Stranded in the Outback

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Stranded in the OutbackIt was supposed to be a graduation present to Jack – a family trip to Australia. Since Jack was little he was always fascinated with the “Land Down Under”. He used to watch “Crocodile Dundee” over and over and he would read many books about Australia. Therefore, his parents promised him that upon graduation they would take him on a month long vacation to that distant country.Jack graduated and the date for the trip was set. Jack’s parents, Tim and Joanna, decided to do the trip in August – the weather would be quite pleasant at that time in Australia. Jack couldn’t wait for the day to set off and he would talk about all of the activities they had to do and things to see on this trip. The list was quite extensive. He wanted to see some of the bigger cities, including the capital, take a picture with a kangaroo and a koala, see the Great Barrier Reef, visit Uluru, also know as the Ayer’s Rock, go on a jeep safari and ,above all ,to learn surfing. His father has always promised to teach him to surf and now would be a perfect opportunity.The day of the trip was slowly approaching. Jack was getting more excited every day. Joanna was also pleased to go on a much-needed vacation. Her husband, Tim, owned his own real estate business and she helped him out with a variety of minor chores. She felt that Tim was getting really stressed out as of late and was hoping that both of them could relax a lot while in Australia. However, about a week before the trip Tim announced at the dinner table that he would not be able to go to Australia.”Honey, what do you mean?” asked Joanna in an alarmed tone.”I can’t leave right now, the business is not doing so well. I’m setting up a big deal with a partner that should go through soon. If it does we might make a lot of money, but I have to stay and oversee everything,” said Tim sadly.”But Dad! This isn’t fair! Who’s going to teach me how to surf? And the safari?” piped in Jack.”Listen son. I’m really sorry, but you can do all these things yourself. You’re a man now. You will soon find out that work is not easy and sometimes things don’t go according to plan.” Tim’s words were stern and fatherly.”I guess you’re right, ” whispered Jack. The rest of the dinner went quietly and without cheer. Jack shuffled off to his room to watch “Survivor Man” before going to bed.Joanna tried to bring up the conversation again.”You’re not making this any easier for me, Jo. I was really looking forward to this trip. You know we’re not doing great financially. I have to try and turn our business around and with this deal, I think I really can.””But Tim, you’re so stressed out. Can’t this deal wait till we come back?””I wish it could, honey. But the partners are really set on closing it and it’s going to be an insane month to get everything ready. But look at it this way, you’ll have a whole month to yourself – sunbathe, swim and do all the relaxing things.””You need all the relaxing things more than me, babe.””Look, Jo. Once I close this deal, we’ll go on a nice trip somewhere in the Caribbean. Just the two of us. Deal?””Deal!” Joanna tried to sound excited.The week rolled by quickly. Jack was busy constantly packing, staring at the map of Australia and reading a book about an early expedition there. Tim was busy with the business and Joanna helped him as much as she could, while preparing her own plans for the trip. Her main goal was to lie on the beach most of the time and work on her tan. She was quite a self-conscious woman. Always working on her looks. Gyms, spas, beauty salons were her regular visited establishments. She knew she had a great body, which she kept in shape, and her skin was always pampered. Her greatest feature however would have to be her boobs. At thirty-seven years of age, her large C-cup tits were still as perky and full as the day that Tim got her pregnant.The day finally came and everything was prepared. Tim drove his family to the airport while trying to keep a cheerful conversation going. He talked about all the nice things Jack and Joanna would do in Australia and that they would not ever miss him. Joanna played along with her husband as if it was not a huge deal that he couldn’t come. At the airport Tim instructed Jack that he should not forget that he is a man now and to take care of his mother. After all the goodbyes were said, Jack and Joanna prepared themselves for their flight.Their vacation in Australia was quite magical. Visiting the big cities and seeing all the tourist attractions was very exciting. In Queensland, Jack had a blast learning how to surf while Joanna had a relaxing time going to the beach. Her skin was getting quite tan and her light brown hair was turning blond now.Indeed, Jack had fun hanging out with his mother more than he had imagined and he didn’t even miss his father that much. They got to see pretty much everything on Jack’s list. One last thing was to visit Uluru, the mystical red rock.About a week before the vacation was coming to an end, Jack and Joanna flew into Northern Territory. Jack came up with a plan to rent a jeep and drive to Uluru. He took the initiative and arranged for a rental of a jeep and planned out which way to drive. He wanted to drive to the resort area around Uluru and see as much of the inner country as possible.On the morning of the trip, Jack woke up early, got the jeep from the rental place and hurried his mother at breakfast. The weather in Northern Territory was quite hot and dry and Joanna decided to wear cut-off jean shorts with a light, yellow tank top. Jack wore his surf shorts and a white wife-beater top. With a couple of gallons of water strapped to a shoulder bag they set off into the heat.The day was sunny and the drive was uneventful. The scenery was a monotonous desert landscape on both sides of the road. Joanna noticed how Jack took things into his own hands and was proud that he was developing into quite a man. An hour after driving on a paved road, Jack suddenly turned off on an unmarked dirt road.”What are you doing, Jack?” asked Joanna curiously.”Well, I figured since we only have a week left I would combine this trip into a jeep safari. I want to experience the desert the way it really is,” responded Jack.”As long as you know where we’re going,” said Joanna, reclining in the passenger’s seat.The desert was truly a magnificent thing when one is driving through it without any civilization in sight. Jack was fascinated as he surveyed the surroundings. He had found this road on a map that he purchased at a convenience store. It was a slight detour, but it appeared to lead straight to Uluru. However, after some time driving, he noticed that the dirt road turned more or less into a trail.”It must not be heavily traveled”, Jack thought as he glanced in the rear view mirror. He took out a compass and consulted it for directions. This was just what he imagined a jeep safari would be – driving around with no road signs or cars in sight. Jack thought he saw some sort of a wildlife moving to the side of them and peered intently to his right.With a loud crack the jeep suddenly veered off.”What the hell was that!?” panicked Joanna, sitting up rigidly in her seat.”Damn!” swore Jack. “I don’t know mom.” He gripped the steering wheel tighter and corrected the jeep’s course. Something under the jeep was making a strange sound and they rolled to a stop. Jack tried pressing on the accelerator, but the vehicle would not move.Unsnapping his seatbelt Jack quickly jumped out of the jeep. He walked around it, trying to pin point the source of the problem.”Well, what is it honey?” asked Joanna twisting her head this way and that, her face lined with worry.Jack bent down and looked under the jeep. “Umm, this doesn’t look good,” he said standing back up. He looked up at the sun, squinted and then looked at his mom. “Looks like we snapped an axle. We must have hit a big rock.””What does that mean? How long would it take for you to fix it?” demanded his mother getting out of the jeep.”Mom… this is not something I can fix. We would need a good repair shop to get this baby running again.””Shit! Shit! Shit!” In panic Joanna began walking back and forth besides her son. “What are we going to do?” She put her head in her hands and squatted down next to the jeep.”Let me think a moment,” said Jack. He took out his compass and unfolded the map. He stared at them for some time trying to figure out where exactly they were. Remembering a trick he learned in one of the books, Jack was able to guess their position.”Here’s the situation mom. We are much closer to our destination then we are from where we left. I’m guessing we are about 20 miles from the Uluru resort area. If we move on foot we should be able to make it in a day or two.””Walk? Walk in the desert? Are you crazy? Won’t someone come looking for us?””Not anytime soon. I rented the jeep for up to a week. Nobody is going to notice that we are gone till then.” Jack tried to remain as calm as he could. He knew that if he panicked, his mother would lose her mind. This was a sticky situation and their survival depended on him.Jack knew a few things about survival – he watched “Survivor Man” religiously and read plenty of books about the Australian Outback.”Oh my god, Jack. We are going to die here in this wasteland. Why did you have to take that stupid trail?” Joanna was near tears.”Mom. Calm down. I know what I’m doing. We are going to be fine. We are not that far from civilization. This is no different than a long hike.””A long hike! We have no food and no tools.” Joanna sounded desperate.”We have enough water to last us till we get there and I have a knife. That is all we need. Just do as I say and we’ll get to Uluru in no time. We can’t stay here, we have to get a move on.”Joanna was suddenly reminded of Tim when he was young – so sure of himself, so commanding. She took a few deep breaths and decided that she should be supportive of her son. After all, she had no better ideas.Jack grabbed the water bag out of the jeep and stuffed his map, compass and knife into it. Joanna got busy putting on sunscreen on herself and her son then put the rest in the bag. She was really scared for the two of them, but she decided that she would try to seem more cheerful.”It’s deadly hot out here,” she said, trying to be funny.”It sure is. We’ll get a heat stroke if we don’t protect ourselves.””How?””We have to cover our heads. We can make hats out of our shirts. I’ll show you.” Jack pulled off his top and sliced it with his knife. Next he wrapped and tightened it on his head. Joanna stared at him, blinking her long eyelashes.”Just like this,” added Jack, showing off his new head wrap.”Jack, honey. I can’t take off my shirt,” said Joanna when Jack turned to look at her. “I have nothing on underneath it.””Don’t you wear a bra?””A bra? In this heat? My boobs would cook.” They both shared a small laugh over that statement.”Look ma. It’s for your own good. Heat strokes are no joke. Plus, it’s not that big of a deal. I’ve seen plenty of women topless at the beaches in Australia.”Joanna could feel the sun burning into the top of her head. It scared her more that she was willing to show.”Okay, fine. How do I make this stupid hat?” she asked and turned around. With one swift move she pulled off her tank top. She stuck out her hand and Jack took her shirt from her.Jack cut a few slits in her shirt and said: “Okay, let me tie this around your head.” Joanna placed one hand over her breasts and half turned to face her son. Concentrating on his work, Jack quickly affixed the shirt into a protective head-wear.They got a move on right away and began trudging through the hot Outback desert. The going was tough and it wasn’t long before Joanna dropped her hand that was covering her tits. Jack was walking slightly ahead of her and he didn’t seem to notice. They walked in complete silence and after about twenty minutes of walking, Joanna suddenly stopped.”Mom?” asked Jack turning. He suddenly noticed that his mom was completely topless. Blushing slightly he looked the other way.”Stupid flip flops,” said Joanna. “I can’t walk in them on sand.”Jack took a moment to think. He could make her some shoes, but he couldn’t think of anything to make them out of. And going back to the jeep was not an option. Suddenly, he got an idea, but wasn’t sure how to go about it.”Well, my shoes are way too big for you and you can’t walk barefoot, the sand is too hot. But, I could make you shoes…” Jack hesitated.”Shoes! How?” his mom’s eyes lit up.”Those shorts you are wearing… I could cut them up and make shoes out of them. The denim is strong enough to keep the sand from burning your feet.””My shorts?” Joanna looked down frowning. She knew that she was only wearing thin cotton panties underneath, but she was getting past the point of caring about anything other than comfort.To Jack’s surprise she undid the strings that held the shorts around her hips and took them off. Jack watched, stupefied, as his mother’s white panties appeared before his eyes.”Here,” Joanna handed him her shorts, shading her eyes with the other hand.Jack tore his eyes away from her and looked around. “Here. Sit on this rock.”Joanna sat down on a nearby rock, using her flip-flops as a seat cushion to keep her butt from getting burned. Jack knelt before her and busied himself with making her shoes, just like he saw on the TV show. As he finished up, he looked up and happened to look right between his mother’s düzce escort legs. Her panties were quite thin, almost see through, and Jack could barely make out a bald mound underneath them. He felt an excited tingle in his body and promptly looked away.”How is that?” he asked.Joanna stood up and took a few steps. “Feels a little weird, but comfortable enough.”They decided to take a quick break and each had a sip from their water bottle before resuming their march.Jack knew they couldn’t keep walking in this heat. His mother was walking slower and slower, and he was feeling his own energy seeping away. He looked over at his mom and saw that she was barely dragging her feet – her head drooping down, her arms hanging limp at her sides. He also noticed how her breasts jiggled with every slow step she took. He had seen a few topless ladies on Australian beaches, but he had to agree that these were perhaps the best pair of tits he had seen so far. Tearing his eyes away from his mom’s frontal display he noticed a small rock foundation off to their side. The formation was casting a shadow and Jack quickly realized what he must do.”We can’t keep on walking during the day,” he said. “The heat will kill us. Let’s head for those rocks.”Joanna didn’t say anything, but simply followed behind.As they approached, Jack realized that the rocks were larger than they looked from the distance. There was enough shadow here to hide them well from the sun. As soon as they got under the cover, Jack felt much better.After another drink of water, Joanna seemed to become livelier as well.”We have to conserve our energy. If we walk for too long we’ll drop from exhaustion,” Jack spoke at length. “We should walk during the dusk, for a few hours and then some during dawn.””Why can’t we walk at night?” asked Joanna.”The desert isn’t exactly the safest place, mom. You don’t want to step on a snake or a scorpion out here.””Oh great, I completely forgot about those until you just brought that up.” Joanna began looking worriedly around.”Sorry, but it’s good to be alert at all times. We should take turns sleeping, so one of us can keep a watch for wildlife. You can sleep at night and I’ll sleep during the day.””Good, I can’t sleep when I’m this hot,” said Joanna and sat down in the shade.”Okay, I think I better try and get some sleep right now, if I’m to stay awake tonight,” pointed out Jack. He found a decent patch of sand under the tallest rock and smoothed it out with his foot.”So am I suppose to just sit here and watch?” asked Joanna.Jack only shrugged and walked out into the sun. He used his knife to draw a circle in the sand and struck his knife in the center.”Sun clock,” he announced, grinning. “Wake me up when the knife’s shadow reaches here.” He drew a line with his finger. “Oh, and if you see anything crawling on me, don’t panic and wake me up gently.”Joanna looked at him with big eyes, but didn’t say anything.Jack lay down on the smoothed out patch of sand and closed his eyes. The walk in the sun made him more tired than he realized and he quickly dozed off and began snoring softly.Joanna sat in the shade near her sleeping son and thought about how stupid this whole situation was. She was surprised to notice that she didn’t feel scared. She knew that they would keep walking and that they would make it out of here alive. At least that was what she told herself.”If I tell anyone, they won’t believe,” she joked bitterly. She passed the time drawing shapes in the sand and would glance over at Jack from time to time to make sure nothing was crawling on him.It was still very hot, but it was bearable. Joanna lathered herself some more with the sunblock lotion that she brought and sat staring into the distance. Time seemed to have ceased existing, but slowly the shadows on the ground grew longer.Finally, Joanna saw the sun clock reach Jack’s mark. She got up to wake Jack. She shook him a few times and then called his name – Jack was always a heavy sleeper. After a little more shaking and shoving, Jack woke up. He almost didn’t realize where he was at first, but quickly remembered.The sun was nearing the horizon and the intense heat was fading. Their pace was faster now and they were actually covering some distance. Jack couldn’t help but be aware of his topless mother walking next to him. He kept on stealing glances at her chest whenever he dared. He really couldn’t believe that his mom would have such nice breasts – they were nicely bronzed and swayed from side to side as she marched on. The sunblock made her skin glisten in the fading sunlight and she looked like a model out of an adult magazine. It wasn’t long before Jack felt his cock being swelling and he was thankful for the stiff board shorts that he was wearing.Soon it grew dark and Jack began scanning around for a place where they could stop for the night. He saw a few skimpy looking bushes and they made camp amongst them.Joanna drifted asleep nearly instantaneously and Jack sat down cross-legged opposite from her. He could only see his mother’s silhouette in the gathering darkness and finally his penis softened up. He kept watch all night, fighting hard to stay awake. He was relieved when the sky began to light up. It was time to press on.Jack got up to wake his mother and walked up to her. She was sleeping on her back and Jack paused for a moment to look at her breasts. They were flattened out against her chest, and didn’t quite have the same effect on him as before; though his eyes lingered on her cute nipples for a long moment before he decided to shake her awake.After a good night of rest, the going was much easier. The sun was just beginning to appear at the horizon. The sand was beginning to shimmer, like it was melting. Joanna stared straight ahead, her mind still dizzy with sleep. Her mouth was really parched and she thought she could drink a whole gallon of water. Sand was sticking to her skin on her back and thighs, but she was too lazy to wipe it off. She would have given anything right now for a good shower and a glass of juice.”Look,” said Jack all of a sudden. He lifted his finger and pointed ahead. Joanna followed in the direction, but couldn’t see anything other than hot, sweltering air.”Do you see it, mom? I think there are trees up ahead.” Jack sounded excited. He quickly dropped to one knee and took the map out of his shoulder bag. “It’s on the map. Look, right there.” Joanna glanced down and saw Jack sticking his finger at a small blue line.”It’s a river mom!” Jack yelped. “It’s a river!”Jack took off ahead and Joanna had a heck of a time keeping up. However, she began seeing what they were headed towards – a grove of short trees. They drew closer and closer and finally arrived at a small river.”I don’t know how I missed it,” said Jack with a broad smile and they stood on a bank of swift flowing water. “We must be close to our destination.””How close?” asked Joanna relieved at the sight of water.”Well… about ten more miles,” answered Jack.”Can we get there today?””Not likely. Maybe a day or two.””Two more days?” Joanna suddenly lost all feeling of relief.”Yes, but mom, we’ll make it. I promise.”Joanna forced herself to smile and felt proud that her son was being so optimistic.The water in the river looked clear and refreshing. Jack didn’t wait another moment as he threw down the pack, kicked off his shoes and jumped in the swift current. The river was about ten feet across but it came up to Jack’s shoulders at the deepest point. Jack noted that this was probably a man made stream, used to distribute water to driest parts of the country.Joanna stood on the bank and watched her son splashing around like a little k**. She knelt down and put her hand in the water. It was chilly. Her body ached to be submersed into that welcoming coolness. But she was quite aware that her thin, white panties would reveal a little too much if they got wet.”Jack. What about crocodiles?” she asked suspiciously, peering into the river.”Mom, this is too small of a river and too clear of a water for crocodiles. You have nothing to worry about,” Jack said as he swam around.”Can we drink it?””I don’t know. It smells okay.””I don’t think we have much of a choice, Jack,” said Joanna holding up their water bottle. It was almost empty. She finished the rest in one gulp and bent down to fill it up from the stream.Jack got out of the water and stretched, water running off of him in rivulets.”It’s starting to get hot again,” he said. “I’m going to get some sleep, over there by those rocks.”Jack walked a little up the stream and Joanna followed him. The banks widened slightly and formed a little pool. The water looked even clearer, except in the middle, where the current rippled through.”Okay ma,” announced Jack drawing a sun clock in the sand. “Wake me up when the shadow is here. By the way, this little pool would be great for diving. You should go for a swim.”Jack found the most shaded spot in the grove, scooped up some sand and formed something like a bed.He was asleep within minutes.Joanna stood and looked from her son to the pool. When she was convinced the he was asleep, she approached the bank. The water sure did look inviting. Joanna wasn’t a great swimmer, but she could picture herself diving into this amazing water. She looked back at Jack one more time and then untied her makeshift shoes. She decided to keep her panties on, figuring there would be plenty of time to dry them in the sun.Not able to withstand the draw of the water any longer, Joanna dove straight in, headfirst. The cool water felt shockingly cold on her overheated skin, but at the same time it was very refreshing. She felt a surge of life and energy flow into her.She swam around in the little pool, her head going under and popping back up. The worry of being stranded seemed to be washed away by the river’s current. She looked around and took in the beauty of the moment. It felt so exotic, being in the middle of nowhere, in an unfamiliar country, yet encounter such pleasure. The water seemed to be tickling and caressing her body, like a lover. Joanna’s thoughts turned to Tim and she wished her husband were here right now, because she would fuck his brains out. She closed her eyes and pictured his big cock. She wanted to taste it and feel it deep inside of her.Joanna was getting pretty aroused swimming around, daydreaming about her husband. But she noticed that she was starting to feel cold. She decided to get out and warm up under the sun. As she climbed out of the water, she felt that something wasn’t quite right. She could quite put her finger on what it was. And then it hit her. Her panties were missing.Joanna quickly turned around and peered into the river. She couldn’t quite recollect if she ever felt them slipping off, yet here she was – butt naked. She ran up and down the bank, trying to spot her underwear in the water. But it was all rather wishful thinking. Her panties must have fallen off when she dove in and the fast current had carried them off god knows where.Almost maniacally Joanna began to laugh. As if for the first time, she realized that she had no idea where she was and the only person who she could rely on was her son – her son who had just barely turned eighteen and who had never even been to a foreign country before. To top it all off, she was now completely naked, except for those silly shoes her son had made out of her own shorts.As Joanna’s laugh died down, she agreed that the shoes were actually pretty functional. She shook her head and glanced down at her crotch. Her skin was already dry and her pussy was completely bald, thanks to the Brazilian waxing salon in Sydney. She couldn’t let her son see her this way, so she tried to think of a way to cover herself up. She picked up the makeshift denim shoes and turned them over.”No, that won’t do,” she mused. She looked over at Jack to make sure he was still asleep and, suddenly, and idea came to her. Jack was still wearing his board shorts.”Better him than me,” she thought. She was his mother and she had seen him naked plenty of times before. Though, he had become very conscious of his nakedness when he was about f******n. “How much could he have changed?”Joanna waited till it was time for Jack to get up. She used one hand to cover herself between the legs and called for Jack to wake up. Of course he needed more than that, so she used her leg to shake him.Eventually, Jack began to come awake. He opened his eyes and saw his mother standing above him, covering her crotch.”What… what’s going on?” Jack sounded groggy and confused.”It’s time to get up, sweetie,” Joanna replied.”Why are you naked?” asked Jack squinting. As realization dawned on him, he added: “Where are you panties?”Joanna quickly explained to him what happened to her when she dove into the river. She tried to make a light joke of it and and they both shared a quick laugh.”So, Jackie, honey, I’m going to need your surf shorts,” she finally said.”But, then… I’ll be completely naked,” Jack said unhappily.”I’m your mom. You can’t see me completely naked, it’s not right.””What’s the big deal? You’ve been pretty much naked this whole time. What difference does it make if I see your snatch?” said Jack in annoyance.”Jack! Young man!” said Joanna formally. “It’s not a snatch. You can say vagina.””How about pussy?” Jack tried to hold back a smile.”Well… I suppose you can say that too.””Good, I prefer to say pussy. Vagina sounds like an old lady’s escort düzce thing,” Jack chuckled.”Now, Jack, be a good gentleman and give your mother your shorts,” Joanna demanded like she always did when Jack wasn’t listening to her.”All right, all right,” answered Jack and took a deep breath. Reluctantly he began to undo the laces on his shorts. He turned around, took them off and tossed them over his shoulder to his om. He was happy he didn’t have a boner right now.”Wait a second, don’t turn around!” Joanna hollered at him.Jack stood with his back to his mom, while she quickly slipped into his shorts.”Ah crap!” Joanna cursed. “The shorts are too big, I can’t tighten these laces.””I knew they would be better on me,” said Jack, looking over his shoulder.He saw his mom holding the shorts up around her waist with one hand to keep them from sliding down.”I guess I’ll just have to hold them up the whole time,” she said.Jack just stood there not wanting to turn around. The actual idea of being naked in front of someone else always scared and excited him at the same time. And now he would be completely naked in front of his mom, who strangely enough had an amazing pair of tits. What if he got a boner again? His mom would ridicule him to no end. As if to spite him, his cock began to fill out. To try to take his mind of such matters Jack decided to strike up a small talk.”We should get going. We only have a few hours before it gets too dark. Let’s have a drink of water. If we’re lucky, we might see some civilization soon,” he said cheerfully, still not turning around.Joanna took a drink from the bottle and walked up to give it to Jack. He took the water but kept his body at an angle, keeping himself from being seen. Joanna noticed this and guessed what the trouble might be.”What’s the matter, big boy, afraid to show your momma your little dinky?” she teased.”It’s not a dinky,” replied sharply Jack, sounding hurt.Joanna decided to play on his shyness a bit further. While Jack was drinking, she quickly walked around to face him. She glanced down and her eyes showed her surprise.Her son’s penis wasn’t even fully erect, but it was about the same size as his father’s. The thing was, Tim was a big man, standing at six feet and six inches; his large manhood came with the build. However, Jack was barely five-foot-eleven and he wasn’t nearly as bulky as his father.”What?” asked Jack noticing that his mother was staring.”I guess you are right. It’s not a dinky. It’s a ding-dong,” said Joanna with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.”Mom!” exclaimed Jack and stumbled towards the creek. He jumped into the water and swam around.Joanna joined him, but she kept close to the shore, only going in waist deep. She watched her son as he swam around. He looked hurt, which made it both cute and funny. She thought that maybe a little teasing could do them both good and raise their spirits.”Whatcha doing, Jack? Fishing for crocodiles?” she joked.Jack gave her a grim frown.”I think I see a floating log. Oh wait, no. That’s just your penis,” she kept on.”Mom, this isn’t funny,” said Jack, but he actually almost smiled.”Oh, don’t be so hard on yourself,” said Joanna, accentuating the word “hard”.Jack finally smiled and she stopped teasing him.The cold water refreshed both, the mother and the son, and they set out on their way. They tried to keep up a conversation to help them pass the time as they walked. Jack still felt weird being naked around his mom and he still maintained his half-chub. Joanna was still amused by the fact that her son was slightly aroused in such a situation.”Watch were you’re pointing that thing,” she would say, or “You’re going to poke an eye out with that.”Little by little, Jack was becoming more comfortable and even decided to make a few jokes himself.”Must be hard walking with those swinging bags on your chest,” he said. In turn, Joanna came back with: “I hope there are no elephants in this desert, because they might mistake you for one of their own.”They both burst out laughing at that.”At least I have grass on my field,” said Jack, failing to think of something cleverer.Joanna was surprised that he noticed.”Wait, when did you see that I had no grass on my field?” she asked squinting at her son.”When you were standing there covering up,” shrugged Jack.”Oh, you saw? Did you?” Joanna asked lightheartedly.Jack didn’t say anything and quickened his pace, which caused his semi-stiff cock to sway from side to side. Joanna giggled to herself.At length, it was getting too dark to keep on walking and Jack called for a break. He spotted out a place to break the camp and told his mother to get some sleep.The night was dark and Jack couldn’t see much except the stars. To help him pass the time he tried to find all of the constellations he had read about. He even attempted to count the stars when he grew really bored.That night Joanna had a dream about being with a man. She thought she knew this man, yet he seemed to be a stranger at the same time. He was such a great lover that Joanna had sex with him multiple times in her dream. She woke up to her son calling her name.”Mom! Wake up! The sun will be coming up shortly,” called Jack.”Oh, sweetie, just a few more minutes,” she replied, frustrated at being woken up from her erotic dream.”Come on, mom! Every minute counts before the heat comes,” urged Jack.They set out again. They walked mostly in silence, Joanna’s thoughts trying to recall her dream while Jack was trying to figure out where they were and how much longer they had to go. He got out his map and compass and studied them in the coming sunlight.The day was going to be a hot one. Jack began feeling the heat sooner than the previous days. Perhaps due to their exhaustion, they only exchanged a few words. Jack tried to push an extra mile, feeling that they were getting close to their destination. Joanna was having a hard time walking in the oncoming heat. Every inch of her body felt hot and her head began spinning. She began to fall behind. Seeing this Jack finally called a halt under a pile of rocks. He was pretty tired himself and fell asleep as soon as he made himself comfortable.The shade wasn’t helping much and Joanna felt the hot air all around her. She took a drink of water as she sat opposite of Jack. She was feeling dazed and her mind began to wonder. Her thoughts drifted to the dream she had last night. She didn’t even realize that she was getting very aroused and very wet. Maybe because of the dream or maybe because of the heat she felt a strong urge to touch herself. She took a glance over at her son who looked to be deeply asleep. She figured that she could easily play with herself and satisfy her over excited genitals.Quietly she took off the surf shorts and eased herself down on a small rock. Her pussy was already well lubricated and she slipped two fingers inside of it. She began to vigorously finger herself, her juices splashing all over her hand and thighs. She was getting so horny that her whole body began tingling. She stayed quiet but was determined to bring herself to an orgasm. She closed her eyes and tried to picture her husband’s cock. She fingered her pussy and toyed with her clitoris for a long time, but couldn’t quite bring herself to that desired peak.Joanna slipped a third finger into her slit and fingered it faster. She opened her eyes and looked around. She seemed to be so close to her orgasm, yet unable to reach it. Her eyes came to rest on her son. He was lying on his back, breathing softly. His cock was resting on his belly and it was semi-stiff as always. Against her own better judgment, she stared at Jack’s cock as her fingers dove faster in and out of her slippery cunt. The sight of his cock seemed to excite her even more. It looked so long, smooth and gorgeous. It seemed to captivate her whole attention. All she could think about was reaching that damn orgasm and all she could see was her son’s semi erection. Her mind was in a complete state of lust as she rubbed her clitoris with one hand while the other worked on her hungry twat. Yet, she couldn’t get over that one hill.All of a sudden, a crazy idea entered her mind.”I just need to get a dick in my pussy, just for a moment, and I’ll be able to cum,” she thought.Joanna was no longer guided by her consciousness, but by wild human instinct. She stopped playing with herself and quickly got up. Quiet, like a fox, she stole her way over to where Jack was sleeping. She knew that he would not wake up easily and that his semi-stiff cock could easily be guided wherever. She stepped over Jack’s body and looked down directly at his boner. She licked her dry lips and slowly began squatting. Her sopping pussy was inches away from his large manhood.Without losing any time, Joanna placed one hand on the nearby rock, for support. With her other hand she reached for Jack’s cock. Her heart was pounding in her ears and droplets of sweat were running down her body. Carefully, she picked up his cock and guided it towards her burning pussy lips. Hungrily, she shoved his meat inside of her and lowered herself on top of it.Her body shuddered slightly as she felt the tip of Jack’s cock push its way past her labia. She paused for a moment to enjoy the feeling, but her pussy begged for more. She pressed down lightly on it and felt the cock making its way inside of her. That was all it took before Joanna was sent into an electrifying orgasm. Wave after wave of intense pleasure ran through her body. Her eyes couldn’t see and her mind couldn’t comprehend. Joanna was in a state of supreme orgasm, unable to form any intelligent thoughts. Her whole body shook so hard that she fought hard from collapsing onto her son. She bit down onto her lip to keep herself from screaming. Her pussy was grabbing at Jack’s cock in spasms of pleasure and she was gushing out loads of juices all over his rigid rod. It seemed to last an eternity.When Joanna finally came to her senses, she slowly raised herself off of Jack’s cock. Her legs were trembling so bad that she stumbled and almost fell. She took a moment to regain her breath and looked over at her son. She slowly began to comprehend that she just used her son to help pleasure herself. It didn’t feel real. It felt like a dream. A dream that felt so incredible, that her mind was still under the influence of the orgasm – her pussy quivered and butterflies fluttered in her stomach. Joanna took a few more steps and allowed herself to collapse on the sand.Funny thing was, even though Joanna got her pleasure, she felt more aroused than ever. To receive the most powerful orgasm of her life in this heat was something intoxicating. Her pussy was still burning with desire and her clitoris was tingling. She raised her head and looked up at where Jack was still peacefully sleeping. His cock was covered with her juices and she even dribbled some on his pubic hair. His cock looked to be fully hard now and, indeed, looked bigger than her husband’s. She stared at it, thinking it was the biggest dick she’d ever seen. At this point it wasn’t her son’s penis, it was just this beautiful cock on this strange, yet familiar man.Joanna couldn’t take her eyes off of her son’s cock. It seemed to her that the first orgasm was just an appetizer and she found herself very hungry for the main course. In the state of delirium Joanna’s mind began to respond to the impulse of the immediate want. She pushed herself up from the sand and crawled over to Jack. Her pussy craved the taste of whole length of his shaft. The sooner she could plug her fuck hole the better.She didn’t even get up, but simply crawled over her son. Her hair fell down and was only inches from his face. She reached for his cock and grasped it in her palm. She felt like some junkie trying to get her fix. She wasn’t even graceful as she stuffed Jack’s cock into her pussy. She was wet and ready enough to accommodate his whole girth. Feeling the cock inside of her sent her into euphoria.Jack’s shaft slid easily inside of her highly aroused pussy. His dick was stretching he pussy beyond what she had ever experienced, but it was a most welcome stretch. She lowered herself unto it until she could go no further. His cock was lodged deep inside of her and she felt filled out to the fullest. She looked down, between her legs, and saw that Jack still had a few more inches of his cock to spare. She wished she could take it all, but unfortunately, her vagina could accommodate no more. Joanna placed her hands above Jack’s shoulders, looked at his face to make sure he was still asleep and began to work her hips up and down his stiff mast.Joanna kept her eyes on her son’s face, so she could determine early signs of alarm. She kept a steady rocking pace, working up to another orgasm. The world before her eyes began swimming. She had lost all sense of time and direction. She twirled her ass around like a vixen. Jack’s dick was touching, and caressing, every point inside of her vagina. She lifted her hips all the way up, until Jack’s cock was about to pop out and then slid back down on top of it. She was sweating rather profusely now and she could hear the sloppy wet sounds of her cunt. Her breathing was fast but, like a thief, she tried to make as little noise as possible. Finally, her orgasm was approaching and she closed her eyes. It seemed that Jack’s cock was harder than ever before and so warm. It was filling her up with pure warmth…”Mom? What…?” Joanna heard the words düzce escort bayan that shattered her delirium.The words were hard, cold words of reality. They crashed her hazy dream world with a hard slap across the face. In a split second, all of Joanna’s sanity and consciousness returned. Hard realization of her actions sunk in immediately. She flung open her eyes and stared in horror at her son’s face beneath her.Such intense fear and confusion Joanna had never felt. In an instant, she jumped to her feet. Something warm seemed to be spilling out of her insides. She looked down and saw white, gooey sperm pour out from between her legs, landing all over her son and the hot sand. Without another moment of though, Joanna briskly walked away, her son’s cum running down her legs.***Jack looked at his penis and tried to comprehend everything that had just happened. He woke up to an amazing feeling all over his body. He’d had wet dreams before, but this was nothing like that. The first thing he saw was a pair of breasts swinging just over his face. Thinking it was a dream he felt his orgasm shoot out of the end of his cock. It was then that he saw his mother’s face and it was then that he realized that it was no dream.Jack took a second to catalog everything in his mind. He saw his mother storm away into the desert. He sat up and looked at his cock again. It was covered in a messy concoction of love juices. The smell of his quickly drying sperm was heavy in his nostrils. He looked for something to clean himself off and noticed his surf shorts. Quickly he wiped his cock clean and looked in the direction that his mom walked off. He realized right away that she was headed the wrong way!Jack gathered all of their things and quickly went to catch up to his mom.When he finally caught up to her, Joanna seemed to be in a deep thought or trance – staring blindly ahead as she walked. Jack walked a few paces behind, unsure of how to proceed. He noticed the white streaks that have dried up on her legs. He felt a familiar jolt in his cock, which was still stiff.Jack tried to think of some icebreaker to start the conversation, but nothing seemed to make sense.”You’re heading in the wrong direction,” he said finally.Joanna simply changed direction.”No, it’s this way,” added Jack and pointed. She turned and walked the way he was pointing.They walked for sometime in silence. Jack kept pondering the fact that his mother had just fucked him and now she was waking in front of him fully naked. He also realized that she probably still had his sperm inside of her. Jack’s cock became rock hard again and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from his mother’s swaying ass.Joanna was lost in her thoughts. She wasn’t even embarrassed; she was mortified with her actions. She couldn’t imagine what Jack could be thinking right now. She was aware of his presence and wondered if he despised her now. She thought about saying something, but what words could make things right?Jack knew they needed to take a break. The sun was burning hot. They headed out too early, due to Jack’s early awakening. Yet, they would die in this heat, unless they took cover.”We need to stop. It’s too hot,” said Jack when he walked up along side his mom.Joanna nodded.They headed for a small hill that had several short trees growing on it. It seemed that they were getting close to civilization. At the top of the hill they saw more hills and they also saw more signs of vegetation.They took a long break in complete silence. Finally, Jack got up and prepped the bag. He looked at his mom, who got ready to head out.”Mom, don’t you think we need to talk?” Jack asked.”What would you like to talk about?” asked Joanna without looking at him.”How about the weather? Or the scenery?” Jack joked.Joanna gave a weak smile. “Funny guy. I don’t you want to talk about that.””Want some water?” asked Jack handing her a bottle.”I would kill for a bite of food,” she replied.”Well, you’ve just wasted perfectly good protein,” as soon as Jack uttered those words, he wondered what compelled him to say that.Joanna gave Jack a quick, precise stare. She quickly calculated that joking her way out of this might be the easiest approach.”I don’t like sand with my protein,” she replied feeling braver.”I know where you can get it fresh.”Jack was looking intently at his mom. She felt his stare and it made her very uncomfortable. She decided the conversation was over. She gave Jack an indifferent look and said: “Let’s get going.”Joanna noticed that her son had a full on erection this whole time. She tried looking the other way, but his penis seemed to be everywhere she looked. They still had Jack’s surf shorts, but neither of them seemed to have any use for them. After what has happened it hardly mattered if they were naked or not.Joanna battled guilt and her conscience, but soon something else began taking over her mind. She felt that familiar tingling feeling in her pussy and she realized that she never achieved that second orgasm. She was so close when he woke up…For some unknown to Joanna reason, she began getting wet again. Maybe it was because Jack’s sperm was still clinging to the walls of her vagina, or maybe it was because she was under the spell of the desert heat. Nevertheless, she felt an itching and burning sensation deep inside her pussy. The more she walked, the stronger the sensation grew. Her vagina felt like a plumbing pipe that needed a good cleaning, with a stiff cock.Joanna closed her eyes and shook her head. Her thoughts were not her own.As they walked, the landscape began to change. More bushes and small trees were popping up here and there. Jack consulted his map again.”We are almost there!” he tried to sound cheerful.”Looks like it’s about five more miles.””I can’t walk anymore,” said Joanna plainly. Her legs felt rubbery and she didn’t know how she took each step.”Okay,” said Jack stopping and looked around. “Over there, where those trees are.”Joanna saw the place he mentioned and they walked towards it. Once they reached it they shared a drink of water.”It’ll be dark soon. We should break here for the night,” offered Jack. “I’m betting we can get to one of the Uluru resorts in the morning.”Joanna nodded and looked for a place to sleep.The sand was mixed with dry and hard grass and it was harder to find a comfortable spot. When she finally found a little clearing, she prepared for the night. Carefully she touched herself between her legs and felt how sensitive her aroused lips had gotten.Suddenly, she head Jack walk over to her and stand near.”What are you doing?” she asked a bit annoyed.”I’m here to see if you’re still hungry,” replied Jack.Joanna couldn’t place the tone of her son’s voice, but she was in no mood for jokes. She peered at Jack angrily, but couldn’t quite see his features. It was getting dark and his silhouette looked like a figure out of a story.”Smart ass,” she said. “Go sit down and keep watch. I need to sleep.”Jack was taken a back. He didn’t know why his mom did what she had earlier. He was very horny now and was thinking that she’d want more. Why would his mother use him for sex when he was sleeping and now she was so cold? He decided to try it one more time.”Mom, I’m totally okay with doing this. You don’t have to pretend,” he said.”Fine. If you won’t let me sleep, then I’ll stay up and you go to sleep,” Joanna said harshly.”But it’s not my turn to sleep.””It is now. And I mean now!” Joanna’s tone was strict.Jack dropped his head and nodded. He walked over to a spot that he had picked out and laid down. He lay with his eyes closed, but could not fall asleep.A few minutes went by and he heard his mother approach. His heartbeat quickened and he wondered if she would try to use him again. He tried to appear asleep. He could hear his mother stop next to him and kneel down. He felt a hand grasp his penis and begin stroking it. Jack opened his eyes. His mom was squatting at his side, her eyes on his cock, her boobs squishing against her thighs.”This one time,” she began softly. “Tomorrow we get to the resort and get help. What happened out here will stay out here. Tomorrow we go back to being normal mother and son again.” She tore her eyes away from Jack’s manhood and looked at him.”Of course, I understand.” Jack blurted out in rising excitement.Joanna stood up and turned her body, so her ass was facing her son. She stepped over Jack’s body positioning herself above his chest. Next, she bent down and got on all fours. It was already quite dark, but the stars and the moon were providing enough light to see by. Joanna could distinctly make out the shape of her son’s hard penis right in front of her. She snatched it up and brought it close to her mouth. She could smell the sweet male pheromones coming off of the cock’s tip. She opened her mouth and began sucking.Jack watched the way the light of the moon fell across his mother’s ass crack as she lowered her pussy closer to his face. Her pussy lips were exposed and they looked swollen. He didn’t need a more direct invitation, so he lifted his head and met her half way. He felt unsure about performing oral on a woman; after all it was completely new to him. Thus, he decided to bury his face between the legs and began licking. It tasted tart and salty.As his tongue made its way trough folds in the flesh, Jack felt the way his mother’s warm mouth worked his cock. It felt so good, that he desperately wanted to return the favor. He grabbed his mother by the hips and began flicking his tongue up and down her pungent slit. The faster his tongue moved, the harder his mother sucked.Joanna’s cunt gushed with juices. Her pussy lips felt almost numb, as her son toyed with her. She could barely take any more of this foreplay – she needed to be stuffed. She let the cock out of her mouth and tearing her ass away she crawled off of Jack.”Take me from behind,” she whispered, remaining on all fours.Jack quickly stood up on his knees and shuffled over to his mom. She threw her hair over her shoulder and turned to look at him. She had a wicked glint in her eyes. Jack couldn’t believe that all this was actually happening; after all he wasn’t asleep this time. He pinched himself for reassurance.Jack placed his hands on his mom’s ass and rubbed it with his palms. Her skin felt warm and sticky. The bare head of his cock was hovering inches from her hole. He gave her ass a firm squeeze and pocked his dick inside.Only about an inch of his cock went inside – just the head itself. His mother’s pussy felt wet and hot on the sensitive skin of his tip. He immediately felt a tickling sensation around his scrotum. Jack paused, afraid that he was about to cum. He tried to think about something else, anything other than the embrace of his mother’s cunt. No matter how hard he tried his cock was ready to blow. Any small movement would set him over the edge.”Well?” Jack heard his mother. “Are you going to fuck me or not?”That’s when Jack unleashed. He squeezed his buttocks and thrust deep inside. So deep that Joanna pitched slightly forward and let out a groan of discomfort. His cock exploded as he held it firmly inside.”Oh yeah,” whispered Joanna, not realizing that her son was heaving an orgasm. “Just like that.”Jack barely heard her words, as his mind buzzed in ecstasy. However, he willed himself to pull his cock out and slide it back in, his sperm oozing out of the sides. It took him a few seconds to recover and he realized that his mother wasn’t aware that be just blew his load. Albeit his cock felt very sensitive, it was still hard. Jack slowly and gently proceeded to penetrate his mother.”Faster,” Joanna moaned, enjoying the stretch her son’s cock was giving her. Her pussy felt extremely wet and hot the moment he shoved himself in. She felt a slight tickle of his balls on her clitoris and that made her curl her toes. She felt a powerful urge to be fucked hard. “Harder.”Jack decided to comply. Pulling his hips back, he thrust roughly inside, causing another groan to escape his mother’s lips. Again, and this time she let out a moan. Jack increased the tempo and soon his mother’s body moved in rhythm with his. The still night air was filled with noises of skin slapping against skin and soft moans.Joanna clawed at the sand as she worked up to her climax. Her ass and tits jiggled every time Jack slammed into her. Her nipples tingled with excitement and her asshole relaxed and opened up. Her son’s cock was like an intoxicating d**g as it slid across her her G-spot. The pleasure was unimaginable and the orgasm hit her like a tsunami.Her eyes went dark and her arms buckled. Her body fell froward and her face face hit the desert floor. She tasted sand on her lips as her orgasm shook her body. She lay there gasping helplessly for air.Jack wanted to cum again. Grasping his mother firmly by the hips, he continued fucking her. He felt that his sensitive cock would not be able to last much longer, especially the way his mom was whimpering. Her warm, juicy vagina made Jack’s dick feel as if it was a hot knife slicing through butter.”Oh god. Oh my god,” she kept saying.His hips moved rapidly and he felt an immense tension build up in his balls. From deep within his being there came a sensation of ultimate pleasure. His body twitched and his dick released what felt like the biggest load.Jack felt spent and complete as he collapsed onto his bent-over mother. They rolled off the rock and tumbled on the sand, his cock still deeply lodged inside of her pussy.They simply lay there, silent, breathing deeply. Jack hugged his mom close to him and felt a strong will to sleep. As his mind drifted into the dreamland, he wondered: “Will this all end tomorrow?”The End….

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