Seduction of Kim

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Seduction of KimThis is a work of fiction about a woman i know and one of her fantasies Hope you enjoy it and if so may post some more.The Seduction of KimKim sat in the bar of the hotel. She was sad her husband had not been able to join her on this trip but their work schedules had not allowed it. This conference was worse than all others she had been on as she was not able to get out and enjoy the sites as she usually did. She had been in New York for 3 days had not been out of the hotel and was horny as hell also. Glenn sat a few stools down from her. He kept eyeing her in her sharp form fitting suit jacket and skirt showing what he hoped was stockings under neath it. She sat her glass down and was about to order another when the bartender sat it down in front of her. “Gee you are fast there tonight Jack” The bartender smiled and replied “Looks like you have a admirer as the gentleman brought it for you” pointing to Glenn who raised his glass. “Thank you kind sir” raising her glass to him. Glenn walked over to Kim looking at her black stockings and then up to her beautiful face. “It is a true honor my lady, I am Glenn and seems we are both alone and I hate to drink alone” Kim smiled sticking her hand out “I am Kim and it is very nice to meet you Glenn, What brings you to New York alone?” Shaking her hand Glenn replied “Business and if I may ask what is a beautiful lady like you doing alone?” Kim felt a instant attraction to Glenn he had a nice smile and was well mannered, as she motioned for him to sit she started her tell, “I am here for the medical conference this whole week and my husband was unable to make it, so here I sit alone drowning my sorrows.” Taking a shallow of his drink Glenn smiled and then said “I do not know if I would have been able to let you come all alone, I would be to jealous to let such a beautiful lady out of my site.” They sat and talked for what seemed like forever. Jack called “Last call” and Glenn ordered another round. “Kim I hope I am not being to forward but since we are both staying here would you consent to” Glenn paused and took a sip of his drink. Kim was nervous as she did not know how he was going to finish the sentence. “Allowing me to walk you to your room?” Kim almost spit out her drink when he finished. She could not help think how cute that was but knew she would have to stop it at her suites door. “Yes Glenn I would be honored to have you walk me to my room let me just pay my tab here and” Glenn stopped her by saying “Kim your drinks are going to be my treat a way of saying thank you for the company tonight I can write it off as a business expense”They walked out of the bar and headed to the elevators. When they entered Kim pushed the button to the 25th floor. “I see you have a view of the city, It si so beautiful at night all lit up” “Yes I do have a pretty view but how did you know that?” Glenn gave her a little chuckle “25th floor what else could you have but a view of the city?” Kim blushed as she thought of what he must think of her “I am sorry Glenn but a lady does have to be careful you know?” “Kim you do not have to do that I understand we are strangers who have just met I understand really I do”They arrived on Kim’s floor and the doors slowly opened, He followed her out looking at the soft gentle sway of her rounded ass, and then stepped next to her. Kim looked in her purse getting her key out. They stopped at her door “This is it Glenn Thank you for a enjoyable evening and taking my mind off my misery for a bit.” She looked at his smiling face “Kim it was my pleasure, If you are not busy tomorrow night may I take you out to dinner?” Kim smiled and blushed, “I really shouldn’t I am sure you have had enough of me by now” Glenn replied taking her soft hand in his “I could never get enough of such a beautiful lady as you” then he raised her hand to kiss it . “Okay Glenn what do you say we meet at the bar at same time tomorrow and take it from there?” “Kim I will be waiting with baited breathe.” Glenn turned to walk away noticing her room number and then entered the elevator. When Glenn got to his room he called room service and ordered a dozen long stem roses to be delivered to room 2505 with the card to say “Thanks for a wonderful evening looking forward to our nice encounter. Glenn.”When the knock came at the door Kim was thinking it was Glenn. She had been thinking about him since he left her at the door. She was surprised to see the roses and when she read the card she smiled. She also wondered what he meant karabük escort by encounter, she knew he was attracted to her and she him but to have a “encounter” what did he mean by that? Did he want to have sex with her? She was sure he did but how would he make his move? Would she let him? She had this thoughts running through her head as she headed to the shower. Kim stripped down after getting the water warm and entered the shower. She was still thinking of what Glenn meant by encounter. Her mind kept wondering about it and Glenn. Did he have a big cock? Did he want to do oral on her? What if he wanted to do anal? As she was thinking about all this her hand had slipped to her pussy and she had been fingering herself. She slipped two fingers in and had a powerful orgasm. She could not believe a man she had just met had made her have such a intense orgasm without even touching her and if this was a sign to come she knew she would let Glenn have sex with her.They met at the bar and Glenn ordered them both a drink. “How was your day Beautiful?” Kim blushed as she knew she would feel him inside her tonight but answered “It was very boring the only good point was I was ,, I am embarrassed to say I was thinking of you.” This time Glenn blushed and took a sip of his drink “To be honest with you Kim I had been thinking of you as well, you are the most beautiful lady I have ever met I could not get you out of my mind at all.” He reached out and placed his hand on hers. Where shall we eat? Shall we try the restaurant here or go out?” Kim felt the heat from his hand and knew right then that he would be a incredible lover. “Maybe just go to the restaurant here and then go from there Glenn what do you say?” “It is ladies choice Kim anything as long as I can look into your eyes.” Glenn paid the bill and they walked out arm in arm to the restaurant.They had a wonderful meal filled with small talk and compliments flowing both ways. When they had finished Glenn suggested “Maybe we can take a walk up on the roof by the pool? I hear it is a very nice one.” They arrived on the roof and walked to the rail looking out over the city far below. Glenn reached out and brushed the hair from her face with his hand on her neck he leaned in and kissed her quickly on the lips. Kim opened her mouth and slipped her tongue into his mouth before he pulled away. “Kim I am sorry I should not have done that, please forgive me” Kim could not believe this handsome man was for real. He turned and put both hands on the rail looking out. “Glenn it is okay I wanted the kiss as bad as you did, I find you very attractive please do not feel bad about it, I am not upset with it, In fact it was best kiss I have had in a very long time.”“Lets go dancing Kim.” Glenn took her arm and led her to the elevator. They arrived at the club and started dancing. He was watching her as her tits bounced and swayed as she moved to the beat. They had some drinks and talked more. Kim felt so at ease with Glenn. While he was not that tall he was so sure of himself and took control which she had always wanted a man to do. Kim felt so safe in his presence she could not believe it. She felt herself falling for him. The dance floor cleared as a slow song came on and he stood up pulling her with him. They melted together and started to move to the song. Kim’s breast were smashed against his chest and she felt her nipples harden. She was thinking to herself as she laid her head on his shoulder, “I hope he does not feel or see the effect he has on me, This man turns me on so much.” Glenn felt her lay her head on his shoulder and smiled then kissed her by the ear. Kim felt his cock start to grow and was amazed when by guessing he passed her husbands size. Glenn was thinking that he could take her up to his room now and fuck her but he wanted more he wanted to make love to her as well. Glenn wanted to make her orgasm so hard and long that she felt she would pass out if she did not actually do it.The music ended and they moved back to the table with Kim leading the way. She felt his hard cock on her ass and the thought instantly went to how it would feel in her ass and if she could take him anally. When they got back to the table Glenn leaned over and whispered to her “Thanks for leading the way I had a little issue.” Kim almost spit her drink out “A little issue? From what I felt on my ass it is far from a little issue Glenn.” Glenn smiled and blushed . “I see I am not the only one that blushes from the compliments” Kim snickered. karabük escort bayan Glenn had to laugh and they both started to feel easy again. When they had both had enough dancing and drinks Kim asked Glenn to do the honors of walking her back to her room. “A lady can never be to careful being alone in the big city you know.” Glenn played alone with her. “No of course not some guy may just take advantage and have his way with her especially one as sexy as you are and we would not want that would we?” They left the club holding hands. The elevator ride was filled with smiles and giggles as they relived what all happened tonight. When the doors open they walked out swinging their arms as high school k**s did. They arrived at her door and she leaned her back against it. Glenn placed a hand on the door by her head. “Goodnight Glenn I had a very pleasant evening, I can not remember when I had such a great time on a date.” Glenn replied that he felt the same way. “This is the most fun I have on a date in what seems like forever, I feel so at ease with you as if I have known you for years instead of just a day Kim.” He leaned in and kissed her. She opened her lips and thrust her tongue into his mouth as her hands went around his waist. Glenn’s free hand went to hold Kim’s right breast thought her clothes feeling her hard nipple. Kim moaned into Glenn’s mouth and then he broke the kiss. “Kim I want to see you tomorrow, It is Saturday so lets spend the day together we can do anything you want to do just say we can be together.” Kim was breathing slightly heavy as she smiled. “Glenn I would love to spend the day with you, lets start with a brunch and then see what pops up shall we?” Glenn removed his hand from her breast just after he gave it a soft squeeze. “That would be fine with me Kim.” Kim looked down at her breast and wondered why it felt hot almost like it was on fire. Glenn turned and started walking away towards the elevator. Kim unlocked her door and started to step inside pausing she spoke to him, “Goodnight handsome see you tomorrow, sweet dreams.” Glenn stopped just before the elevator, “Sweetie I will be dreaming of you making them very sweet and also horny ones as well.” They both smiled and Kim went inside her room. There on the table was another dozen roses. She had to smile and she blushed as a school girl. She had never felt like Glenn was making her feel. She reached for the card to read it, “To the most beautiful lady who has given me two of the best days of my life I thank you.” Kim smelled the roses and then slipped into the bathroom to start her shower. Slipping off her blouse and skirt she sat on the bed to take off her heels and stocking. She ran her hand over her legs feeling the silkiness of them. She got up and went and got into the shower. She recalled how Glenn’s cock felt when they were dancing and on her ass. She was rubbing her clit making herself orgasm very quickly thinking how big Glenn felt. “Damn this man has caused me to orgasm twice in two days and as of yet as not really made a move on me, I can only hope he does tomorrow I got to feel that big cock rocking my pussy to new heights. I will have to make him know it is something I want also.” Speaking to herself. The phone rang and she rushed to get it thinking it may be her husband. “Hello this is Kim” There was a brief silence on the phone. “Kim this is Glenn what do you say we have brunch out by the pool and catch some rays at same time? It will give me a chance to see you more comfortable as well.” She smiled and knew now how she was going to really get his attention. “I would love it Glenn. I will meet you at the pool at 10:30 then?” “No Kim I will stop by your room to pick you up we will make this a real date.”Kim woke up early and rushed down to the hotel shops. She wanted to get a bathing suit that would take Glenn’s breath away. She looked at some one piece suits and when the sales lady approached and offered her services Kim told her,”I have this guy I want to impress and at same time make his jaw drop anything you suggest?” The sales lady looked her over “You have a wonderful body and I am sure the guys jaw will drop no matter what you wear but I do have one I know he will love on you, follow me to the dressing room and I will get it for you.” Kim waited in the dressing room as the sales lady went to get the suit. When she returned she handed the cloth to Kim. Holding it up Kim was shocked it was skimpy. She smiled and tried it on, as skimpy as it looked in escort karabük her hands it was even skimpier on her but she bought it anyway. Going back up to her room with the bag she was thinking “This is not a suit I would normally buy but damn I want to have Glenn’s big hard cock in me today”Glenn knocked on the door at 10:30 sharp and Kim opened it excitedly. She had been looking in the mirror and could not believe she was wearing the bathing suit for him. Glenn looked down her body and noticed her wrap ended just past her fingers leaving her long shapely legs showing. He had to swallow as he thought about them wrapped around his back. She did have some world class sexy legs. “Shall we go my lady?” holding his elbow out for her to accept. “Yes sir we shall I have looked forward to this all night I even got a new suit for especially for you.” Glenn smiled as she took his hand and not his elbow holding it like lovers. They reached roof level and walked to the bar for some coffee. Sitting down they chatted a little. Glenn ordered brunch for them that was more of a breakfast keeping it light. They finished eating and walked to the lounge chairs by the pool. Glenn spread out her towel for her and made a gesture with his hand for her to have a seat. Kim smiled “Thank you Sir maybe I should loose the wrap first so I can get some sun all over?” Glenn took the step or two behind her and helped her removed the wrap. As he was doing it Kim told him what a gentleman he was. When they had the wrap off Glenn was staring at her ass that looked like it was totally nude except the tiny string running up to a string wrapping around her waist. She tuned around looked at Glenn “Well what do you think? You like it?” Glenn could not speak as he looked over her body the suit barely covered her nipples making her tits almost spill out over the top while the bottom just covered her lips and he could tell she had a landing strip just above her mound all be it not a very big one. Kim looked down at Glenn’s crotch and smiled as she saw the outline of his hard cock. She reached out her hand rubbed his cock and stated “I take it you like the suit and this is the best compliment you could ever give me you do not have to say anything I know how you feel.” She leaned in and kissed Glenn like a lover kisses her boyfriend. Glenn ran his hand down to the string on her waist and then slipped it down to cover her exposed ass. He pulled her into his body kissing her passionately. Both was moaning into the others mouth as they broke the kiss. “Lets swim before I blow my load here and now Kim and I do not want that I want it to be special if and when it happens.” “Glenn you know it will happen it all depends on you as to when.” Glenn knew she was right he turned and dived into the pool. After laying out in the sun Kim got up and walked to the edge and dived in swimming underwater to where Glenn was. She surfaced with her tits touching his chest. Glenn looked down and saw her suit had become a second skin it had turned transparent being wet. Her nipples were standing out hard. Glenn wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply. “Kim I think it is time.” She looked at him, “Time?” Glenn knew she had caught the double meaning but played dumb on her. “I think it is time we went to get dressed for drinks and dinner.” Kim felt a bit rejected and let down she was hoping he wanted to go have sex since his hands were on her ass. “Okay Glenn if you wish but is that all it is time for?” She rubbed his cock giving him the ok if he took it.They took the elevator but instead of pushing the 25th floor he pushed 27th. “I am on 25 you know?” She stated knowing or hoping they were going to his room instead. “Yes Kim I know I just want to grab some stuff from my room before we go to yours if that is ok?” He pulled her close and kissed her again, their kisses became hotter with each kiss. When they arrived on the 27th floor they broke the kiss walking hand in hand to Glenn’s room. He opened the door and let her walk in first. It was a large suite that had two separate bedrooms. Glenn shut the door. “Make yourself comfortable please I will be just a minute, would you like a drink while you wait?” “Thank you I will fix us both one while you do what you need to Jack and coke right?” Glenn nodded and went off to his room. Kim had just sat down with the drinks when Glenn came back out. He walked in front of Kim before she had notice him coming. She looked up at him and she gasped for air. Glenn stood before Kim totally naked with his cock hard pointing at her face. She looked up and noticed his smile. “I told you it was time. I know what and how you want and this weekend you will get it. When you leave this suite Monday morning you will know you have been royally fucked.”

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