steamy sex with my best mates wife!

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steamy sex with my best mates wife!Having rather foolishly starting an affair with my work mates wife, it soon progressed into a marathon of non stop illicit sex. Every opportunity we got nikki and i were literally at it, we were so desperate for each other that i even left her husband neil at work covering for me, unbeknown to him that i was heading round to his house to fuck his wife! Nikki worked as a barmaid at the local bingo hall and as she worked nights more often than not during her absence neil would be sat at home getting bladdered, and was usually out cold by the time she got home. On one particular occasion nikki decided to call in sick at work and agreed that we should meet somewhere, so that night i made my excuses to my other half and headed off out and nikki called her sister, who also works with her and told her she was not coming in to work. We met up in the local park and drove off in her car to gorleston seafront, a few miles down the road. As we made our way down the promenade we found an old fashioned shelter to sit under sat there talking for a while, inevitably with us it didn’t take long for things to hot up and before long we were sat there side by side with her having undone my jean buttons and taken my cock out, as we sat there she slowly began to wank me off, the excitement of this meeting was intensified by the fact it was late summer and despite being 9.30pm it was still relatively light and there were still a few people milling about, gorleston is known as an old peoples town and as we sat there it was apparent as to why it was seen that way, just feet away from where we sat old couples and dog walkers were karşıyaka escort passing us by and two benches down in an adjoining shelter sat an elderly couple eating fish and chips, as all of this went on around us, nikki continued to play with my cock, making it harder with every stroke. After a while i eased my hand up under her skirt and slipped my fingers down the front of her panties and began to start rubbing he clit, teasing it slowly as i rubbed it with my fingertip, occasionally slipping my fingers down to her slit, slowly her panties began to feel moist and after a few minutes of teasing and probing her hole i started to feel her pussy getting nice and wet in anticipation of feeling my hard cock inside of her, slowly the light began to slip away and although we could still see the old couple a couple of booths down, people passing along the promenade had disappeared into the darkness. With that nikki sat astride my lap facing me, and as she did so she slipped her panties to one side and lowered herself down onto my erect cock, with a gentle sigh she took my penis up to the hilt and slowly began to rock her hips as she started to ride my cock, occasionally she glanced across at the couple through the window as she slowly begun to ride me faster. We could still hear people shuffling past on the promenade which was no more than twenty metres away but we carried on regardless, i started to undo nikkis white blouse, and as i parted it either side of her breasts i leant forward and began to kiss around the tops of her 34c breasts that were squeezed out of the top of a white lace wonderbra, i lifted the bra up over her breasts karşıyaka escort bayan and slowly began to tease her nipple with my tongue as i did this the other caressed and gently squeezed the other. Nikki continued riding me as i started kissing around her neck as she tipped her head back, despite being outdoors and with the risk of being caught this was real love-making, we were so engrossed in each other that we literally forgot where we were and as we continued to pleasure each other we had without being aware of it become more vocal, as we both glanced across we realised that the old couple had noticed us and presumably having been upset or disgusted at what was going on, begun to walk away. Now it was so dark that we decided to push the limits further, so as nikki got off my lap she got on her knee on the bench beside me and lowered her head to take my cock into her mouth, her pussy juices glistened on my length as she took the head of my penis between her lips as she flicked her tongue across my piss slit, rolling her tongue all the way around my cock head, she then took me deep into her mouth and began sliding her lips up and down the length of my cock, slowly turning her head in a gentle motion as she did so. As she did this i reached over and lifted her skirt up over her ass cheeks, and pulled her panties down to her knees. My fingers ran down over her back and down the crack of her ass, unitl i felt the wetness of her pussy, still gaping from having just had my cock inside it, leaning to one side slightly i began to finger her wet slit, first off i slipped one finger inside then two and slowly i began to thrust escort karşıyaka them in and out of her, as her pussy pushed back onto my fingers i decided to use her wetness to make my thumb nice and lubricated and began to circle it around her tight ass hole, gently i eased the tip of my thumb into her and as her ass puckered around it, it gradually eased itself all the way in, now i was fingering both her hols as she sucked greedily on my cock, after several minutes i was nearing orgasm and as usual nikki wanted to feel it unload inside her, she loved to feel my hot cum fill her wet pussy and it usually was enough to bring her to orgasm as well as i tend to be a heavy creamer, with that nikki stood up and with her ass towardes me she stood on the bench with her feet either side of my legs and once again lowered herself onto my thick cock, this time she slid herself up and down the length of my cock as she steadied herself on the window beside us, as she rode my cock i was able to watch her ass slide up and down my length and as i looked down i could see my dick slipping in and out of her wet hole, having watched that for no more than a few minutes i was well truly on the verge of cumming, and with a final slide down my shaft i grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down onto me hard, my body convulsed as i pumped spurt after spurt of hot thick cum deep into her, feeling my cock pulsing inside of her, nikki then started to reach her own orgasm and despite the location and risks she let out a full blooded cry of pleasure as her pussy tightened around my cock. After we cleared ourselves up we headed back to the car park and as we walked along the promenade hand in hand we passed the elderly couple now sat in another shelter a few hundred yards away, we couldn’t help but laugh as we passed, with the old couple sat there looking totally bemused but somewhat intrigued by what they must have witnessed.

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