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Play date with GregThis story is true but everything else has been altered slightly to protect every one involved.Greg had answered my profile that i left on an adult site i was new to this site so i wasn’t real sure if i was wasting my money on it or not. As i got to know Greg through asking a lot of questions i learned that he was married now usually i would have backed away but Greg said his wife knew of his being on this site and approved as she could not satisfy his needs.Greg was a couple years older than me and age really doesn’t matter when your on an adult site. I told Greg what i was all about including the fact that i was a cross dresser and my desires were that of a female. Greg asked how often i dressed and i kind of blew him away when i told him that i wore panties and stockings on a daily basis. Greg asked about panty hose i said i wear them also Greg then said he had a nylon fetish and he loved to masturbate with panty hose wrapped around his cock. I asked Greg if he had ever been with a cross dresser before Greg said no but there is always a first time for every thing. Greg also said he had to be discreet as he didn’t want his family finding out him having sex with a cross dresser. They would not understand and it would be one big mess i agreed with Greg on that point.Greg wanted to meet as soon as possible and he wanted to meet me at my residence i said no that was not going to happen if we meet it will be at a public place but i will wear something sexy tokat escort under my clothes just for you. Greg said he wasn’t real sure of that i said would you want someone you have never met coming to your house? No Greg said point well taken.We agreed to meet for drinks at a sports bar i told Greg that if all went well i would have a room reserved at a hotel that was only blocks from the sports bar. Greg liked that idea as well Greg asked if i would be free on the up coming Friday as it was his weekend of as well i said sure . What about 5 O’clock at the sports bar Greg then asked how would would he recognize me. I told him to look for a guy with long flowing blonde hair my wig was blonde but was made to look very realistic cost me a small fortune but i had to have it. I gave Greg my number and if anything came up to give me a call.Friday arrived and i was very nervous but i knew i had to go through with it. I packed a small overnight bag complete with my best outfit that made me look sexy as hell under my sweat pants i had on a red satin garter belt with white thigh high stockings and red satin panties. I thought to myself if this doesn’t turn Greg on nothing will. I arrived at the sports bar after dropping my luggage at the hotel Greg still had not arrived and i was starting to wonder if he had a change of heart . Then my phone rang and it was Greg he said he was running late but would be there. I thought to myself i hope he doesn’t plan on standing me up. Greg escort tokat finally arrived i had already downed two mixers to calm my nerves and noticed a guy that walked in stopped and was staring at me i felt like i was on display . Greg walked over and asked if he could by me a drink i replied sure that’s the least you could do for a lady Greg just smiled the ice had been broken.After some small talk i told Greg i had to go check out the plumbing Greg nodded and i went to check out the men’s room i shot Greg a glance and it wasn’t very much longer when Greg joined me by the urinal i slid my sweat pants half way down and turned to look at Greg his mouth was open god you look sexy he said. I said let me see your tool with that Greg turned showing me his hard cock it was long but not very thick i bent down and took it in my mouth. Greg moaned his cock in no time had precum dripping from it i licked the precum from it and said if you want more come to room 104 i want to slip into something sexy for you. Greg just smiled with that i left the sports bar headed for my hotel room. i knew i didn’t have much time but i knew i had to impress Greg i peeled of my sweats put on a matching red satin bra with 42 DD inserts slipped my form fitting Black dress on then proceeded to do a quick make up job complete with ruby red lip gloss. i slipped on my heels and checked myself out in the mirror. I hoped to hear a knock on the door soon. I wasn’t to be disappointed in no time there tokat escort bayan was knock on the door Greg also had a bottle of wine with him.I was really impressed with Greg’s thoughtfulness.As we sat on the bed Greg complemented me on how stunning i looked he never realized how good a guy could look in a dress. As we were making out on the bed Greg’s hands were every where Greg had my dress pulled up so he could rub his cock on my nylons. Greg’s cock was hard in an instant i hoped he would not cum from doing this. I quickly dropped to my knees and wrapped my ruby red lips around Greg’s cock making Greg groan i took his cock deep down my throat. I was sucking on Greg’s cock like an all day sucker bringing Greg close to orgasm then backing off. I knew i had to act quick i left Greg laying on the bed as i quickly unsnapped my garters and took off my nylons and put on panty hose i said Greg i know how you like nylon i want you to fuck me while i where these. Greg’s eyes got as big as saucers there was a hole cut for his cock but every thing else was all nylon. I was on my back my legs spread wide as Greg lubed up my pussy through the hole in the panty hose then Greg put my legs on his shoulders and like it was meant to happen Greg’s cock slid through the hole and into my pussy . Greg pounded my pussy like it was the first pussy he ever had. I thought we were going to end up in the next room he was fucking me so hard . Greg then pulled out and put me on all fours fucking my pussy doggie style it didn’t take long i shot cum all over the bed spread and then Greg blasted me full of his cum. Greg and i collapsed from the intense fucking . We shared some wine and then Greg left for home he was satisfied and so was i.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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