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PAYBACK PART 2We start part 2 with Pauline having to make her mind up to suck a 12 year old k**s cock or to lick a 12 year old girls pussy .Dci Pauline Adams was being held by Jess a 36 year old black guy who Pauline had fitted up with a d**gs charge and he was now out of jail wanting payback .Pauline said no way am i doing that ok Jess said guys get Amy who is Paulines 14 year old gran daughter up here get her naked .No please Pauline cried dont do that you going to do as your fucking told then Jess shouted in her face ?Ok i will Pauline cried . Make your mind up i will suck his cock then Pauline cried Pauline was 62 nearly retired .Ok i want you as naked as the day you were born Jess said to Pauline please not in front of my family please cried Pauline with güvenilir bahis siteleri tears streaming down her face .Shut the fuck up and strip Jess did not want to hurt Pauline he wanted to HUMILLIAT her .So Pauline got to her feet she took her light blue jumper off first under that she had a white bra on WOW Jess said your wife has a great pair of tits on her David thats Paulines husband all this time Pauline was sobbing her heart out her face was bright red her head hung in shame .Next off was her skirt she had white knickers to match her bra as Pauline striped off Sarha her daughter was getting tingles in her pussy watching her mum get naked whats wrong with me she thought mum getting naked in front of all these k**s and my pussy is getting youwin giriş wet .Jess saw Sarha moving about in her chair and thought she likes this the slut . Jess told pauline get your tits out she was a mess tears pouring down here face as she took her bra off great tits Jess said for an old girl as they bounced free .She a good fuck still David ?yes he said when did you last fuck her Jess asked last week he said .Turn sideways Pauline lets have a look at your tits from there right now your knickers pull them down to your knees then put your hands on your head and turn around slowly .This carnt get any worse thought Pauline as she pulled her knickers down to her knees and turned around .All ways loved a hairy pussy Jess said and she sure youwin güvenilir mi is hairy Pauline thought she would faint as she took her knickers off here she was a 62 year old married women naked as the day she was born standing in front of her family and all thouse k**s .Right who do you want to suck first Pauline ?god this is a nightmare she thought as the first k** got his cock out Pauline shut her eyes and opened her mouth the k** put his cock in her mouth open your eyes Jess said she did now suck his cock and balls the k** only lasted 3 mins as he came in her mouth .God no not in my mouth Pauline thought the rest of the boys all had there cocks sucked by her .Then it was the girls turn to have there pussys licked by Pauline .I never in my worst nightmare did i ever think i would be licking a 12 year old girls pussy in front of my family .But there she was licking pussy the girls loved it a 62 year old women was licking there pussys after Pauline had sucked the boys licked the girls it was Jess IS TURN end of part 2 enjoy

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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