Panty Corset Pleasure.

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Panty Corset Pleasure.So ive caught you. I spun around and there was my wife. I was wearing black lace panties a Black Bra and a Red silk dress. I knew you was doing this, thats why my best knickers are getting stretched. Get changed and I will wait in the car for you. We went shopping and I tried to talk but was shushed and ignored. Wait in the car!! The shop took her longer than normal and I was desperate to explain it was just fun. We arrived home in silence and she went in the bedroom. A while later I was called in. Shower shave and put these on she ordered. I looked at the pile of clothes on the bed. I showered and shaved my cock and balls as ordered then went back to the room. I was shaking when I saw the womens clothes. This first, it was a pantie girdle, Black and very tight, I struggled to get it on had to put my cock pointing up. It was held very tight, I could feel it pulse, Stop that! oh and by the way I have sewn the gusset closed as you wont be playing with that for a while. Ive seen your profile so here, she handed antalya escort me Black tights, My cock was pressing hard against my belly. Next a big black Bra and gel inserts. Finally a very boring skirt and blouse. She saw my glum face. Old birds like you dont wear sexy clothes during the day. She made me sit and applied full make up. My cock was leaking, She put a long black wig on my head and it also covered some of my face. Get in the car!! I begged not to but I had no choice. Lucky we have trees to hide me. I sat in the passenger seat as we drove around for the afternoon. I started to relax as no one could see too much of me.My wife asked all about my secrets and how long had I been cross dressing. She had found my secret clothes a while before but wanted to catch me. We stopped in a secluded car park, Youve been a very bad girl she said. I was shocked. Was she playing? Go over to the pay and display and pay for the ticket. She had given me flat black shoes. I set off my heart beating out of my chest. No one escort antalya about. dashed back to the car. She then turned to me and put her hand on my trembling leg. Stroked my black tight covered thighs. I gasped!! then slowly stroked my cock through the layers of tight undies.Lets go home she said. We arrived and I was told to take off my Skirt, Blouse and tights. She came in and looked at me. Lie Down!! Look at that!! there was a damp patch on my Panty Corset. Turn over!! Kneel on all fours!! I saw her pick up a hair brush. The fist slap with the brush stung. Then I was given five more. BAD GIRL!!! She then reached under and stroked my cock. My balls wanted to release their load but no chance. She stroked me foe a while then let me use the bathroom while she watched so I couldnt wank myself off.We went back to the bedroom. I was handed a black lace corset that had a built in pair of knickers. I was given stockings to wear and a French maid outfit. You can now serve me she said. She slowly stripped off her clothes antalya escort bayan and lied on the bed. Suck my tits!! I love doing this and thought how lucky I was. Lick my Pussy!! I did as I was told, she was soaking. Now finish me off. I started to lift my skirt. WHAT the FUCK are you doing? she handed me a vibrator. I made her come. My balls ached. My cock was dripping. She dressed and I made and served dinner. Bed time. Thank fuck I need to come. One more treat she said and hancuffed me to the bed while i had me stunning undies on. She sat on my face and I brought her with my tongue. What about you? She stroked my aching cock through the lace. I was so close then she stopped. Took off the cuffs and said if your good I will bring you off in the morning. If you want to bring yourself now? oh yes!! then do so BUT you will have to wear boring womens clothes all the time at home. She showed me pairs of big cotton knickers. I waited until the mornig and fucked her but came very quickly. Finish me with your mouth!!I have to wear the big flowery knickers to work and allowed my nice ones at night. Shes the boss now. I have to please her to get sex. But love the girdles and panties as a treat. I have to be a good girl but I like being bad. Just going for the hairbrush!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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