She Hulk vs the Vicious Trio

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She Hulk vs the Vicious TrioAuthor note- This a commission workNight TimeShe Hulk (aka Jenifer Walters) New York LoftBeing a super powered lawyer/super star paid well. She been getting big cases,had a book publish and was gaining a lot of fame and fortune. She would talkabout being a lawyer in it and how she soundly defeated foes like Titania andmankiller. She added photos of their defeat in the book. Tonight she had a bigparty date with Tony Stark to celebrate and she was getting ready.She Hulk stood there in the shower with the water shooting down on her greenskin body, washing down her tall Amazon body. It was made extra size to fither body as well as any extra lover or two she would have over. A girl afterall needed her play time. The water would have boiled most people but due toher super durability it was a nice relaxing shower that open up her pours. Shegrows comfortless her giantess form loving how men looked at her body. She hadtight muscles, fit and cut like a like it was crafted by a god. Her abs wereflat hard as steal six 8 packs. Her legs were long and thick like a gymnastand wrapped man of villain in them into crushing defeats. She Hulk face was athing of beauty, with a confident michevious smiles she launch a million wetdreams. Her arms had nice size biceps. She wasn’t huge in the arms but she hadthe body of a fitness model. Although she was strong enough to best Herculesin an arm wrestling match. In fact she may have been the strongest woman inthe world, be able to best here regular sparing partners Titania and Stunneron numerous occasions. She had been strong enough to be the bruiser on many asuper hero team of powerful god like being and she loved it.She Hulk adores well…being She Hulk and the power that come with it. Everyinch of body felt filled with strength and power. She could run fast, tearthrough metal and leap tall buildings just like her cousin but without all theanger management problems. Ever sense she been turn to She Hulk she loved theway every eye was on her. Men would blush and walked around hiding theirerections to her. She-Hulk was tall enough that every man was force to look upat her and the real tall ones got up tall enough to get and eye full of herluscious breast. It wasn’t that she hid them. She always dress in tightclothes letting her breast oozed out of her bra, and watch men cocks melt intheir pants like butter. Even her superhero outfits seem to be painted on attimes showing off ever curved and her thick ass that could get tight enough tocrush a wall nut. Most men would imagine what it was like to have sex with herand if they could last with the stunning green giantess. She lovedoccasionally given them a ride showing that they couldn’t but would enjoyfailing. Many a lover was left exhausted a night with her. Most couldn’t hangwith her and she left the bed confident with them passed out and sexuallyspent. Although she was looking for someone who could handle her with bed.Tony was good, he ate good pussy an all but he didn’t know all her sweetspots. She thought of trying a woman but no woman seem powerful to handle her,to really give it to her hard and make her hit the multiple climax that shebrought countless lovers too. One of the people she was eyeing for was MsMarvel. Not only did She Hulk have a thing for blond bombshell but Ms Marvelmay have been the few female super heroes who might have had the power levelshe needed but she hadn’t made her move let. Till then it was always herfingers. She started rubbing her clit back and forth. She spread her pussylips looking at herself in the mirror that was in the shower. She smiled atherself. It was quite a step up from Bruce Banner’s mousy little cousin. Infact she found herself spending most days and nights as She Hulk. In this formshe was filled with confidence, wit, and a sense of humor and stunning. Shestood in the shower thinking about different conquest she might have. Sheplunged her long slender finger between her pussy lips, pushing two fingerknuckle deep she felt the wetness as she turn on the jetsShe was now rubbing soapy water all over her breast, tweaking her dark greennipples that seem to be always erect and thick. She gripped the extra strengthwall, digging her nails through the brick. Some of her long greenish blackhair flowed over her first as she began finger fucking herself savagely”Yes’s” She moaned twisting her finger deep inside her. She parted her pussylips and use the other hand as her back laid against the wall. The water madeher body glisten showing off her body. She turns up the heat and took theshower nozzle in her hand. She pushed it deep in her letting the water hit herG-spot. She felt herself about to cum. She slammed her fist into the wallmaking a dent “Fuck almost there” She let out a scream as she started to cumsquirting pussy juices all over the wall.”Damm that was refreshing” She said in a sultry voiceShe Hulk turns off the shower and got a towel drying her off. In her cabinetwas some expensive perfume that she sprayed on herself. It was a mixture ofroses, jasmine and some pheromones. She Hulk took her green lipstick and putin on her thick lips.”I much say girl you’re looking…SENSATIONAL” She said laughing at her cornyline. “Now what should I wear (looking through her panties drawer) hmmm won’tbe needing you guys tonight (closing it)”She went to the closet and took out her super hero outfit. It was the whiteand purple once piece number that left her legs an army total expose. bornova escort It fitlike a glove tightening around her body and pressing against her breast makingit seem even bigger. She put on her high heel boots…”Now it time to go party” She SaidShe walked past the window and noticed something that looks like a shootingstar. Then suddenly it was coming closer. Then she notices it wasn’t ashooting star but a person leaping really high from a building. Before sheknew who it was she was tackled slamming She Hulk a deep into the ground. Shewas lifted by the hair and tossed through the 3 brick walls and out of herbuilding. She Hulk found herself falling floor after floor down to the groundbelow. She got a hold of her senses and tucked her body into a ball as she wasfree falling. She spun her body around so she would land on her feet making adent into the ground. She was in the middle of the street.”Everyone moved”A shadow was over She Hulk as she saw her attacker coming down. She Hulkleaped out of the wall as the attacker fist slammed into the ground shatteringwindows in a block radias. She Hulk looked and saw who it was.”Titania” She Hulk Said with anger in a voiceTitania stood in front of She Hulk at a stunning 6.6 feet. Her reddish blondhair was flowing in the wind. Her piercing blue eyes seem to be staringstraight through her with red hot anger. Titania fist clench and she stood inher purple outfit. Her breast stood out heaving as her breath heavily,sweating dripping down her chest making her globes glisten. The sweat drippeddown her creamy white legs that were thick and curvy. The moved and her breaststretch the fabric of the outfit. She cracked her knuckles.”That right big green and stupid it’s me, and this time I going to wipe thesmug smile off your face””How many times have I kicked your ass, think you like getting slapped around?You get off on it, May have to charge you per hour” She Hulk SaidTitania looked at a lamp post. With little effort she tore it out of theground and swung around like a bat. She Hulk ducked as it went passed her. Sheran and tackled her. She Hulk made sure it was no innocents in the way andgrabbed her by her hair. She grabbed Titania by her hair and swung her throughthe air”Time to learn how to fly bitch” She Hulk SaidTitanta body was slamming through the wall. She Hulk was about to walk overand capitalize when something hard hit her in the back. She went to her kneesand was clocked in the back of the head. She Hulk turns around groggy. She sawbig tall and plump woman dress like a Viking.”Tilla the Hunn … what Stiltman going to show up next” She Hulk Said”You will see that I am more than B list” Tilla SaidShe swung down her mace. She Hulk caught it and saw a Titania approaching. Sheswung her Tilla into her and then slammed her hand into a shock wave knockingthen back. She Hulk was getting up when she got hit with a right hook bysomeone, and another by another woman. The two women began punching her fromevery side, passing her across to each other like a beach ball. One of themput there fist together like a hammer and slammed in down on the back of SheHulk’s head. She fail to the ground and over here wasMan Killer standing there with her short hair, perky breast threatening toripped through her tight outfit. Her muscle stood there glistens and oiled up.She looks like a sexy lesbian militant biker. She smiled showing off her redstick and licked her lips rubbing her crotch lustfully. She was slipping herfingers into her pants as she stood over She Hulk. She was wearing tight jeansand shirt that were two sizes too small.”Well … .damm what is it about a helpless super hero that makes my pussywet” Man Killer SaidNext to her was Stunner Punching her fist in her hand. She was in her redoutfit with huge blond hair that was puffed up. She looked absolutely gorgeouslike something from a cover of 80 new wave rock record. She looked somewhatlike Farah Fawcet in her prime accept for a tight beauty mark by her lips. Shewas stunning and her skin seems to be glowing with red hues and smooth creamyskin. Her body was perfect with a right amount of curved, breast that werefirm like a teenage cheerleader and plumped like a porn star. Her outfitlooked like something Julian Strain would wear on on a cover of the comic bookmagazine Heavy metal she had on red lipstick and lip glossed the glisten. Shekicked her hulk in the face.”What were you saying; you wanted to teach someone how to fly” Stunner SaidStunner grabbed her tits, twisting her nipples making She Hulk scream. Shelifted her up and swung her around making her body bounce. Her body was lyingin a construction area. She Hulk had to think fast but before she could react,Titania leaped in the air and landed on the back of She Hulk head. The groundshook and pieces of the building fail apart the beautiful goddess smiled asshe grinded her foot into She Hulk. She lifted the wounded She Hulk up by herhair and started tearing her clothes off.”Lets what behind this wrapping paper” Titania Said “No panties I see andshaved pussy. I expected that from a slut like you”The clothes tore off with ease. She Hulk was naked, she tried to cover herbreast but Titania punch her in the gut as the other 3 girls came toward her.Stunner came with a duffel bag of what seem like sex toys”Look like your starting the party without us” Stunner SaidTitania was behind her holding She Hulk arms. The girls took turns punchingher using her big tits as boxing bornova escort bayan bags.”Damm hahaha look at the way they bounce and jiggle all green and bruise”Stunner SaidTilla came next squeezing her tits.”Mmmmm smash melons…Wonder if they taste as good as they look” MankillerSaidShe started sucking on She Hulk tits, circling her tongue around skillfully.”Stop what you are doing” She Hulk moanedShe parted She Hulk legs and slipped her finger deep into her pussy.”Making that tight little pussy of yours wet. You know I ran I brigade offeminist. Women together in sisterhood. Not all of them were lesbians…butthey soon found out there spots on a woman body, no man could find. It takes awoman that familiar with it to find…the sweet … spot””Ohhhhhhhh … .god””Bet no man…Ever made you feel like this, no one tough enough to overpoweryou. Mmmm can full your tight pussy muscles squeezing around my fingers. It’ssucking me in…Despite what your mind want your pussy want my finger deepinside you. Your body is begging for it. Can feel the wetness around myfingers as it sucked my fingers in, begging me to go deeper and deeper intothat sweet pussy. I can smell it. Can smell the wonderful scent only a womancan make. Don’t fight it. Shit my hand it soaked…knew are you goodie goodieswere freaks” Mankiller Said”Damm can’t wait to taste you Hulkie” Titania whispered in her earShe Hulk struggled as more fingers went deep in”Damm you””I want first lick. Let her pussy taste my mace” Tilla Said”Don’t worry there more of the bitch for all of us” Stunner SaidMankiller kissed her diving her fist deep into her cunt, pulling in and outletting her pussy make splashing sounds. Her pussy juices were dripping downher arm. Mankiller was tongue kissing her grabbing handfuls of her tits.Titania was kissing her neck leaving large hickies as she slapped She Hulkass. Mankiller kept her on the edge, pulling back time and time again beforeslamming her fist harder. She felt a climax building up with each second.Sweat was now dripping down her body soaking her. Mankiller seem to know justwhere to go, having so much experience with women. She had the power to poundher harder than any man she met, and with more skill then any woman. ManKiller was massaging She Hulk nipples and molding her green breast like clay.The other girls stood around snapping pictures.”Damm girl work it” Stunner laughed”Think the little woman going to burst” Tilla laughed”Ohhhhhh yesssss” She Hulk moaned.She Hulk body started to shake as she came. She came, squirt pussy juices allover Mankiller hand. Her body was being wrecked as the most intense multipleorgasm of her life hit her body. Mankiller jammed her fist deep in causingmini eruptions to follow. Mankiller started to lick her finger clean slowlyand seductively”The taste of victory” Mankiller smiled smugly “Here have a taste”Mankiller kissed her letting her have a taste. They pushed her to the ground.Man Killer held hold her arms down and Tilla grabbed her legs holding herdown. She licked her lips and started eating She Hulk’s pussy. Her fat tonguelicked across her already wet pussy, gliding down and teasing her pussy lips.Titania grabbed She Hulk and gave her a slapped.”Take a look at what she doing slut” Titania SaidShe Hulk screamed as Tilla went to town on her pussy, twisting in and out ofher pussy. She was twisting it in and out like tornadoes. She Hulk body wasconvulsing as her tongue was diving it, letting the tip of her tongue hittingher Gspot”Taste better than any desert I had” Tilla let out a laugh “Love conquestingnew lands”Her finger slipped into She Hulk asshole as her tongue dived inside her. Shefelt Tilla lips against her pussy as her tongue was filling her up. Shesqueezed she Hulk ass needling it with her hands like she was making bread”Ohhh god … stop it” She Hulk”Give me one of the toys” Tilla SaidStunner went in her bag and tossed a big black vibrator with some lube. Tillastarted lubing it up and pushed it deep into She-Hulk’s asshole. She Hulkgritted her teeth as she ass cheeks spread. Tilla was hitting the walls of herpussy, sucking her up the juices as the slipped out. She started to suck onShe Hulk as she tried to escape. The might green Giantess knees went weak andhe toes started to curl.”Come on eat it up girl … WOOOOO” Stunner SaidTilla switch from She Hulk pussy to her asshole. She pushed the dildo deepinto her pussy while licking her asshole. Her tongue circle around Tilla tightlittle hole. The dildo had widened it enough to push her tongue in. The pussyjuice splashed as the dildo was going and out of her pussy. She was force towatch her pussy lips wrapped around the fat dildo as it was being wildlypushed in and out of her.Mankiller held She Hulk wrist over one another as Titania took one breast andstarted to suck and Stunner took the other. Both girls were stretching hernipples with their lips, sucking them black and blue”Like that slut…you like getting gang bang by all these super villains…isthat why your dress like this” Mankiller Said “In my all girl army we wouldhave fun with you. Maybe we let you be our pet””Where your smart ass Jokes no” Titania laughedMankiller felt that She Hulk was about to cum and kissed her as her bodyshook. She let out and intense climax soaking Tilla face. Tilla kept licking.”Noooooo stop … .STOP … much … fuckkkkk cuming again” She Hulk Said”Mmmmmm taste wonderfull give it to me all” Tilla said pushing the escort bornova dildo allthe wall in”Ohhhhhhhhhh gooooooooooood” She Hulk cried with tears of pleasure down herface.She came like a gusher this time.”My turn been waiting for this for a loooooooog time” Titania SaidShe went into the bag and grabbed the biggest dildoes she could find. Shepushed them in both her holes as the other girls held her down. She screamedas the sensation of being filled up by both ends washed over her.”Take them both slut…take it all…you big green bitch. This how a REALAmazon makes love” Titania laughed”Ohhhh Titania”She was slamming it in faster with smooth steady stroked. Her tongue lickedher clit as she did it.”Damm she taking ever inch” Titania Said “Always knew she was a slut””Please I win””Do Me. I am goddess…am I more attractive, stronger, better than you everbe” Titania Said”Yesssss” She Hulk cried “Your better then I will ever be in every way””Then that me I should be able to do whatever I please with you” She laughed”Ohhh gooodd damm” You She Hulk criedShe plunge them deep in causing She Hulk to have another multiple climax. Shecould barely move now being fucked so hard from all the women. The other girlswere exploring her body making her moan with ever thrust. The explored herbody with probing fingers and tongues, licking all over her body. Titaniaswitch a button on the dildos making them vibrates, it sounded like hundredsof Bee’s and was making She Hulk body shacked.”Damm Green..Knew you were a slut…but lost track of how many times you came.But you know for a stuck good girl your pussy taste divine. Tell me She Hulkdid anyone ever make you cum like this” She Said”Don’t you lie slut” Mankiller Said”No…Never been fuck this well” She Hulk SaidThe 4 women laughed. Both her holes were gaping now being stretch to theirbreaking point. She tossed the two dildos to the other girls who made She Hulksucked them. She started to gag on the dildos as both were being pushed intoher mouth.”Taste your ass juices your little skinny bitch” Tilla Said”Yea suck your pussy juices” Mankiller laughedTitania licked her back and forth tasting another climaxed that hit her body.She put her legs around her and then held her upside down as sucked her SheHulk’s pussy.”Oh fuck” She Hulk screamedHer body was swinging back and forth as she sucked, humming on her pussy tomake it vibrate. Her arms were hanging down helplessly as Titania ate herpussy like it was the tastiest thing on earth, all while the girls flashedpicture and finger themselves in front of her. They were applauding Titaniawork. She Hulk was filled with embarrassment”Hey have you had a taste of this whore Stunner” Titania Said “Bitch taste assweet as sugar””You know what I haven’t” Stunner SaidShe grabbed She Hulk still holding her upside down and started to lick. Shestuffed her face into her pussy and sucked hungrily. She was awarded withfemale ejaculate. The pussy juices dripped down her face as her tongue wentinto her like a twisted”Fuuuuuuuccck” She Hulk”Such language” Stunner SaidShe put She Hulk down and spread her pussy lips for the girls to see.”Take a look at this slut thinks we made her cumbucket a little wider” StunnerSaidShe started fisting her pussy holding her down. She made loud slurping soundssqueezing the green heroin’s breasts together. She Hulk could just see a bigblond hair between her legs. As these entire Amazon stood over her they lookedlike goddesses to She Hulk now, filled with strength, sex and power.”Ohhh Gooood” She Hulk screamed “Fuck cant stop cumming””Fuck can fit my whole fist in this bitch’s pussy” Stunner Said “Time to kickthis up a notch”Stunner went into her bag and pulled out some strapons. The girls snapped iton. Stunner stroked her using she Hulk own pussy juices as lube. It was thickand black, 16 inch and it glisten. She grabbed She Hulk hips and slammed itdeep into her pussy”Ohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck”Huge rubber balls slammed against her ass. She used ever muscle to slammeddeep inside her making the ground shake with ever thrust. Pieces of thebuilding started rubbing. They were all powerful amazons so they didn’t holdback. Stunner pulled her hair fucking She Hulk to orgasm. The beautifulstunner ran her fingers through her blond hair as she enjoyed seeing the dildoslammed deep inside her. She watches it disappear inside her. Stunner wasgetting a nice beat as she was going in and out. It filled her pussy to thebrim making her pussy overflowed. Juices dripped out of her as the dildo wasgoing in and out making it even wetter Stunner grinding in laughing as she wasfucking her wildly. Stunner came just from thrusting.”Someone shut this whore up” Stunner SaidTilla pushed the dildo in her mouth making her gag. The women were fucking herfrom both ends.”Hhahaha look like a pig on a roast” Mankiller laughed”This whore still CUMMING…you know here ass doesn’t have a dildo” StunnerSaid”Not For long” Titania SaidTitania laid down and made She Hulk sit on his cock, as Stunner fucked herpussy. Tilla and Man Killer took her mouth making her suck them mouth. Shehulk head was bobbing up and down on Mankiller cock. Mankiller grabbedhandfuls of her hair.”That’s it bitch suck it” Mankiller Said”Damm you’re a faster learner” Titania SaidAll the women switch turns taking her from ever hole. She Hulk lost track oftime. They dragged her to an abandon warehouse taking turns on ever holefucking her for hours on end making her screamed till her body was wrecked.The 4 Amazons left her laying there”I be expecting you to be at our hideout when we call you whore…or thesepictures get put all over the net, see you late whore” Titania Said and thenspat at herThe women left laughingThe End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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