with you, I know you are right.” A silence spoke for ten seconds. “Alright, le us do it. You should be warned, however, that I have a lot of eligible females in my office.””And I have a lot of male colleagues, so shut up.” May laughed. “For God’s sakes, don’t start an orgy.””Only if you won’t,” I countered. “But there is no way I am going to let you marry anyone else.””Steve, I love you.””I love you too, May.””Kezia should never come to know of this, though.” I pondered this for a minute. “She’s a bright k**, and she will put two and two together. All we have to do is tell her it’s for the best, that it’s for the family. She might buy it.””In that case, telling her is your responsibility.”I groaned.When May wnet on an office trip to Baltimore with one of her colleagues, I was pretty sure she had started on her part of the deal. My heart wasn’t on the deal – an affair involved a lot more problems for a married man than for a married woman, accountability being one of them. It was too risky, I reasoned, for if I ever slept with a woman from work, she could sue me for harassment. With my luck, I would get a stranger pregnant on our night together and that would be the beginning of the end. Friends were too valuable to be risked. I decided then that I wasn’t going to cheat on my wife. To make her better, though, I would just pretend that I was seeing someone on the side…Kezia came home that evening. She was the perfect c***d, my second ‘girlfriend’, as I affectionately called her. She was beautiful, at 5″7′ and with a head, unlike that of her ageig father, full of dark healthy hair. Her face was extremely friendly, and although it was only with academic paternal interest, I noticed that she had an incredibly well-proportioned body. She was in college, living just a couple of blocks away at her own apartment. This was basically a formality that we had insisted upon – my girl had wanted to finish her college at home, but my wife and I held out that she needed to learn to be on her own. As far as I knew, she managed just fine by herself.I decided to make use of this opportunity of some time alone with her to explain the ‘strategy’ of her parents. On retrospect, I guess I was either warning her so that she wouldn’t freak out if she saw her mother and anybody else, or putting the blame on her mother so that she wouldn’t hold me responsible. Either way, I must say Kezia took it calmly.”So, what you are saying is that you are having affairs – you and mom – but you are not going to get a divorce, right?” Kezia summed it up.”No,” I hastily corrected. “Your mother is having an affair. With my support, of course. As I told you, I have neither the interest nor the quest for adventure of seeking uncharted territories.”Kezia smiled, and that smile is one of the few reasons I hadn’t looked outside my house for comfort. “You are so sweet, Daddy!” she said in a c***dlike voice, one that she knew I adored. “When you should be out shooting Mom’s boyfriends with a shotgun, you are sitting here twiddling your thumbs. What you need, my man, is a hot woman, not the tele. What say you and I hit the singles bar tonight?” I launched a mock-punch at her, which bayraklı escort she easily dodged.However, as she moved away from my fist, her toe stubbed on the leg of the sofa. It knocked her off balance and she fell right into my arms. In spite of the pain she must’ve been feeling, Kezia cracked one of her trademark lines. “My hero,” she purred in a romantic voice.Both of us laughed. “Looks like I’ve got myself a mighty damn fine lady tonight,” I said as I gingerly lifted her toe to my gaze. “How should I make use aw her now?”My hillbilly accent was taking Kezia’s mind off the pain. Her toe was badly stubbed, swollen to almost twice its normal size. I circled it with my thumb and index finger, and gently ran the hoop over the swell. Kezia was still in my lap – well, sort of, for her ass was on the sofa but she had her legs slung over mine. As I gently moved over her toe, Kezia gave a small moan. The reaction took me by surprise, which was not missed by Kezia. An embarassed look flushed her face.”Sorry, Dad, it’s just that,” she explained reluctantly, “I have a foot fetish. I mean, my feet seem to be one of my most excitable organs in my body.” I wanted to assure her that it was nothing to be ashamed of, when my gaze fell on her sweater. Even through the light woollen material, her erect nipples were poking through. She must be having ultra-sensitive toes, I thought absently as I massaged her injury. For some reason, I kept looking at the swell of her breasts for a couple of seconds more than would be deemed appropriate. It took an “Ahem!” from my daughter for me to focus on her face again.”See anything interesting in the scenery, Daddy?” she asked naughtily. Thankfully, my fingers found one of her spots and I was saved from the ignominy of answering her. Or so I thought. “Ohh, Daddy, it feels so good!” Kezia exclaimed.Five seconds passed. “You still haven’t answered my question, Daddy.”So much for praying. “Don’t be obscene, Kez, darling. Daddy was looking at the carpet.””Yeah, sure,” she snorted. Another tug on her toe. Another moan. Another question. “Does it bother you that I get so easily excited?” in a more serious tone.”As a father, I should be. I mean, look at it this way – all anyone has to do to get inside your pants is just to tease your foot, and voila! I don’t even want to think about the times when you go to the shoe-shop.””Aw, come on, Dad, I ain’t that bad, you know. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be just talking, we would be rolling over each other. Man, what some fathers think of their perfectly harmless daughters!”I couldn’t suppress my laughter anymore, and Kezia joined me. A disturbing thought hit me at that moment – when Kezia had made that remark about me and her ‘rolling over’ my overactive imagination provided me with a picture of the two of us, in that position. Now that damn thing wouldn’t leave my mind.Neither of us spoke for about five minutes, save for a few moans by Kezia that only heightened my arousal. I couldn’t even accept it – a hard ‘un just because my daughter had made a few sexual innuendoes? Sick!When the swelling had finally gone down, Kezia moved her legs away in one smooth motion and hugged me. “Thanks, Daddy,” she cooed. “That was the best foot massage anyone has ever given me.””Even better than the ones your boyfriends give you before the nookies?” I couldn’t resist making that chheky remark.”Daddy!” Kezia exclaimed. Then in a lower, conspiratorial tone, she added, “Between you and me, YEAH! But don’t say this to anyone of my friends. If you do, I’ll -“”You will do nothing!” I challenged.”Oh really! We will see about that!” Before I had even had a chance to say something, Kezia was kissing me, her father, with all her force. Her lips were mashed against mine and her teeth started to examine my gum-line. There was a fleeting moment of responsibility before I gave in to the demand of the moment – I opened my mouth and allowed my tongue to venture out. Kezia’s immediately attacked mine with a passion I hadn’t known for a long time. Even as I shut out all further thoughts and warnings, Kezia had her hands locked behind my head. I gripped her waist and pulled her into me, savouring the soft and supple feel of her body. As she pressed against my chest, I could feel the nipples poking through the material. Hell, I could even feel the heat off her legs!To disappoint all of you, things did not go any further – for the moment. My daughter and I pulled away from the kiss, gasping for fresh air as we did so. There was no awkwardness, however, as we smiled at each other.”Remind me to get an extra batch of mistletoe for Christmas this year,” I quipped.”Speaking of shopping, why don’t we go to the mall, Dad? I need to buy some new clothes.” Without even waiting for a reply, Kezia was pulling me up. “Get up, lazybones.””Give your old man a rest, dear,” I said, imitating a wheeze. “Don’t you k**s hang out at the mall with your friends?””Just think of it as spending some quality time with me. I am sure it will be worth more than the money you will be spending!” Kezia grabbed the carkeys and tossed them to me.”How many credit cards should I take? Five, six, seven?””All of them!”Even as I shook my head, I was walked to the car. This girl sure knew how to get her things done.At the mall, Kezia and I walked hand-in-hand to the flashier section of fashion – in the layman’s terms, the lingerie department. I gulped as I walked into one of the more ornate shops, lighted with an exotic glow that came from hidden lamps. The salesman was an impeccably dressed European, no doubt French. “Oui?” It always paid to greet your customers in a foreign language when you are selling fashion. I whispered to Kezia, “I thought you wanted to buy clothes.””D-ah!” Kezia rolled her tongue at me. “Undergarments are clothes, too!”The curtain was raised for one of the most erotic shows in my life. Piece after piece after piece of skimpy, transparent clothing, Kezia modeled them for me, twirling around to give me a good look. “What do you think?” she would say as she gave me a 360 view of her body. More often than not, these ‘designers’ covered only the barest of minimums, so by the time Kezia had picked her buy, I had a pretty good idea of how she looked naked. Problem was, it was even better than I had previously imagined – and my dick knew it too.Kezia, after the one-hour show, bought just one item – a brown slip with garter and a g-string for a panty. To say that it barely covered her sensitive areas would be an understatement. To say that they barely bared all would be more befitting.After dinner at a restaurant en route, Kezia and I were back at our house. Kezia would be spending the weekend escort bayraklı at home, just like she had over the last four years. She went to her room to change, and five minutes, was casually walking around in that silly excuse for a garment. I felt that things had already gone as bad as they could, when Kezia bent over in front of me to pick a videocassette out. Her ass was staring at me right in my face, when, for the last time this evening, my fatherly instincts had control. “Kez, don’t you think that’s a little too wild to be nightdress?”Kezia turned around, almost bumping me with her rump. “Hope you don’t mind, Daddy! I didn’t bring anything else, and what I had left here was dumped last week. Either way, this is the only thing I have that has a bottom.”I nodded. Kezia activated the vcr and moved back to the couch, snuggling up to me. She smelled fresh, and her hair, up close, seemed vibrant with a sheen all of their own. Her body radiated a warmth that was refreshing at the end of the day and looking at her, I felt proud that I was one half of creating this vision of beauty – this dam sans extraordinaire.The movie was hardly interesting though, and even before the interval, we had turned it off. The idle conversation had once again moved back to her mom. I could sense Kezia growing more and more exasperated with her mother for leaving me in the lurch like this. I had quite a task of allaying my daughter’s misgivings, when her burst of emotion stopped me short.”Look at you! Your wife is out with another man, and all you do is sit here, denying yourself every fun. I know the two of you are still in love, but Dad, you are a man – a very virile and handsome man. You are not even forty, for God’s sakes. Why don’t you try geting laid, Dad? Or is it the fear that I might think ill of you?””In a way, it is true. I don’t want you to think that I ever cheated on your mom. Besides, your mother needs that extra fling to put the fizz back in our marriage. I am content sitting here and listening to my sweet pumpkin talk about college, life, herself… Believe me, hon, your Dad has a knack for celibacy.” I tried to shrug it away, Kezia wouldn’t let me.”Bulshit! Sorry Dad, but that is what this reeks of. Are you telling me that you can suppress these emotions of yours infinitely? What if I told you that I know a particular girl who would not only want to sleep with you, but be all the things you ever want from a wife, WITHOUT ever asking for you to split up or pay support?”I decided to paly the storm out. The girl was too good to be true, or at least, that is what I thought. More than likely, Kezia was just trying to trap me into saying that I wouldn’t take the risk. “And where would I find this utopian girl?””Right here,” she said, without missing a beat. “On this very couch, right next to you. The one girl who will never ask you to renege on your marriage.””You are k**ding!” I hoped she was.”No,” she said, slowly slipping off the left strap of her slip. She gripped my hand, taking it to her left breast. Mutely, without resistance, I allowed her to guide me to that ounce of fat (more like five ounces of fat!) over her heart. The bra of the dress was a strip of cloth over her buds, not even enough of it being there to cover her pink areolas. “Feel my heart, Dad! It’s pounding for you. I love you Dad, and I want you. I want to be yours, Daddy, I want to be your mate.”My fingers started to graze the underside of her breast – I now had a firm grip on the mound – enjoying the softness of the skin. My head, however, wanted one last shot at propriety. “Your Mom wouldn’t like it if I cheated on her with you.” I knew it was bad wording, but that was the best my desperate vocabulary could come up with. I guess it was more or less distracted with other suggestive words like beautiful, sexy, voluptuous, flushed, excited, hot…This was indeed my last frontier. Kezia loved the two of us fiercely, and tonight had been the only time she had ever spoken so harshly of May. If even the threat of her displeasure couldn’t discourage her… suffice to say that I wouldn’t disappoint Kezia. Even fathers have their limits.”She didn’t ask for my permission when you decided to open up your marriage. She didn’t ask me if she could sleep with her boss or whoever it is she is fucking right now. So why should I ask her permission to make love to my father? Besides, she never imposed any restrictions on who you could screw, right?””Just one – not with males. I figured she was afraid I would turn gay or something.””Are you thinking of it?””In my daughter’s arms, about to make love to her – sure I am! But I am ready to put it on the backburner for now, if you only ask me to.””I am asking you to.””And in the meanwhile, what do we do?” I asked, putting the ball back in her court. If she wanted it, she would say it. Being her father put me with the disadvantage of not being the first one to proclaim their carnal love for the other.Kezia wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me towards her and sandwiching my hand between her hard breast and my hairy chest. I could feel the hairs under the shirt crinkle with elctricity as Kezia reached behind her with one hand and undid the clasp of her top. With the silky material out of the way, I had more access to her cups, and I slid a hand under the slip to cup her breasts. Kezia thrust her tongue out even more when I started to squeeze her nipples. Suddenly, she grabbed my hard dick with a free hand and started to trace its shape through my boxers. If my mouth had not been so busy, I swear I would have groaned right then. Groaned so loud it would have woken up the rest of the neighborhood. Finally, it was time to move to other matters. As we looked into each other’s eyes, we saw the love there. This was what we wanted, and we had no doubt about it. Regrets may corrupt the afterglow, but for the moment, I was her man and she was my woman – that’s all that mattered in the world. I raised a hand to the other strap of the slip and slowly, tantalisingly, slid it off her shoulder. The material moved down, pulling the rest of the bra down and freeing the luscious top of her body. Kezia had nice-sized breasts, and if she had a foot fetish, I guess I must say I am somewhat of a titman. And right there, those two globes seemed to be my fulfilment in life. Ripe and full, pink and hard, topped with a cute little nipple, the two forerunners of her feminity demanded my attention. I started to move over her chest when Kezia stopped me.”First, we need to get these off,” she said, removing my boxers deftly with her hands. “Then you carry me over to your – our – bedroom.” I obliged. I was totally nude bayraklı escort bayan right now, but Kezia still had her panties on. That little strip that didn’t have enough cloth even to be a hanky was the only thing that stood between my manliness and her womanhood. The underwear was already wet and scented heavily with her juices when I placed Kezia gently on the bed – the bed that had been her mother’s and mine for the last twenty years. Her legs fell over the side, and I am sure Kezia expected me to take her right there. I was determined to make this more than a mere quickie – much more than a mere quickie. I moved over her, dipping my mouth down over her neck. A very loud moan escaped from Kezia as I started to suck her neck, pretending to draw blood from her veins. My mouth scanned every part of her neck, then traversed to the side of her jaws and the back of her earlobes, licking and nibbling every inch along the way. By now, my foot was on hers, rubbing against her toes. Just like I had predicted to myself, Kezia’s foot was a hair-trigger, and within moments, she was tottering on the edge of an orgasm. I slowly bit into her ear, tugging at the cartilage as if milking it. That was it – Kezia jerked and with an a****listic sound, she started to cum. Her milk drenched the bedspread, but I didn’t care. The sight of Kezia clutching the sheets to keep from hitting the ceiling was too interesting and satisfactory for me to be distracted by other things. After making sure that I had tasted every bit of her pretty face, I went due south.The satte of arousal that her nipples were in was incredible. They were so hard that you could have used them to cut diamonds, and they sure didn’t soften when my mouth enveloped first one and then the other. Kezia had her hands quite firmly placed by the side of my head but she never had enough time to recover and lift my head. Instead, her soft hands only emphasised the delicateness and the love of the situation that we were in. I ran spirals around her areolas, finally ending up at her nubs and teasing the hell out of them.Originally, I had intended to eat her pussy before I entered, but her feet seemed like a more tasty – and excitable – target right now. I took her smallest toe in my mouth and started suckling it just like I had suckled on her nipples. I was right about the sensitiveness of her foot, and Kezia was once again on her way to Paradise Orgasm. I pretended to lick the toe clean, even tasting the nail-polish on it. Kezia was asking me to stop the torture on her feet, on the grounds that she felt she couldn’t stand it anymore, she just wanted me to mount her. But her feet were exciting me too, to levels hitherto unimaginable. I wouldn’t have left them alone for the whole world. Finally, when it seemed as if I couldn’t last any longer, I faced Kezia. She nodded ever so slightly, still floating after her fourth orgasm. With May, my record on her had been just three, so I was surprised to see Kezia just cumming and cumming. My testosteronal ego must have been doubled that night. I reached over for a condom – May and I used them nowadays – only to be stopped by Kezia’s arm.”No, Dad,” she told me softly. “I want you in here. Only you. And never reach for the rubber with me again, got that?”I nodded. In my defence, I must say that I thought at that time that Kezia was on the pill, and hence there was no need for other contraceptives. On the pther hand, I guess I should also admit that in the event of Kezia being unprotected, I could get her pregnant. And that thought excited me, inflated me. With a grunt, something like the one when Adam had his first intercourse, I entered Kezia. With slow and steady strokes, I moved in to the hilt. Her muscles were already threatening to drain me and it took all of my will-power not to cum too soon.Kezia was the first one to let go, screaming and closing her eyes. As her pussy contracted around my cock, I realized with a jump that here it was, the final act, the consummate plunge. There would be no turning back, no pulling out, and there was no need to. Whatever society said, the union that I was establishing with my daughter felt too right to be wrong. I didn’t care what would happen if anybody found out. All I cared was Kezia, and if she was happy, so was I. With that thought, I shot my seed into her, deep into her. Kezia wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me into deeper depths that I had never reached.For a few minutes after the lovemaking, Kezia and I just lay there, in each other’s arms, feeling each other’s breaths. Guiltily, I knew that this afterglow far overtook the ones I shared with my wife. Kezia had a smile on her face, the wistful one we often get when we want more of a goody. She looked contented and happy. Her eyes had burnt most of the lust in them, and what I was looking at was unadulterated love. Kezia reached over and gave me a peck on my nose.”Thanks,” she said simply.”Don’t steal my line,” I told her. “Besides, shouldn’t I be the one thanking you?””No. You see, I have always wondered how it would be to make love to you, but let me inform you Daddy, it was nothing like I had expected. It was … terrific, wonderful…””Ditto here.”Kezia paused for a second. “Dad, can I ask you something?”I nodded, and Kezia continued. “I love you, Daddy, and I will understand it if you say no, but – well, here goes – can I be like this with you Daddy? Be your woman? Not just a lay but more than that – a wife’s level, perhaps. I don’t want you to break up with Mom, I just want to have almost all the benefits that Mom has had. Little things like bringing you your bed-coffee, showering with you, spend a lot of time with you, … that’s all.”I pondered over this for a moment. As I had mentioned earlier, regrets always strike after the act. As a parent, I should have said no, but I had already crossed that line. I was no longer in the twilight region too, where I could walk back if I wanted to. I was already her lover, as she was mine. We belonged to each other if we ever belonged to anyone.In reply, I kissed her. She kissed me back and I could sense her joy, as no doubt she could sense mine, at being together. The promise meant a lot to both of us and to this day, it still does.I guess I should give the entire story, but Kezia’s already calling me to change the diapers of our first-born, Mark. That’s right, Kezia and I have started our own family. As for May, she blew a gasket (that’s putting it mildly) when she discovered me and Kezia in bed, and she really went to town when Kezia informed her just before graduation that she was a couple of months pregnant. Later, though, after careful evaluation, she reluctantly agreed to continue the marriage – breaking up would have done neither of us any good. As it is, the three of us now live under a single roof. I get to have the best of both the worlds.I am so happy that May had decided to open up our marriage!

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