Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 6 – Or

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Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 6 – OrPepper’s Honeymoon – Part 6 – Orgy at Secluded BeachFriday, September 7, 1985I woke up Friday morning to someone whispering in my ear asking me if I was ready for a day of wild sex on a remote beach. I rolled over and it was Ginger and I told her I was ready and looking forward to seeing her and Pepper have a lot of fun. We got up, got dressed, grabbed our hats, suntan lotion and several large beach towels they provided in the bungalow. Being the first ones at the restaurant for breakfast, we asked them for a table for seven and then pushed two tables together and arranged the chairs. Just as they finished, Margie and Chuck arrived and joined us at the table. Ginger asked them if they were looking forward to our trip and Margie smiled and yes. She shared that they talked about it last night after they left and that if it was okay with everyone that they would like to try to sunbathe nude, the both of them. I told them that was a wonderful idea and that I’m sure no one would object. Then I looked at Margie and told her that I surely wouldn’t mind if she nude sunbathed and that I would be happy to join her. She turned red and smiled. Dennis and Valerie showed next and quickly joined us at the table. We all exchanged our morning greetings that then helped ourselves to the breakfast bar. Almost as soon as we sat down, Dennis leaned into the table so as no one from other tables could hear him and asked just how secluded is this beach. I told him that there is no one else around and that both ends of the beach have large rocky outcrops that stretch out into the ocean. When we were there for an entire afternoon we never saw a saw nor did we see any sign of people. Dennis looked back at Valerie, smiled and said that they were wondering about doing some nude tanning if the beach was completely secluded. Chuck laughed and said he and Margie had been wanting to do the same thing and everyone laughed. Pepper added that this ought to be fun and exciting day and gave me a wink. Miguel was helping his uncle at the resort desk and watching us in the restaurant. When we were through, he asked me to follow him to get the jeeps and told the others to wait our front. Pulling up in the jeeps, I suggested that Chuck, Margie and Pepper ride with Miguel in the lead jeep and that Ginger, Valerie and Dennis ride with me. Everyone thought that was acceptable, so we loaded in and hit the road. Turning off the main road, I warned Dennis and Valerie to watch for the branches that we will be driving through so that they don’t hit them in the eyes or hurt them. The drive was just as bumpy and slow as earlier in the week, but didn’t seem to take as long. Even though were we getting beat up by the jungle, it still had its beauty and awe; especially with all of the beautiful birds that flew around us. Then like before, the jungle thinned out and we pulled up underneath a cluster of palm trees that provided the perfect shade for the jeeps. The other couples oohed and awed over the beauty of this hidden beach. Our tracks from earlier in the week had been swept away by wind and sea, making the sand look as if it had never been walked on by anyone. I told them that we were going to strip down to our bathing suits and then head out onto the beach and they thought that was a great idea. I noticed that Valerie was wearing a smaller two piece bathing suit than she did on the beach and Dennis said he brought it along with high hopes. Margie apologized and said that she didn’t have anything else but her old ladies swimsuit and Pepper told her that it was fine and that maybe tomorrow she and Ginger would take Margie shopping. Margie said she would like that and Valerie asked if she could tag along and they all said yes. Miguel had also worn a bathing suit under his shorts and joined us out on the beach. I told the others that the resort forbids the help from fraternizing with the guests, so if anyone asks, Miguel drove us out here and then stayed near the jeeps while we had our fun. Then I told Miguel that as far as we were concerned that he was an equal member of this group and to have fun and he smiled and said thank you.Approaching the water’s edge, the others stopped and looked in all directions, as if trying to see if anyone was spying on us. When they were satisfied, Valerie took off her top. Pepper and Ginger were almost done taking theirs off by the time Valerie actually got hers off. Margie soon followed suit and took her top off also. Then Dennis said that since everyone saw him last night and then took his swimsuit off danced naked in the sun and sand like a little k**s who had just been set free. I dropped my swimsuit and Chuck followed soon after. Pepper and Ginger then dropped their bikini bottom causing Dennis to stop his dancing and just stared at the girls. He turned and looked at Valerie and she smiled at him, he nodded and she took off her bottoms revealing a thick dark bush that contrasted against her white skin. I told Valerie that she better put some suntan lotion on that white skin of hers or it will be pink skin in an hour. To everyone’s surprise, she tossed me the bottle of suntan lotion and told me to help her put it on. I looked at Dennis and he was said that she talked about that last night. I moved over to her, pour some lotion on my hand and began to rub it over her belly. I worked my way up to her breasts and began spreading suntan lotion over her breasts. Both Valerie and Dennis were smiling as they both watched me work my hands all over her breasts and then up on her shoulders. I put more lotion in my hand and then started to at the tops of her feet and worked my way up her legs. Kneeling down so as to reach her feet and ankles, I looked up right into her bush and could see the lips of her pussy trying to peek out at me. My hands continued to work their way up her legs, passed her knees, up her thighs until I was working lotion all around the edges of her pubic hair. Then I told her to turn around and repeated the process on her backside, starting at her ankles and working my way up. When I got to her butt, I took my time working the lotion into her cheeks and playing with her butt. Then I worked my way up her back to her shoulders. Valerie then turned around and gave me a big hug, pressing her bare breasts against me and I could feel my cock pressing against her belly, just above her pubic hair. I was already getting hard putting the lotion on her, but feeling her breasts against me and my cock against her finished the job of making me rock hard. She asked if she did that and I told her that she did and that she was a sexy lady even if she didn’t think so. She said thank you and kissed me and patted my cock. Margie was now the only one not completely naked. (Miguel had been watching everything and when I stripped, so did he.) Chuck told her that she was beautiful and sexy and to go ahead. After all, he said, you told JD that you wanted to sunbath nude and she agreed. She turned to Miguel and asked him if he still thought she was pretty and sexy and he said oh yes, very much so. Then Margie asked him if he wanted to take her bottoms off for her and he practically jumped at the chance. He knelt down in front of her, reached up and hooked his thumbs and fingers under her waistband and slowly worked her bottoms off of her. As they crept down, they revealed a thinning bush of grey and brown pubic that allowed her lips to show through much easier than Valerie’s. Chuck told her that she needed some suntan lotion to keep from burning and Margie asked Miguel if he would do the honors. The young Mexican eagerly spread the lotion all over her body, including her breasts, thighs and butt. His cock was fully erect as he lotioned her and she took notice. As Miguel lotioned her breasts, Margie reached down and held his cock and began to slowly stroke it. I could tell that both Dennis and Chuck were feeling left out, so I suggested that they lotion Pepper and Ginger. Dennis lotioned Ginger and Chuck lotioned Pepper. Both men took extra time putting lotion on the girls’ breasts and around their upper thighs and butt. They were both fully erect before their hands ever touched the girl’s skin and the girls responded by playing with the guys’ cocks. Then Valerie asked if any of the guys needed lotion and both Dennis and Chuck looked fairly white and I had a nice all over tan, so I suggested that Valerie lotion Chuck and Margie lotion Dennis. They all thought that sounded good. Valerie wasted no time working her lotioned hands down to Chuck’s cock and then took plenty of time to make she had covered every spot of his cock and balls. Margie was a little more hesitant than Valerie and worked her way over Dennis’ chest and stomach before reaching his cock. She started out slowly, but eventually she started to enjoy it more and spent plenty of time lotioning Dennis’ cock and they were both smiling. After everyone was well lotioned, we decided to lay on the sand at the water’s edge and soak in the sun. The breeze felt really good as it was gently blowing in off the water. As we laid there, I began to play with both Pepper’s and Ginger’s pussies and it wasn’t long that their moaning caught the attention of the others. By the time they both came, all of the others were sitting up watching us. Everyone except Margie was smiling. She didn’t know whether to be excited or shocked. When we finished and I noticed that we were the center of attention, I looked over and asked who’s next. Margie now looked shocked but Valerie whispered something to Dennis and he nodded his head yes to her and she moved over and laid down next to me where Ginger had been. I asked her if she was sure and she said yes, so I told her to lean back, spread her legs a little for me and enjoy the ride. I first cupped my hand over her mound, feeling her thick crop of hair and the contour of her body. Then I slid my hand down over her clit and just held my hand against her pussy. When I looked at Dennis, he was smiling and was holding his erect cock in his hand. I began to work a finger along the clit between her lips and could tell that she was flowing like river. Then I added a second finger and extended them as far into her pussy as I could. That was enough to send her into a crescendoing orgasm that arched her entire body off the sand. When she settled back down, I told her that I hadn’t really started yet and asked if she wanted me to continue and she moaned several yeses. I leaned in and quietly whispered in Valerie’s ear asking her if she had ever squirted when she came and she whispered no, so I whispered back and told her to hang on and trust me. Then I motioned to Dennis and told him to watch carefully and learn. Hooking the two fingers I had in her pussy, I kept feeling and rubbing around looking for her sweet spot and could feel when I found it. I explained to Dennis what I was doing, but didn’t tell him why. Working her sweet spot with those two fingers, I took my other hand and began rubbing and playing with her clit. Valerie quickly began to climb towards another orgasm and the more she climbed, the harder I worked her pussy and her clit. Her back was off the beach and her moans were getting louder and when she finally peaked, and when she did, she started squirting one spurt after another. She squirted with such force that it sprayed out 6-8 feet. Dennis’s eyes were almost bulging out of his head in amazement. It took Valerie a couple of minutes to catch her breath and relax from the most intense orgasm she had ever had in her life. When she finally opened her eyes, Dennis was kneeling over her and they began kissing and hugging each other. Dennis told her that was amazing and she told him that he had no idea of how amazing it really was. I told Dennis to remember what I did and he could continue to give canlı bahis her the most intense orgasms ever.I turned and looked at Margie and she was just standing there staring. She didn’t know what to do or say. Chuck asked me if I could do the same thing to Margie and I said yes I could, but I think it would be best if he did it himself. He said he didn’t know how and I asked him if he was watching and he said he was, but wasn’t sure he could do it as well. I said I would coach him through it if Margie was up to it. Chuck turned to her asked how she felt and she said she wasn’t sure. Then Chuck asked her who’s fingers she would rather have in her pussy, his or mine. She looked at both of us and said probably his so I told her to lay down, spread her legs a little and then I told Chuck to move in next to her. Margie laid down, spread and closed her eyes. I told Chuck to start by just working two fingers into her pussy and getting her aroused. Then I tried to explain to him about the sweet spot and how to find it. He tried for a bit but couldn’t seem to find it. I asked Margie if it was okay for me to touch her and find the sweet spot and she said to go ahead. I first showed Chuck how I worked my fingers before putting them inside her. When I began to slide my fingers inside of Margie’s pussy, she tensed and I told her to just relax. I worked my way across the roof of her pussy and when I hit the sweet spot, her reaction was noticeable. Chuck saw her react and tried to describe to him where it was and told him to try again. This time he found her sweet spot fairly quickly. I told him to work his fingers back and forth against her sweet spot. Then I had him begin rubbing and playing with her clit. In only a few moments, Margie began to climb towards a climax. She started moaning louder and louder and like Valerie her back began to arch off the ground. I told Chuck to work her pussy and her clit harder and faster. As he picked up the tempo, she arched even more until she finally exploded with a screaming loud moan and she began to squirt about a half a dozen times. It only traveled about 5 feet, but it was definitely enough for both her and Chuck. I saw the looks on Dennis and Miguel’s faces and didn’t want them to feel left out, so I told Pepper and Ginger lay down, spread their legs and close their eyes. I instructed Chuck to kneel between their heads and fondle their breasts. Then I had Miguel get by Pepper and I placed Dennis next to Ginger. Once again I demonstrated how to find the sweet spot and then instructed them to start feeling the girls’ pussies and begin gently rubbing along the inside roof. They both found the sweet spot fairly quickly and I told them to just continue to rub it for a bit. As they were feeling insides of my wives pussies, I told them there is another way to make a woman squirt. Instead of working her clit with your other hand, you can suck and chew on the clit and sometimes this actually makes the orgasm even more intense and they will squirt further. However, I told them that the trick is to stop sucking on the clit when they begin to squirt and then to use their hand to rub it to bring them to the max effect. If they continue to suck on the clit, they will be drenched, it was up to them. After giving them the options, they both decided to try the oral stimulation and began sucking and gently chewing on the girls’ clits. I reminded them to keep working the sweet spot and as they feel the girls start to build, to increase their rubbing and sucking. A few minutes into it, Ginger began to respond first, but Pepper wasn’t too far behind her. I told Chuck to roll their nipples between his thumb and fingers and when he started that, it helped to make the girls build quicker to their orgasm. The more I saw the girls responding, the more I coached all three men on what to do. Then Ginger’s back arched so much that only the back of her head and her feet were touching the sand. Dennis was doing his best to stay with her and then she started to squirt. I was surprised that Dennis chose to continue to suck on her clit as Ginger gushed half a dozen times, drenching him and splattering all over the two of them. By the time Ginger had drenched Dennis and herself, Pepper was arching off the sand. Chuck continued working his fingers inside her pussy but switched to using his other hand on her clit only a few seconds before she began squirting. She squirted with a lot of force, reaching nearly 8 feet away. Her body bucked and convulsed as she orgasmed in such a manner that it almost looked like she was going to have a seizure. When she was done, she grabbed Chuck, kissed him passionately on the lips and thanks him for a great orgasm. I suggested that it was time for everyone to go for swim to rinse off and cool of as the sun was getting quite warm. The 8 of us waded out, talking about what had just happened. We were in waist deep water when Margie went over to Pepper and hugged her and thanked her so much for helping her overcome her insecurity and poor self-image. They were talking in lowered voices and none of us could hear what was being said, but Margie suddenly stepped back from Pepper, looked at me and then moved back into talk in hushed tones again. Margie looked at me again, turned red in the face and then nodded her head yes to Pepper. Then they joined the rest of us as we were swimming out a little ways. We swam around for about half an hour and then headed back into shallower water. Once we could easily stand, Margie went over to Chuck and began talking to him in the same hushed tones that she and Pepper had been talking in. They both looked over in my direction and I saw Chuck nod yes and then the two of them hugged and kissed. A few moments later, Dennis and Valerie swam over to me and told me that they had seen us last night on the beach having sex. They suspected that we might do something like that so they snuck out and stayed far enough away that they could tell what we were doing and trying not to be seen at the same time. I told them they should have joined us and Valerie said that they were afraid to, but it made them so horny watching us and after what happened in the bungalow earlier that they went back to their bungalow and had the best sex they ever had. Dennis then told me that we’ve helped to make some of the wildest fantasies come true and that they were so grateful. Then Dennis said that there is still one fantasy they had that they were wondering if we would help them with. I asked them what that was and they said to watch each have sex with a different person. Yes, I thought to myself as I had wanted to have sex with both Valerie and Margie today. Turning to look at the others, I asked if they had anyone in mind and there were three guys and three girls to choose from. Valerie said she chose me and Dennis said he would be happy with either Ginger or Pepper, so I suggested Ginger and he said that was great. I asked them when and where they wanted this to happen and they said today here at the beach. I asked they wanted to do it in front of everyone else and they said yes. Then I asked if they wanted it to happen simultaneously or one at a time. Valerie said one at time so they could really watch other. My final question was who was going first and Valerie reached down, grabbed my cock and said we are. I told them I had to tell the girls of the plans and swam over to where they were Miguel and broke the news to them.We all headed back to the beach and as soon as we walked onto the dry sand, Margie came over to me and asked if I really wanted to make love to her and I told yes I did and that I thought she was beautiful and quite sexy. She said that Chuck gave his approval as long as he can watch. I then asked her if it would be okay for Chuck to have sex with one of the other girls and she said it was only fair. I knew my plan was coming together, but now realized that I had a dilemma – who do I have sex with first, Valerie or Margie? I gathered everyone around and said that both Margie and Valerie want to have sex with me and that I very much wanted to have sex with them. Then I asked who should I take first? Ginger wanted to know which one asked me first and I said Valerie did. She said then Valerie should be first. She turned to Margie and told her not to worry that I would have plenty left for her and she blushed. I had laid down on the wet sand and motioned Valerie to come and sit on me. I was already rock hard, but she stroked me several times anyway before straddling my cock. Then she slowly lowered herself down on my wanting shaft. I could feel how wet she was from all of the arousal and she kept sliding down on me until I was completely inside her. I grabbed her hips and started to pump in and out of her. Even though Valerie was flowing wet, she was still fairly tight and her pussy felt really good. The excitement of having another man’s cock in her had her very worked up and only moments after she impaled herself on me she had her first orgasm. She continued to ride me and I watched her breasts bouncing to our rhythm. I reached up and cupped them and began to play with her nipples which drove her to a second orgasm. I asked if I needed to pull out before I came and she no, that she was on the pill and that she wanted to feel another man cum inside her. After another minute, I shifted her so that my cock was rubbing on her clit as she slid up and down on me. I could feel her pussy getting tighter and tighter again and I could feel my balls starting to send their riches her way. I grabbed her waist and held her against me as tightly as possible as I began to shoot one spurt after another deep up into her. The feeling of my white hot cum sent Valerie over the top and she had her third orgasm. Her body rocked with this one and she almost fell off to the side, but I managed to hold her on. Once we had both finished, I helped her off and she laid down on the sand next to me. Before totally separating, Valerie hugged and kissed me and told me that it was fantastic. She asked Dennis how he was doing having just watched his wife have sex with another man and he repeated that it was fantastic and that his own balls were about to explode. I suggested he lay down on the sand and I motioned Ginger to have at him.She quickly straddled him and slid down his cock. He instantly started moaning at the feeling of another woman’s pussy engulfing his manhood. Once she was all the way on, Ginger began to rise up and down on Dennis’s cock. He reached up and cupped her breasts for a little while and then went back to holding onto Ginger’s waist as she continued to ride like a wild pony. Ginger had her first orgasm with Dennis a couple of minutes into things and as she was building for her second orgasm, Dennis exploded with spurt after spurt after spurt of his cum up inside Ginger. She said she thought he would never stop cumming inside her. Then Ginger climbed and moved down and licked his cock clean, much to the astonishment of the others. I looked at Margie and asked if she was ready or did someone else want to go next and she said she would like to watch one more before she let me have sex with her. I turned to Chuck, Miguel and Pepper and asked who was next. Chuck looked at Margie and she said what the hell, go ahead. Pepper saw the disappointed look on Miguel’s face said that she would be happy to suck his cock while she fucked Chuck and that made him very happy. Pepper bent down in front of Miguel and told Chuck to help himself as she began to suck on the young Mexican’s cock. Chuck moved in behind Pepper and shoved his cock all the way into her in one move. She was so wet that it easily slid in and Chuck quickly found a steady pace sliding in and out of Pepper. Meanwhile, Pepper sucked on Miguel’s cock in perfect rhythm with Chuck’s pace from bahis siteleri behind. I moved in under Pepper and began to play with her breasts that were swaying to and fro. I heard Valerie say that was the sexiest and most erotic thing she had ever seen with three men pleasing one woman all at the same time. I asked her if she would like to give it a try and she said she would like to see what it’s like before returning to their home. I promised her it would happen today before we leave this beach, and then turned my attention back to Pepper’s breasts. Miguel must have been really turned on because it only took a several minutes before he starting cumming in Pepper’s mouth. He was amazed that when he started to cum that she sucked even harder instead of pulling off of him and she swallowed every drop he gave her along with those that he may have left in his shaft. Chuck brought Pepper to two orgasms before unleashing his pent up load into her. When Chuck pulled out of Pepper’s pussy, Ginger knelt down before him and licked his cock clean, stood up, kissed him and thanked him. I turned to Margie and told her it was now her turn. I walked up to her, pulled her tight against me and kissed her as passionately as I could. She was receptive and our lounges danced from mouth to mouth. I then kissed her neck, then her cleavage and then I spent a minute or two sucking on her nipples. Then I kissed down her belly and used my tongue to play with her navel. I felt her body twitch and she commented that she never knew that sucking on a navel could be felt in her pussy. From the navel, I kissed my way down to her pubic hair and then worked both sides of her hair to her upper thighs. Then I stuck my tongue out and licked her dripping wet pussy. Looking up at her I told her how delicious she tasted and returned to licking her pussy. Then I started licking and sucking on her clit until she was starting to writhe. Laying down on the sand, I pulled her by the arms on top of me and kissed her again. Then I helped her raised up to just above my cock. She looked at Chuck and asked if he was sure this was okay and he said she deserved it. Margie looked back at me and allowed herself to slide down onto my shaft. Once she was fully on me, she looked at me and said that I felt so good inside her. I started to work myself in and out of her and in less than a minute she started to orgasm. Her body rocked and I could feel her pussy pulsating around my cock and I did everything possible to keep from cumming, so I just paused for a few moments and held myself up inside her as her pussy calmed down. Then I slowly began to pump her again and went just fast enough to watch her large breasts bounce up and down on her chest. I reached on and grabbed them and then began to roll her nipples between my thumb and fingers and this was enough to cause Margie to cum for a second time. Wanting to give her a third orgasm and an experience to remember, I slid myself into position to allow my cock to rub on her clit and she instantly began to climb again. While staring at her gorgeous bouncing breasts I concentrated on feeling her pussy clasping around my cock and as she built, I could feel my seed flowing out of me balls and up my shaft. Holding her hips and pulling her tightly against my cock, I pumped my load up into her as she came for the third time. I pulled her back down on me and again started kissing her passionately and told her just how good she was and how much I enjoyed making love to her. Exhausted, she rolled off me onto the sand and this time Ginger went between Margie’s legs and began licking and sucking her pussy clean. Pepper went down on me and licked my cock clean. Margie wasn’t sure what to think when Ginger went to work cleaning her but she soon realized just how good if felt. When Ginger was down, Margie asked her if she was gay and Ginger laughed and said no, she loves having sex with men and women but nothing can replace a good cock and then she said I had a great cock and Margie agreed. When I got up off the sand, I told Chuck that he needs to keep this going when they get home and treat her like a sex goddess and he said he would and he said he learned a lot today. We all took another dip into the ocean to rinse off and then Miguel broke out lunch and we sat in the shade by the jeeps and enjoyed a great picnic lunch. During lunch, I asked the other couples how they were doing so far and Valerie said she was doing great and looking forward to having three men satisfy her at the same time. I told her that if she was a really good girl I could make it all four of us guys satisfying her at the same time and her eyes got nearly as wide as her smile. She asked how and I told her she would have to wait to find out. Then Valerie said she wasn’t into anal and I told her neither were we. Pepper asked Miguel how he was doing and he told us that we were the first guests at the resort to ever do anything like this with him. Margie turned to him and told him that he was the first man other than her husbands to see her breasts and touch them and that helped her tremendously. Then she asked him if he would like to have sex with her after lunch and he said very much so. Pepper asked him if he had thought about Margie and even fantasized about her since touching her breasts the other day and he looked embarrassed and said yes he had. She asked him if he masturbated thinking about Margie’s breasts and again he embarrassingly said yes. Margie told him that she was surprised a good looking young man like him would get turned on by an old lady like her and he said she was not old but very beautiful and very sexy and that he really liked her breasts. Chuck then added that Margie’s going to give him even more to remember and fantasize about and Miguel said he would like that. After lunch, we helped Miguel put everything away, took turns helping each other put more suntan lotion on and then we laid out in the sun at the water’s edge. The next thing I knew, I felt a hand playing with my cock and I looked up at a smiling Valerie. Turns out that all of us had fallen asleep and she woke up about an hour later. She said her curiosity was getting the better of her and she just had to know how all four of us were going to satisfy her at the same time. I said it would have to wait until everyone was awake but in the meantime I suggested we do some 69. Valerie straddled my face, lowered her pussy down to my face and I snaked my tongue up into the pussy. She leaned down and began to suck on my cock. We had only been going at it for about a minute when Dennis woke and saw us. He whispered to her that she was so sensuous doing that with me and wished he had someone to 69 with. Pepper roused and said she would be happy to 69 him and went over, sat on his face, leaned down and began sucking his cock. I sucked hard on her pussy and explored every part of her pussy that my tongue would reach. I then reached in between us and began to play with her breasts at the same time. Valerie came hard and I had to hold onto her to keep my tongue in her pussy. Her juices began to flow and they tasted really good and I did everything possible to drink up every drop. As I moved to Valerie’s clit and began sucking, I could hear Pepper cumming in Dennis’s face and he sounded like he was licking up as much as possible also. Working on Valerie’s clit caused her to rapidly build again and the more she climbed the harder I sucked and chewed on her clit. Again she convulsed and her body shook as she was wracked by another orgasm. When she was done, I told her I was getting close and asked her where she wanted me to cum and she said in her mouth, so began to unload another good sized load into her mouth. She swallowed as best she could but still started to choke on the amount of cum I dished out to her. The sound of Valerie coughing woke the others. I announced that Valerie wanted to find out how 4 men are going to please her at the same time without anal penetration. Once they all got up and stretched, I instructed Miguel to lie down on the sand. I turned Valerie with her back to Miguel and positioned her over his cock and instructed her to sit on it, which she readily did. Then I got Chuck to stand in front of Valerie and had her start sucking his cock. So Valerie was now riding Miguel’s cock and sucking Chuck’s cock. I told Dennis to get on the other side of his wife from and follow my lead. I knelt down and began rubbing Valerie’s clit and sucking on her breast. Dennis followed my lead and also began rubbing around her pussy and the base of Miguel’s cock while sucking on her other breast. The stimulus was so much that Valerie came almost immediately. Her body shuddered like she had a really bad case of the chills. We all held onto her to keep her steady. When she regained herself, she continued riding and sucking and Dennis and I continued our fingering and sucking. About a minute later Valerie came again, this time harder than the first and once gain held onto her to steady her. Miguel said he didn’t think he could hold back much longer as her pussy kept contracting on him and it felt incredibly good. Dennis told him not to hold back and to let his load fill his wife’s pussy. At his encouragement, Miguel let loose, sending Valerie into a third orgasm. Afterwards, she continued to ride Miguel and suck Chuck, causing him to cum after another minute or two. Valerie did her best to swallow everything he had to give her, but like before, a little cum managed to dribble out of the corner of her mouth when she almost choked on it. Valerie grabbed Chuck’s cock and continued to suck it dry and then made sure she licked it clean. Then she got off of Miguel and licked his cock clean, causing him to get hard again. Pepper asked Margie if she wanted to clean up Valerie and she said she didn’t think she could do that so Pepper went between Valerie’s legs and sucked as much cum out of her pussy as she could and then licked it clean. Dennis asked his wife how she liked it and she said it was the most erotic and intense thing she had ever done. She confessed that she had often fantasied of taking another man and even having Dennis join in, but never in her wildest dreams had she thought of being pleasured by men all at the same time. Dennis grabbed her and they kissed and hugged. The sun was getting hot and we all took another swim in the ocean. We swam out about 100 yards when a good sized boat rounded the northern outcrop and turned in towards the beach. The other couples and Miguel grew very concerned that we were all naked, so they started swimming back to the beach as fast as possible. The boat slowed down when it saw us swimming and kept their distance. Margie asked if someone could bring her swimsuit to her in the water and surprisingly Valerie said she would and she walked onto the beach stark naked, picked up Margie’s suit, turned to face the water, waved at the boat and then took Margie her suit. Margie got dressed and joined the rest of us on the beach who were all still naked.The boat stayed out about 150 yards off the beach and several of them had binoculars and were giving us a good look. Margie was almost paranoid that they might come ashore to do us harm, but after about 10 minutes, they waved at us and then sped back out to sea and disappeared around the southern outcrop of rocks. Margie said that was a close call and Valerie said it was more exhilarating than she could imagine. Dennis turned to Pepper, Ginger and myself and thanked us for unleashing his wife’s sexuality. We told him it was our pleasure.It was midafternoon and I knew we had to be leaving soon so I boldly asked if anyone wanted to do anything with anyone else before we left. Valerie said that Chuck was the only man here that hadn’t been in her pussy and asked Margie if it would be okay canlı bahis and she said okay. Dennis asked about taking Margie and she said she would like that, so the two couples swapped partners and had sex there on the beach. I suggested that Miguel take both Pepper and Ginger. He laid down on the beach, Pepper climbed on his cock and Ginger sat on his face. I was more than happy to watch Chuck taking Valerie doggie style, allowing her ample breasts to sway beneath her chest. I watched Margie riding on Dennis’ cock and him holding and playing with large breasts. Then there was my two wives satisfying this young Mexican. Yes, I was erect and began to slowly stroke my cock until Valerie noticed and told me to come over to her so she could suck my cock while Chuck was taking her from behind. So there we were again, all 8 of us engaged in sex on a remote beach in another country. I thought to myself that this really was a fantasy come true for all of us here. Valerie was the first to cum and Chuck just kept plugging away at the young pussy. I heard Ginger cum, then Pepper and finally I heard Margie cum. It wasn’t long after she came that Denis unleashed his white load up into her. He then pulled her down onto him and kissed her and I heard him tell her that she was great. She told him that she didn’t think any young guy would be interested in her and he told her that she was wonderful, pretty, sexy and he would love the opportunity to have sex with her again before she left the resort for home. She told him they were leaving on Sunday, but that she would talk to Chuck to see what could be arranged. Margie looked over at Chuck and Valerie and said that he would probably like to do this again before leaving also.Valerie came again and I thought she was going to bite my cock in two as she clamped down on me from the intensity of her orgasm. Her cumming the second time was enough to get Chuck over the hump and began spewing his load into her. At the same time, I heard Ginger cumming again and Pepper started orgasming before Ginger finished. Evidently, Miguel came at the same time as Pepper, emptying his load up into her pulsating pussy. Finally I could feel my seed moving from my balls and I told Valerie I was going to cum and she surprised me and pulled off and allowed me to shoot all over her. She must have seen the surprised look on my face and told me that she wanted to watch me cum as she enjoys that as much as swallowing it. She said she liked to watch the subtle muscle spasms along the shaft, the swelling of the head and then the spewing of semen. I knew it was getting close to time to head back to the resort and I could tell that several of them were starting to get pink from the sun, even though they had been lotioned up a number of times. I suggested that we all take another dip to rinse off, then dry off, get dressed and head back to the resort. On the way back we switched and Chuck, Margie and Pepper rode with me and Valerie, Dennis and Ginger rode with Miguel. On the way back, Pepper was asking Margie and Chuck how they felt about what happened today and Chuck said he was amazed that Margie was so open today and that he was proud of her. Margie said that it was fun and that both Dennis and Miguel made her feel like they really wanted to have sex with her which made her feel good about herself. She said she’s never felt that desired or turned on in her life and then she thanked Pepper again for everything. Margie also told Chuck that Dennis asked if he could have sex with her again before they left on Sunday and Chuck asked her how she felt about it. She said she was thrilled that a young man would want her again and that if it was okay with him she would like to do it. Chuck said he wouldn’t mind having another go with Valerie so perhaps they could get together tomorrow night. Pepper said that she was glad for them.We arrived back at the resort and we all thanked Miguel for a wonderful day and he thanked us back and reminded us not to say anything to his uncle or any other staff as it would get him fired. We all promised and then went to our bungalows to shower and freshen up for dinner. At dinner, we again asked for seating for seven and enjoyed our meal together. Margie told Dennis that she had spoken to Chuck and that they both agreed to get together tomorrow night at their bungalow. Dennis smiled and said he and Valerie had also talked about it and would be happy to come over after dinner on Saturday. Then Margie said that since we were the ones that started all of this that we should come over also and we accepted. Pepper asked about their plans tomorrow day and no one really seemed to have any. Pepper suggested that the ladies go into town and get Margie and Valerie some new sexy bikinis to wear and all the girls loved the idea. Chuck turned to me and asked what should we do and I suggested we also go into town, but do our own shopping and they gave me a strange look. I told them I would explain later. So we agreed that all of us would go shopping tomorrow right after breakfast. By the end of dinner we all admitted that we were worn out from the sun and the day’s activities and that we were all looking forward to an early bed. On way out of the restaurant, I asked Dennis and Chuck to come with me to the deck to reserve a couple jeeps so we could go into town in the morning. Rafaelo said he would arrange for us to be driven and picked up and we said that would be okay. Having the men alone, I told them that after what happened today that I thought it would be a good idea to get a couple presents for our wives. One needed to be personal like a necklace or some other piece of jewelry and the other needed to be something sexy like a halter top or thin sundress, etc. They both said that was a great idea, so our plans were made. We met the ladies outside, said our goodnights and then we all headed back to our own bungalows to relax. Pepper asked if I was really just going to relax the rest of the night and I told her that was to the two of them, but I thought we could take a walk on the beach down by our end and then perhaps just lay out on the sand at the water’s edge, listen to the sound of the waves, look at the stars, feel the breeze blow over our naked bodies and enjoy being next to each other. Ginger said a naked cuddle on the beach sounded good to her and Pepper agreed.Having changed into something more beach worthy in our bungalow, we took a casual stroll along the entire length of the beach and back. We passed several other couples and said hello and then returned to our somewhat forgotten far end of the beach. Being so far down and away from most of the bungalows, that end of the beach was darker than the rest of the beach and most of the resort guests avoided if for that reason, but we found it to help with our privacy and nude star bathing. Reaching our end of the beach, we found a spot about 10 feet from the water, took off our swimsuits and laid down with one of the girls on one side of me and one and on the other. We had been lying there for about 20 minutes, talking about the day’s sexual activities, looking at the stars and feeling the breeze work up our legs and over bodies. It was so relaxing that I started to doze off until I felt the familiar feel of a breast rubbing against my mouth. Without opening my eyes, I began sucking on the nipple and then I started lightly chewing on the nipple. Then I heard a soft moaning that wasn’t Pepper or Ginger so I opened my eyes to find Valerie leaning over me with her breast in my face. Dennis said they figured we would be out here, so they quietly walked along the beach until they found us then they snuck up to surprise us. Pepper invited them to join us and offered Valerie her spot next to me and then she took the spot on the other side of Dennis. Valerie began holding my cock and I put a hand on her pussy and one on Ginger’s pussy. I glanced over and saw Pepper with her hand on Dennis’s cock and his hand on Pepper’s pussy. It was rather serene as no one was actually doing anything other than just holding a cock or dr****g a hand over a pussy. We talked about what happened today and Valerie admitted that she had more fantasies than she had ever admitted to Dennis, but what happened earlier today far exceeded even those fantasies. Dennis said that he had also fantasized about having sex with other women and watching Valerie have sex with another man, but seeing her with four men at the same time was mind blowing for him. Pepper asked Dennis if he really wanted to have sex with Margie again or was he being nice to her and he said he really wanted to that he thought she was pretty and sexy. He then said that he would like to have sex with both Pepper and Ginger again if that were possible as they were great. Then Valerie urged Dennis to ask us his question, so he asked if we knew a way that he could have sex with Valerie, Pepper and Ginger all at the same time. I told him there were several ways it could happen and he wanted to know. First I told him that he could fuck one, suck another then finger fuck the third. He said that sounded good, but what was another way. Before I could answer, Pepper said that instead of finger fucking the third, she could be licking and sucking on his balls along with the pussy of whoever he was fucking. Then she added that if there were enough girls, he could fuck one, suck another, let one lick his balls and the pussy he was fucking and finger fuck 2 more, one with each hand. He thought sounded great but then realized that with Margie, there were only 4, but what the heck and suggested they try it tomorrow. Valerie asked him who was going to what and he asked which spot she would like. She thought about it and said that she knew how much he wanted to fuck the other three so she would yield that spot. She really enjoyed oral sex but also knew he would have opportunity to eat her out after they got home, so she yielded that spot also. Then she said that being finger fucked is also good, but the thought of watching Dennis slide in and out of another pussy close up intrigued her so she said she would prefer to be the one licking his balls and the pussy he’s fucking. Dennis then said that he would to fuck Margie, and leave it to Pepper and Ginger who gets eaten and who gets fingered. Ginger said that since this is Pepper’s honeymoon, she gets to choose. Pepper thought for a moment and said she would like to get eaten if that was okay with Ginger and it was. Then I added that if they really wanted to make this a multi person orgy that Chuck and I could also join by having Margie, Pepper or Ginger suck their cocks at the same time. It would be a 7 person sex act. Dennis and Valerie sat up and said that sounded wild and exciting. They just hoped that Margie and Chuck were ok with it. With all the talk, both Dennis and I were rock hard and the girls were flowing wet. I asked Valerie if she wanted to be taken here and now and she jumped at the chance. Pepper spread her legs and told Dennis to come to her and let her relieve his hardon. Dennis asked about Ginger and she said don’t worry, she’ll find a place for pussy once everyone got going. Valerie quickly mounted my cock and began riding it up and down. Even in the dark I could see her breasts bouncing up and down and it made my cock swell even more. After Dennis climbed between Pepper’s legs, Ginger straddled her sister so as to position her pussy right in front of Dennis’s face and he instantly began licking her pussy and sucking on her clit. All of the talk about the day and tomorrow’s plans had everyone worked up and all 5 of us came within several minutes. After I filled Valerie, she knelt down and licked me clean and told me how good I tasted. Pepper cleaned Dennis’s cock after he had finished and then Ginger cleaned both Pepper and Valerie. We knew it was getting late, so we hugged, kissed and said our goodnights again and we all headed back to our bungalows. The 3 of us showered and literally collapsed into bed and quickly feel asleep.To be continued…

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