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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 108b IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, castles and aristocratic titled personages around England, Scotland or Russia are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titled personages are true. None of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site, then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. fty/donate.html Copyright and content notice. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior permission of the publisher, nor be otherwise circulated without the publisher’s prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition, including this condition being imposed on the subsequent publisher. The rights of the author have been applied hereon. ******************** I licked at his balls as I spoke. `We don’t really have too long; I want to see Forts and Dima in their Guards Uniforms.’ `Me too,’ `Well, come on then, get fucking me.’ I sat up on my hunkers and spat into my hand while Banner sniffed at the brown bottle. `Hey go easy on those,’ `Shut up and fuck me,’ ******************* Operation Pied Piper � Part 108b � Angst and Medals Forts casts his mind back. `Come on Davy, how much longer are you going to be? I have to get ready too, you know,’ I peeked my head into the ensuite again. Davy was still lounging in the bath. `What are you doing now?’ `What does it look like? I am shaving my legs,’ `But for Gods, sake, why? Why today when you know I need to get ready too.’ Davy picked up the cake of soap and began lathering it up in his hands then rubbed it along his leg; which was now hanging over the rim of the bath. `I wanted to see how it felt with my kilt. Why don’t you use the shower?’ `You know I can’t. Marcus has hung the washing in it,’ Davy glanced back. `Oh, so he has, well you could always ask him to move it.’ I could see there was no point in continuing the conversation. `Aargh, right, well I am going to shower downstairs then.’ I banged the ensuite door closed and stormed to the bed and snatched up my towel and shaving kit. I quickly stripped off and was on the floor on all fours; balls swinging, looking for my shower shoes, when I heard Marcus’s voice. `Are you looking for these things Dexy gave you?’ I glanced round, He was waving my shower shoes at me. I jumped up. `Yes! Thank you.’ I dropped them and shoved my feet into them, hopping towards the door as I did. I snatched open the door, the words, `You really do have tremendous swinging balls,’ Following me into the corridor. I ran down the stairs and in to the communal changing rooms, a quick shave and then a shower and I would be back on time. I filled the basin with warm water; Gosh, how long had it been since I had shaved in here? The room was empty except for me. I adjusted the mirror, took the foam stick and worked up a lather with my badger bristle brush Davy had given me last Christmas. I soaped up my face, glancing to my left smiling; that was where Davy always stood; how many times had we had shaving soap fights? I shaved quickly, feeling my cock plump up as I did; It seemed to remember all the fun Davy and I had had standing right here next to each other. I rinsed off my face and cleared round the sink. Before heading towards the showers, slinging my towel over my right shoulder. I entered the shower area and hung my towel on one of the pegs. Then crossed into the wet zone and turned on the water; I stood, letting it cascade down my body, my face upturned and my eyes closed to the refreshing spray. `Forts it’s you,’ I recognised the voice at the same time a hand wrapped its self-round my hard cock. `You’re having fun, we can see,’ I sighed, glancing down. `Banner, Drew, let go of my cock chaps,’ I felt a warm mouth engulf the head. `Chaps, come on, I have to get ready, please,’ I looked down. Banner was working my shaft into his mouth; Drew winked up at me and began licking my balls. Banner pulled off me, gasping. `You carry on showering, we won’t be long, unless you want to quickly fuck us both?’ I felt my cock throb and push out a bead of precum; Banner’s head quickly moved forward, his tongue licking it off my swollen maroon cock head. Drew continued to work on my balls, sucking them each in turn into his warm mouth and then juggling them with his tongue. The waves of pleasure washed over me. `Chaps please, I have to get ready,’ I looked down at my thick throbbing cock; there was only one way that was going down now. `Okay, okay, both of you down on all fours. You each get a quick fuck and then I have to get ready. Promise me, you will leave me alone afterwards.’ `Okay, but you have to cum over both our faces afterwards,’ `Chaps please,’ `That’s the deal or we carry on like this,’ Shit, shit, shit; I knew this was a terrible deal, but it was getting later and later. I didn’t have time to argue. I would speak to Davy later and tell him; after all, it was his fault, I was here; shaving his bloody legs, indeed! `Okay, I agree,’ A hand turned off the water and both of them dropped to their knees, legs a part, hands pulling their cheeks wider, showing off their perfect buns and located deep between both; their twitching holes. I dropped to my knees and shuffled up behind Banner; I couldn’t resist burying my face between his buttocks once more. He smelled and tasted of sex; I glanced forward as I heard the familiar sound of him sniffing from that little bottle once more. He groaned audibly as my tongue dug in to the centre of his pucker: fuck, I could have done this all day. I sat back and stroked my hard cock, smearing my precum coated bellend against his glistening hole. `Are you ready?’ `For you always!’ I lent forward, increasing the pressure until my cockhead eased into him and then flared out once inside. `You had better be ready for this,’ I pushed myself all the way in, surprisingly easily; little did I know that up until they had seen me heading for the showers, these two had just finished fucking each other in the Linen room. I ploughed Banner, enjoying the sensations of his velvet lined arse caressing my bellend and shaft. My concentration interrupted by a little voice to my side. `Hey what about me?’ Christ, I had forgotten Drew; I nodded and eased myself out of Banner, savouring ankara escort the last few seconds of his arse gripping my dick. I moved behind Drew. His voice reminding me. `I want rimmed too first,’ I couldn’t help but laugh and buried my face and tongue into his hole. What a change in this chap; Drew pushed back hard against me, grinding his hole over my tongue. `Fuck me, stud,’ He gasped as I slapped his hole with my rock-hard cock. Again, I slid balls deep easily. I slapped his arse as I ground into him. `It’s obvious what you two have been up to. It’s great you’re learning. We all love each other here at the Castle,’ I felt lips press against mine. Banner wasn’t going down without a fight. I pulled away. `Take it easy, fella.’ `But you said,’ `I know what I said, just take it easy,’ I pulled out of Drew; he moaned loudly. `Right, you two, I need to cum; on your knees facing me, heads together,’ They assumed the position. Then the dirty fuckers began to snog, their tongues clearly entwining with each other as I stood and began to wank my dick. Now and then, I got a cheeky glance from one of their cherubic faces. I could feel my cum boiling in my balls; my nuts tightened against my shaft and I felt the first spasm; I milked my dick, watching my cum spurt onto the two faces below me; some landing on their tongues, sending them into a feeding frenzy. I felt the last spurts leaving my throbbing cockhead. I stood shaking as two tongues began to lick my cock head and cock lips clean. `Oh, ouch Chaps, enough. Now come on, you promised, it is too sensitive, I must shower.’ ** Archie continues the story The arrival of the Grand Duke Truorwskoy had gone smoothly, more smoothly than we could ever have imagined. The looks on Drageon’s and Dima’s faces a mixture of both joy and relief as they realised he had come and would now take over the main procedural events from them. Athol stood aside and ushered the Grand Duke inside. `After you, your Highness,’ Forts and Dima both glanced at each other as they saw the Grand Dukes smiling face; Dima breaking into a run and rushing to hug him; after all, he was more like a grandfather to Theodora and him now. Fort’s stood waiting his turn; which actually should probably have been first, but never mind. He stood to attention as Truorwskoy smiled at him; Forts gave a clipped bow of his head and brought his heels together. `Your Imperial Highness, welcome, welcome,’ They embraced for several moments, the Grand Duke’s fingers seeking out the Diamond broach; the present from Theodora. His fingers stroked it and he hugged Forts again. `Well done, my son. We are all more grateful than you could ever imagine,’ Forts glanced at Davy again; he smiled, revealing no emotion. Athol spoke. `Davy, could I ask that you go and meet Brodskoy for Forts and I?’ Davy nodded, turned, and left. ** Davy takes up the Story Having been asked by Athol and Forts if I would look after Mr Brodskoy. I stood waiting for his arrival by the castle entrance. Dexy pulled up in the staff car and leapt out to open the door for him; I strode over to welcome them. `Mr Brodskoy, welcome to Castle Fraser.’ We shook hands warmly; I saw Dexy went to get back in the vehicle. `Dexy, aren’t you staying? I am sure you’re invited too.’ Dexy gestured me over. `I can’t be here for the Ceremony sorry, but I will be back for the meal; you know what it’s like on a Sunday. It’s bad enough normally without all the extra Christmas stuff that has just arrived in the stores, and I have to account for it all, but I will be back later.’ `Of course,’ I had forgotten it was a Sunday and so close now to Christmas. `Isn’t the year rushing to an end quickly?’ Dexy nodded as he clambered back into the driver’s seat. `Yeah, Sunday the 7th of December already; less than twenty days to Christmas; Who would have believed it? I have been here nearly three months now, you know?’ He laughed and closed the door, giving me a little wave as he pulled away. I glanced at my watch nearly 12noon; I took Brodskoys arm. `This way, please follow me.’ I impressed him as I pointed out various parts of the Castle and led him down to the Great Hall. I could see him looking round at the rows of chairs and the two small tables covered with white sheets in front of them. He looked confused. `Are we eating in here?’ `No, we will eat in the Staffroom, but Athol wants you to meet someone first.’ They had set aside an area in the Great Hall for us; I led him to it; he glanced round, looking puzzled at the two tables in front of the chairs, both covered with white sheets. `Davy, what is going on? I thought I was here for a meal,’ `Oh, you are Mr Brodskoy.’ We sat ourselves down in the front row as Mr Davies began playing some light organ music. Brodskoy continued to look confused and watched quietly as his staff from the baths and several other masters and prefects; acknowledged us and then took their seats around us. He leant towards me again as the clock struck twelve midday; he was about to speak, just as the organ went silent. There was a loud bang from behind us and the voice of the man I recognised as the Chamberlains rang out. Brodskoy jumped to his feet; standing to attention. His head madly spinning around, looking as the doors to the Great Hall opened. `Their Imperial Highnesses, The Grand Duke Truorwskoy, and Prince of the Blood Imperial, Prince Drageon Drageonivanov, accompanied by Prince Dima Chikenoff, His Grace, MacDonald of Clan MacDonald, Count Pyotr Adraxine Ouranoff and Mr Nikita Igoreovich and Mr Campbell.’ Brodskoy gasped as he saw the old man in a white dress jacket and black trousers, the Light Blue sash of the Order of St Andrew across his chest navigating through the myriad of sparkling diamond stars. Directly to his right-hand side was Drageon in his equally splendid uniform. Brodskoy looked at me again. I took his hand and whispered. `That chap in the white jacket is his Imperial Highness, the Grand Duke. He insisted on coming and meeting you in person; I think you know the others.’ Brodskoys’ mouth hung open as he gasped, nodding. `A Grand Duke, but why?’ I squeezed his hand again. `Wait and see.’ As the official party came into the hall, Mr Davies struck up on the Pipe Organ “God Save the Tsar.” Brodskoys’ stance visibly stiffened. The party stopped when they reached us and Forts stepped forward and introduced Brodskoy to the Grand Duke; Brodskoy, dropping to one knee, in a sign of respect. The Grand Duke nodded and touched his head, telling him to stand. He then embraced him and kissed his cheeks three times. Before he moved away to stand next escort ankara to the two covered tables waiting for Forts and Dima to join him, Forts on one side, and Dima on the other. Forts introduced, Count Ouranoff and Niki. Niki dressed in his brightly coloured Cossack outfit, complete with Fur hat and black calve length boots. He smiled and winked at me, then exchanged a few words in Russian with Brodskoy, before moving with Ouranoff to sit. * The Grand Duke, flanked by Prince Drageon and Prince Dima, bowed his head in silent prayer and then announced the reason for his attendance and apologised to an open-mouthed Brodskoy for the deception involved in bringing him to the Castle. `Gentlemen, in times of war, many acts of heroism, which frequently so sadly resulted in the death of those involved, go unnoticed or unrecognised. It is the duty of us, those that remain, to rectify that injustice as soon as we are made aware that it has occurred. Mr Brodskoy, Prince Drageon Drageonivanov, has made me aware of both the sacrifice of your partner and friend Pavel Nabokov and of yourself in your actions against the forces of Bolshevism, which alas, overwhelmed our beautiful country.’ Brodskoy turned to me, tears forming in his eyes. Archie moved to remove both the sheets, revealing the two photographs which they had covered. Brodskoy looked to Drageon, who gave him a smile and nod. The Grand Duke first approached the picture of Pavel Nabokov. He lifted it and kissed the glass; while loudly proclaiming. `Dorogoy Brat,’ (Dear Brother) He placed the frame back onto its stand and turned to the assembled group. `It gives me great pleasure to award firstly Pavel Nabokov, with the St George Medal 1st class for merit in combat and then as Brodskoys jaw dropped open; and the Gold Cross of St George, 1st class, for an act of extreme distinction while under arms; both awards, alas, made posthumously.’ As Forts read out the medal citations, the Grand Duke took the awards from their cases and hung them round the photograph of Pavel Nabokov. Brodskoy was now sobbing openly. The Grand Duke invited him to stand with him by the picture and had a few private words with him. Before Brodskoy dropped to his knees and pulled the Grand Duke’s hands to his head, mumbling. `Spasibo, spasibo,’ (Thank you, thank you) Forts stepped forward and helped Brodskoy to his feet once more. He turned to the hall. `Gentlemen, Mr Brodskoy, we have not finished. The Grand Duke asked me to present this to you in recognition of your brave fight against the Bolsheviks and for your continued service to the Imperial family.’ Forts turned to Brodskoy and pinned the Large Gold Medal for Zeal to his chest. That done, he pulled him into a man hug. The Chamberlain slammed his staff onto the floor once more, the Grand Duke began clapping, leading the rest of us in a minutes applause for the former soldier and his lover. Brodskoy was quite overwhelmed. He wiped his eyes with his hankie. `Your Highnesses, what can I say, but again thank you,’ Athol saw it was time to bring this part of the ceremony to a close. He waved over Mr Duncan and Landers, who had appeared with trays of champagne, watching until everyone had a glass; Athol spoke again. `Gentlemen, to all our brave soldiers and comrades, wherever they may be.’ I glanced at my watch one o’clock. ** A world away; in the dark early hours somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. A fleet of grey ships pulled ahead of the weather front, which until then had hidden them from prying eyes. Klaxons rang out across the ships, calling men from their warm bunks down on to the heaving cold metal decks. High on the bridge of his flagship, the fleet carrier “Akagi” Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo, Commander-in-chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy’s “Kido Butai” First Air Fleet “Striking Force”, gave the order for his carrier strike force to prepare its planes. His next order would be for the ships to turn into the wind and launch one of the most devastating surprise attacks in history. The world would never be the same. ** Brodskoy takes up the story The dining table in the staffroom looked amazing. We all took our places, waiting for the Grand Duke to sit first; he was to my right. Forts, oops, Prince Drageon to my left. We had dined on a beautiful piece of beef with all the trimmings, finally finishing with a traditional Scottish pudding; Clootie dumpling and custard. Forts had been a perfect host, even surprising me with some of our conversations taking place in Russian. `Prince Drageon,’ He gave me one of his looks and leant to my ear. `I am pretty sure I have told you to call me Forts,’ His hand squeezed my knee; blushing, I nodded, unable to stop myself from giving a reverential head bow. Forts continued. `After all, we nearly became much better acquainted,’ Another squeeze of my knee. He leant back and glanced down. My eyes followed his to his crotch, his cock; obviously hard, lay along his thigh. `Maybe we can complete one day what we started?’ He chuckled. And stood to propose a toast. `Your Imperial Highness, with your permission. To two brave fighters for Mother Russia, Pavel Nabokov and Itzka Brodskoy,’ The table stood, and all toasted Pavel and me. Athol tapped his spoon on his glass; the table fell silent. With perfect timing, the grandfather clocks’ Westminster chimes rang out six Forty-five. * On the other side of the world, an officer watched his watch as faces turned to face the flag. The USS Arizona’s band began playing “The star-spangled Banner”, as the crew stood to attention. But something was wrong; confused faces tilted skywards as the roar of plane engines grew to a crescendo and the shattering explosions began. * `Your Highnesses, Gentlemen, Brandy and Cigars.’ There was a round of hands banging on the table as they invited us to rise and adjourn to the comfortable chairs. Forts took my arm. `Itzka, please, there is someone I want you to meet, without whom, some of today’s luxuries would never have been possible… Dexy, please allow me to formally introduce you to Itzka Brodskoy.’ For the rest of the evening the Brandy flowed steadily, all of us probably over indulging. The air, heady with laughter, the smell of cigar smoke and general frivolity; The Grandfather clock chimed midnight. Athol rose from his chair. `Your Highness, Gentlemen, I fear it is time for us to bring proceedings to a close,’ He hadn’t quite finished when the phone on a desk by the window began ringing. I saw him exchange glances with Archie. Their faces said it all; who could be ringing at this late hour? Archie crossed and picked up the phone. `Castle Fraser; ankara escort bayan Yes, he is. One moment please. Dexy, it is for you.’ Giggling and now a little worse for wear, Dexy went to the phone. `Who could want me?… Yup, Dexy speaking,’ The smile and colour slowly drained from his face. He seemed to have a problem understanding what was being said. `Sorry, you will have to repeat that,’ He turned to the room, barely able to put the receiver back on the phone, his face emphasising the shock in his voice. `The Japanese are attacking Pearl Harbour, most of our Pacific Fleet has been sunk, thousands are dead.’ He staggered forward. `I have to get back to base; he glanced round the room. Lance, you and Greg too,’ He took another step, and his knees folded under him. Luckily, Davy caught him. He looked into Davy’s face, tears streaming down his own. `The Battleship Arizona has blown up. Oh God no, my brother was on the Arizona.’ * It is amazing how news like that can cause what were several drunks having fun to sober up almost immediately. Lance and Greg took Dexy with them and left. The rest of us stood, stunned, repeating over and over as we tried to understand the enormity of it. `The Japanese have sunk the American Pacific Fleet.’ ** Any further fun that had been planned for that night was quickly forgotten, with everyone retiring to their beds in horror and disbelief. Athol hastily organised a full school assembly for later; of course, he would invite the Americans, although he doubted any could attend. ** Davy continues the story The hours of the eighth of December passed slowly and sombrely; little additional new information reaching us. The Assembly had taken place, and we had offered prayers for those who had lost their lives. Dexy had attended, praying earnestly on his knees in front of the plain wooden cross. Everyone trying to offer those words of comfort, all praying his brother had escaped the carnage that had engulfed Pearl Harbour; it would be several days before he finally found out his brother’s fate. Athol arranged with his commanding officer to keep Dexy close to us, so we could support him. That evening at half-past five we were all sat in the staff room; listening to the radio, when the BBC interrupted its broadcast of music to announce it would broadcast; live a speech by the President of the United States of America, Franklin D Roosevelt was about to make to the US Congress. The radio crackled as we sat in silence, awaiting the words of the President. To a silent Congress, Roosevelt’s distinctive voice rang out. `Yesterday, December 7, 1941-a date which will live in infamy-the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.’ `The United States was at peace with that Nation…’ `It will be recorded that the distance of Hawaii from Japan makes it obvious that the attack was deliberately planned many days or even weeks ago…’ `The attack yesterday on the Hawaiian Islands has caused severe damage to American naval and military forces. I regret to tell you that very many American lives have been lost…,’ There was another sob from Dexy. I moved closer to him; wrapping my arm round him, as he bowed his head in prayer. His clasped knuckles white and his lips tightly pursed, his eyes screwed closed. `Yesterday, the Japanese Government also launched an attack against Malaya. Last night Japanese forces attacked Hong Kong…’ I heard Athol gasp, mumbling not, Malaya and Hong Kong. Roosevelt continued. `Japan has, therefore, undertaken a surprise offensive extending throughout the Pacific area…’ `As Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy, I have directed that all measures be taken for our defence.’ `But always will our whole Nation remember the character of the onslaught against us.’ `No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion. The American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory…’ `Hostilities exist. There is no blinking at the fact…’ `With confidence in our armed forces-with the unbounding determination of our people-we will gain the inevitable triumph-so help us God.’ `I ask that the Congress declare that since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by Japan on Sunday December 7, 1941, a state of war has existed between the United States and the Japanese Empire.’ The broadcast erupted to the cheers of the people in Congress and then went silent as the familiar voice of a BBC newsreader announced they would now return to normal programming. I could barely believe my ears; normal programming, I began to sob, Dexy looked round and squeezed my hand. `It will be okay, Davy, I promise, everything will turn out okay.’ * Unknown to us at the time; sitting quietly gathered round the radio. The thoughts of three of the other main protagonists of WW2, unheard at the time, would prophetically filter down to us through history. First, Winston Churchill, who had been leading Britain against the Germans single-handedly for 2 years. He is reported to have said, knowing that America must now fully join the war; “That night, I went to bed and slept the sleep of the saved.” Adolf Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy declared war on the United States of America on December 11th, 1941, in accordance with the conditions of the 1940, Tripartite Pact they had signed with Japan. And somewhere in the Pacific Ocean; onboard his flagship, the battleship Nagato, as he listened to the list of ships that had been sunk; Alone, realising the crushing strategic failure represented by the failure to sink the three American Fleet Carriers; Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, Commander of the Japanese combined Fleet, reportedly said, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” The World was now truly at war. ************************ Folks, thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story. Please email me to let me know. 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