Part 9 – Finally get to watch her get fucked

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Part 9 – Finally get to watch her get fuckedAfter the young couple left, we fucked. It was the first time I had my dick in a pussy that was freshly fuck. It was so wet, so hot and so smooth. I felt like I could fuck her pussy all night. She let me fuck her until she came twice. Then she started to tell me how big the young man’s dick was. How it made her come. Then she told me how she made the young lady squirm by sucking her nipples, rubbing her clit and licked my cum out of her pussy. I could not hold it back any long and added my cum to the young man’s. We got out of bed and took a shower together. There is nothing sexier than feeling nipples and a pussy all soaped up. My dick got hard again. We fucked in the shower. We went to bed completely drained. The next day she asked me if I enjoyed last night as much as it appeared. I asked her what she meant. She said “Well, you came four times in four hours”. I said yes. She got this look on her face and I was not really sure what it was about. She then leaned her head sideways and used the “L” word for the first time. She then explained that her first husband divorced her because she could not control herself. All the other guys she had been with just wanted to fuck her. Some longer than others, some more times than others, but they would always leave. She said that no matter how hard she tried to control herself she would always wind up doing nasty, bad things. And none of the guys she had been with after her first husband wanted anything more than from her than the nasty fuck she was. I said while it may be nasty it was exciting and not bad. She then got tears in her eyes and said that is what I mean. She told me I was the first guy she had been with that wanted her all to himself, but also liked sharing her and enjoyed helping her with the itch she could not control. She said she could tell by the look on my face when she told me her stories that there was no jealousy at all just excitement. I told her that I understood the difference between hot love and hot sex and to me she was both. Needless to say but she kissed me. And she fucked me long and slow until we came together.After we caught our breath she smiled and said you still haven’t seen me get fucked and I know you are aching to see it. I told her she was right. So she got up and came back with a couple letters from people who had answered our ad in the swinger’s magazine. She this time, we need to ask how old they are and try to hook up with a couple close to our own age. So she called some numbers. She talked to a guy who said he and his lady hosted a meet and greet at a night club in Pasadena pretty close to our where we lived. He said they usually invited five or six couples. They would drink and dance and then see what develops. My future wife said that sounded like fun. So she got the address of the club and the date. She asked him, “How would we recognize you in the club”? He told her his first name. He said all we needed to do was ask the lady at the door for his party. My future wife said that it sounded like fun and that we would be there. She looked at me and smiled a wicked smile and said we have a date to go dick hunting. I said this time no matter what I get to watch. She just laughed.So the next Saturday night we got dressed up and went dancing. She dress like the first time we went “dick hunting”. She was in a purple dress that made her look more cute than nasty. But the heels she wore hinted that there was more under the dress than cuteness. She looked like a little blond pixie. When we were leaving the house she stopped before opening the front door and raised her skirt and said I am ready. She had as usual cut the crotch from her panty hose so that it would be easy the scratch her itch.When we arrive at the night club, it was a bigger place that I was expecting. We paid our cover and was shown to our parties table. There were already three couples at the table. We asked if this was the party and who was the host. A gentlemen stood up at the end of the table. He introduced himself and welcomed us. He hoped we would enjoy the party. He then introduced us güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to the others around the table. First, his lady, a taller brunette, maybe 5’8”, nice breast, nice waist and a nice round as all proportional. She was in a short skirt. She looked like what I imagined a high class hooker would look like. He then introduced us to the couple sitting next to them. He was a tall dark haired guy. He as muscular and was over 6’ tall. Nice looking guy. She was a medium height dark red head lady. With what I would call a nominal figure, not thin but not chubby either. She had a smile that said “you have no idea how nasty I can be”. I wondered. The next couple was also taller. He had dark hair, a barrel chest and long legs. Again not bad looking. He was with a long haired blond lady. Her hair was long and straight. She had a cute little nose and light blue eyes. Her face was her most striking feature. Her body was long and thin. Small breast, small waist and small, tight ass. She also acted like she was shy.We sat down in empty chairs next to our host and his lady. His lady sat to my right and my future wife sat on my left. We ordered drinks and start to talk with the other couples at the table. My wife and I danced. And then we danced with the other couples around the table. Nothing much happened except dancing and drinking as this was a normal club with bouncer. After about an hour another couple came in. They seemed to know the host couple and one other couple at the table. They did not know the couple with the redhead. The sat at the table on the other side of my future wife and introduced themselves. They were Mike and Robin. He was a taller blond headed guy that looked like a surfer dude. She was a little taller than my lady. She had dark hair almost black. It was cut shoulder length. But for her size she had large breast. She dressed like she was trying to hide them with a loose fitting blouse. She had a smaller waist and a nice ass. Except for the host lady, she was the hottest looking. After their drinks came they asked us to dance. So we paired off me with her and him with my lady. When we got to the dance floor, it was a slow song. She grabbed me and left no room between our bodies. I could feel her large breast and I know she could feel my dick getting hard. My lady was also in his death grip. There was no daylight between them. As we danced I was his hands move down to my lady’s ass. So I did the same. The lady’s never flinched. They just went with it like it was the normal was to dance with people you just met.When the song ended we went back to the table and chatted. I asked them if this was their first time here. They said no. They had met up with the host already for a couple of these parties. We asked “how did it work”? They told us the usually everyone would drink, dance and get horny until closing time. Then both times before they would all go to his house and have a good time. They did not sound all that enthused. So we asked were the parties fun? They said they were ok. But because they stayed drinking at the club until closing time the parties did not last very long before everyone faded.We must have looked disappointed. She looked at both of us and then asked where to you live. We said not to far from here, maybe 15 minutes away. She smiled and said you guys want to leave and go to your house. It kind of took us by surprise. But my lady and I looked at each other and said why not. We asked out new friends if we need to wait until the host came back and then go. She smile and said why not. When the host came back we stood up and thanked him for the invite. We told him we were leaving. He looked surprised and the say the other couple getting up also. He smiled at us and said hope you guys have a good time. Then snickered and said I am pretty sure you will and winked at the couple leaving with us.We walked out of the club. Robin took my arm and wrapped it around hers. She squeezed my arm into the side of her breast. My lady took the cue and wrapped Mike’s arm around her waist and leaned into him. As we walked to the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri cars, I said they could follow us to our house. She said I have a better idea. Why don’t I ride with you and your lady can ride with Mike. I looked at my lady and she said sounds fun to me. Before my lady starting walking to their car, she came over and kissed me and whispered in my ear hurry home so you can watch a dick pound me. I almost came in my pants. Robin then said to both of us that she and I needed to make a stop on the way home. She asked my lady if she mind me stopping with her at the motel room so she could pick up their stuff. They were not planning on go back to the motel tonight. My laid said no problem, looked at me and ask could I find my way home without her. I told there was nothing that could keep me from getting home.We left Mike and my lady. We walked to the car like a couple. By looking at us no one would know that we had just met less than an hour ago. We got in the car. She told me the name of the motel and asked me if I knew where it was. I said yes. She them slid over next to me and put her hand on my hard dick. She giggled and said I hope we can make to your house. I hoped so too.The motel was right on the way home. We stop. I offered to help get her stuff. She said come on. When she unlocked the door, the first thing I saw as a bed that was all messed up and a big plastic vibrator in the middle of the bed. She blushed and said I am sorry. We got all worked up before coming the club. If fact that is why we were so late. She collected their stuff and we headed to the car. We stopped so she could return the key. She then slid in next to me and said we had better hurry before they start without us. On the way home she put my hand under her skirt so I could rub her pussy. She said I need you to make me really wet before we get there.When we got there, the lights were low in the living room and no one as to be found. She looked at me and asked “where is your bedroom”? I starter to walk to the bedroom. She grabbed my hand at let me lead her. When I opened the door to the bedroom, there was my lady in the bed with her legs up in the air panting and moaning. Mike was between her legs and pound her with his dick. My lady heard us, opened her eyes looked at me and smiled. Robin still had my hand and led me out of the room back into the living room. She kissed me and said hurry and get undressed so we go back and get in bed. We started to get undress. As she undressed, I really got my first good look at her body. It was hotter than I thought. She had big tits, C maybe D cups. She had a narrow waste and an ass you could bounce a quarter five feet in the air. Her tits were firm and they we real. After she pulled off her panty hose and panties, she looked at me and asked do I need to help you take off you jeans. I did not need a second invitation.When we were both naked, she reached up grabbed my head with both hand and gave me a deep kiss with lots of tongue. When she pulled back, she smiled and said that should get you jump started. She grabbed my hand and walked me back into the bedroom.There was Mike and my lady fucking. She had turned him over and was riding his dick. She had a look of ecstasy on her face. Robin led me to the other side of our bed laid down and pulled me down on her. She said I am ready to be fucked now. I never took my eyes of my lady. She was pounding down hard on Mike’s dick. I watched her little breast bounce and her ass ripple with each down stroke. Robin kissed me again and said fuck me again. I kissed down her neck while rubbing her clit. She closed her eyes. I kissed and sucked on her nipples. They were great nipples hard and dark and larger than my ladies. Then I moved down between her legs so I could lick her clit and taste her pussy. The whole time I am doing this I am watching my lady riding a hard dick. I kept lick and fingering Robin’s pussy. She was grinding on my face. She opened her eyes and reached over and started pinching my lady’s nipples. My lady started coming and Mike moaned and got tense. He was güvenilir bahis şirketleri shooting his load into my lady’s pussy. Robin then grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me up. Kissed me and said put your dick in my pussy. I did as I was told. Mike got up to get a towel. Everything was starting to get very wet. When he left the bed my lady rolled on her side and had one hand on her pussy and the other hand pinching Robin’s nipples. I rose up so that my lady had better access to Robin’s beautiful tits. My lady rolled over more and took Robin’s nipple into her mouth. Robin moaned and I started shoot my load in her pussy. I could not hold it in watching my blond hair lady sucking those big nipples like there was going to be no tomorrow.After I finished cumming, Robin rolled toward my lady and said I have a pussy full of come. My lady said “so do I”. They kissed and had their fingers in each other’s pussy. Mike came back in the room with a towel. Looked at Robin and my lady and said I may need a bigger towel. He crawled into bed on the other side of our ladies. They moved around and were laying at the foot of the bed. Mike and I were sitting up against the head board watching our ladies eat each other’s pussies. We watched them make each other cum. It was even hotter than watching my lady fuck Mike. When they came up for air, Robin looked at me and said “I haven’t suck any hard dick tonight and I see one right here”. She moved to her hands and knees. With her ass in the air, she started sucking my dick. She looked up and asked to my lady to help her make this hard dick cum. So my lady move up next to her and they both started licking my dick. I had to close my eyes to concentrate on not shooting my second load of the night.When I opened my eyes, Mike had move behind the ladies and seemed to enjoying himself. My lady looked up and me and said I have fingers in my pussy and in my ass. Robin looked up and back over her shoulder and asked Mike “what about me I need some attention too”. When both of them started to squirm, I came in their mouths. They were both going after my cum like they were starving.When Mike saw me cum. He said my turn. So we switched places. I was looking at two nice asses, one black haired pussy and one blond pussy. Both pussies were red, puffy and wet. Everything was wet, clits, pussies, asses and assholes. I used both hands to slide fingers in the pussies and thumbs into their assholes. I played with them until Mike came in their mouths. We took a breather, Robin asked if they could use our shower. We said yes. My lady and I laid in the bed cuddling. She asked me how I was. I said I got to see how hot you look when you have a hard dick in your pussy. I got to see you suck a hard dick. I got to watch you eat a hot pussy full of cum. I have spent the last few hours fucking, sucking and getting sucked by the two hottest ladies that I have ever known. She smiled and said yes we have. I said I will remember this night as long as I live. She kissed me and asked can we make more memories. I kissed her back and said I would love to.When Mike and Robin came out of the shower. We went in. My dick got hard as soon as we started soaping. She looked at my dick and ask what is that about, I said I just watched my hot lady get fucked, eat pussy and have her pussy eaten by a beautiful woman. You would be hard too. She laughed turned around and said I could use one more fucking. She back up on my dick. My dick went in easy into a pussy that had been worked on all night by fingers, hard dicks and tongues. I fucked her until I shot a load into the hotness that was her pussy. When we got out of the shower Mike and Robin were already dressed.Robin looked at us and asked did I hear some fucking going on in there. I said you have good hearing. She laughed, looked at my lady and said well I can always tell when I am listening to someone getting fucked.She said you guys get dressed and we will by breakfast. We did. During breakfast at a 24hr restaurant we all talked, told each other about ourselves. Turns out Robin was a lawyer. We exchanged each other’s phone numbers, so we could meet up again. We got home from the hottest night of my life around 4AM exhausted. When I climbed into bed, my dick was hard again. My lady smiled a tired smile and said if you can wait until we wake up. I will tell you how Mike got me into bed before you and Robin got here.This is a true that is to be continued………

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