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Show and TellBeth looked into her young lover’s eyes and she knew that she could not escape his request. No other man had ever asked her to do this before; he was different, unique and very direct. She almost questioned him on the reason as to why, but bit her tongue to stay silent.It was not because Beth thought his request was unsavoury or even objectionable, it was just unusual and this would be her very first time doing it. At forty seven years old, Beth had been around the block so to speak. There wasn’t much that perturbed her, and she had tried most things, at least once.She inhaled a deep breath, and thought to herself that now was as good as anytime. Reaching behind her, Beth grabbed the other pillow beside her on the bed and dragged it over to pad her back. She settled in comfortably, raising her legs to expose her hairy vagina.Her lover prostrated himself between her open feet, and using his elbows, inched closer towards her fur-lined entrance. The overhead light was on, as well as the two night table lamps. ısparta escort It was obvious that he wanted a ‘good’ close up and personal view of Beth’s pussy and ass.A silly thought crossed Beth’s mind. If she had known that she was going to be doing this, she wished that she had at least trimmed her reddish pubic hair so it wasn’t so ungainly and long. With both hands, Beth drove her fingers through the fine curls and down over her puffy pubes. He watched intently as she massaged her mound, thinking how ugly and gnarly her inner labia were and felt. Some women had ‘innies,’ nicely shaped pussy lips that were neither too large nor too small. Beth never liked her pussy having been blessed with thick meaty labia that hung out even when her legs were closed. She was definitely an ‘outie,’ as one previous lover described her; ‘a healthy quarter pounder.’With her arousal growing, Beth slipped two fingers between the fleshy gates guarding her opening and easily unsealed her prominent lips. She paused her fingertips escort ısparta on her thickened clitoral hood, pulling back errant stray hairs to display the shiny smooth pink pearl that dwelt underneath.Beth watched him as he studiously gazed at her pussy, drinking in every fold, crevice and crease. She felt the mounting excitement as her face began to glow, her areolas wrinkling tight and a hot damp sensation grew between her loins. Beth could smell herself, a light delicate scent that grew in intensity until it was the prevalent aroma wafting in the room.He took in a long lingering breath of her womanly perfume, and smiled with the satisfaction. Having abandoned any hesitations, Beth proceeded to push her outer labia to the side, revealing her wet interior. With inserted fingers, she slowly pulled her cunt open as wide as she could manage.Her sex was fully exposed and displayed as she could never imagine. Between her thighs, Beth could see her erect clitoris standing proudly to a high peak. She ısparta escort bayan could only envision what the rest of her pussy looked like; its rouge-coloured walls, glistening puckered fleshy interior and moist hidden from view pee-hole.She felt her hands tremble first, then her arms and soon her entire body. A familiar flutter began at her clit, and soon rushed a torrent that spread throughout her body. She dug her fingertips deeper into herself, just barely able to keep holding her pussy open. Beth was surprised that she could cum without any manual or penetrating stimulation.Beth desperately wanted to slam her legs closed on to her hands. She heard her self groaning with ecstasy as the heated pleasure flowed through every fibre of her being. Slowly, she began to come down off her orgasm. She could feel her pussy contracting in hard spasms and knew that she had oozed even more of her rich liquid.Her young lover stared hypnotized by the beauty of Beth’s orgasm, and marvelled at the sight, sound and smells of the entire event.“Did you like it?” Beth asked out of breath.“I sure did Mrs McKenzie that was much better than those girls on the porn sites.” Her lover retorted. “Thanks for showing me! Do you know if your son wants to go to a ball game tomorrow?”-30-

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