Sojourn to Carlile

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Sojourn to CarlileIt was many years ago, I had just finished university and was moving home. On the way south I stopped off at a friend’s house, breaking the journey. Sally and her mother were both there and started on whiskey as soon as I was through the door. Very soon I had lost any inhibitions and then Sally suggested we went to get some more from the Off-License. So we went out, I was quite randy by this point and I could smell her sex as we walked. On the way back we went past a football pitch, there were some school k**s playing. At the far end was a grassy bank dropping off, as we approached it she turned to me and kissed me deeply. My breath quickened and I was rock hard at once, she felt me through my trousers and smiled then led me to the bank.We laid down and soon we were frenching passionately, she was undoing my trousers and I had her blouse open in no time. She had large breasts and long nipples, they were hard too, I licked them and sucked on them but we were too excited to spend long on foreplay, soon she had my pants off and I had mine in her panties, she was so wet. As I dipped my fingers in her vagina it felt like I was putting them into warm marmalade. I fingered her gently then added a finger and picked up the pace, she huskily begged me to fuck her. I pulled her jeans down further and with little respect for ceremony I had my cock in her, she pulled me in with urgency and we fucked hard. All the while the k**s were playing not 20 yards away. It wasn’t long before we both came, short intense orgasms not really sating our needs. However, the risk of being discovered was too great so we hastily dressed and went back to her place.By now the rest of her family were there so there was no chance to finish off then. However, it sincan escort turned out that her sister and her boyfriend were going to go out to dinner with us so no chance to adjourn to her room. Over dinner she played footsy with me and all the while we had a polite conversation. It was an enjoyable meal but Sally and I kept glancing at each other, I could tell she wanted more. When we got home we had some more drinks then her sister said goodbye to her boyfriend and retired to her bed leaving Sally and I in the front room, (her parents in the room above).Soon we were kissing again, this time with less urgency; deep passionate kisses. My hand was stroking her and soon we started undressing, it wasn’t long before we were naked and I kissing down her body, over her breasts, licking her nipples before continuing down to her pussy. Her juices were glistening on her lip and I couldn’t wait, I had to taste her. I licked between her lips tasting her honey sweetness; I licked some more and ran my tongue over her clit. Her clit was hard and already proud of its hood, it was like licking a small cock as I ran my tongue around it, teasing it. Sally was not up for playing and her hands pushed my head down hard on it. I licked over it and down to her vagina dipping my tongue in with each stroke. Soon she started to shake but held my head on her pussy as I licked harder. She let out a stifled cry and arched then let go. I licked gently some more enjoying the sweetness.I then slid back up and kissed her sharing her taste. My fingers were fucking her. She quietly asked me to fuck her bum, I was quite surprised and she asked again. I had never fucked a girls ass and was quite tentative (AIDs was just a hot topic with the press). I decided to slip a finger escort sincan in her ass as I used my thumb in her pussy. She moaned so I fucked both her holes with my fingers as I kissed her. Then I moved my tongue to her clit as I continued to finger her holes. She moaned deeply, and raised her bum letting my fingers go deeper. Soon she was shaking again and I withdrew my fingers.She turned around and pushed me on my back, and slid her legs over my face, her hands taking a firm grip on my cock as she lowered her head to lick around the tip. I was extremely sensitive and her licks were so teasing. I squirmed and raised my hips pushing my cock into her mouth; she eagerly wrapped it with her lips and started to fuck me with her mouth. My shaft was not so sensitive so I could relax and then I noticed her dripping pussy above me. I couldn’t resist and soon I had my tongue deep inside her fucking her with it. Her juices ran down my face but I couldn’t get enough of her pussy. She returned to my tip and I could feel the intensity building I wasn’t going to hold my load much longer. She pushed her pussy down on my face as I came, pumping semen into her mouth. She swallowed greedily then raised herself off of me and with a knowing smile came up and kissed me my semen still on her tongue, sharing my favor from earlier.My cock was still hard so I slipped it into her pussy; she was so wet I could hardly feel her. We were on our sides kissing, my cock buried deep inside her. We stayed like that for a while then I rolled her on her back and shew wrapped her legs around me. I started slowly, small strokes then built up a rhythm, 10 shallow then 10 deep; medium pace but enjoying every moment. Sally had her head back and was moaning. We continued like this sincan escort bayan for about 15 minutes before I came again. We lay there, my cock still inside her just kissing and stroking each other for a while.I decide to grant her her wish and slipped my finger through her pussy lips to her anus and slid my finger in again. She was already relaxed and I could push it all the way in. I fingered her for a few minutes, her juices were running from her pussy and lubricated my finger. Soon I slipped another finger just inside and waited for her to relax some more; as she relaxed, I pushed the two fingers in and waited again, soon she had relaxed fully and I fucked her with my fingers some more. I then thought I would try three, following the same routine I soon has 3 fingers slowly pumping her ass. She was in ecstasy, asking me to fuck her ass, begging me. I withdrew my fingers and slid her leg forward, her on her side, exposing her puckered hole. My cock was rock hard again as I presented it to her anus. Very slowly I pushed in and waited for her to relax again, it didn’t take long and I pushed a few inches in and rested letting her get used to me. Slowly I fucked her, feeling her excitement as I pushed deeper. Then she shook violently as she came, pulling me in to her. I waited till she had stopped coming and withdrew.We held each other for what seemed like an eternity then she whispered we had better go to bed so we gathered her clothes and as quietly as we could we climbed the stairs. I was staying in her room whilst she was in with her sister. She kissed me goodnight then we went into our respective rooms. I slept like the dead and was awoken late the following morning by Sally with a cup of tea and a grinning face. I left soon after and never saw her again.I heard from a friend she had gone to the states for a year and come back with 2 girlfriends, her family not being able to cope with her coming out disowned her. But she was a revelation for an inexperienced youth.

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