Pregnant Maria

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Pregnant MariaMaria sat on the edge of her bed and looked down at her heavy, hanging breasts and her swollen belly. Her back ached and her slender frame was bowed beneath the weight of her unborn baby. She had slept badly the previous night and her eyes, normally lively and full of life, were dulled with exhaustion. David had left her as soon as he discovered that she was pregnant. His desertion had left her to cope with a demanding job and an exhausting pregnancy at only twenty-two years of age. David had been captivated by her slender figure and her exotic looks. He would spend ages caressing her firm, pert breasts, marvelling at the way he could capture her b-cup sized globe in one hand and feel the point of her nipple pressing against his palm.Her swollen belly and the burgeoning of her breasts would have revolted him. He preferred women with flat bellies and boyish bosoms. In her more realistic moments, Maria reasoned that she was better off without him. When her hormones raged and she ached to be touched she missed him.Some nights, when her need was particularly great she would lie on her bed and touch her pussy, stroking herself until her clit was swollen and tender, before she thrust her fingers deeper into her pussy and rubbed the ball of her thumb against her swollen clit to release her frustration in a long drawn-out orgasm.Since David had left, well more ran out on her, Maria had avoided male company. The only man, apart from the gynaecologist whom she regularly spoke to anymore was her neighbour, Steve. Steve was a little older than Maria, broad shouldered with kindly green eyes and wavy chestnut hair. He had always been polite to Maria and since she had been left to cope on her own, had become a good friend. Apart from those two, Maria avoided men, as much as she could, partly because David had soured her attitude towards men in general and, partly, because she thought that no man could desire her, with her swollen breasts and belly. Today was one of her days off and she intended to catch up on her chores. Last night she had shoved a load in the washing machine and this morning, since it was fine and breezy she would hang it in the garden to dry. She dressed quickly, carefully cradling her tender breasts in a maternity bra and sighing as she saw how her dress had to stretch to cover her belly.She carried the basket of damp laundry into the garden, puffing a little and sweating as she struggled with the load. The bending and stretching rapidly tired her and she groaned as she felt the ache growing in the small of her back. Steve overheard her and popped his head over the fence.”Maria, are you ok?” he asked, “Can I help?””It’s ok, I’m all done now, just a touch of backache.” Maria told him.”You sure?” Steve continued, “Look I’m just making a pot of tea, would you like one?””If you’re offering, I certainly would. Maria replied, gratefully, “Give me a moment and I’ll come round.”Maria dropped the washing basket in the kitchen and crossed over to Steve’s house. The back door was open and Steve had already made the pot of tea and was setting a plateful of home made biscuits on the table. He led Maria through the kitchen into the lounge and helped her into an armchair. The cushions were firm and Maria realised that he had given up his favourite armchair for her to sit in, because he knew that it would be more comfortable for her. Steve poured the tea into china mugs, handing one to her and offering the plate of biscuits. She helped herself, savouring the rich taste of the biscuit and the bite of the hot tea. Slowly the ache in her back eased and she relaxed back into the chair. Steve watched her over the rim of his mug, his eyes on her face as he sipped. Maria blushed under the intensity of his gaze.”Is something wrong?” Maria asked.”Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare.” Steve mumbled.”Have I got something on my dress, or in my teeth?””No it’s just…””Just what?””That you’re beautiful.”Maria laughed, “I’m as fat as a whale, my boobs are swollen and I hardly slept last night. I think you need your eyes testing!””No, you’re beautiful.””Even like this?”Steve crossed over to her chair and took her hand, stroking her palm gently. She shivered as a spark shot through her nerves and seemed to ignite a fire deep inside her. She could feel her nipples harden against the smooth cups of her bra and her breasts tighten. A drop of milk oozed from her nipple to soak into the pad inside her bra cup and she closed her eyes for a moment.”I’ve always thought you are beautiful, “Steve told her, “and eskişehir escort bayan you always will be.” Maria swallowed and looked up into his eyes, trying to read his thoughts. All she could see was total sincerity and a deeply suppressed desire. Her breath seemed to catch in her throat and she was transfixed by the light in his eyes. Her lips opened a little and she licked them, nervously. Without realising, she tilted her head upwards, offering Steve her mouth to kiss. He leaned forward and brushed his lips across her mouth, sending a tingling jolt through her whole body. Maria opened her lips further and leaned closer towards him. Their second kiss, or perhaps it was just the first one growing deeper, became more urgent, Steve cradling her face as he covered her mouth with his own. Maria opened her lips and took the tip of Steve’s tongue into her mouth, sucking it gently.Steve reached for her and slid his hand slowly up her side, until he was able to cup her breast, cradling it gently on the palm of his hand. Maria reached up and slid her arms around his neck holding him close and kissing him urgently. Steve slid his hand over her abdomen so that the buttons on the front of her dress lay beneath his fingertips. Slowly, he unfastened the buttons, one at a time, slipping his hand inside and resting it on her taut, swollen belly. Maria moaned softly into his mouth and Steve moved eased his hand from inside her dress, and unbuttoned it further, working his way higher, pushing the material aside to display her breasts, already tender and engorged with her milk. Gently he unfastened her bra and eased her swollen breasts out of the soft cups. A drop of her sweet milk had oozed from her nipple and moistened his fingertip. Steve drew back a little, releasing her from his kiss and looking at her as she lay back in the chair, panting raggedly. Lifting his hand, he brushed his fingertips, moistened with Maria’s milk across her lips. The caress drew a long shuddering groan from Maria and she felt her pussy tighten and grow wetter. Steve pushed the cups of her bra further to the side and unfastened the last buttons, holding her dress closed. Apart from her cotton briefs, Maria was totally exposed to him. He reached out again and closed his fingers on her damp nipples, slowly stroking the aureoles and then drawing his fingers and thumbs along the jutting points, teasing her so that she whimpered quietly.Steve ran his hands slowly and gently over Maria’s rounded, swollen belly, caressing her skin with the lightest touch possible. His hands moved lower and lower, beneath the curve, until he could touch the soft cotton covering her damp pussy. He pressed his lips against the soft skin at the base of her throat and nuzzled gently at her skin. As his fingers stroked her through the material of her panties, Steve moved his mouth over the round fullness of her breast, gradually covering them with delicate, tender kisses. As his lips closed upon her nipple, Maria shivered, her body trembling, and a sudden flush of wetness filled her pussy and she perfumed the air with her womanly scent.Steve groaned against her nipple as he felt his cock stir and stiffen in his pants. Maria reached out to him but, instead of taking him in her arms, she reached for his fly and slowly unzipped it. Sliding her hand delicately inside, she traced the outline of his stiffening cock with her fingernails. She could feel it jerk beneath her fingertips, as she caressed him slowly. Her fingers danced against the bulge in his briefs, rippling along the length until she could gently tap her fingertips against the head of his cock, feeling the damp spot where his pre-cum had seeped through the cotton. She slid her fingers to the waist of Steve’s briefs and eased the cloth over the head of his cock, pulling them down until she could release it into her cool hand. Maria curled her fingers around the base of Steve’s cock and ran them slowly along the length until her finger and thumb were gripping him gently just behind the head of his cock. Gently, she drew the skin back to bare the swollen glans and used the tip of her finger to spread the pearl of pre-cum over the velvety surface.Steve slid his hands over her jutting belly, moving them over the skin, past her navel, jutting out like a nipple, and then under the curve to the hem of her panties. He hooked his fingers under the elastic and pulled slowly, drawing the soft cotton over her skin. Maria felt the warmth of his fingers and lifted her bottom, just enough escort eskişehir for the panties to slide over her cheeks to the tops of her thighs, exposing her pussy. Maria released her hand from around Steve’s cock as he knelt to slide her panties down her legs. He tossed the material aside and Maria blushed furiously when she saw the dark patch of wetness on the gusset, where her pussy had wept her juices onto the cotton.Maria had kept her pussy neatly trimmed, until the swelling of her belly had made it too much of a chore. Now her pubes had grown longer and more luxuriant, forming a soft damp carpet that hid the lips of her pussy. Steve reached out and ran his fingers through the silky curls, along the tender lips of her pussy, feeling the wetness of her bubbling juices. Maria gasped as Steve’s fingers found the hood that hid her erect clit and eased it back, exposing the hard bud inside. Steve ran the tip of his finger along the tiny shaft and then stroked it quickly between his finger and thumb.Maria thought that she would explode, as Steve caressed her aching clit and her whole body contracted in an incredibly intense orgasm, her creamy cum gushing over the tops of her thighs and coating Steve’s fingers. Slowly her shivers abated and she lay sprawled in his armchair. Her legs were spread, giving him a view of her glistening pussy. Slowly, Steve eased his finger between the lips of her pussy, feeling the walls gripping it firmly. Dropping to his knees in front of Maria, he leaned forward and ran the tip of his tongue slowly along the lips of her pussy, tasting her sweet juices. Maria shivered again, in delight, as his tongue caressed and probed her pussy. She reached down to press him to her, holding his mouth to her pussy as she gushed over his face, flooding his mouth with her pussy juices.Steve lapped at her pussy, running the tip of his tongue along the lips, and plunging it between them, before swirling it over and around her clit. His lips were soft and gentle one moment, then hard and urgent, thrusting into her. Maria was lost in wave after wave of pleasure. Months of frustration bubbled through her and left her gasping as Steve caressed her to another orgasm. She could barely move, but she still needed something more. Twining her fingers in his hair, Maria pulled Steve’s head up so that she could look into his eyes as she told him what she needed.”Steve, do you want me?” Maria asked.”God yes! But will it be alright?” he answered her.”Please, just fuck me properly, I want your cock inside me.”Maria pushed Steve away and turned around, resting her heavy breasts on the cushion of the armchair and letting her belly hang down. Steve ran his hands over her buttocks, then between her thighs so that he could part the lips of her dripping pussy. He knelt between her knees, the tip of his cock pressed against the inside of her thigh, leaving a thin slippery trail of his pre-cum. Grasping the base of his cock, he guided the head between her pussy lips and slowly eased his cock into Maria’s hot, dripping pussy. With one long, slow, stroke he pushed his cock right inside. Maria shuddered as she felt his cock sliding into her pussy, stretching her gently. She closed her eyes and groaned softly as Steve moved gently inside her, his slow rhythm exciting her while the head of his cock pressed deeper and deeper. She could feel him filling her pussy and stretching it with his cock, deeper than her fingers could reach. He reached around and stroked the tips of her nipples with his fingers, then moved his hands over her belly in a long, tender caress, until his fingertips were resting on both sides of her swollen clit. Gently but very, very erotically he stroked her clit, frigging her into another climax.Steve eased his cock out of her pussy with a quiet ‘plop’ and then pushed it slowly back inside her. Her breath hissed between her teeth as she felt his cock piercing her. Then Steve pulled back, sliding his cock out of her pussy, and slowly thrust three fingers into her dripping slot, wetting them and making them slippery with her juices. Sliding his cock back into her pussy, Steve pushed slowly, until his cock was firmly lodged between the tender lips. Maria tried to push back against him and take his cock right to the opening of her womb but Steve used his hand to hold her still. Carefully, he used his fingers to spread her buttocks until the puckered rosebud of her asshole was clearly exposed. Slowly, he ran the tip of his finger, slippery and wet from her pussy, down the eskişehir escort cleft of her ass to circle the dark rosebud between her cheeks. Maria wriggled, trying to push herself onto Steve’s cock, as he brushed his finger against her asshole. He traced tiny circles against the dark, puckered ring, spiralling his fingertip closer and closer to the opening in the middle. When his fingertip was poised on the rim of her ass, Steve rocked his hips, so that his cock shifted deep in her pussy. Maria shuddered as a small climax rippled through her pussy and her asshole winked open, for a moment. Steve pressed his finger against the opening, sliding it inside her ass. Maria’s eyes widened as she felt his finger enter her, stretching her anus and tightening her pussy. She moaned deep in her throat, encouraging him to press his finger further up her back passage. Steve worked his finger slowly in and out of her asshole, each gentle thrust probing a little deeper. She felt hot and tight as he explored her anus, working his finger further and further inside. Steve eased his finger out of Maria’s ass and gently pressed two fingers against the opening. Maria grunted a little as she felt her ass being stretched further, gasping as he blew gently into the opening. The cool draft of air almost made her cum again and she bucked, briefly, under his restraining hand. She whimpered pleadingly, the sound of her need exciting him even more.Steve pulled his cock out of Maria’s pussy and guided the head between her buttocks, resting the tip against the opening of her anus. Then, he very slowly pressed his cock into the dark opening, watching the head of his cock stretching her asshole very slowly. His cock was much thicker and longer than the two fingers he had worked into her ass and, at first, Maria thought that he would split her open. Steve pressed forward slowly, easing back from time to time to let her get used to the feeling of her tight anal ring being stretched over his cock, and then pressing a little further in. It seemed, to Maria, that he was taking forever to stretch her burning asshole but it was really only minutes before he was ready to force the rim of his cock head into her back door. Taking a deep breath, Steve grabbed at Maria’s hips to hold her still and then gave a short, sharp thrust of his cock, popping the rim of the head into her ass. Maria squealed and almost passed out as she felt his cock break through the resistance of her asshole. It burned for a moment, and then settled to a pleasing and exciting warmth. She could feel the skin of his cock rubbing against the rim of her ass as he thrust gently but insistently deeper and deeper. She felt the weight of his cum-filled balls banging against the backs of her thighs as he worked his cock deeper into her ass until, suddenly, his thighs were pressed tight against her buttocks. Maria groaned at the feeling of fullness with Steve’s cock buried to its full length in her ass. Holding her by her hips, Steve began to thrust his cock in and out of her ass. She could feel his cock, as he ground it into her ass, plunging deep. She squealed and grunted and wriggled as he worked the length of his cock into her back passage. Her clit was throbbing again and her pussy was dripping, her juices splashing onto the carpet and running down the inside of her thigh. Steve reached around and began to work her clit with his finger and thumb, at the same time pulling her against him. Throwing her head back, Maria came, screeching as her pussy and ass spasmed, rippling against Steve’s hard cock. His cock stiffened and spat ropes of sticky, slimy cum into her ass. She whimpered into the cushions as she felt his cum splashing into her ass in stinging jets. Her whole body was trembling as his cock jerked inside her. Steve slid his hands further around her hips and drummed his fingertips against the hard bud of her clit. Maria screamed as her body convulsed, weakly, in another orgasm. She lay on the cushions, sobs wracking her body as Steve’s cock softened, slipping out of her red, tender, asshole and leaving a trail of slimy muck across the inside of her thigh. Steve slumped down beside Maria, as she slid to the floor, turning to sit next to him. Steve pulled her closer to him and gently kissed her sweaty face. Her breasts, that had been pert and boyish, hung towards her swollen belly.”Maria, ” he said, softly, “I love you. Will you and your baby come and live with me?”Maria looked at him and moved a little closer before whispering in his ear, “I don’t know yet. Give me some time to think about it.”Maria made him wait until after the baby was born, before she gave him her answer. That did not stop them meeting regularly, and it did not stop them from making love, sometimes wildly. Those, however are tales for other times.

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