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sister In LawOh my sweet sister in LawI read a number of stories about how guys have a fling with their younger and old sister in laws. How they enjoy fucking other member of their family and how hot they are compared to their wives. But my story is truly true and to this day I still can’t believe what happened between us.It started when I was dating my wife and we went to visit my now sister in law in another town , My wife and I had not been sleeping together so I got to sleep on the couch in the family room while she slept in the spare bedroom . My now brother in law was away on a business trip for a month and so I got to be the man of the house during our visit. My sister in law was 5 years older than myself and she was a very well built women. Her tits were larger then my wife’s and her hips were full but not over sized for her body. She was always so sweet and smiling whenever she spoke to me. It always felt like she was flirting with me but I did also have a slight crush on her. I have always been a big tit and ass man and Sue had both of those assets. It started out so innocently with a little horse play in the back yard swimming pool. It was a really warm sunny day. My wife was holding me and my sister in law was splashing water at me. My wife slipped her hand down and into my trunks to give me a little excitement and caused me to lose my thought as my sister in law jumped on my back. Her firm tits were barely under her shimmy bikini top and her long tanned legs were now wrapped around my waist as she tried to push me underwater. It was a dream comes true as I wadded around with 2 women in a pool. Before long my wife was tried and wanted to go and get changed for dinner. There was only one shower so I said I would stay in the pool and give her some time to clean up. Sue was also willing to share the bathroom with Nancy first as well. She said “go ahead and I’ll be in shortly.” Nancy smiled and off she went into the house. I continued to wade around the pool and slipped under water a few times to cool off little more. As I slipped down under water I noticed that Sue was bouncing up and down and that her firm tits had come right out of her top. Thru the pool water I could see her firm hard nipples with the big brown circles. Her tits were free and flowing freely as she bounced. As I slipped my head up above water I could see she had turned around and was busy trying to get them back under cover. I slipped back under and pretended like I had seen nothing. Before long she was back on my back riding me around the pool. Her firm grip around my waste and her tits crushed against my back. Her nipples so hard they almost hurt as they rubbed against my back. I slide my hands around to lift her up, my hands cupped both of her ass cheeks and she giggled like a high school girl. Sue was now sliding her hands down my body trying to hold on as I tried to pull her off my back (I really was trying to hard). Her hands slipped down over my chest and then came into full contact with my very hard cock. She waited only a movement and then slipped her finger under the waist band of my shorts. My cock head suddenly escaped from my shorts and shot straight up to the surface of the water. Sue was now glaring at the head of my cock as it stood above the surface of the water. She smiled and whispered in my ear. “Sues got one nice cock to play with there!! “That only caused my cock to jump even higher out of the water. She said “you had better but that away for now or I might do something we both might enjoy too much. “ I fumbled with my hard cock and was able to slide it back into my shorts. That was the first kütahya escort step of our relationship change and soon we would be doing much more than just so and tell. However the next time I would have an encounter with her would be a few months away. It seemed like a life time and it was oh so hard to see Nancy without flashing back to that day in the pool but my time was coming and it was worth the wait. It was now fall and once again my brother in law was now out of the country on business and Sue was busy with her school studies. Nancy was having a few problems around the house and asked if we could come up and help. Sue was too swamped so she said I could come up and help fix the problem then maybe stay over and come home the next day. My heart was pounding at just the words being spoken out of Sue’s mouth. The drive seem to take forever and when I final got to Nancy’s place my cock was rock hard and my heart was pounding like a race horse. I walked up to the front door and suddenly it opened and there stood Nancy. In a tight tank top and skin tight running shorts. Her tits were falling out of her shirt she looked like a cheerleader ready for the super bowl. She was all smiles and so glad to see me. Before long I was standing on a step ladder in the hallway with my head above the ceiling working on the hallway lights. It seems that there was a ground fault in the house and the first 2 electrician could not seem to find the problem. My upper body was above the ceiling and I could look down to see Nancy standing below. My sight was directly down between her full tits, her nipples were clearly visible and I was so enjoying the view. My rock hard cock was in full view of her eyes as well so I knew she could see I was very excited. Before long I could sense her getting closer to my crotch, her breathing seemed to be louder and I felt her hands on my legs. I continued to watch from above and was now not working on the lights but trying to get her attentions with my body movements below. I could see the beads of sweat breaking out on her tits and she continued to move closer to me. I then felt her hands slide up the backs of my legs as I stood on the ladder and acted as if I was losing my balance. This allowed Nancy to slide her hands up further on my legs. She said here let my steady you so you don’t fall. Her head and mouth were now in line with my crotch and my tight jeans were giving her a full view of my hard member. It was only seconds later that I felt her breath on my exposed tummy; she was now looking at my waist and licking her lips. I continued to readjust myself and then my jeans spied just slightly down to expose the top of my boxers. It seems to take forever but then she made her move and slipped her hand up and onto my crotch. Rubbing my hard cock thru my jeans. Her fingers were outlining my cock and she was circling the head of my cock. She reached for my fly but I had beaten her there. I was now looking down and into her glazed eyes. I pulled my fly down and slipped my cock out of my shorts. It was standing straight up and into her face. Her eyes fixed on the head and she licked her lips as she opened her mouth slightly. Without thinking I simply toke my penis and placed it at her open mouth and trusted slightly. My cock slipped passed her open lips and slide deep into her mouth. She moaned and began to suck on the head of my cock. Her hands now working up and onto my ass. Pulling my hips into her face. Allowing her to take the entire length of my dick into her mouth. She was so hot and I knew that if she sucked on me for very long I would cum in her mouth. escort kütahya Nancy was now sliding her mouth up and down my hard shaft in a firm thrust. My cock head was bouncing off the back of her mouth and my balls were hitting her chin with every thrust. She was fixed on my cock and sucking my seed from it, as if she had never had a dick in her mouth before. Her lips were perfect and she ran her tongue along the underside of my deck with every stroke. I was on the edge of cumming and I knew I was gang to cum allot. It had been awhile since I had had sex with Sue and she would never let me cum in her mouth. I was groaning like a cave man and reaching down to hold her head when the first wave of cum began firing from the head of my dick. With the first tasted of cum Nancy moaned even louder, as if enjoying the cum as it filled her mouth. She continued to suck and lick with every shoot of thick cum that was shooting from my dick. I was almost falling of the ladder as I blew one of the biggest loads I had ever shot into my now very horny sister in law. It was like a life time as the cum continued to seep from my tool. My seed was running down her chin and onto her firm breast. It was like a river running down between her firm breasts, into the valley of love. As my dick began to lose its erection she allowed it to slip from her grip and she was now licking the sides of her mouth to collect every last drop. I was still looking down from the ceiling and my legs were shacking with excitement. Nancy had now stepped back of the ladder and was wiping the sweat from her head. I could hardly move but I began to come down off the ladder. As I stepped off the last step Nancy slipped her hands around me and pulled my in tight to her body. Our lips met and locked. Her tongue was darting out and into my mouth as her hand cupped my ass checks. I slipped my hands up and under her tank top and released her tits. Her nipples poked my in the chest as I pulled away from her mouth and slipped my open mouth down and over her left nipple. I sucked and flicker my tongue over the hard nipple. I sucked and began to moan with excitement myself. I held her right tit in my hand and worked her hard nipple between my fingers. As I pulled and pinched the end a warm liquid began to run over my fingers. I could hardly believe it, she was lactating and she was now helping me milk her juice out of her breast and onto her breast. My mouth now locked tighter on her nipple I began to taste a sweet juice in my mouth. Nancy was now milking her tit as I sucked the sweet juice up and swallowed. Her other hand was working to slide her tight shorts down and over her hips. I couniuted to suck and also helped her slide free of her shorts. Once they were off I slide my finger down and into her bare pussy. Her lips were so wet and her shaven pussy felt so smooth. My finger quickly found her hard clit and began to work it back and forth. All along I continued to suck her sweet milk from her breast. I slide 2 fingers into her love nest and slide them back out. Then up to my awaiting mouth to taste her sweetness. Nancy was now moaning with excitement and I knew she was about to cum by the fell of her hard clit. I toke her free hand and slide it down to her clit with my own. She quickly began to rub herself as my finger began to explore her firm ass. She was on the edge of a climax when I slipped my index finger into her forbidden hole. In one stroke of my finger in her ass she came on my hand. Her warm love juice ran down and into my hand, she continued to fuck herself with her hand and I contained to fuck her ass with my finger kütahya escort bayan as well. After what seem to hours we made our way to the master bed room. The king size 4 poster bed was hugh compared to the Queen Size bed Sue and I had fucked in for the last few years. Nancy mounted the bed and assumed the true doggie style at the edge of the bed. My cock had regained its hardness and was at mouth level to her now. She opened her mouth and darted her tongue out over the head of my seed covered cock. With sweeping licks she continued to suck and lick the seed from my cock. I was so ready to fuck again it hurt. My balls hung low below my shaft and she was now holding them and pulling on each ball as she sucks the shaft into her mouth. I pulled away and mounted the bed as well. My head going directly to her sweet pussy for a feast of love juice. We were in a full “69 er” position and egar to please each other when the phone rang. I would not pull away from her sweetness so Nancy released my cock and reached for the phone. It was my wife calling from her car phone. Nancy quickly answered and said “Hey Sue, how are you? I was now digging deeper into her hole and sliding my finger into her ass. Nancy was short of breath and very turned on. Her horness showed in her eyes as she continued to try and keep her mind on her conversation with my wife. Her clit was now rock hard and sliding between my lips with every word she spoke. Her ass was wet and lubricated. I was now sliding 3 fingers into her with every stroke. Her hand was rolling my cock head back and forth and I was quickly approaching a climax. The thought of my wife on the phone with her sister as I eat her out was too much to control myself. My balls tightened and exploded into the air. My cum covered her face and her tits. Nancy quickly began to lick up as much as she could while she continued to talk. Then the words that almost killed me, Nancy said “Oh so you’re only a few blocks away, no problem your hubby is up the ladder fixing the hall light right now. I’m sure he’ll be so happy to see you. “My eyes locked on hers and the sadness in both our faces proved the point. I was now quickly racing towards the door and pulling up my shorts. Nancy was finishing her call and quickly headed for the shower off the master bedroom. I was just able to get my shorts back on and slide back up the ladder when I heard the front door open. Sue yelled out “I’m here where are you guys? In the bed room?? My heart stopped and then I realized she was joking. I acted like I could hear her and continued to repair the light. The next thing I knew I felt a warm hand on my legs and I was hoping it was Nancy. I looked down from the attic and there was Sue, her hands were working their way up my leg and towards my limp dick. Movements later she was sucking on the head of my dick just like her sister had done only hours earlier. She looked up into my eyes and smiled, with a wink she toke my entire cock into her mouth and began to suck on it like back when we dated. I was pointing towards the bedroom and motioning that her sister was only down the hall. She smiled and continued to suck. My balls were now ready to expose and I warned her I was coming, her grin said it all. My cock began to expose with seed and to my surprise Sue swallowed it all and even sucked little extra out of the head. Once I finished cumming I heard the shower turn off and she turned to release my cock just in time to pull it back into my shorts as the bathroom door opened and Nancy walked out. The rest of the weekend I got blow jobs from both women at different times. Sliding into the bathroom or garage for Nancy and in the spare room with Sue. My balls were so blue I couldn’t remember how many times I came that weekend. And neither of them knew that the other was doing me. Hope you enjoy this story , I will keep you posted on the next adventure .

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