Serving The Bitch pt. 3

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Serving The Bitch pt. 3Hours pass me by so painfully slow as I stay stuck to the leather chair.The seat, which is certainly a lot more comfy to sit on than my own hard workchair, was now begining to ache my ass, you know that awkward feeling where although you no longer have any feeling in your cheeks they still manage to ache nonetheless. I managed to stand up for a bit, though my wrist is still trapped to the arm of the chair meant either sitting or standing was an uncomfortable experience. The big dark red leather chair was too heavy and bulky to be dragging around much anywhere, though when the inevitable call of nature came I managed to drag it with me to the toilets.”Ooh fuck..” I groaned dissapointingly as I found the doorway too slim for the chair to fit through. I sat back down on it dejectedly. What was I to do.Suddenly my eyes clasped onto the potted shrub of a plant in the corner of my boss’s office.”Perfect!” I thought as I lumbered the chair over towards it. I wasn’t thinking of what would happen if she found out, my bladder was too impatient.I pulled my skirt and thong down, and with some awkward shifting around, I was able to squat over the heavy white porcelin vase and relieve myself. I glanced between my thighs and watched the golden liquid shower out from me all over the plant, I watched some yellow droplets dripping off of the bushy leaves, and running down the thick stalk soaking into the brown soil.I sighed with relief as I enjoyed the tension lifting from inside of me.”Thank god it’s not a shit I need.” I thought with a cheeky smile.”She’d definitely knew I had soiled her plant if I took a dump!”I ripped off a small leaf and wiped my wet pussy with it, before quickly burying the evidence underneath a dry unsoiled patch of sod and sat back down on the chair. I hadn’t pulled my skirt and thong back batman escort up, and I must say, the feel of the leather caressing my naked flesh underneath me felt real nice.For a little while at least, for it wasn’t long ’til it felt hot and started sticking to the hot sweaty skin of my bare ass. I stood up, took my skirt and placed it flat onto the seat, I then moved the chair back into it’s original place behind her desk and sat back down onto it. That’s better.To pass the time, I fantasised about what the bitch is going to do with me when she comes back to work on Monday. All sorts of situations were thought up in my mind, a lot of it turned me on, even making a little damp patch between my thighs. At one point I even had myself a little pleasurable rubbing. I pictured her laying on her comfy bed touching herself up. I never thought of her sexually before, sure she is a very gorgeous lady yet the way she always treated me like dirt was a major turn-off, but sure enough I now found myself very attracted to her. I wanted to please her and do as she says more than ever before. She had truly broken me down and made me her personal servant for as long as she desires. I loved it!Eventually, after a very long drawn out 2 days, Monday morning had come.I awaited excitedly, like a little girl on christmas morning. I could jump up and down with glee if it weren’t for the handcuffs keeping me trapped to her chair. To my horror though, Mandy, one of my colleagues came in first to the main office.”Oh shit, don’t come in here!” I thought pleadfully as I watched her silhouette moving about through the frosted glass window pane on the door. She came real close to the door, I held my breath as there was no good way to explain the situation I’m in if she walks in. Phew, she turned and sat down at her desk.”Please hurry, Alish!” escort batman I begged under my breath for my boss to turn up.A few more of my co-workers filled up the small main office floor, and soon the air filled with busy sounds of office work.I watched the clock on the wall, “10:30?! your usually here at 9!” I thought to myself on Alisha’s lateness.Finally, at 10:48, she arrived. She marched strait into her office, and smiled a big grin as she saw me sat on her chair, half naked from the bottom down.”Oh, when did you get here, fart-face?” She mockingly asked.”I’ve been here since friday, Ms. Jennings” I replied with a cheesy grin.”Wow, you are a model employee, aren’t you?” She smirked as she took her coat off and hanged it onto the wooden coatrack. She then walked over to my side.”Get off my chair.” She sternly commanded.”Er I’d really like to but- um…” I replied sheepishly whilst looking towards the silver metalic cuff on my wrist.”You disobey my orders?!” She snapped, even though she obviously knew I was trapped to her chair.”Sor-sorry I can’t Ms. I-” I stumbled out my apologies only to recieve a short sharp slap across my face. She then took the key to the cuffs out of her skirt pocket and released my arm.”Stand up!” She demanded. I stood up with my head bowed down.”God you look a mess, girl. Go home, clean yourself up, and come strait back here, is that understood?” She drilled.”Y-yes Ms. Anything for you.” I replied.”Uh!” She shushed me putting her finger to her lips, “Don’t speak unless I say you can, you must only nod your head, got that fart-face? Good, now hurry up and if you fail to get back here by half 1, you’ll be fired.”I looked up at her, nodded my head, and bent over to pull my thong up.I then went to put my skirt on.”No, leave them here.” She grinned.”L-leave them? But everyone will see batman escort bayan me?” I responded puzzled.”Shh! Don’t speak!” She snapped, “Yes, let them see you, it’ll be fun for me to watch.” She giggled.I was shocked and didn’t want to perform that task.”Go. Go on, or else I’ll fire you right here where you stand.” She ordered.She knew she had me right where she wanted, and I could tell from her tone that she meant it. I nodded my head and sheepishly walked out the door.Mandy looked up from her desk at me, and gasped with shock. I thought she was about to offer me some sort of support, but instead she just suddenly burst out laughing loudly, which drew everyone else’s attention onto me.My face turned a bright red, I never felt so exposed in all my life.I hurried past as everyone pointed and laughed at me. A few guys wolf-whistled.One guy who was standing near the exit door slapped me on my exposed bumcheek as I rushed by. “You rushing off to my place, darling?” He oathishly smirked.Fucking pig!I managed to make it out the building into the parking lot, took my car keys from out of my shirt pocket, beeped my car and got in. I started it quickly and sped off home.”Hope I don’t get pulled over!” I anxiously thought to myself.I finally got home, opened my front door and, still following orders, headed strait for the shower to clean myself up. When I came out, I went to the bedroom and found a text on my phone from the bitch:[ dont bother getting dressed, just cover up with a coat and come strait back 2 my office when ur cleaned up 😛 btw plz do ur hair and put on some nice makeup x ][ yes madame im on my way now, c u soon x ]I replied.I did exactly as I was told, I quickly made up my hair in a nice style, put on some sexy makeup and went downstairs. I found a leather coat of mine which comes down to my thighs, and without anything else on, I put it on and headed out the door. I jumped into my car, started up the engine, and sped off back to work with a big excited grin on my face.”I wonder what’s instore for me when I get back?” I happily wondered…

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