Slaves of the Amethyst (part f******n)

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Slaves of the Amethyst (part f******n)Thursday morning dawned grey and overcast and there had been rain overnight. From the windows of Waterstone House the view was unappealing. The outside was dark and damp and a light drizzle streaked the windowpanes. It didn’t seem likely to be a day that would inspire adventures out of doors. Debra was disappointed at that for she’d wanted to get out with Julie in the afternoon and explore the countryside around Marveaux. On an optimistic note the weather forecast had predicted a change for the better the next day and hopefully their planned excursion would be able to take place. It might even brighten up somewhat later today she hoped. Julie didn’t mind the poor weather at all however because she was having fun. What might seem routine daily chores to Debra were a novelty to Julie and her somewhat bizarre position as a temporary personal slave, albeit under false pretences, was enormous fun. It was not, as Debra had said, Mathom Hall and, if Julie had found herself as a pretender in that establishment, she would have been terrified of being unmasked. But it was still a grand house of respectable lineage and the household just seemed to accept that she was a young lady of the valley, a, what was the term Jennifer had used, a young lady of the Line, a slave in training, possibly up for sale to the highest bidder to be taken in as a pampered favourite into some grand house or other. It was just wickedly funny to Julie and she was determined to extract the full amount of enjoyment from her charade.It wasn’t as if Julie had deliberately misled anybody or told any lies. On the contrary she was just her normal self, enjoying a temporary role above her humble station. She was experiencing the life, that Rebecca and the other girls at Mathom Hall, and one that Jennifer was to become accustomed to, on a somewhat smaller scale and finding that she liked her elevated status very much indeed. It was the same feeling that she experienced when appearing in public with Jennifer and the Mathom Hall girls when people tacitly included you among their number, the ladies curtsied and the men bowed and tipped their caps to you. You were part of an elite hierarchy in the valley. Julie had long had fantasies about such an inclusion into those respected ranks when, if you walked into the pub, the bargirl would say “Thank you for blessing our house with the Goddess my lady.” instead of “Now then Julie wot are yer ‘avin’!” Now Julie was living that fantasy temporarily and, if it at present only extended to something as mundane as making toast and preparing a bowl of g****fruit segments, it was still deliciously exciting. Debra was busily whisking eggs in a big bowl with great seriousness and looking cute in her silly little white and pink flowered pinafore over her pretty green dress. “Pass me the Worcester sauce would you Julie?” she was saying. “The Mistress likes a dab of it in her scrambled eggs in a morning. You’ve got to whisk the eggs up properly too. She likes her eggs soft and fluffy so you have to make sure you get plenty of air into them.” Debra consulted the menu list that was specified for this morning. “Now what does she want for cereal? Oh flip! Muesli! I hope to hell we’ve got some in the house! She’ll be bloody not amused if we haven’t! I think I ordered some last time. Look in that cupboard just up to your right Julie and see if we’ve got a packet.”“Aye ‘ere we are Debbie.”“Thank the Goddess for that! Now then how’s that coffee coming along?” “Coming along Debbie.”“Well keep it warm in the percolator until I’ve got the eggs cooked. She likes just a dab of chocolate powder in her coffee and that should be in the cupboard with the cereals. Also she’ll want cream in her coffee. There’re silver jugs in that sideboard and fresh cream in the far fridge. I’ve put a tray for the coffee out, so you be laying that out with cup, saucer, teaspoon, sugar bowl, cream and the coffee pot whilst I put the eggs on. The food goes on the other tray. She’ll want four slices of toast. Damn it have we got lemon marmalade?”“I saw some in that cupboard there Debbie.”“Brill! Get one of those little bowls and spoon some out into it Julie and put a little spoon into it.” Debra was transferring the whisked eggs into a hot pan as Julie busily prepared her part of the lady of the household’s morning repast. “You’ve got to get it right Julie. She’s like a bull with three horns until she’s had her breakfast. Get it spot on and she’s purring like a kitten for the rest of the morning. Get it wrong and she’s in a foul mood and that usually means bad news for any wayward slave that happens to cross her path during the course of the morning. More than once I’ve ended up with a sore backside because the coffee was too bitter or her bloody kipper was cold or something!”“Bit demandin’ isn’t she?”“Not at all Julie. She’s the Lady of the house. She pays through the nose to keep us in pampered luxury, takes care of our every need, protects us and takes care of our futures. She takes the trouble to see that we are not wanting for anything so the very least we can do is provide her with perfect service in return. It’s not as if we’re overworked or anything. The few responsibilities we do have should be well within our capabilities. Ok! Eggs are nearly ready. Bung the toast in the rack. That butter should be soft by now. She hates it when the butter is too hard to spread on her toast!” Fussily the two girls set up the trays for Mrs Waterstone’s breakfast. Debra ran a critical eye over everything as she spooned the eggs onto a plate and garnished them with a sprig of parsley. “OK, looks fine. Let’s get it in there. I’ll go in first with the breakfast tray. You follow me with the coffee and the morning papers. Let’s have a quick look at you.” Debra perused Julie carefully. Julie was in a becoming soft white skirt and a pretty rose coloured top that matched her hair ribbon and gave her a fresh youthful appearance. Julie was bemused that Debra had insisted on her looking her best. She was more used to jumping into a pair of faded jeans or a tracksuit bottom and t-shirt for breakfast but that was a no-no in the Waterstone household as Debra explained. The lady needed to feast her eyes with her breakfast and liked to see her young slaves looking pretty and well turned out first thing in the morning. Her slaves were as much ornamental as anything else and as such they were expected to be suitably attractive ornaments to brighten up their Mistress’s morning.“Right you look just fine Julie. Now remember how to curtsy very slightly when you bring the coffee in. Don’t over exaggerate it or you’ll have coffee everywhere! Just a little curtsy then lay down the tray, smile and curtsy again as you wish her good morning. Once she acknowledges you then ask nicely if you can pour her coffee for her. If she wants you to hang around then do so. If she dismisses you then curtsy again, say that you hope she enjoys her breakfast and wish her good morning. Always address her as ma-am, milady or mistress. Always give her a nice smile unless she tells you off for anything at which point don’t argue just look humble and penitent. All right?”“We ‘ave gone ovver this all before Debbie!”“I’m sorry Julie! I just want you to be perfect for my Mistress! It’s so much fun having you around and helping when I have work to do! I want her to buy you! I’d love to have you as my sister!”Julie laughed in pleasure “Come along then or ‘er breakfast’ll be gerrin’ cold!” In great delight the two girls carried their burdens to Mrs Waterstone’s boudoir where she habitually broke her fast. Balancing her tray on one arm Debra knocked at the door. A soft voice bade them enter. The lady of the house was not fully dressed. She was reclining on a stool before her dressing table in an ankle length smoky grey negligee and a pair of slippers. Julie noticed what a fine looking woman she was, tall and slim with shapely legs and a firm bosom beneath the gossamer sheath of her negligee. She was teasing at her wavy hair with a brush.“Good morning girls!” “Good morning ma-am.” they replied curtsying prettily.“Bung the trays on the table there girls. Is that the mail Debra?”“Yes ma-am.” said Debra curtsying once again. “Official looking letters for the most part ma-am but there’s a personal letter from Scotland.”“Ah that’ll be from Andrew!” Eleanor turned to look at her two young attendants with great pleasure. They looked lovely this morning and it was always a highlight for her morning’s routine to see how her young slaves dressed and carried themselves for her pleasure. It was the real bright spot in the otherwise dull affairs of managing her household, a moment of fond pride and enjoyment. Today however, her enjoyment was doubled because of the pretty looks and vivacious personality of little Julie Hawthorne. The more Eleanor saw of Julie the more she liked her. The girl had such an unquenchable zest for life. She always seemed to be on the point of bubbling over with enthusiasm. She was polite and respectful to be true but there always seemed to be that irrepressible spirit threatening to break out. Almost certainly she would be a girl forever getting into mischief and misadventure over one thing or another but Eleanor found that more a blessing than anything else. She liked her girls with a bit of spirit and sass to them. It kept life interesting, brought a feeling of youth into the household. She had trouble keeping a straight face whenever talking to Julie. The girl was so ingenuous and her good humour so infectious that it tickled Eleanor’s sense of humour. Anybody that brought laughter into the house was worth their weight in gold. Moreover Julie had a totally beneficent effect on Debra. Eleanor had been lucky to get Debra she knew. She was of a high line and by no means cheap. Under normal circumstances Debra would have been sold to a much more wealthy family. However Debra’s family was in dispersal and Eleanor had known Debra’s mother well. Debra’s mother had been keen to sell Debra to Eleanor quite early but her contract price was very high. Debra’s mother had, quite rightly, argued that it would be unfair to lower Debra’s status by agreeing on too low a price for her. It was true that the connection of Waterstone House to the House of Mathom in itself would confer great status on her daughter but she also wanted her to be well settled financially as well. Lady Mathom had solved it by advancing a loan to Eleanor to acquire Debra. Eleanor had used the loan wisely. She had agreed with Debra’s mother to buy the contract when Debra had been thirteen but the actual fee was placed in a fund to accumulate interest until Debra could be legitimately enslaved after her eighteenth birthday. As a result of her wise investments in Debra’s fee she had mostly returned the loan to Lady Mathom and yet was able to donate the agreed upon fee whilst retaining a substantial amount for Debra’s education and future prospects. Since she had been instrumental in Eleanor’s acquisition of Debra, Lady Mathom had taken a great deal of interest in her and always grilled Eleanor regarding her whenever the two met. Lady Mathom was pleased to hear that Debra was turning out to be a wise investment and one likely to be a great asset to the status of the Waterstone line. Nevertheless the financial burden of acquiring Debra had left little in the way of funds for further additions to the household. That, as we have seen, was a worry because Debra indubitably needed a sister of equal age to her. It simply wasn’t healthy to bring up a highly sensitive thoroughbred young Alpha girl without a suitable companion. And Debra’s shy and introspective nature made the problem even more urgent. It would be a year or so at the least before Eleanor judged that Debra would be ready to go to university and with Sandra and Andrea approaching marriageable status then Debra was likely to become more isolated than ever. The negotiations for Sandra and Andrea’s marriages were likely to be protracted moreover so there wasn’t the immediate prospect of additional funds from that quarter. Eleanor thought she had found the perfect answer to her dilemma in Julie Hawthorne.The evening before Eleanor had required the two girl’s presence for some time in the front parlour just so she could observe them together. Debra seemed to emerge from her shell in the presence of the bouncing Julie and Eleanor had seldom seen her so happy and excited. She could understand it. Julie was just good to have around. Julie had a sweet singing voice although her repertoire of songs was a bit on the rustic side. Eleanor had asked Debra to play the songs on the piano whilst Julie sang them and the two girls had often dissolved into giggles whenever they had hit a wrong note or lost the cadence. Eleanor had seldom seen Debra laugh so much. The evening had been enjoyable and there was an atmosphere of gaiety that had been long lacking in the house. The girls had come to say goodnight to her in their nightclothes before retiring to bed. Eleanor had smiled at that. Debra had worn a pretty cotton nightgown but Julie had been attired in silly pink pyjamas with c***dish bunny slippers. She’d insisted on kissing them both goodnight and when Julie had pecked her on the cheek it had almost felt as if the young girl was already her slave.She wondered if they were already lovers. It was certainly to be desired and to that end she had had an extra bed made up in Debra’s room for Julie knowing that it was more than likely that one of them would climb into bed with the other. She hadn’t yet perceived an intimacy of lovers about them yet but it would probably happen. If not then there were tried and trusted old fashioned ways to make it happen. A wise mistress always made sure that her slaves were sleeping with each other. That way you kept them healthy, happy and tied to their household. Julie’s contract would be far easier to negotiate if she was already entangled in intimacy with Debra. Actually Eleanor’s manoeuvring had so far only been partially successful. The girls had indeed crawled into bed with each other but, although they had hugged and cuddled each other, they had stopped short of sex. Debra had become aroused and had started to stroke Julie languidly but Julie had objected. She hadn’t actually rejected Debra but said “Oh Debbie love. Y… yer’ll think I’m barmy but I… I can’t! Don’t get us wrong love! Ah think yer gorgeous an’ I’d love to…. to … you know! It’s just that well … wi’ out Jenny’s say so I feel like I’m cheatin’ on ‘er or summat! If’n Jenny sez it’s ok then I’ll be t’ first ter turn t’ bed upside down but what wi’ ‘er not bein’ ‘ere an’ not able to say owt well it’s like me bein’ unfaithful. Yer don’t mind d’ yer? Don’t be angry wi’ us love!”“I’m not angry Julie! I understand! Really I do! Don’t be upset. It’s just nice to snuggle up with you in bed anyway. I nearly always have to sleep alone except when my Mistress has me share her bed.”“Yer mean yer sleep wi yer Missus?” Julie was shocked.“Very rarely but sometimes she likes me to.”“And does she… yer know.”“Not usually. She just likes having me near her sometimes, warming her bed and keeping her company. She can get lonely too sometimes. Most of her family are s**ttered around all over the place and she doesn’t get to see them very often.”“But ‘ave yer…. ?”“Only once or twice she’s had me satisfy her. Don’t be so shocked Julie! Most Mistresses enjoy the pleasure of their slaves occasionally. The lady doesn’t usually approve of sexual relations between Mistresses and slave normally. Says it undermines the proper relationship between them and can be exploitive. Still she has needs like anybody else and occasionally she’ll take a slave to bed for pleasure.”“Blimey! And yer don’t mind?”“She’s my Mistress Julie. She owns me! If she wants the use of my body then that’s her privilege. She only has to command and I am obliged to put my body at her disposal.”“Sod me! D’ yer… I mean… d’ yer like it?”“Oh yes! She’s my honoured Mistress. I feel proud and happy, flattered when she finds me attractive enough to satisfy her needs. Her wives and husbands are hardly ever there so I’m pleased to be able to gratify her longings when she needs it. I’m there to serve her. It’s no different from me bringing her coffee and brandy. The last time she wanted me to do it she was ever so sweet to me afterwards and bought me a present the next day for being so good. She takes Andrea and Sandra more than me because they’re older, and she’s worried about abusing her position with me since I’m so young, but if she wanted me more I’d be happy to oblige.”Julie had stroked Debra’s hair thoughtfully in the dark of the bedroom “By eck Debbie! Yer a funny lass!” Julie had chuckled suddenly “Mind you if’n I were yer Mistress yer’d never be out o’ me bed!”Debra’s hopes had raised and she’d laid a hand on Julie’s thigh “Oh well if you want to then milady!”Julie’d had laughed “Now now Debbie! I’m sorry love, but wot ah said before still goes. I promise yer though that if our Jen sez it’s all right then t’ next time we’ll pick up from where we left off be’ind Marveaux Abbey t’ other day! Will yer be patient till then love?”“Of course Julie!” Debra had cuddled closer to Julie in deep pleasure “Oh I do hope my Mistress buys you Julie! Then we can share a bed every night.” Presently she’d drifted off into peaceful slumber but Julie had lain awake a long time after, holding the sleeping girl in her arms, with the ache in her loins unsatisfied and all the strange new thoughts in her head spinning wildly.Eleanor Waterstone perused the two girls with increasing pleasure. The day promised to be a trying one and she had to go into town once again to finish off some business but at least the two fresh looking youngsters had brightened up the gloomy morning considerably. “You look very pretty today girls!” she told them. Debra and Julie blushed with pride.“Why thank you ma-am!” answered Debra on their account. “Yes very pleasant. I like you in soft colours Julie. Hmm! I saw a pretty dress in a shop in town yesterday that would suit you perfectly. If I get a moment sometime, and they have it in your size, I must remember to buy it for you!” “Oh ma-am! Yer mustn’t!” elazığ escort Julie protested.“Nonsense! It will look lovely on you. Now then what have you two got planned for today?”Debra answered. “We have the silver and brass work to do in the front parlour ma-am. Then we can polish the panelling in the oak room once we’ve finished that. Also I promised Sandra and Andrea that I’d iron their blouses and some other things for them.”“Hmmph! Don’t be doing all their work for them! They’ve got time enough to press their own clothes! They’ve been getting too lazy recently! I’ll have to take the strap to them one of these days! I won’t have them farming out all their chores to you!”“I don’t mind honestly ma-am. It’s a horrid day and we won’t be able to get out of the house much.”“Well it might brighten up a bit later. I’ll be away most of the day so if you get all your chores done get out for a bit of fresh air. You can show Julie around a little bit. She doesn’t know this end of the valley as well as the lower valley and she ought to see more of it. I’ll still be here for lunch and I’ll take that in here because I’ve a lot of work to catch up on. After that I’m away into town. I won’t be back for dinner so, once you’ve finished up what you have to do, you’ve the rest of the afternoon and evening off. Be back by nine o’clock all right!”“Yes ma-am.”“I would have liked to take the pair of you with me today but I’ve got all sorts of tedious meetings to attend and it wouldn’t really be convenient. Tomorrow’s another matter however. Perhaps if the weather shapes up we can drive into town and do some shopping. You could do with some new clothes Debra and we can pick up that dress for you Julie and anything else that might be suitable. We could take tea at the Royal and make a day of it. Julie doesn’t have to be home until Sunday so we’ve plenty of time. How does that sound?”“Oh wonderful ma-am!” Debra cried in delight. “Excellent! Will your parents be home on Sunday afternoon Julie?”“Aye… I mean yes ma-am!”“Good! Perhaps if it’s convenient I’d like to have a chat with them.”“Y… yes ma-am!” Julie’s heart was fluttering. Life was getting complicated all of a sudden.“Yes I think perhaps we might be able to do business. Now run along you two and get your breakfast.” The two girls curtsied and left.Debra was wildly excited. “I knew it! I just knew it! She’s going to buy you Julie! You’re going to be my sister! Oh I’m so happy!” “’Ere ‘ang about Debbie! Don’t go ovver board! Me mam an’ dad might ‘ave summat ter say about it yer know!” Julie cringed at the thought of the upcoming interview between Mrs Waterstone and her parents. She could just hear her mother now “Yer want ter do what Mrs Waterstone? Buy our Julie!? Ah think yer might be under some misapprehension ma-am! Now ah know that’s t’ custom like fer young ladies wot’s born ter t’ Lady o’ t’ valley an’ all but our Julie’s just an ordinary lass ma-am. She’s no Jenny Walstow! Just plain ordinary stock! Nowt special about ‘er at all!”Debra looked troubled “Why Julie. I know it’s not Mathom Hall and all that but this is still a very respected House and affiliated to the House of Mathom. A slave of the Waterstone House has very high credentials and status Julie. You’d be a young lady of the second great house in Mathomdale! Surely your parents would consider a good offer from this House. After all you’d be close by and it’s not as if you were being sold out of the valley.” She paused “Do you think that your parents are holding out for a better offer from somewhere else?”Julie swallowed “Ah…. Ah don’t think there’s any other upcomin’ offers Debbie!” she prevaricated.“Well then! Your parents will be bound to consider a good offer from the Lady Eleanor. Oh wow Julie! Just think! A whole day’s shopping in town tomorrow! I bet she spends a fortune on us! She likes her slaves well turned out and she doesn’t skimp when it comes to outfitting them. Goddess! It’s going to be so much fun!”Julie’s mind was in turmoil. “Well anyway let’s get us some brekkers Debbie love!”“Yes I’m famished!” Debra’s enthusiasm was not to be dampened. “Do you want tea or coffee s*s?”At Mathom Hall it was a morning of departures. Alice and Daniel left in the morning after a fond farewell to Rebecca and Robin and kissing their Mistress and promising to return as soon as Alice had finished her photo shoot in Hamburg. There was also a departure in the cellars. Jennifer was devastated. Her last love making with Rachel had been lingering and sweet. Rebecca and Alice had finally departed the evening before to greet their men folk back from the pub. It had been a lovely evening and Alice and Jennifer had unclipped the cuffs on the wrists from each other in great regret so that Alice could dress and leave with solemn promises to return as soon as possible. When Rebecca and Alice had left them with long kisses Rachel had gathered Jennifer up in her arms and swept her away to their little cell to drive her delirious with passion by the light of the candles on the walls. They’d made love for hours and collapsed into blissful sleep satiated. In the morning the routine had not altered much. Jennifer still got her spanking with the paddle. There’d still been the obligatory course of exercises but after that Rachel had vanished for some time whilst Jennifer had studied a handbook on the Harvard referencing system, provided by Sebastian. When she had returned Rachel had been wearing a smart grey day suit of skirt and jacket over a frilled white blouse, dark stockings and high heeled black shoes and Jennifer’s heart had torn in two.“Oh you’re leaving already Rachel!”“Yes Jenny. I have to get off now. Don’t look so glum honey. We’ll see each other soon enough. You’re to report to me at least once a week for the rest of the summer sweetheart. You’ve got some assignments to finish off and I shall be monitoring your progress. Remember just because I’m not there doesn’t mean you can slack off! There’re plenty of suitable instruments to tender to your pretty backside both here and in my house when you report so bear it in mind!”“Am I to stay here then?” Jennifer had wept bitterly.“Yes Jenny. Don’t worry you won’t be on your own for long. You have some nice surprises coming to you over the next couple of days. Now come along! Cheer up! Is this a way for a slave of the House of Mathom to comport herself?”“Oh I’m going to miss you Rachel!”Rachel had folded her in her arms “There, there Jenny! I’m going to miss you too! Don’t be upset! We won’t be parted for long I promise you. I’m very proud of you Jenny. You’ve made fabulous progress this week. I shall be telling your Mistress that when I go upstairs and she’ll be proud of you too. You’ll be out of here soon and then you’ll see all your sisters. They’re going to throw a big party for you when you move into your chambers upstairs so that’s something to look forward to isn’t it? Then you’ll be able to see Julie as well! So chin up my sweet! Life’s not all that bad!”“Oh Rachel! It won’t seem the same without you here!”“You’ll be just fine honey! Sebastian will look after you. Now give me a big kiss and let me go. I have to report to the Lady before I take off back home.” So Jennifer had kissed her and then she’d parted leaving Jennifer desolate in her loneliness in the cellars. Sebastian was kind to her but Jennifer was inconsolable in her grief at the parting. She sat in the dining chamber trying to study her handbook but her eyes were bleary with tears. Only the softly purring Chester curled up on her lap was any comfort to her sudden desperate loneliness. Sebastian brought her lunch and, because she was so utterly destitute, stayed with her whilst she ate offering words of comfort. In the afternoon she moped about not knowing what to do with herself. The ordered routine of her incarceration had come to an end. Rachel was not there to give her orders and set her tasks. She missed the strict structure Rachel had imposed on her life in the cellars. She wandered out to the garden but it was raining and cold so she spent most of the afternoon sat before the fire in the dining chamber feeling sorry for herself. It was almost welcome when Sebastian appeared and told her that it was time for her daily whipping. There seemed to be some order still in her life and, if Rachel was not there to comfort her afterwards and smear lotion on her weals, then at least Sebastian was not neglecting her. She calmly stood to accompany Sebastian to the whipping chamber. He surprised her though. After he clipped the cuffs on her wrists together in front of her he produced a blindfold and bound it about her eyes. Jennifer was confused and scared. It was the first time she had been denied vision since her first day in the cellars and it seemed to foretell some dreadful ordeal before her. He led her out by her silver chain attached to her collar and she stumbled along afterwards trembling with fear. She didn’t know that Sebastian had other reasons for blindfolding her this day and, that for once they were nice reasons. There was a surprise waiting for her in the whipping chamber. Jennifer detected something in the chamber through her blindfold but she was at a loss to pin down the sensation that came to her. There was a familiar scent in the air but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Sebastian raised her wrists and she felt him attaching the chain from the ceiling to it. Her arms were raised as the chain tightened up pulled them over her head. She stumbled forward and straight into somebody else. That somebody was quite obviously female and as naked as she was. Jennifer gasped in recognition. Now she knew that scent. It was Rebecca’s favourite perfume.“Hello darling! Surprised?”“Oh Rebecca! What are you doing here?”“Not a lot Jenny dearest! My hands are tied over my head to the roof and it tends to limit your scope for action.”“Oh Becky I can’t see you!”“I can’t see you either sweetheart! I’m blindfolded as well. Here we are! Just a miserable pair of slaves trussed up in the dungeons and awaiting their punishment! Now do I get a kiss or not?”“Oh yes!” Jennifer sought out Rebecca’s mouth with her own and possessed it fiercely. Finally they broke for breath. “But Becky I don’t understand. Why are you here chained up with me?”Sebastian cleared his throat in the background “I shall leave you two ladies alone for the moment. Undoubtedly there is much you wish to talk about privately. I shall return in due course.” His footsteps receded from the chamber.“Becky! Becky why are you here? Have you done something wrong?”“Probably my love but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here because I asked to be here. I’m spending the night with you. Is that all right?”“Of course it is! I was feeling so lonely! I can’t believe that you’ve come down to be with me! Oh I love you so much! Did you really come just to keep me company?”“Yes Jenny. It was something I very much wanted to do. I told you before that I wanted to share your prison and your chains with you darling. I love you. I want to be bound like this to you forever.” Rebecca pressed her body against Jennifer. Chains to the same pulley in the roof held up the two of them to each other and their bodies were in close and sweet contact. Jennifer sighed with the pleasure of Rebecca’s naked skin against her, the soft swell of her breasts against her own and the tickle of Rebecca’s long hair as she nuzzled at her neck. “Oh Rebecca! This is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me all day! When Sebastian brought me here I thought I was just going to be whipped.”“You are going to be whipped Jenny! We both are! Very, very hard! I asked that I could share your whipping! I want to be bound in pain to you! I want to share in your agony. I’ve wanted this for a long time Jenny! Everything that is yours I want to be mine also including your torment. I want to prove my love to you under the lash! I want my screams to mingle with yours. I want you to feel my body writhe against you in my agony. I want you to bury your face in my shoulder as the pain gets too much. I want you to be my wife! I want to forge our union in the sharing of our whip marks. From this day hence I want us to be united indeed, sisters in torment, married by the kiss of the lash on our bodies.”“Becky I’m scared!”“So am I darling! But will you endure? Will you undergo this for me? Will you take me for your own in the heat of our pain darling? Will you cry out your love for me as the whip tortures your body?”“Yes! Yes I will! By the Goddess I will take you for my own by the crack of the whip on my flesh! I swear it!”“I love you Jennifer!”“I love you too Rebecca!” And so they waited, talking softly, kissing frequently rubbing their bodies against each other until the ache of their longing became unbearable. In due course Sebastian returned to the chamber carrying a long, long whip and the two girls forged a bonding in pain and ecstasy that only death could tear asunder.By the latter part of the afternoon the rain had abated and Debra and Julie were finally able to escape the confines of the house. In fact the late afternoon was quite pleasant and, seduced by the gently warming change of weather, the two of them were led into indiscretion. They left the house in exuberant merriment dressed in the clothes they had worn all day around the house and foolishly omitted the precaution of carrying overcoats or umbrellas. It was a bad mistake. The fickle climate was merely playing with them and the pause in the rain was simply a treacherous lull before the final act of spite the cold grey front had to inflict upon Mathomdale that evening.The two girls were blissfully unaware of this as they walked about the countryside hand in hand however. Debra in fact had rarely felt so carefree. The whole day so far had been just wonderful. Her daily chores had never been so full of light and happiness. Julie’s presence had elevated the mundane into a pleasure and transformed a dull routine into an adventure of shared contentment. Debra was not the most garrulous of girls but she had surprised herself this day with her incessant chatter. Julie was just so easy to talk to. She’d told Julie about her aspirations and dreams as they rubbed metal polish onto the brass-work. She’d whispered secrets about her Mistress as they teased out the shine in the wood panelling in the oak room. She’d confessed her inner feelings as they prepared the table for her Mistress’s lunch. There’d been great joy in their conversations. Debra had never had such a close confidant. Increasingly she was becoming obsessed with the thought that her Mistress would buy Julie. They had served Eleanor her lunch on the stroke of twelve and as they had cleared the plates she had taken her leave of them fondly, insisting on kissing them both before taking the car and driving out of the valley. It was significant to Debra, that farewell kiss, inclusive as it was of Julie. There almost seemed an unspoken assumption that Julie was already her new sister and the thought made Debra deliriously happy. In truth, as far as Eleanor was concerned, Julie already was. She drove down the valley thoughtfully, by now determined to make an offer to the Hawthorne family for the young and exuberant little blond that had so impressed her. If her business today proved fruitful then there would be ample funds to present an offer that would convey great status on all concerned. She was concerned that Julie’s importance to the Hawthorne family business might be a stumbling block in the negotiations but she thought she knew how to deal with that. She could provide a solid investment in the Hawthorne shop and retail business and Julie could still manage its affairs as her commitments at Waterstone House allowed. There was the troubling question of Julie’s education to worry about. Eleanor had gathered that Julie had ceased her education at an early age. Very well then, she would offer to provide a sound post-compulsory education for the Hawthorne’s daughter, possibly a college course in business management or something. Julie seemed to have talents in that respect and it would be a mutually beneficial talent for her to acquire for all concerned. Julie’s potential acumen in the retail trade alone could ultimately repay the investment and then, with a possible marriage into the House of Mathom, the possibilities were endless. Of course Julie still had to come to an acceptance of her slavery but Eleanor was experienced in these matters and there were ways of accomplishing that desirable state of mind. All told the future seemed very rosy to Eleanor.Debra and Julie ended up at the White Monk. They had walked long and carelessly through the upper valley and by six o’clock they were thirsty and in need of a rest. The cosy little pub by the abbey ruins had been a siren call. Now they were sat in a tiny little snug at the back of the pub and Julie was teaching the locals the futility of challenging her to a game of draughts. Draughts were c***d’s play to a girl who could play three-dimensional chess in her head and she routinely massacred any person foolish enough to take her on. Debra giggled and clapped her hands in delight as Julie’s tally of hapless victims grew and yet another vanquished hopeful was despatched to the bar to settle the stakes. Julie was teasing her prey mercilessly, luring them into believing they had a strong position before launching an annihilating counter attack and leaving them scratching their heads in bewilderment and delving into their pockets to pay for the round. Don Whitelaw, leaning against the bar, warned his friend, Jack Pierce “Don’t be after tekkin’ that young lass on Jack. She’ll murder thee! She’s ‘ad two rounds outer me an’ she wiped t’ board wi’ awd Arthur an’ there’s not many as can do that!”“She’s a little cracker Don. D’ yer think she might be up fer playin’ fer ‘igher stakes?”“It’d be your shirt she were off ‘ome wi Jack! Yer’d never get near ‘er drawers!”“Well one can but ‘ope! I wonder what she’s like at darts!” Julie’s hand to eye co-ordination at darts was very nearly as good as her prowess on a snooker table as Jack Pierce was to learn to his cost. Julie’s dart had thumped with solid finality into the double sixteen whilst he was still struggling along with two escort elazığ hundred plus left on the board. Julie found few brave challengers after that display. After Julie’s sadder and wiser victims had left with their tails between their legs Debra hugged her excitedly. “Oh Julie! You’re just fantastic! Did you see the looks on their faces? It was so funny!”“Aye well at least we ‘aven’t ‘ad ter pay fer us drinks Debbie!”“We’d better not have any more! I’m tipsy as it is!” At this point Debra was interrupted by a loud crash from without. “Goddess was that thunder?”Julie peered out of the window. “Aye! bloody ‘ell it’s teamin’ it down!” Nightfall was beginning to set in and the rain was pelting against the windows.“Oh Goddess!” squealed Debra in alarm “Look at the time! It’s nearly nine o’clock and we’re supposed to be back by nine!”“We can’t walk back in this Debbie! We’ve no jackets wi us! We’d get soaked! It’s ‘eavin’ it down!”“We… we’ll have to Julie! It’s twenty minutes walk back to the house and the Lady’s very strict about punctuality.”“We’ll catch us death Debbie!”“Oh damn! I wish I’d taken more notice of the time! We’ll be in awful trouble!”“T’ Missus won’t expect us to walk back in this lot Debbie! Let’s wait awhile an’ see if it eases off.”“Oh Julie! Why didn’t we bring an umbrella?” Debra was frantic with worry.“Calm down love! As soon as it eases a bit we’ll mek a dash fer it.” In the event the rain appeared to have set in although without the venom of its first onslaught. Debra was biting her lip and when the clock approached ten o’clock she was nearly in tears. “All right Debbie! It’s not as ‘eavy as it was. Let’s mek a run fer it!” The two girls were soon flying along in the rain toward Waterstone House. The weather was cruel that evening however for no sooner were they a few minutes on their way when the rain increased in intensity to a drenching downpour. Within a few hundred yards they were soaked to the skin, their clothes hanging on them in sodden rags. To compound their misery Debra, in her haste, stumbled and fell on the dirt track leading across the fields and covered herself and Julie, who had to help her up, in mud. She was crying abjectly and shivering with cold.“Come on pet!” Julie encouraged her “Not far now!” The last dash was an exercise in sheer wretchedness for the two girls and the warming lights of the big house beyond the last turn were an oasis of salvation as they ran toward them. Once in the hallway they stood and shivered, clutching the wreckage of their clothing about their bodies, and leaving pools of water on the floor. Eleanor had been becoming concerned about their whereabouts and as soon as she heard the door she strode into the hallway to confront the two wretched young girls in astonishment. They were a sight to behold with their hair hanging in soaked disaster over their pinched white faces and their clothes clinging wetly to them in sodden ruin.“What the blazes do you two think you are doing?” she demanded “It’s nearly half past ten and look at the state of you!”“I… I’m sorry ma-am.” muttered Debra miserably “We were sheltering from the rain.”“Obviously not doing a very good job of it! Have you taken leave of your senses? Why the blazes have you gone out without suitable clothing on a night like this? And coming back so late Debra! You were supposed to be looking after Julie and straight away you bring her back at this hour soaked to the skin!”Debra whimpered in misery “I’m sorry ma-am!”“Right get yourselves out of those wet clothes, into a hot bath and into your nightclothes this instant! You’ll catch pneumonia stood there like that!”“Y… yes ma-am.”“I’ll be in my study. I’ll get Mrs Darcy to make you some supper after you’ve had your bath. Then it’s into bed with you!”“Yes ma-am.” the two girls fled to the bathroom thankfully. Debra filled the big bath with hot water and they peeled out of their wringing clothes. It was bliss to sink down into the bath and drive the chill out their limbs in the steaming water together. Julie soaped Debra’s back for her and rinsed out her hair feeling a growing fondness for the lovely green-eyed girl.“I’m right sorry ah got yer inter trouble wi’ yer Missus Debbie.”“It was my fault Julie! I should have been taking more notice of the time. If we’d set off back in good time we’d have never have got caught in that rain!”“Well it were me as said ‘ang on a bit ter see if’n it eases off. Ah never thought it’d go on so long.”Debra hugged her, their bodies warm and soapy against each other in tender embrace. “No Julie. I’ll take full responsibility. I was supposed to be taking care of you as she said.”“Well give us a kiss anyway Debbie.” Debra smiled and obeyed.“Eee you taste soapy Julie! Come on turn around and I’ll wash your hair.” By the time they had emerged from the bath their skins were glowing and the chilling rain was a distant memory. They folded each other in warm towels and rubbed themselves dry before using the hair dryers and brushes to put some semblance of order back into their hair. Minutes later they were knocking on Eleanor’s study door in their nightclothes.“Come in!” the command was imperious and ominously stern. Eleanor was dressed for bed, sitting at her big desk in a dressing gown over gauzy black negligee. Debra and Julie stood before her looking pensive, Debra in a lacy nightgown and Julie in her pink pyjamas. “Are you two properly warmed up now?”“Y… yes ma-am.” Debra replied penitently.“I’m very annoyed with you Debra! You should know better than to take Julie out on a rotten day like today without adequate clothing and bring her home so late! Whilst Julie is here we are responsible for her well-being. What would her parents think of us that we had so abrogated that responsibility?”“I… I don’t know ma-am. I’m really sorry.”“I have been thinking today that Julie might be the perfect sister for you Debra. It was my intention to speak to Julie’s parents about the matter. How am I supposed to convince Julie’s parents that she will be well looked after if they know that the minute my back is turned you drag her off into some misadventure? I don’t know what you were thinking of!”“I… I’m sorry ma-am.” Debra repeated. “Sorry you will be! We’ve been getting far too slack around this house of late! It’s high time you were taught a little lesson in responsibility young lady!”“Please ma-am it won’t happen again.”Eleanor stood and slipped out of her dressing gown, dr****g it over the back of her chair. “Well we shall reinforce your earnest commitment! Take your nightgown off and lie face down on the desk!” Debra started in shock at her Mistress’s command. Julie started to protest but her words died on her lips at the look of stern resolution in the Lady Eleanor’s face. Eleanor was already striding across the room to a wall cabinet, her negligee clinging to her female curves. Debra saw the futility in protest and pulled her nightgown over her head with tears pricking at her eyes. As Eleanor regarded the choice of implements in her selection in the punishment cabinet Debra climbed up onto the long desk in her white knickers. Eleanor made her choice and Julie gasped as she walked back across the room with it in her hand. It was a thick leather strap, perhaps some two feet long, cut into two strips at its striking end and attached to a wooden handle. Eleanor looked at the trembling figure of Debra stretched out along the desk, clutching the edge of it with her hands. “That’s not good enough young lady and you know it! Please oblige me by displaying yourself properly for punishment!” Debra emitted a pitiful little whimper and raised her hips to slide her knickers down to her knees. Once her bottom was bared she stretched out once more and gripped the edge of the desk with her teeth clenched together and her eyes firmly shut. Julie watched in fascinated horror as Eleanor raised the strap up well above her shoulder, pausing to let the quivering girl anticipate its first impact. With a frightful sweep of her arm Eleanor brought the strap down hard across Debra’s bottom. Julie jumped at the loud report of the strap and Debra’s eyes flew open as her upper torso jerked up with the fearsome stroke. As Eleanor lifted the strap once more Julie could see the broad crimson stripe that the first stroke had left across Debra’s buttocks. The second stroke was even harder and the twin thongs of the strap curled around the orbs viciously. Debra hissed loudly through gritted teeth, the muscles in her neck bulging as she sought to maintain control. Julie winced at every stinging report but could not wrest her eyes from the spectacle of her friend lying across the desk and convulsing at every agonising stroke of the strap. Her knuckles were white as they clenched the edge of the desk and the strange green eyes were filled with tears but even after a dozen hard strokes to her bottom the punished girl had not given vent to anything louder than strangled gasps and murmurs in the back of her throat. Julie felt sorry for Debra but admired her courage and fortitude. She knew however that Debra’s resilience must have a limit.Eleanor changed tack and now brought the strap down across Debra’s shoulder blades, reddening them with a series of fast hard strokes. Soft moans were starting to escape from Debra’s lips and her eyes met Julie’s briefly in despair as her flogging continued. Eleanor was talking in irritation as she beat her slave. “Hold still girl! You have thoroughly deserved this! I can’t think what has got into you recently. Well I shall teach you a lesson you won’t forget in a hurry!” She worked her way down Debra’s back and turned her attention once more to the orbs of her bottom already scarlet from their earlier treatment. Lash after lash rained down across Debra’s tormented rear and she began to cry aloud, the cheeks of her face wet with tears. Her cries became all the more demented as Eleanor began to work on the soft flesh at the back of her thighs. The flogging was methodical and relentless as Eleanor moved the focus of her chastisement up and down the naked girl’s body. Debra was shrieking now and pleading for respite but Eleanor continued to whip her mercilessly.Julie stood riveted by the scene. Debra’s back, bottom and the back of her legs were an angry red in colour. There were bruises appearing on her sides where the strap had curled around her flanks and loins and the centres of her buttocks were turning a livid purple under the onslaught. Tiny flecks of blood appeared on her swollen bottom as she howled and wept under her Mistress’s correction. Julie felt torn between conflicting emotions. On one side she felt great pity for the beaten girl and guilty in that she had been at least partially responsible for her fate. On the other side she felt a growing arousal at the sight of Debra’s whipping. It brought to mind the day she had watched Baxter whip Jennifer in the Low Woods whilst she’d masturbated in the concealing bushes. Then there’d been the day when she and Rebecca had caned Jennifer in the hunter’s lodge, the whipping up at Forden Caves and her own beating in the barn at the abandoned homestead. Julie’s nipples were so tautly erect that they were painful and she could feel her sex opening in arousal and the moistness of her juices on her inner thighs beneath her pyjamas. She glanced at Debra’s Mistress, her fine body barely concealed under the thin veil of her negligee. Her full rounded breasts were heaving and there were beads of perspiration on her brow as she belaboured her wayward slave’s body with harsh strokes. Julie could see the distended pupils of her eyes and the partially open lips of her mouth as she flailed away and it was plain that the lady was enjoying chastising her slave. The flimsy negligee did not conceal the erect nipples on her breasts and Julie could even discern the dark vee of her pubic hairs beneath the gossamer covering. Julie knew instinctively that if you ran your hand down and under from that dark triangle you would find a warm place, sopping with moisture, opening invitingly to your caress. At last Eleanor seemed satisfied. Debra lay prone and limp on the desk sobbing copiously in her pain. “I hope you have learned your lesson young lady! Now stop puling and get up!” Agonisingly Debra heaved herself off the table with her chin quivering and tears streaming down her face. As she stood up stiffly her knickers fell from her knees about her ankles and she stooped to pull them up. “You can leave them down young madam! In fact take them off completely! Stand up against the wall with your hands on your head and your legs apart. No don’t face the wall. You’ve had your strapping now you can witness Julie’s!” Julie started violently. “Eh what? M… my….. ““Yes Julie! It’s your turn now! Debra might be guilty of not keeping an eye on you but there’s no excuse for you either. You should know better! Don’t think I don’t know where the two of you were “sheltering” from the rain. When it got so late the first place I phoned up to see if anybody had seen you was the White Monk. The landlady said you had just left after being in there all evening drinking and gambling with the locals! Your parents will be mortified young lady! As soon as you slip the leash you’re off u******e drinking and wagering! Well I’ll not have them say I was letting you run around wild and neglecting my responsibility toward you so you can oblige me by taking your pyjama top off and replacing Debra up on the desk!” Julie gulped and glanced wildly at Debra but there was no help coming from the still blubbering girl. “Come along Julie! I’m waiting!” Eleanor was fingering the thick tawse impatiently.In a daze Julie walked over to the desk her bottom already twitching in fearful anticipation. She pulled her pyjama top over her head and naked to the waist climbed up to kneel on the desk looking at Eleanor abjectly. Eleanor let her stern gaze slip to Julie’s pyjama bottoms and she nodded significantly. Biting her lip Julie obeyed the unspoken command and slid her thumbs under the elastic of her pyjama bottoms pulling them down to her knees. Once her nether regions were completely exposed for punishment she lay flat on the desk. The polished wood was hard and cool against her breasts and stomach and she glanced fearfully over her shoulder as Eleanor took up position alongside her running the leather of the strap through her fingers. Julie tore her eyes away and focussed instead on Debra, still stood with her hands on the back of her head. She was blinking fiercely and there were still tears trickling down her face. The watery green eyes were fixed on Julie’s prostrate form however. Julie had become aroused watching Debra’s strapping and now she wondered if Debra was feeling the same. It was, of course, quite another matter to be on the receiving end of a belting and Julie had no illusions as to just how painful the coming ordeal was going to be. The last time she had been spanked was by Jennifer with the hairbrush in the bathroom at the Appleton’s house the morning after the crowning ceremony in the village. That had stung to be sure and had left her bottom bright pink but it in no way equalled the severity of the beating Eleanor had just administered to Debra. She sensed rather than saw Eleanor lift the strap high above her. Instinctively she knew that the first stroke would wrap around her buttocks and she gripped the edge of the desk tightly. Julie was not a girl to suffer in silence and the shocking pain of the leather strap drove a cry of anguish from her throat. For the next few minutes Eleanor worked industriously on the squealing girl. The flogging was every bit as severe as that that Debra had just suffered, covering Julie’s torso from the backs of her legs to her shoulders with angry red swelling. She was brave, Eleanor noted with satisfaction, for while she screamed loudly with each heavy stroke she did not beg or plead, nor did she attempt to squirm out from under the raining blows. Also, although her face was a picture of agonised distress, she took over half the punishment without bursting into tears. That was all well and good but Eleanor needed her to cry cathartically and so she increased the strength and tempo of the strokes until tears began to escape from the tightly shut eyes. For Julie the ordeal seemed interminable. She had pulled herself up onto her elbows arching her back as if that would somehow relieve the awful continuous blaze of pain being dealt to her burning rear and back. She had wanted to hold back her tears but the relentless march of the tawse up and down her naked frame broke her control in the end and finally she cried freely her sobs interrupted by a loud scream at every new explosion of pain across her swollen body. She dreaded the strokes on the backs of her legs the most. The pain of them on that tender flesh was appalling. At one point the tawse curled around her left buttock and the tips of the strap found an entry into the crevice between her buttocks sending a jolt of pain through her as it kissed the bud of her anus. She squeezed her buttocks together tightly and howled at the top of her voice. Through a blur of tears she glanced up to see Debra watching her torment with a comical mixture of horrified pity and deep fascination on her face. After some time she barely registered each new stroke, they all seemed to merge into a blur. Her back, buttocks and thighs were just now a single burning entity. She lost focus on her surroundings and became just a quivering misery of pain jerking with each stroke. Her shrieks lost their volume and descended into a low continual keening. It was the point Eleanor had been waiting for. “Very well you may get up now Julie.” Her words seemed to come from far away and it was a second or two before they registered on Julie’s brain letting her know that her beating was at an end. Slowly and painfully she eased herself up. Eleanor was watching her calmly, breathing deeply from her exertions. Julie slipped off the desk carefully frightened of falling down and stood up stiffly her pyjama bottoms still around her lower legs. “Step out of your pyjamas Julie and join Debra!” Once Julie had assumed the same stance as Debra with her hands on her head and her legs apart Eleanor addressed elazığ escort bayan the miserable pair. “Now let that be a lesson to the pair of you! Turn around and face the wall!” They turned to stand side by side against the wall and Eleanor stalked up behind them. “You can both remain like that until supper time! Straighten up Debra!” The command was punctuated by the loud report of the strap on Debra’s swollen bottom eliciting a frantic shriek from the girl. “Now not a squeak out of either of you until I give you leave or you’ll be back on the desk for more understand?” The two girls nodded dumbly “Good and the next time there is a repetition of tonight’s disgrace you can expect to be birched!” Debra whimpered under her breath. In the Waterstone household the birch was the most feared instrument of all. Debra had only felt it once but it was an experience that she was in no rush to repeat.Satisfied Eleanor replaced the tawse in the cupboard and poured herself a brandy from the drinks cabinet. She reclined back in her easy chair and regarded the two young girls with satisfaction. She had to time this period of silent penitence to perfection she knew. They needed just enough time for the pain to die down but not enough for the ache of maintaining their position and boredom to set in. About half an hour should do it. When the burning of their strapping had subsided to a pervasive glow she would forgive them and pamper them, promise them a nice reward for taking their punishment like good girls and send them scampering off to bed with their suppers where they’d climb into bed with each other in mutual commiseration and the heat from their loins would drive them into each other’s arms with mounting passion. Eleanor was very experienced in handling young slaves. She’d raised enough of them and never had a failure yet.She sighed admiring the two young bodies stood against the wall bearing the marks of their beatings. How lovely they were. When they had scuttled away to bed she would have to see to the urgent demands of her own passion. Chastising the two girls had inflamed her mightily. She let her hand wander to her crutch and squeeze her sex feeling the heat and moisture there. It was late but perhaps Donald and Pauline might be tempted to pop around for a nightcap. She wanted to be ravished, have her negligee torn from her, be taken roughly, be forced to perform with the riding crop held over her in threat. Even the Mistress of a grand house needed her moments of submission occasionally.At last she judged the moment to be right and she pulled a bell rope close at hand. Within a minute Mrs Darcy appeared in the room looking at the two punished girls sourly. “I wonder if you’d make Debra and Julie some hot Horlicks and prepare a tray with some buns and biscuits on Mrs Darcy. I’d make them get their own supper but they’ve been punished and they’re not allowed to move until bedtime.”“Bin misbe’avin’ ‘ave they ma-am?”“Yes! Making a disgrace of themselves at the pub and coming home sopping wet and filthy in the rain!”“Yer too soft on yer young ladies ma-am. In me younger days when Missy Caroline were t’ Mistress in this ‘ouse they’d ‘ave bin sent ter bed wi’out any supper at all!”“Yes well they’ve been properly punished I can assure you and I’ve promised them the birch if there’s any further similar infractions.”“Aye that’ll sort their ideas out! Missy Caroline were allus a great believer in t’ birch. She used ter ‘ave ‘er lasses thrashed every month regular as clockwork just ter keep ‘em straight. Fust day o’ t’ month they’d all be lined up in this ‘ere room wi’ nowt on and waitin’ fer an’ ‘idin’. We ‘ad a proper whippin’ bench in ‘ere in them days an’ they’d ave ter tek turns in ‘oldin each other down while she took t’ birch to ‘em. Course folk are a lot softer these days. No wonder t’ young ladies gerrup ter so much mischief! Is this lass ‘ere a new one?” Mrs Darcy pointed at Julie.“Erm possibly.”“I don’t know! Not bin ‘ere five minutes an’ she’s gerrin’ inter trouble already! If yer’ll tek my advice Missus yer’ll ‘ave ‘er marched out ter t’ barn, tied ter t’ beams an’ thrashed to within an inch ov ‘er life! That’s what Missy Caroline would ‘ave done! She’d ‘ave showed ‘er t’ error ov ‘er ways an’ no mistake!”“I shall bear it in mind Mrs Darcy. Now if you would be kind enough to attend to the girls’ supper.”“Aye I’ll do that ma-am.” Mrs Darcy shuffled off mumbling under her breath “Gerrin supper after misbehavin’! I’ve never ‘eard the like!”Once the old lady had departed with her tedious reminiscences Eleanor addressed Debra kindly. “Come over here Debra.” Debra turned around and walked over to her Mistress on tenterhooks her face haunted with apprehension. But Eleanor smiled encouragingly at her and held out her hands to take Debra’s in them. In relief Debra saw that she was forgiven. Eleanor’s anger never lasted long and once she had punished her slaves the incident was quickly forgotten. “Turn around and let me look at your back Debra.”“Yes ma-am.” Debra turned. Julie was still stood against the wall with her hands on her head peering over her shoulder anxiously.“Hmm. No damage done Debra. You’ll be little sore for the rest of the night and you might have a bit of bruising tomorrow but it’ll soon fade. I’ll give you some lotion to put on your bottom before you go to bed. Turn around.” Eleanor patted her knee and gently tugged at Debra’s hand. Obediently Debra sat on her lap the warmth of Eleanor’s thighs soothing on her burning buttocks. Eleanor loved these moments of intimacy with her slaves when she could have them close, stroke and pamper them. She teased at Debra’s hair affectionately and used a handkerchief to wipe the last of her tears from her cheeks. “You’re a good girl really Debra. You just need correcting occasionally. Have you learned your lesson now?”“Y… yes ma-am. I won’t do it again”“I know you won’t Debra. You normally only have to be taught once. Now cheer up my little lovely! I’m going to take you and Julie to town tomorrow and treat you both to something nice.”“Th… thank you ma-am.”“We’ll have a nice luncheon and tea at the Royal and do a bit of shopping. You’re going to be Jennifer Walstow-Mathom’s maids of honour at the summer festival aren’t you? Well we can’t have you letting the House down. At the very least we’ll have to pick out a pair of ball-gowns for the festival ball for you won’t we?”Debra’s eyes were shining in pleasure now “Oh yes! That would be lovely. I’ve only got the one I bought for my debutante ball and that’s ages ago!”“Well Jennifer’s bound to be strutting around in some fabulous creation courtesy of Mathom Hall and I don’t want you accompanying her in some old faded rags. We’ve got our reputation to uphold dear. We’ll have to find something knockout for you to wear, perhaps something in emerald green to match your eyes. I’ve got a lovely emerald necklace you can borrow to accessory it.”“Oh ma-am you’re too good to me!”“Rubbish! I like you to look pretty Debra and at the summer festival ball all eyes will be on you and I’ll not have people saying that I don’t look after my girls. Now then are you still sore?”“Just a little bit ma-am.”“I’m sorry I had to spank you Debra but you know you mean the world to me. I was worried sick when you were so late on a wild night like tonight.”“Yes ma-am. I’m sorry for worrying you and making you angry.”“Oh I’m not angry any more Debra. I’m just happy that no harm has come to you. You took your spanking bravely and the pain will soon fade. Am I forgiven for punishing you?”“Oh! Of course ma-am! You were right to punish me.”“You’re a good girl Debra. Now slip into your night clothes whilst I see to Julie.” Debra slid off Eleanor’s knee happy again now and Eleanor called Julie over. Julie walked over her mind in turmoil. Debra was wincing as she pulled her knickers up. They seemed to be only half their original size as she eased them over her swollen bottom. Debra took Julie’s hands “Turn around Julie and let me see your back and bottom.” Julie turned and flinched as Eleanor ran her fingers over the harsh weals on her buttocks. One of the advantages of using the strap to Eleanor’s thinking was that it rarely left any lasting marks. The centre of Julie’s buttocks were somewhat bruised and she’d probably be a little uncomfortable sitting down tomorrow. Well that was no bad thing. It would help her remember her lesson and keep her meekly obedient for a while although Eleanor was under no illusions. A girl of Julie’s temperament would soon be finding new ways to get into trouble. And that was no bad thing either. Eleanor was attracted to the streak of mischief in her, hopefully, new acquisition. Carefully nurtured and not allowed to lead her into real trouble it was a potential asset. It lay at the root of the young girl’s zest and enthusiasm. It would lend amusement and a touch of devilry to her character. All good thoroughbreds had that irrepressible dash of spirit in them and a wise Mistress kept a leash on it but never broke it. “That’s fine Julie. You’ll heal up soon enough. Come. Sit on my lap for a moment.” Julie obeyed feeling strangely comfortable in doing so. She hadn’t sat on her parents’ laps since she was twelve years old but it felt oddly very natural to nestle on the lap of this maternal woman after she had beaten her. Julie was very conscious of the lady of the house’s sensual allure and she shivered slightly as her bottom rested on the flimsy material of the black negligee.Eleanor was aware of Julie’s sensations. The girl was meekly penitent and looking sorry for herself but there was no doubt that she was aroused as well. Eleanor could scent her arousal, see her erect nipples and feel the dampness of her sex on her thighs. She laid a hand on Julie’s upper thigh very close to the fuzzy vee of her pubic hair and felt the girl tremble slightly. This was all to the good. Later in the privacy of Debra’s bedroom the heat in her body would drive her into a frenzy of passion. The two girls were as good as lovers already. It was as much to achieve this aim as to punish them that Eleanor had taken the strap to them. She had little doubt that when she took them to town tomorrow they would already locked in the secrecy of intimacy. Eleanor delighted in the thought of the two girls accompanying her to town. She would be meeting friends in town and although they were familiar with Sandra and Andrea they had not seen Debra and not even heard of Julie. It would be entirely agreeable to show off her new slaves in public. In the old days she would have led them around on little silver chains proudly displaying them to her acquaintances. That wasn’t particularly socially acceptable nowadays but it was still a powerful symbol of one’s social status in the Line to parade a coffle of young attractive slaves in public. She’d have them dressed up nicely and on their best behaviour. Anne Withers would be green with jealousy! “Are you still sore Julie?” she asked.“A little bit ma-am.”“Well get Debra to put some ointment on you before you go to bed.” Eleanor smiled to herself. She could see where the action of smearing lotion onto each other’s bottoms would lead immediately. “I’m sorry I had to spank you Julie but really you shouldn’t be out carousing in pubs at your age. You’re not eighteen until October! Your mother would be horrified. You shouldn’t really be drinking at all.”“No ma-am.” Julie reflected wryly that it wasn’t the only time she’d earned a good hiding for u******e drinking.“Well now it’s over and done with. We’ll have a nice day in the city tomorrow and I’ll buy you something special for learning your lesson so well. Have you got anything to nice to wear for town with you?”“Aye… I mean yes ma-am.” Julie blessed her foresight in packing some of her best dresses for her sojourn at Waterstone House.“Well we’ll see. Otherwise I’m sure we can find something nice to fit you. Tell me now have you thought about your future Julie? I mean what you are going to do for a career and all that?”“Er not really ma-am.”“No plans to go to college or anything? “No. I weren’t much good at school ma-am.”“Hmm. I suspect your school wasn’t much good at you Julie. You seem a clever girl. I’m sure that you could do better for yourself. We’ll have to look into it Julie. A young lady needs an education you know. It’s about time that somebody took your future in hand. I’m going to have a word with your mother at her convenience on Sunday. Debra here needs a companion and I think you would be just perfect. Possibly we could send the two of you to university together.”“Me? At university? Eee I don’t know ma-am!”“Why ever not Julie. I’m sure you could do it if we find a subject that’s right for you. University life is fun and you’d make all sorts of new friends. Then a degree in your back pocket will stand you in good stead for the future. Wouldn’t you like that?”“I… I don’t know ma-am. I’ve never thought about it!”“Well you can start thinking. If your mother agrees to my propositions then we’ll soon find you a place at university suitable to your abilities.”“Don’t ah need qualifications to get inter uni ma-am?”“Hmmph! We’re not Mathom Hall but at Dorcastle University you’ll find a faculty called the Waterstone Building bequeathed and paid for by this House. We also provide three post-graduate scholarships a year there and fund a professorial seat in the humanities. You’ll have all the qualifications you need my dear! If you were a member of this House they’d lay out the red carpet on your enrolment day even if you couldn’t spell your own name!”“Blimey! I…I don’t know ma-am! I’d ‘ave ter think about it.”“Well do so Julie. If you were to join my household as one of my own personal young ladies then you’d need to be fully educated. Would you think about it Julie? Carefully?”Julie’s mind was reeling. The charade like game she had been playing was catching up on her but there was just a glimpse of a dazzling future, a mirage like vision tantalisingly quivering on the horizon. For long seconds she dared to think of realms she had always known were closed to her. Her stinging bottom was forgotten now as she regarded a fantasy creation of some dream like other world, Julie Hawthorne BA, MA, Doctor Julie Hawthorne! It was absurd but it was delicious to dream for just a little while before the reality of the world came crashing back in. “I…. I’ll think about it ma-am.”“Good girl!” There was a knock on the door “Ah! That’ll be Mrs Darcy with your supper. Don’t take any notice of her Julie. Her bark’s worse than her bite. Now slip back into your pyjamas and the two of you get off to bed. We’ll have an early start in the morning and a lovely day in town.” Julie dressed hastily and the two girls kissed Eleanor excitedly, their punishment forgotten and dashed up the big staircase, carrying the tray with their supper on, to their room, their heads full of dizzying new ideas.Once in Debra’s bedroom Debra turned to Julie and cried “Oh Julie! I’m so sorry I got you into trouble!”“Ah think we got each other inter trouble Debbie love. By ‘ell your Missus ‘as got an ‘eavy ‘and!”“Julie I’m sorry! She doesn’t spank us often really. Please don’t be mad about it.”“I’m not mad jus’ sore Debbie. Tell yer what though! I’m keepin’ out o’ t’ White Monk in future! I’d ‘ate ter ‘ave ‘er tek t’ bloody birch ter me backside! Ah feel red raw as it is!”Debra hugged Julie fearfully “Julie please don’t let a spanking stop you from becoming my sister! Honestly she doesn’t punish us very often. She’s really nice to us most of the time. I want you as my sister! Really I do! You heard what she said. If she buys you we can go to uni together! Think what fun that’ll be!”“Ang about Debbie! I don’t know as if I can go to flippin’ university! Ah’m as thick as a plank love!”“You’re not! You’re not Julie! Don’t say that! You’re really clever! Oh please become my sister Julie! Please!”“Well we’ll see love. Nowt’s sorted until yer Missus talks ter me mam an’ dad on Sunday.” Julie felt dreadful. Debra was basing her future happiness on a foundation of false premises and Julie didn’t know how to disillusion her gently. What would she say when she found out that Julie wasn’t really one of the girls that were suitable as a sister slave to her in a grand house. She felt a great fondness for the lovely shy Debra and it broke her heart to think how devastated she would be to learn that her prospective new sister was just an ordinary girl after all and not born to the Lady, or Goddess as Rebecca called Her. Julie experienced a wave of sadness at the thought. Just for a little while she had entertained a fantasy above her station and by doing so she threatened to break Debra’s heart in two. She felt a great unfairness in her sorrow. She had so wanted to be a lady of a great house. In such a position her beloved Jennifer would not be ashamed to call her her wife. But Jennifer belonged to the Goddess. Even Debra did. She was just Julie Hawthorne, village shop girl, who ought to know better than to try to emulate her betters. “Come along love.” She croaked to Debra “Us ‘Orlicks’ll be gerrin cold!”“Oh yes! Are you still hurting? My Mistress, our Mistress gave me some ointment. Do you want me to put some on for you?”“Well let’s ‘ave us supper first love.” The two girls ate and sipped the hot milky drink with its delicious malty flavour in contentment. At last they looked to their beds. Julie asked in shyness “Can I climb in wi’ you Debbie?”“Why of course Julie! I promise I’ll behave.” They both snuggled under the sheets of Debra’s big bed. “Do you want some ointment then Julie?” Debra asked. “I think I’ll be all right love. Wharrabout you?”“Oh Julie if you start smearing ointment all over me I’ll get frisky! I know I will and I promised to behave!”Julie chuckled deep in her throat and, laying her hands on the sweet body beside her, committed herself beyond recall. “I… I don’t want yer ter be’ave Debbie lass!” Debra sighed in sudden complete happiness and thrust her hand down under the waistband of Julie’s pyjama bottoms to clutch at her sex. Julie shuddered in rising pleasure, the heat from her beaten body now just fuelling her overwhelming lust, as she sought out Debra’s naked flesh beneath her nightgown. Out on the landing, beyond their bedroom door, Eleanor listened to their cries and moans of ecstasy with deep satisfaction. She turned and left silently, thoroughly satisfied with her day’s work._________________________________________________________________________

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