Sluts in training pt.2

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Sluts in training pt.2My hand no longer pumped into her as I instead pressed my fingers into the roof of her vagina as they rubbed hard on her happy spot. My tongue was flicking at her clit faster than the wings of a humming bird even as I sucked onto her super hard. It had been less than ten minutes from when I started on her clit till her back arched high off the bed and she screamed, “HOLY SHITTT! OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING! OH GOD, OH GOD, OH MY FUCKING GOD YESSSSSSSSS!!” Even as her body shook suspended in the air like that my face and hand were bathed in her juices as she squirted powerfully at me.As her climax faded her hips flopped to the bed once more and I followed right with her, not wanting to break contact with my wonderful mother. I did however ease up on my efforts thus allowing her body to come down from her incredible climax.”My god,” she softly gasped. “Holy shit that was fucking incredible!” I gently kissed her clit making her shudder before she grabbed my ears with her hands and pulled forcefully lifting me to her face. Even as I quickly rose up she gasped out, “Oh my god you wonderful man you!” then she kissed me hard and long, our tongues battling more powerfully than ever before. I looked at her face so close to mine and her eyes were shut with desire.Our kiss ended and then she began kissing all over my face as I moved my cock into position between her legs. Her eyes opened and looked into mine as she said, “Goodness, you’re all wet! However did that ha…APPEN!” and I pierced her with my rock hard cock, sliding into her about six inches.She looked down our bodies and gasped, “Oh god Ron, your cock is so fucking huge! I can’t believe how you are stretching me.” I pulled back about five inches and then shoved in seven or so inches as I nearly bottomed out. God she was so fucking wet and slippery that I slid into her tight pussy with ease. “Oh yes my son, fuck your mother and show her what it really means to get fucked!””It will be my pleasure mom!” I gave her a quick kiss and then grinned as I slowly pulled all the way out of her succulent pussy. She groaned as I left her and whimpered when I paused at her entrance.”JESUS!” she cried out as my hips shot forwards and I drove my cock all the way into her, my base crushing her clit between us. My ass pulled back nearly all the way and then shot forwards making her gasp, “Holy fuck!” My hips didn’t stop instead just kept right on pounding into her with full length strokes, my cock head denting the back wall of her cunt where no cock had ever reached before. “Oh god….holy shit that’s good!” she cried out as she watched my cock piercing into her over and over again.Mom grasped my face in her hands and pulled me in for another deep sensuous kiss. This time our eyes met and held our gaze as we French kissed for well over a minute. My hips never stopped their movements although they were not nearly as hard. As I drove my shaft into her to the base she gasped into my mouth, “Oh fuck,” yet didn’t stop kissing me.Finally she released me and I rose up onto my outstretched arms, looking down into her eyes as I pounded harder and faster into her drenched pussy. Mom’s eyes were either looking right back at me or were watching my cock relentlessly plunder her tight yet slippery pussy. Every time I bottomed out she gasped or groaned out some sort of passionate sound. After about four minutes in this position her fingers grasped my arms tightly and she looked into my eyes as she cried out, “Oh my god! Holy shit I’m cumming! My god I’m cumming on a cock! Oh my god don’t stop son…please don’t stop!”For the first time her legs wrapped around my ass and she used them to increase the power with which my cock was slamming into her. Jesus she felt super tight as she came, her body shaking violently beneath me as I tried to shove my cock through her pussy and out her mouth. I thought her climax was finished when suddenly her head pulled back and she screamed quite loudly “OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” and her hips bucked up at me due to her legs pulling so hard kırşehir escort on my ass.After gripping my arms tightly she stared into my eyes as her body shook powerfully from end to end. My pace slowed but didn’t stop as she came down from her incredible high. “How are you doing mom?” I asked her.Breathlessly she managed to say, “Oh my god, I’ve never came so hard in my life. Holy shit, I don’t even know if I ever HAVE cum before after that one! Holy shit!” Leaning my face down to hers we kissed each other lovingly, with tenderness and none of the desperation of when she had earlier thought she was cumming.It dawned on her finally that my hips had never stopped; they had only greatly decreased their movements. My mom looked down at my hips as I kept right on giving her four inch thrusts that all ended up with my shaft buried to the hilt within her. “Are you k**ding me son? You’re not finished yet?””Not yet mom. I won’t be finished until I give your pussy a cum bath from the inside.”Our eyes met and she said haltingly, “I probably shouldn’t say this, especially while your cock is so wonderfully fucking me, but your dad would have been finished long ago and sound asleep by now.” When she said that I pulled all the way out of her and then slammed my shaft into her all the way making her gasp, “OOOF! Oh god son! Holy shit, I can’t believe I’m saying this but, fuck me son. Fuck me and make me cum while you shoot off inside of me!”Gently I eased my arms around back of her knees and then leaned forwards thus lifting her ass off of the bed and curling her body way back as my cock drove into her at nearly a straight down motion. “Oh god! Holy shit that’s so good! Oh my god son, fuck me! Fuck me and make me cum again!”Well, in all humility I did my very best as I straightened my legs so that I was basically doing pushups where my shaft pounded relentlessly into her gash. Okay, so the form was bad as my back kept lifting up into an inverted ‘V’ before slamming down to straighten out, but you get the idea. Mom’s hands went everywhere on my body stroking me as I pushed us both to climax.Her pussy tightened into a vice-like grip on me and I groaned into her ear, “Oh shit mom, your pussy feels so damned good around me! I’m nearly there mom. Cum with me! Cum with your son!”She groaned loudly when I said that and her entire body shook hard beneath me. “GIVE IT TO ME!” she cried out. Her vaginal muscles began spasming rapidly around my pounding spear and she gasped “HOLY SHIT!” Our eyes locked onto each other once again and I watched in total amazement when hers crossed and then rolled back into her head as she cried out, “OH MY GOD! HOLY SHIT I’M CUMMING AGAIN! FUCK ME SON! OH GOD I’M CUMMING ON MY SON’S COCK!””I’m cumming mom!” I groaned as my first salvo of white hot cream blasted deeply into her pussy. I paused briefly before my hips shot back and then I slammed home again as another blast of cream rocketed into her. With each successive blast of cum each of us moaned and groaned in joyful pleasure.Our orgasms finished together with my mom hugging me tight against her still curled over body. In fact, with my elbows still hooked behind her knees her hug merely tightened the bend of her body. “Jesus!” she gasped onto my neck.”Wow mom, that was incredible!””Holy shit, I’ll say! I can’t believe how good that was! As pissed at you as I was a few hours ago and now I can’t wait for us to do this again!””Really mom?” I gasped. “You really want us to fuck again?””Hell yes I do!” she said with a smile. “I’ve had too much vanilla sex from your dad. Now that I’ve had a good fucking I will want more and more of your good loving!”I gave her a short thrust pressing my worn out cock deeply into her as I said, “So you really want more of this.””HOLY SHIT MOM!!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WOULD DO THAT!” shouted my sister from the doorway. That interruption found me in nearly the exact same pose as our mom had caught Becky and me in earlier.Mom’s face had turned crimson from the tension of her climax but at the sound of Becky’s voice the top escort kırşehir third of her body turned cardinal red in an instant. “OH GOD!” she cried out as she tried to somehow cover herself. Realizing that was impossible her hands moved to her breasts as she strived for some sort of modesty.”I’ll say!” my sister gasped as she looked straight at my hips where I remained with my cock as deep within mom’s pussy as possible. “Well if this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!” she said using dad’s favorite saying. The irony of that comment made me chuckle inside.The new and much more confident me looked to my sister and said with a grin, “Hey s*s, how ya doing?””Looks like today is your red letter day,” she said with a grin aimed right at me. “And I’m pissed!” Her eyes moved to mom’s face and she glared at her harder than I had ever seen before. She answered my question before I asked it when she growled “I’m PISSED that I was getting a damn good fucking and just after I cum like crazy mom comes along and throws water on our fun! Then after I leave WHAT does she do?! Holy shit mom, just how two-faced can you get?!?!””Oh baby, I never meant for this to happen!””Yeah right, mom! Oh by the way…….You don’t have to hide your tits! I’ve got some of my own and by now I’m sure Ron has gotten VERY familiar with them!” Becky paused in her diatribe as she gasped for much needed air after her last outburst.Figuring what the hell, I slowly moved my cock back about three inches and then eased back into my mom’s pussy till I bottomed out once more. Becky raised an eyebrow at that so I did it again this time drawing a soft groan from below me. I gave mom two more very slow thrusts of about that same length then I pulled nearly all the way out as Becky watched my shaft come into view. After a very short pause I SLAMMED my cock into mom’s pussy and she gasped, “Oh god!”My hips didn’t stop as I gave her at least ten similarly fast and hard thrusts deep into her sopping wet cunt. “Oh my god,” mom groaned as her eyes rapidly moved from Becky to me to Becky again. I guess the incredible tension of the feminine standoff when added to her still not forgotten huge climax was just too much for her as suddenly her head snapped back and she gasped, “OH FUCK!”Mom’s fingers grasped tight to my biceps and she pulled her eyes down to look right through my own as her hips bounced on their own. “Oh god,” she groaned again, “fuck me son! Oh my god I’m so close! OH!” Her face turned towards the door and she cried out “HOLY SHIT BECKY, I’M CUMMING!” Then her sounds turned to gibberish as I slammed into her trying to make her cum better than her first.”Jesus,” Becky moaned softly as she watched with rapt attention.I leaned in and kissed mom as her body shook violently in the throes of her orgasmic convulsions. Her tongue dove into my mouth as we frenched each other while her hips shimmied and shook through one aftershock after another. Mom began mumbling something very softly and I leaned my ear to her mouth as she kept on her barely audible groan of “No more…no more…no more oh god please no more.”I stopped my movements with just about two inches of cock inside of mom’s pussy and held my position. “Oh god Ron, I can’t believe I’m saying this but pleeeeeease pull it out! I’m so damned sensitive right now………” Mom looked to Becky for the first time in a long time and begged her, “Help me Becky! Oh god help me….” s*s climbed on the bed behind me and grabbed my hips then pulled on me hard making me tumble onto my back at the foot of the bed. “HOLY SHIT!!” mom cried out as my cock was ripped from her pussy.Beck looked at me then at my standing tall cock and said, “God you look good!” I should have heard a sonic boom from the way Becky tore her clothes off so rapidly…superman would have been proud! “Thanks mom,” she said as her leg swung over my hip and she positioned her slit right on top of my tip. “Holy shit that’s goooooooood!” she gasped as her hips dropped forcing about six inches of my shaft into her non-virginal sex.I quickly kırşehir escort bayan glanced to our mom and saw she had slid down onto her side into the fetal position and lay watching us while holding her pussy with both hands. My hands reached up and grabbed Becky’s perfect tits and I mauled them as she began taking me deeper and deeper until her clit crushed against my pubic bone with each down stroke.My hips began giving her hard thrusts up into her in time with her down strokes as we pounded together hard with loud smacking noises. “Oh god b*o, fuck me,” she cried out while our eyes locked together once more.”Ride me s*s!” I cried out. “Fuck me with your pussy! Oh god you feel so good on me!”My hands roamed all over Becky’s sumptuous body as she rode me like she was born to it. Her desire was painted on her face as she pushed us both up the hill towards an incredible climax. My hands found her breasts again and just as I began kneading them she leaned forward making me support her upper body. “Oh god baby,” she groaned as we stared into each others eyes.”I’m nearly there Becky,” I groaned as our hips pounded together harder and faster.”Oh god, I can feel you growing inside of me!” my sister gasped. My balls churned and Becky’s eyes bulged open wide then she screamed, “Oh god I’m cumming! Give it to me! I want your cum!””Holy shit,” mom gasped softly.”Oh god Becky…..I’m cumming! I’m cumming inside of you again!” My balls exploded shooting what felt like gallons of cream into my sister’s spasming pussy. “Oh god s*s, you fuck me so good,” I gaped as another blast of white sauce rocketed out of me and instantly splashed against her deepest wall.My sister slammed her pussy down onto me and locked herself there, her hips rocking rolling and grinding hard against me as our climaxes consumed our bodies as one. Neither of us could speak as we were reduced to being capable of only making moans and groans as our climaxes finally were satisfied, our bodies finally yielding at the same time. Becky suddenly felt limp in my hands and I lost the ability to hold her as my arms flopped out to my sides letting her drop to my chest, her lips giving me little kisses where ever they could reach.We lay there a tangled mass of arms and legs, breathing hard in the recess of our climax, her pussy shuddering around my still pulsating shaft. I kissed her shoulder and she kissed my chest as we each felt a tsunami of pleasure shoot through us. I was struggling to regain the ability of speech just as I assumed my sister was. And then there it was…..”Holy shit!” the three of us said as one. There was a dramatic pause, it seemed much longer than it probably really was, as Becky and I looked at each other and then turned to look at our mom. It took maybe all of fifteen seconds before each of us realized our statement was the same as that of the other two people in the room. Then we laughed, starting out softly but soon it was loud, boisterous sound that made each of us smile.”My god,” mom softly gasped, “my c***dren looked SO beautiful like that!”Becky rolled slowly off of me as mom spoke and then grazed her fingers along mom’s side as she groaned softly, “God we’re so lucky. My brother fucks so good!”Mom looked at her and stroked her cheek while she whispered, “Yes he certainly does!” By then I had shuffled my body around so I could lay my head on mom’s hip. She moved her hand to my face and gently stroked me there as she said, “That was so beautiful, watching you make your sister cum so hard. I relived my own orgasm while watching hers. Holy shit it was so good!”Somehow we maneuvered enough so that we could each kiss the other two then ended up with my body between them being hugged from both sides. After several soft loving kisses and adoring looks – no words needed to be spoken – I said, “God I hate to break the mood, but I’m dying of thirst. Anybody want a coke?” Both of them agreed with me so I kissed each of them as I extricated myself.I stopped for a quick piss in the bathroom before going to fetch three cans of Coke. Stepping back into mom’s bedroom I saw them wrapped together in a heated 69. My loud gasp of “HOLY SHIT!” could barely be heard over their moans of joy. I felt my limp dick twitch at the sight and knew this was going to be one hell of a fun family from this moment on!The End

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