Soccer Practice

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Soccer PracticeJim was sitting in his minivan, the bucket seat reclined back, radioand air conditioning blasting, the built-in cooler loaded with cans of coldCoke. He really ought to be up on the bleachers, but damn, it was too hotout there today, and he could see fine from right here next to the fence,and when his boy made a good play, he’d blow his horn! More noise than he’dmanage to shout out sitting on a hot row of wooden benches and pretendinghe liked it. How the k**s managed to stay active and cheerful in this heatwas beyond him. The soccer moms had arranged plenty of fruit juice andwater for them…some over-ardent health-nut was heading up the refreshmentcommittee. Jeremy would be done in another hour and he and his friendswould come running and first thing they did was start in on stoppingsomeplace for colas and ice cream! He obliged them, it made him a favoriteto drive the players to the games. If he didn’t do things like that anddidn’t have this big honking minivan to drive the k**s around, he may havebeen stuck with buying orange juice and celery sticks for the k**s!Conrad Hiller was assistant coach this week. Old Man Meyer hadpre-empted the coach position, but he was in his sixties and retired, andcould devote a full day to it if he had to. And he loved the game, that wasfor sure. But it was Conrad that Jim was watching.Damned, that man was gorgeous! Tall, blond, muscled, handsome, he fitthe soccer clothes like they were made with him in mind and any advertisingexecutive would love to get some shots of Conrad working with the boys. Heloved them and they liked him and when he gave one of the boys a friendlyhug, Jim found himself wishing he were ten years old again. To be scoopedup in those big arms….He shook his head. Damn it, he was a married man, and that should haveput an end to these kind of thoughts! He didn’t want to mess things up withLaurie, end up being one of those guys who only saw his son on alternateweekends. Or having to see his son by being an assistant coach likeConrad. He wondered why Conrad and Darva had broken up. A man like Conradin his bed and he wouldn’t have had any complaints…damn it! No! He wasn’tgoing to think like that anymore. A dozen years of marriage hadn’t quelledthe urge to hold another man, but he had too much invested in his marriageto go out cruising gay bars. Better to just sit back and watch Conrad…anddream.Shit, the minivan had the automatic polarizing feature, with the suncoming in the front window like that, nobody could see him, they’d just seea dark square. He reached down and fondled his cock in his looseshorts. He’d dreamed of sitting in his minivan (more his own home than thehouse he shared with Laurie and her interior-decorator mother) and workinghis meat. Always the risk of getting caught had shut him down, made himstop.And why? The other cars were empty, the parents diligently manning thebleachers and shouting over every play whether it worked or not.He brought his cock out the leg of his shorts and let it pump up toits full eight-inch majesty. Laurie always moaned when he stuck it in her,and lately she’d begun to turn down the sex to only a couple of times amonth. He wouldn’t stray…not in person, anyway. In his mind…come getit, Conrad, he thought to himself, come feel a hard cock wanting you,begging you to take it down that pretty throat of yours, God, I bet you’dfeel good lying on your back in bed, your big legs up around my waist, thattiny little butt spread wide for me! Mmm, and then you’d kiss me as Ipushed my dickhead in, groaning and I’d feel that nice lump of yours rightin the pit of my stomach….What the hell? The k**s were all going in. There was nearly anotherhour of practice. Shit, there must be some kind of problem. Too hot, maybe,on hot summer days they would call the k**s in for a while and let themcool off in the dugout (the field did double-duty as a softballfield). Coach Meyer would lecture them on strategy or tell them about playshe wanted them to run, or vote for their favorite left-handed red-headedplayer.That must be it, the k**s were all streaming down into thedugout. They ought to air-condition the dug-out the way he had his minivanair-conditioned, him all cool and relaxed. He didn’t see Conrad. Hereturned to pumping his meat more ardently now, the danger of missing hisson making a good play was gone. Conrad wasn’t needed at those cool-downchats, he could slip over here and take a ride on this hard meat. God, thethought of that blond haired stud working on his pud was such a fucking hotimage….There was a tap at his window and he turned, startled. Shit, it WASConrad, right at his window, looking right through the clear glass in athim and him with his dick in his hand! He tucked his cock back into hisshorts quickly and rolled down the window by pressing the powerbutton. “What is it?” he asked.”k**s are taking a break because of the heat.” Conrad said.”Yeah, it is hot.” Jim admitted.Conrad leaned his head into the window and at first Jim thought Conradwas going to kiss him. But his intent was more pedestrian. “Man, you got itcool in there, don’t you?” he said, his face, sweaty and showing utterbliss, the way it would if he…”You bet!” Jim said, guillotining the thought, grinned. Conradobviously hadn’t seen anything, probably a reflection off the glass had”figleafed” him, made him illegal bahis siteleri only a shadow in the van’s driver seat.”Mind if I join you in there?” Conrad said. “I’m about to pass outmyself.””Come around and get in.” Jim said, motioning Conrad to the passengerdoor. As Conrad walked around, Jim thought about it and went to the sidedoor and opened it. “Inside, hurry!” he said. All his wonderful cool airwas spilling out into the blistering heat of day.Conrad climbed in and Jim closed the door. “Have a seat!” hesaid. “Cold Coke?””You bet!” Conrad grinned. God, the man was fucking beautiful! Upclose, his broad chest was holding a whistle between those massive breasts(lucky whistle!), his arms were stretching the short-sleevedelastic-trimmed shirt to the breaking point. The man must live at the gym!He handed Conrad a Coke, sat down in the seat next to him as ifcasually, and said, “Sorry it’s not fruit juice.””Who cares?” Conrad said. “I get so much of it on the field I’m sickof it. You ever drink lukewarm g****fruit juice?”Jim shuddered. “Not since I was old enough to say ‘No!'” he conceded.”Right. The ice has all melted and the k**s are sweating like pigs. SoMeyer’s going to keep them busy with playbook quizzes and stories and whatthey’ll need to bring on their trip to the game this weekend over inHammerfield.””Right.” Jim said. “I get to drive the k**s there, I bet.”Conrad grinned. “What you get for having a minivan when everyone elsehas a pickup truck.””My home away from home.” Jim agreed. At least the Hamerfield game isin the morning, Jeremy won’t faint from heat prostration while playing thegame.”Actually, I have an ulterior motive in coming here.” Conrad said tohim, a grin on his face. He turned the cola up, drank deeply, belched,sighed. Damn it, that just made him cuter!”Two ulterior motives, actually.””What are they?””Wondering if you could go along on the Hamerfield trip as achaperone.” Conrad said. “We have a couple of parents going, but we coulduse another one.””This weekend? Sure!” Jim said.”Now for my other motive.” Conrad said, sidling closer to him, lickinghis lips. Those moist petals were shining and soft and…and they parted tosay, “Wanted to know if you would share a room with me on the trip.””Sure.” Jim said.”Alimony is keeping me jumping.” Conrad said. “I have to keep atwo-bedroom apartment so I can get my weekends with Cliff, and pay c***dsupport and the house mortgage. It just doesn’t leave a lot.””No problem.” Jim said. “I’d rent a large room anyhow, so forget aboutit.””I can pay half.” Conrad insisted, but not with the vehemence thatmeant he was going to insist. Just that his pride as a man made him have tobe talked into it.”Hey, the way I snore, you’re not getting a deal here.” Jimlaughed. “Why else do you think Laurie started sleeping in the guest room.”That was her official reason, anyway, the sex had dropped to almost none atthe same time.”She does?” Conrad frowned. “Sorry to hear that. Something in amarriage dies when the couple starts sleeping apart.””Tell me about it.” Jim said with more fervor than he meant.”Oh.” Conrad said. “That explains what I walked up on.” He pantomineda hand jerking at his crotch.Jim felt himself blush heavily. “I didn’t think you’d seen that.”Conrad laughed. “Don’t sweat it. It’s my sole form of release thesedays, myself.””Yeah?” Jim couldn’t help it, his eyes fastened on that crotch, how itwas bulging up and filling the loose cloth of the shorts. How long had thatbeen there? He coughed, cleared his throat, managed, “Looks like you need alittle release now.” His voice, intended to be a casual manly tone, wasmore a hoarse whisper.Conrad’s response was a quick dart of his tongue against his lips,pressed his lips together. The look in his eyes…it spoke more than thoselips could. “I will if you will.” he said huskily.Suddenly Jim knew why Conrad and Darva had split up. The knowledge wasa rush against the barriers of his resolve, which gave way like a dam wasbreaking against a surging flood of water, spraying outwards,disintegrating all at once because the dam was held together so delicately,force against force balancing exactly, and when unbalanced, it all givesway. He felt naked before Conrad, vulnerable…and saved, rescued. His needwas yipping happily like a dog greeting its master; it was yelping that hedidn’t have to go cruising a gay bar and be spotted by a neighbor, hedidn’t have to hold back and dream alone. Laurie need never know…and maynot actually care if she did.The rushing waters of his need flowed outwards and in itswake…serenity. “Why stop at just that?” he asked. “If you want to, thatis.”Conrad’s near arm went up and over his shoulders eagerly, and the fararm came over and landed on Jim’s inner thigh. The hairs there came alive,screaming their joy as they were touched, touched by a man, a stronghandsome man, at last, at last! Jim quivered, not with fear but with sheer,raw need. God, one touch and he was close to coming! Then the hand moved upand Conrad’s face came towards his and the sensation became at once moreintense and more manageable. This was passion…but only its prelude. Therewas a process to go through…his body understood and would wait.And their lips met. Conrad was less in control than Jim here, he wasslavering almost, his lips pressing hard against Jim’s mouth, that hand youwin giriş athis crotch found home base and clenched! Hard! Powerfully! Manly! God ithurt…and felt so good! “Mph!” Jim grunted and in case Conrad took thatwrong, began to hunch up with his hips into Conrad’s palm.Conrad’s tongue stabbed into Jim’s mouth, a thick, spongy invader thatflowed into his mouth like a thick lava. The hand released his cock, beganto fumble at Jim’s chest, feeling for the nubs of nipples, to fondle,squeeze them.Geez, Conrad was acting like Jim had expected to. Overeager, panting,ardent to the point of uncomfortable. He knew how to handle it, how to calmit down without rejecting. He put his own hands into play, touchingConrad’s body, the hand nearest Conrad resting on Conrad’s groin butwithout moving, the further one made slow, caring strokes over Conrad’sthick, muscled chest. His own tongue began to writhe against Conrad’s inhis mouth, swirling over and around it, but gently. There’s plenty of time,his body was telling Conrad. I’m not going anywhere. Let’s slow down andenjoy this.Conrad picked up the signals, let go of Jim’s mouth with a noisyalmost slurping sound. Panting, he looked at Jim’s face, eyes glazed. “Takeit out.” he gasped.”Huh?””Take it out. I want it. Now, God, now!” Conrad begged him.To have this blond hunk in his arms was aphrodisiac enough, but tohave him this eager, this intense…that was fortune he’d never dared dreamof. Always in his dreams he had gone to Conrad as a humble petitioner,being granted the boon of that beautiful body. To be placed upon the throneand knelt before, metaphorically speaking, gave this an air of topsy-turvy.”Sure.” Jim said, his hands going to his shorts. It was so easy topull away from his body the elastic band at his waist, to reach his otherhand in and scoop up the lump of flesh, lift it free of its moist nest inthe junction of his legs, and then tuck the elastic band underneath. Theballs performed their secondary duty of holding his manhood free of thecloth, letting his cock stand tall and proud…and Conrad’s hand wentaround it and gripped, pulled up squeezing and then down again. “Oh, God!”Jim breathed.Conrad leaned over and had to scoot himself in the seat to get hismouth at Jim’s groin, but then… “Oh, God!” Jim moaned again.Conrad didn’t make with any preliminaries, he had grabbed hold andbegan to promptly bob his head up and down. One moment Jim’s cock wasexposed to the air-conditioned cool air, then it was wrapped in a tightgrip and then it was dumped into moist heat. And those lips, those lips!They were a ring of delight that slid along his cockshaft, ringing joy inits wake. Every move of Conrad’s head, of those athletic shoulders, thosetaut abdominals, they moved together in harmony and vigor and their solepurpose was to wring Jim’s cock with those nectar-tinged lips, a slickcoating of saliva building from their ministrations, so that it was softsatin dancing upon his cockskin, it reminded Jim forcefully of hishoneymoon, Laurie being coy and dr****g her negligee fabric over his cock,letting it brush him back and forth. Only this was better, much damnedbetter!Jim slid down in the seat as his pleasure began to take hold ofhim. Give Conrad a better hold on it. Damn, the guy could keep on holdingit, he didn’t ever want this blond god to turn loose. He looked down atthis wonderful, dream-come-true sight, the way that Conrad’s tousled shorthair was gleaming, the nearly-rugged face turned to soft vulnerability asit suckled on his prong, the lips turning nearly inside-out as they pulledupwards, leaving a silver sheen upon his prick and a burst of pleasure,then hiding the silver again like a careful leprechaun and rewarding himagain with delight.Jim felt his balls gurgle. “Oh, oh, God!” he gasped out and the hightone of his call must have alerted Conrad, who turned loose to Jim’s utterdismay. Conrad grinned at Jim’s crinkled forehead and unasked question andsaid, “I think that’ll do it. I want a ride on this monster. I’ve beenwanting it since I saw it in the bathroom stall four months ago.”Conrad stood up and pulled off his shorts. Bemused, Jim watched thisgod in motion, his mind trying to recall the incident…just when hadConrad glimpsed his prick? They’d been in bathrooms at the same time a goodscore of times (maybe more than coincidence could explain, Jim realized),but he’d always been carefully discreet when there.Conrad turned his back on Jim and straddled Jim’s legs. “Guide me in.”he said to Jim.Jim’s hands went up to Conrad’s twin dimples of buttocks and caughtthem. So small, nearly bony even, they fit Conrad’s superb bodygreatly. Butts held fat and there was no fat on Conrad!Conrad shifted his legs back against the seat and now he was poisedover Jim’s dick, the cockhead resting in the precise point between hisbuttocks. “Are you ready?””I’m ready and so are you.” Jim agreed.Conrad pressed himself down, gasped as the cockhead slid into hisbutt. “Damn, you’re big!” he semi-complained. Semi, for he held himselfwhere he was, as if bracing himself, then worked his butt muscles to bringthe cockhead up tight and pushed down again. His hand caught Jim’s shoulderfor purchase on one side, the center arm-rest on the other. “Oh, damn,you’re big.” he said again.Jim was gasping, his face was red again he was sure, this canlı bahis time indesire. God, don’t let Conrad give up, that warm tucker wrapped around hiscockhead was the ultimate in delight, so much tighter than Laurie even ontheir wedding night, her showing herself not to be a virgin (or not a truevirgin, if he believed her story about a doctor needing to puncture it totreat her for an infection), but this ass while not virginal either wasstill damned tight. “Come on, you can do it!” he urged Conrad. “Come on,try again!””Oh, God!” Conrad pushed down again and this time some of Jim’s cockwent into his ass. “Agh, ah!” Conrad crooned, lifting his face up towardsthe ceiling as if to beseech some superior entity there for strength to seethis through. And he pressed down yet again.Now it was going. “Oh, yeah, that’s it, that’s halfway.” Jimpanted. “Come on, a little more, God, a little more, shit, fuck, ah, ah!Ah, man, that’s it, you got it, you got it!” He babbled in semi-delirium.Conrad needed only a short rest now that Jim’s pud was buried insideof him. Now he began to move, slowly and in small motions, but moving. Hisass caught and tuckered on Jim’s dong, but it relaxed and as it did, Conradspeeded up. This strong, athletic build was made for moving that body theway chosen for it, and Conrad was using it now to bounce on Jim’s cock.Jim watched this muscled body dancing above him in smooth rhythm andthen closed his eyes and just groaned. His body was igniting with his need,his eyes were filled with the images his mind had heretofore only conjuredout of mists and cotton candy, that vanished with only a burst of flavor,leaving sugar granules to ingest, unsatisfyingly strong. Now, though, hehad the reality, so much like what he’d dreamed about, and so much better,too. For example, he’d never thought how it felt to have Conrad’s bodypressing against him, how strong and warm and firm it was wherever hetouched it, strength beneath a sheer film of skin. Jim ran his hands up anddown Conrad’s legs and sides, feeling how powerful this man was, howamazingly strong, how agile and how beautiful, the way a cheetah isbeautiful as it runs after the antelope, graceful movements of energy thatcan only be appreciated in motion and vanish in repose.There was also the smell of Conrad, that had never entered the vaporof his dreams, the heavy musky smell of a man who had been exercising inthe heat of day and the sweat dried and then remoistened with more, it wasso much stronger that way. His body had been sensitized by the heat, it wasthe more ready to sweat once again and it did, globs of salty, sparklingman-dew sprinkled over Jim and the seat he was in, Conrad tossed his headand the sweat flew in flights of drops like birds fly, in small groups,helping each other fly, one flock splashed Jim’s face and Jim licked hislips, tasted the heady brew of Conrad’s perspiration and he moaned.”Oh, God, I’m coming, I’m coming!” He warned Conrad, but he was nearlytoo late anyhow. His body took that taste of salty man-juice and used itlike a torch to set his body ablaze, he was suddenly buffeted by hispassions, his body jerked and his muscles clenched and suddenly his entirebeing was pouring all its power into his cock, which burst out like a Romancandle set in the sand of a beach. Groaning, hunching upwards, he clutchedConrad’s hips and moaned as he jetted his sperm-packets upwards into theblond hunk, and Conrad moaned, his butt clenched Jim’s cock and as Jim’sorgasm concluded, his cock still hot and dripping in Conrad’s ass, Conradsprayed the driver’s seat and passenger seat’s backs with a heavy flow ofblond-headed, blue-eyed, handsome-face bearing jism which left darkcrescents upon Jim’s upholstery. Panting, exhausted, Jim found to hisannoyance that his mind turned to practical details. Have to get the vancleaned up after he got the k**s home.Conrad knelt on the carpet between Jim’s legs and reached up for Jimfor a kiss, which Jim gave him gladly. “Damn, that was good.” he saidhuskily when their lips parted.”You were great.” Jim said sincerely. “Best I ever had.” The word”only” didn’t apply, this had been damned good by any standards!”We can do it again this weekend in Hamerfield.” Conrad said. “Allnight, after we get the k**s put to bed.”Right. Jim had half-forgotten that. “You bet.” He agreed. “I think theboys ought to get a good night’s sleep.””We’ll make them turn lights out at nine o’clock.” Conrad agreed.”Make it eight-thirty.” Jim said, and this time he reached for a kiss.There’d be other opportunities here, two dads escorting their sons togames and lingering together afterwards. He could make opportunities if hehad to; Conrad didn’t live so far away.So far from breaking up his marriage, this might be just what heneeded to keep it held together!They were clothed again and decent and back to sipping Cokes in lieuof cigarettes when there came a sort of knock on the side door. Jim leanedover and opened it and saw Mrs. Meyer there. “Hello.” she said brightly,her old face crinkled up. “Wondering where you’d gone to and someone saidthey’d seen you coming this way.” She felt the cool air coming out at herand said, “My, I can see why you stayed here, so nice and cool.””Yes, it is.” Jim said, wishing she’d go away before he lost all thatcool air with her threshold nattering.His tone communicated to her. “I’ll leave you two alone.” shesaid. “You’re busy.””We sure are.” Conrad said, winking at Jim. “We have a lot ofcomparing to do.”Jim winked back, said, “There’s a lot of work in being a soccer dad.”And the door closed, the darkness covering them like a benediction.

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