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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 72a IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little helps. fty/donate.html No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the owner. ———————————————————————- `Go on, the rest of your present is outside’ Davy came with me to the window, illuminated and standing just outside on the forecourt, was Brookmeyer, holding Pegasus: as if knowing we were watching him, Pegasus reared up and pawed the air with his hooves. It was then I lost it, turning, Athol and Archie were right behind me, I hugged them both, tears streaming down my cheeks. Dad put his arm round me. `He is all yours, you are responsible for looking after him now’ `I can’t thank you all enough’ Now you’re all wondering what Davy got me, well that’s our secret. ***************** Operation Pied Piper � Part 72a Davy continues the story Athol and Archie, stood smiling at us; both of us dressed in our tweed travel clothes. I was getting really excited now about the trip; but apprehensive too, a strange mixture of emotions was swirling round my body, getting more intense as the huge black steam engine pulled in, a quick flash of Bronze from its name plate; refocused me. `Forts, look, look, it’s the Mallard, the Mallard, wow, I have that on a cigarette card’ Forts looked as excited as me, he turned to Athol. `Dad, it’s the famous Mallard’ Athol nodded, smiling, reaching into his pocket `Well, here it is guys, now, I don’t want any nonsense while your away, Forts, I am relying on you, don’t lose your tickets and watch out for pick pockets and any problems ring me. … Davy say hello to little Andrew from us and give him this’ `Oh, Dad, we will be fine’ `Thank you, Mr MacDonald, I will’ We both hugged and kissed Athol and Archie as the train came to a stop. A man in a uniform, suddenly realised who he had on his platform, he hurried over, touching his forelock in front of Athol. Athol acknowledged him, reading his name badge, which announced he was the Station Master. `My Lord’ `Mr Mountfield, of course, I remember you’ `My Lord, …allow me to help the young gentlemen’ He bowed again and picked up both of our cases. `First Class, is this way, young Sir’s’ Athol and Archie followed us down the platform, as the guy led us along to the front of the train, pointing out the restaurant car as we went along. Right at the front of the train, was our carriage. A final hug and shake of hands and we got onboard. `Your seats, gentlemen’ The Station Master, indicated to two seats; one facing forward the other back, with a small table and a lamp. Forts nodded to him, I was feeling a bit mischievous and knew it would irritate Forts. `My man, this is his Lordships son, so should be referred to as My Lord too’ The Station Master looked dumb struck, he gave a swift head bow to Forts and took off his cap; holding it to his chest. `My apologies my Lord, no offense intended’ Forts gave me a look, as I smiled sweetly back at him. `None taken my man, do carry on’ Forts added, while secretly kicking me under the table. The Station Master turned once more, before leaving `I will let the Train Manager know your onboard my Lord’ Forts nodded again, the Station Master, seemed to bow his way all the way off the train, I was loving it; Forts maybe not so much. Athol and Archie, were standing on the platform, just outside our window, Archie had taken out a white hankie and was dabbing his eyes, waving it in a dramatic style. We were both laughing at him, Forts leaned to the window and mouthed “Bye Mum”, more mock wailing from Archie, and dabbing of eyes; Athol was just shaking his head, they soon vanished from view in great clouds of steam, as the train pulled out of the station. I looked round the carriage, it was of the beautiful Pullman type. Intricate patterns in highly skilled marquetry adorned the wall, stained glass highlights to the windows, velvet curtains, even the chairs where heavily upholstered and highly polished, the beige cloth lamp shade sat atop a beautiful art deco bronze lamp stand. Now I should be used to this beauty and opulence living in a Castle, but this was a train carriage, supposedly; more like a palace on wheels. I looked at Forts, his eyes sparkling in the shafts of light from the crystal overhead light fittings. I mouthed, “I love you”, he reached under the table and squeezed my knee. `God this is not much like the train we came up on, is it? Forts chuckled, sitting back in his diner arm chair. `Well not here in first class; remember ours had wooden benches and we sat on our coats to make it more comfortable’ I nodded, it all seemed so long ago. I took hold of his hand under the table. `It was fun though, a real adventure, and to think I didn’t know you then; well not as well as I do now, thank goodness for Dickens and some old showers’ I chuckled and winked, I loved making Forts blush. I reached over the little table, my finger tracing the marquetry. `This is beautiful, can we eat here or do we have to go to the Restaurant car? Forts nodded and smiled, winking at me. `When you’re with me you can do whatever you want. Watch this’ Forts raised his hand, in seconds a white liveried waiter appeared by our table. Forts was examining the table menu and didn’t look up, for a moment, the waiter hovered waiting `Can I help you Sir? Forts glanced up; the waiter gasped, his fixed smile turning in to a broad grin. `It’s you! Hello again …’ The waiter; suddenly realising he had breached the accepted protocol, shot me a look, then turned back to Forts. `Oh, sorry, excuse me, Sir’ He said immediately breaking eye contact, there was a moment of what can best be described as stammering embarrassment; well for the waiter and Fort’s anyway. Forts had stood up, and seemed flustered, his head flashing between me and the waiter, before he finally spoke. `Oh, hello again; I wasn’t expecting to see you on this train’ Well; that was obvious I thought to myself, as I watched them both; I smiled again, the waiter gave Forts a deferential nod of his head. `Sorry, it is my Lord, isn’t it? Sir, they no longer run the private sleeping carriages now, what with the war and all, so I was moved to “Express First Class”‘ Forts nodded; he was still standing. I looked up and smiled sweetly at him again. `Well, Drageon, aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend? Before Forts could speak, the waiter ankara escort stammered out `Oh, we are not friends, Sir, …I wouldn’t presume…’ Now I wasn’t sure who was blushing more Forts or the waiter: I deliberately let the silence hang, until the waiter, bumbled out. `I was, his Lordships, and his father’s, sleeping carriage valet on their trip to London last year’ I gave Forts another sickly smile. He was still standing dithering unsure it seemed, what to do. I thought I would help and said in my poshest voice. `I think you can sit down now, your Lordship’ Forts flashed me a look, and hesitated for just a second, before sitting down; alas he hesitated, way more than enough time, for a smartly uniformed gentlemen, wearing a gold and black Train Managers badge above his jacket pocket, to come hurrying over. He glared at the waiter, who visibly shrunk back, the Train Manager turned to Forts. `Mr Deacon, the Train Manager at your service, my Lord, is there a problem? He glared at the waiter again. Forts was still a bit tongue tied. I stood up, smiling. `Mr Deacon, pleased to meet you. Quite the contrary, this young man it appears, has previously performed sterling service for his Lordship, in his Lordships sleeper carriage, as valet, as I understand it, that is correct Drageon, isn’t it? I smiled at Forts again, my double-entendre, not missing its mark. Forts nodded, his face now crimson. I continued `We were just going to order some drinks, oh and, will it be okay for us to eat here, rather than go down to the restaurant car? Mr Deacon, was now on the back foot. `But of course, Gentlemen I will leave you in Albert’s capable hands, if there is anything, I can assist you with, please don’t hesitate to ask’ He gave a shallow bow and backed away, clicking his fingers at Albert; who leapt forward toward the table. Once Mr Deacon was out of sight, I smiled at Albert and turned to Forts. `So, my Lord, please introduce me to Albert? I looked to Forts again `I have got the name correct…haven’t I? It is Albert? Of course, I had picked up on the name, but wanted to see Forts squirm some more. Forts looked up, their eye contact had told me all I needed to know, I leaned forward and whispered, well maybe a bit louder than I intended. `And everyone thinks that I am the insatiable one’ I smiled at Albert again. Forts, gave a little cough, clearing his throat. `Davy, may I introduce Albert, Albert, David Thomas…’ I smiled up as I kicked Forts in the shins; he added mumbling `My boyfriend and partner’ `Very pleased to meet you Albert, I can’t believe Forts forgot to mention you’ Forts raised his eyes to mine, still keeping his head down and glared at me. I smiled sweetly; Albert was smiling too. `Will it be Champagne again, My Lord? I wriggled in my seat excitedly `Oh, Forts darling, Champagne again? could we? Albert, was now trying not to laugh, he turned away `A bottle of Champagne coming up’ Forts glanced round, `That wasn’t fair, you embarrassed him’ I smiled gripping Forts hand across the table `Oh, I think only one of you was embarrassed, darling’ I jumped as his brogue made contact with my shin. As you can imagine, Albert looked after us like we were royalty for the rest of the journey. The meal was amazing, I reminded Forts of the bacon rolls and sandwiches we had arrived with; so much had changed in a year, even us. I had gone to Scotland a little boy, now I was a man. The train pulled into Kings Cross Station, exactly on time, we disembarked and got a cab, the hustle and Bustle of London was just as I remembered it, with the exception of windows all covered in brown paper crosses and stacked with sandbags. It was good to see the famous London Policemen, in their helmets, directing traffic at all the major junctions. Forts asked the driver to take us to our Hotel. It wasn’t the Savoy this time, Athol was worried in case one of us slipped up, in front of Mum and Dad. Oh, don’t get me wrong it was still a nice hotel, just not to the standard of the Savoy. We booked in and were shown to our room, a spacious ensuite twin. Forts laughed, well that’s not happening, he had spent the next half hour pushing and then tying the two single beds next to each other. Once he had finished, he kicked off his brogue’s and flopped back on to the bed, he gave a chuckle and patted the space next to him, kicking off my shoes I leapt onto the bed beside him. we kissed and cuddled, I started laughing. `What is it? `Nothing’ He grabbed me and started tickling me `You, Davy, do not laugh at nothing’ I was now howling and shrieking with laughter, as his fingers dug into my ribs. `Stop, stop’ `Well tell me, or I will continue’ `Okay, okay, you should have seen your face when Albert first came up’ I tried to scramble out of the way, as Forts jumped on me again. `Right, that’s it, now you will really get it’ Several minutes more of tickling were followed by more passionate snogging, before we both rolled on to our backs staring at the ceiling, holding hands. `Fort’s please tell me this isn’t all a dream, I would surely die if I was to wake up, and find it wasn’t real’ Another passionate kiss sent my heart at peace; it was all real. ** Oh, I didn’t mention, we had invited Albert to meet us for dinner that night. The Concierge, at the hotel suggested a couple of restaurants and then booked us a table at one of them, we met up with Albert in the foyer of our hotel, he looked really pleased to see us. `Albert, so good you could make it’ `Well, I have to be on duty again tomorrow morning, but it was very nice of you to invite me’ He looked down, kind of embarrassed and quietly said `I hope, where we are going is not too expensive, I don’t earn that much’ Fort’s looked at him. `Hey this is on me, so don’t be silly, it is just great to see you again’ Forts nodded over to the doorman, who disappeared outside for a few moments and then returned, announcing `Your Taxi, My Lord’ We got a few looks and people were obviously wondering which Lord he was; Forts was now loving it; he was being admired by not only ladies, but the odd gentleman too. The three of us went outside into the night London air; it smelt strangely familiar, now, was that the Thames, or the smog? Whatever it was it comforted me, the blackout was something, I probably wasn’t ready for, that gave quite an eerie feel to the place. The Concierge had booked us into a little restaurant down a side street, it looked nothing from the outside, just a dark door, with one of those small spy hole doors which opened when we knocked; it felt all a bit surreal, but this was wartime and such places only existed for the rich. Once we were inside it was a bustle of people and music, we were shown to our table, in a quiet secluded corner, the waiter obviously knew one of us was a Lord; he couldn’t have been more attentive. Albert sat open mouthed; not at the luxury; he was used to serving the rich, but escort ankara on the fact it was being directed at him too, we all did really. Fort’s bless him rose to the occasion acting as if all this was totally normal to him. We feasted royally, Forts having Lobster Thermidor, Albert and I settled for beautiful sirloin steaks, for pudding we all had Baked Alaska, I remember looking round at us; quiet the young Gentlemen out on the town, Brandies, brought the meal to an end. We headed out into the dark of London early 1941, the three of us arm in arm, laughing and giggling. Albert held us both tightly, with his linked arms. `That was a beautiful meal, both of you, thank you. Now, no running off you two, I have no idea where I am’ `But you have been to London loads of times’ `I know, but never with anyone who wanted to show me round’ `Well, now you are, where first?’ `Old Father Thames? `Yeap, should be able to get you there, passing the Houses of Parliament too’ `And Downing Street’ I added tacking on to Fort’s answer. We passed many, many people, who like us were just out on the streets, many a cheerful hello was exchanged and a few glances too. We stood on Westminster Bridge looking down the Thames and over at the Houses of Parliament, so many statues and buildings I remembered now shrouded in sandbags and black painted wooden sheets. All so familiar yet unfamiliar too, with Forts leading the way, we visited a couple of public houses, not one question about our ages or what we were doing; the freedom, after a couple of hours. Albert, spoke, a hint of sadness in his voice. `I had better be getting back to my digs, I have to work tomorrow’ Forts looked at me and then back at Albert. `Wouldn’t you like to come back and stay with us tonight at our Hotel? Well, that came as a bit of a surprise. Albert blushed `Well of course I would, but, it’s up to Davy, he might have plans for you, handsome’ He giggled and stroked Forts face. I thought I had better speak up. `Of course, you’re welcome Albert’ `Well, that’s it settled then’ Forts added. Another cab was hailed for us and the three of us got back in. Forts leant forward and spoke to the driver, giving him the name of our hotel. It wasn’t long before we were back in our room, we sat and waited for room service to arrive with an iced bottle of Champagne. The bottle an ice bucket and three Champagne glasses dually arrived; Albert poured. He handed me my drink first as Forts had gone off into the ensuite. `Are you really okay with this Davy? I can leave if you would rather’ I put my arms round him and kissed his cheek `Don’t be silly, as long as you don’t mind sharing’ He chuckled `Not at all, I am just pleased to be involved’ `What are you two gossiping about? Forts was standing with just a towel round his waist `I am going to have a quick shower, anyone else want one? There are plenty of towels’ He turned and vanished into the ensuite, Albert and I looked at each other and began to undress. `Is there room for three? The voice from the ensuite called back `Yes, if we all cuddle up’ I grinned at Albert `Well, that sounds like an invitation to me’ He nodded and we both went through to the ensuite, not before I had a quick look at his body, he had a very slender build, rather large hips, which gave him a bit of a big bum, not hairy at all apart from an almost invisible patch of golden hairs above his uncut cock and a clump under each arm. His head hair was very short and golden again and he had hazel-coloured eyes. Forts turned to smile as we entered, I eased Albert to Fort’s front and I slid in behind him, after a few moments, I reached to turn off the water and handed Albert one of the cakes of soap, he immediately began to soap up and rub Fort’s thick chest hair, which I began on his back, Fort looked back over his shoulder at me; he smiled `You okay? I just leant forward and kissed him and returned to washing his hairy body, my hands meeting Alberts as Forts stretched up and held on to the shower curtain pole; talk about access all areas. I could tell Albert, was avoiding Fort’s swelling cock, I intertwined our fingers and guided him firstly overt Forts nipples and then stopping at the top of his treasure trail, I caught Albert smiling at me, he was grinning and indicated Fort’s was standing with his eyes shut; letting us soap him up, I winked at Albert and slowly very slowly, our fingers making little circles of frothy soap in his treasure trail we made our way down to his pubes, instantly our hands colliding with his now throbbing shaft. Albert, wrapped my fingers round it and his hands moved back up to Fort’s chest and nipples. I watched as Albert leant forward his lips meeting Fort’s, their tongues soon entering each other’s mouths, as my hand delicately stroked his thick eight-inch shaft and hairy hens’ eggs. Forts groaned a couple of times as his bellend strained under my hands the skin held tightly back and Alberts slender fingers worked his nipples, he was defiantly getting turned on, soap sliding off his bellend revealing the sheen of precum. My own cock was now throbbing; I couldn’t see Alberts, I leant forward into Forts back, my cock sliding easily in between his hairy buttocks, he moaned and pushed back, forcing my cock to slide up against his pucker, I reached down and gripped my shaft tightly and pushed forward, a gasp and a moan, as my cockhead pushed aside any resistance and my bellend popped inside him, Forts grinned back over his shoulder, he dropped his hands from the pole above his head and turned Albert round till he was facing the wall. Albert braced himself his arms out stretched to the wall, as Forts somewhat roughly, pushed him into the position he wanted him in, I couldn’t see just hear as Albert, gasped and let out a long oooooo sound, Forts was obviously pushing home deep. My que to do the same, I pressed my cock home till my pubes were against his arse. I let Forts make the first move as he slowly drew out, I pulled back and then I drove us both home again. With me licking and kissing Forts neck, he began doing the same to Albert, who dropped one hand from the wall and appeared to be wanking his own cock hard and fast with it. The slapping of balls against arses and the speed wanking of a foreskin being jerked rapidly back and forwards filled the room. Forts head flew back I knew what that meant, he practically pulled himself off my cock he thrust forward with such force, but I managed to stay in place and then enjoyed riding the waves of pleasure as his arse muscles contracted and released as he spunked deep in Albert, I carried on, now hammering my cock into him as hard as I could, a series of grunts from Albert let me know he was cumming now too; splattering his balls contents on the shower tiles, that pushed me over the edge too, I mullered them both into the shower wall as I filled Fort’s arse with my cum. We stood panting for a few moments, before Fort’s turned ankara escort bayan on the water once more, it cascaded down our sweaty soapy bodies, trickling down our legs to the shower basin. Still embedded in Forts I watched Albert move forwards sliding himself off Forts drooping cock, he turned and smiled at us both and got out of the shower. Forts eased himself off me and turned to me wrapping his arms round me, his mouth pushing to mine, his tongue reaffirming our deep love, he eased back and mouthed “Thank you”, I kissed him again. Albert was sitting with a white towel round his waist when Forts and I joined him, the three of us sat supping the Champagne, talking about nothing in particular. The chimes of the clock, suddenly reminding us how late it now was, Albert got to his feet and came over to me, he held out his hands `Davy, I wanted to say thank you for an amazing evening, but I really must now be going, who knows I may be on your train back home, I really hope I am’ I stood up and he kissed me on the lips, he pulled back and mouthed “Thank you for sharing him with me”. I just winked, Forts was now on his feet and picked up the phone, he arranged for a cab to take Albert to his digs and for it to be charged to our room. Albert. Now dressed, crossed to Forts once more. `Thank you for an amazing evening, truly amazing’ He gave Fort’s a peck on the cheek and left. Fort’s looked at me somewhat surprised at the fleeting goodbye; but I understood it, we wouldn’t see Albert again. `We had better be getting to bed too’ Forts nodded. Afterall, tomorrow would be the big day; Athol had spoken to Mum; Dad had been too busy. Apparently, she sounded pleased I was coming, she knew with a friend too, she said we would have to sleep in the sitting room as the baby now had my room. ** Athol takes up the story Archie and I waved as the train pulled away, Archie, pretending to sob and wipe his tears away with a hankie, he grinned turning to me. `Do you think they will be okay? `I hope so’ To be honest I wasn’t that sure `Davy, seemed a bit concerned about introducing Forts to his parents’ `Yes, I am not sure what’s going on there, hopefully nothing’ We slowly walked back to the car. ** It had been a few days since Davy had come to see me in the staffroom, I could tell he was agitated, so invited him in for a chat. `Come on then Davy, spill the beans, tell me what’s wrong’ He sat down and looked at me; thinking `It’s not Forts again, what has he done this time? `Athol, sorry Mr MacDonald’ `Davy, you know better; call me Athol when we are alone’ Davy had nodded. `Now come and sit next to me’ I wrapped an arm round him. `Athol, you know I was hoping to go to London to see my baby brother Andrew? `Oh, yes, Forts is really excited about it’ Davy looked at the ground `Ah, is that the problem? `Well, yes, I was thinking I should go alone’ I didn’t respond, waiting for him to elaborate `I don’t think my parents would understand, our relationship. Dad definitely would not be happy about it; he thinks men who like men are all “Nancy Boys” Davy’s voice trailed off, and he stared at the carpet. `Do you think your Dad is going to find out about your relationship? Davy was wringing his hands `But what if he guesses? It would surely be easier if Forts just stayed here’ `But what about Fort’s feelings Davy? He loves you so much and wants to support you, by being there for you’ `I know, I know’ Davy was obviously struggling internally with this. `Did you know he has brought little Andrew a present? Davy just nodded a tear rolled down his cheek, his voice breaking as he added `He gave it to me, when I said I wanted to go alone. He told me just to take the label off and say it was from me’ `I am sure he didn’t mean it nastily; he was all excited about seeing Andrew to’ `I know, then he went off riding, I said I would come, but he wanted to be left alone’ `Davy, it is not only you that is hurting then, it sounds like Fort’s is too, he was telling me just the other day, how excited he was about going’ Davy just nodded `I don’t know what to do’ `How about if I arrange for you both to stay in a hotel, then if it doesn’t go well, you can stay there, but I am sure your Mum and Dad, will be over joyed to have you with them, how does that sound?’ Davy nodded slowly. `Archie and I would be a lot happier knowing that Fort’s was with you’ `Okay, it will be nice to have him there with me, it’s just my Dad’ I stood up and Davy got up too, I wiped away his tears. `Everything will be fine, now go and find Forts and tell him, he will be so pleased’ *** Gary takes up the story I glanced up hearing a giggling in the corridor, McPhee popped his head round the door frame and then came in leading Nikita and then Miles; Nikita was between the two of them holding their hands. `Hello, McPhee, Miles, Hello little man’ Nikita, looked at me and shook his head `Not Forts’ Well, that was my confidence dented, McPhee leaned down to his ear and whispered loud enough for everyone to hear. `Forts under kilt’ Nikita looked at him questioningly and then, letting go of their hands, he came over and stuck his head under my kilt, I felt his hands groping me, feeling my cock and balls, and then pushing up to my stomach. Nikita reappeared with a big smile on his face, he turned to McPhee nodding and said `Forts, big cock’ Before he lifted the front of my kilt, holding it up with one hand and gabbing my swelling shaft with the other. Miles and McPhee burst out laughing repeating `Forts, Gary, Big Cock’ Nikita, turned back to me and took my swelling bellend in to his mouth, he began to suck on it noisily. Miles grinned `Christ, he sure is a cock hound, want to bring him back to my room? McPhee gripped the front of his kilt and mocking the RAF Officer’s voice said `Thought you would never ask old boy’ McPhee picked up Nikita by the waist and slung him over his shoulder. Struggling, Nikita now filled the room with all manner of Russian curses and swear words, his arms outstretched towards me; well my cock. I grinned nodding `I am coming to; I am coming to’ Nikita began smiling and with a `Tally ho boys’ From McPhee, the three of us, plus Nikita headed over to the Castle and into Jeremy Miles room. **************** Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. Other Nifty stories by this writer: `NightCam Fun’ � Gay/Encounters `Exploring my brother’ � Gay/Incest `Joshs Adventures series’ – Gay/Adult Youth `An Army life for me’ – Gay/Adult Youth/Military `Grandmas Bedroom’ � Bisexual/Incest `Dominic Online’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Vampyre’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Operation Pied Piper’ � Gay/Adult Youth `Scream if you want to go faster’ – Bisexual/Adult Youth `Red and Nick’ � Bisexual/Military `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’ � Bisexual/Incest

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