Samantha and Hannah – At Home

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Samantha and Hannah – At HomeSamantha and Hannah are twin sisters. When they got home they didn’t waste any time. They locked the doors and closed the blinds. Samantha was already naked and up her sister’s skirt before Hannah could get her top all the way off. Hannah leaned up against the kitchen counter so she didn’t collapse. She could feel her twin sister’s tongue through her cotton panties. It made her quiver. She couldn’t even finish getting undressed. Samantha slipped her finger under the panties and pressed it against Hannah’s ass. Hannah let out a loud moan as she loved to have her ass played with. She then collapsed onto the floor, her B cup breasts hanging out of her half off shirt. Samantha never stopped licking and had pushed the tip of her finger into her sister’s ass.”I can’t take it anymore! Take them off!” Hannah yelled. So Samantha slipped off the soaking panties and began lapping at her sister’s wet cunt. Hannah couldn’t move and was squeezing her tit with one hand and with the other she was pushing her sister’s face deeper into her pussy while Samantha’s finger was completely up her ass.. After halkalı escort a few more minutes Hannah came with Samantha’s tongue deep in her pussy. She melted onto the floor. She watched as Samantha pulled her face away from her pussy. Strings of wetness went from her face back to Hannah’s pussy. Samantha slowly climbed on top of her sister and Hannah licked all of the moist pussy juice from Samantha’s face. Samantha looked down and smiled.”I win!” She said.”Geez Samantha. You didn’t even let me prepare myself.” Hannah said as she slowly came to her feet. Her wetness running down her leg.”Not my fault.” Samantha retorted.”Well now it’s your turn. Get up to our bedroom. I have a surprise for you.” Hannah demanded. Samantha ran upstairs and threw herself on their bed. Hannah entered soon after finally getting naked.”I want you to get on all fours, turn around and close your eyes.” Hannah demanded. And Samantha gladly did as her sister asked. She could her rustling and odd noises. Suddenly she felt her sister’s tongue on her ass. Samantha taksim escort screamed out in pleasure as Hannah had never licked her ass before. It felt amazing. Hannah’s tongue moved up and down her ass pressing from time to time.”Holy shit that feels incredible! YES!” Samantha moaned. Suddenly she felt 2 fingers enter her wet pussy. She gasped as she had never felt this kind of ecstasy. Her breathing got wilder as the ass licking intensified. Then it all suddenly stopped. Before she could ask why, she felt her sister’s hands on her hips and something pressing against her pussy.”Oh my god, my sister is going to fuck me with a strap-on.” Samantha thought to her self. Sure enough Hannah eased in the dildo into her sister’s pussy. Once it was in she began thrusting. Samantha could feel her tits bouncing back and forth as her sister pounded her wet pussy. She couldn’t even let out a squeak. That is until she felt Hannah’s finger ease into her ass. Samantha then let out a scream of passion. She stayed up right as long as she could but eventually her arms became weak and she collapsed şişli escort onto the bed. Her ass was still in the air and her sister was still pounding her. Hannah pulled out her finger from Samantha’s ass.”I think it’s ready now.” Hannah said pulling the dildo out.”What are you talk…” Samantha couldn’t get it out before Hannah had the strap on pressed up against her ass. Samantha, as if subconsciously, leaned back onto the dildo and the tip went in. She let out a soft moan and Hannah waited a moment before inserting the rest.”Oh my god this feels amazing. Fuck me!” Samantha demanded. And Hannah didn’t disappoint. She began thrusting and Samantha moved her ass to meet her half way. Hannah pounded her sister’s ass hard and Samantha loved it. Samantha began playing with her clit and practically screaming with joy.”Yeah you like that! You are so dirty! Come for me Samantha. Come for your sister!” Hannah said with joyful bliss. Samantha’s body clenched up and she let out a moan that signaled her orgasm.”Yeah that’s a good girl. Did you come for your sister?” Hannah asked knowing well what the answer was. Samantha stayed frozen in place with the strap on still deep in her ass. Hannah began to slowly move it out. Samantha was shaking with glee as it slid out. She fell onto the bed almost falling asleep.”Lets get some food, take a shower and then we can play some more. Sound good?” Hannah asked. Samantha looked up and smiled softly.

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