Stripped by girlfriend

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Stripped by girlfriendMy girlfriend (Jill) had a “girls night out” recently with several of her friends. After several hours of painting the town red, Jill had me pick her up downtown, along with her best friend Trish and her cousin Christine. When we got home , the girls each changed into their PJ’s and continued to drink and laugh it up. Jill was wearing a white tank top with blue-plaid flannel pants. Trish wore pink, silk pajammas. Christine wore a tight red t-shirt with baggy, grey sweatpants. While we all chatted away, Jill got up suddenly from the couch where all three girls were seated. I think she was getting up to find an old photo to show the girls when Christine reached out and grabbed the sides of Jill’s flannel pants. With a loud “Oops!”, Christine yanked Jills pants down to the floor! Jill had on a pair of white cotton, string-bikini style panties with tiny red hearts all over them. Trish and Christine started laughing hysterically. “Whoooo… nice panties Jilly!” Christine shouted. Jill stood in shock for a moment, with her pants around her ankles, when she too started to laugh. Suddenly, she lunged at Christine, who tried to crawl over Trish to get away. Jill grabbed the waistband of Christine’s grey sweatpants from behind and started pulling! We soon discovered thst Christine was wearing pale blue, bikini style cotton panties with a white waistband. I watched closely as Jill crawled on the couch (right over Trish) with her little heart panties still didim escort clearly on display and her hands holding on tightly to Christine’s sweatpants. Then, Christine fell off the couch and right out of her pants! Jill got up grinning and raised her cousin’s sweatpants triumphantly above her head when Chrisitne scampered across the floor in her red t-shirt and blue panties and grabbed Jill’s pants from around her ankles. Jill reached down and pulled Christine’s t-shirt up her back, over her head and right off her outstreched arms. Christine tried to cover her little, white bra (perhaps realizing that she had been stripped to her underwear by her cousin and in front of her best friend and her cousin’s boyfriend!). She got to her feet and called for a truce. Both girls were giggling and breathing heavily when Christine suddenly grabbed Jill’s tank top from the bottom and yanked it over Jill’s head! Jill had an aqua-blue lacey bra on underneath. Jill and Christine (both in the middle of the living room in their underwear)started fooling around with each other (pretending to make -out and grabbing each others butts). Giggling, Jill said “Wait a minute. We’re cousins Christine!” Christine pointed at Trish. “She’s not!” Trish was instantly to her feet, but it was too late. Jill and Christine lunged at her and each of them caught one of Trish’s ankles as she tried to escape. They both pulled off her socks and hauled her back into the room. “Her pants! Lets get escort didim her pants off!” Jill said giddily. With that, Jill and Christine flipped Trish onto her back and started working on the drawstring of her pink, silky pajama bottoms. As soon as it was untied, Jill and Christine each took a pant-leg and (before Trish could grab them) quickly slid them down her legs and tossed them aside. Trish was laughing hysterically while she tried her best to cover up. I could tell Trish had black panties of some sort on, but the pajama top covered almost everything. I decided to weigh in on this. “Are you gonna let her keep her top?” I asked the girls. Trish shot me a look and declared that I would pay for that! Jill and Christine rushed at Trish once again and started unbuttoning her silky, pink top. Trish pretended to resist while they all giggled uncontrollably. I think they were enjoying all of this as much as I was! Jill and Christine releived Trish of her top and now I could see that she was wearing boyshorts style, lacy black underwear with a matching bra! It was quite a sight having my beautiful girlfriend and her two hot friends standing in their bras and panties in front of me. That’s when they turned their attention to me! Without a moment’s hesitation, they were all on top of me. They wrestled me from my chair to the floor. Jill and Christine pinned down my arms while Trish crawled on top of my legs. They had me trapped. Trish looked me in the eyes. “It’s didim escort bayan payback time!” “Get his pants Trish!” Jill shouted. My own girlfriend! Trish unbuttoned my jeans and started to unzip them. “C’mon Trish! PULL HIS PANTS DOWN!” Christine was cheering. I felt Trish’s fingers slide inside the waist of my jeans. She quickly tugged them down to my knees! I was wearing white breifs underneath. The girls were laughing and cheering loudly at my embarassment. “Wow! Tighty-whiteys! Very cute!” Christine giggled. “Looks like he ejoys being stripped by three girls in their underwear!” Trish said. “Dont stop now!” Jill said. Jill and Christine got my T-shirt off quickly while Trish got my jeans off altogether and threw them aside. “I know!” exclaimed Jill. “Lets tie him up on the balcony!” Before I knew it, the girls had pulled me out on to the balcony in my tighty-whiteys and were tieing me (in a standing position, hands behind my back) to the balcony rail, my back turned to the busy night street. The girls were thrilled with themselves. I was rock hard standing there in such a compromising situation. Jill leaned in and kissed me on the lips. “Goodnight honey!” she said with a grin. That’s when all three girls slid their hands into my white briefs and yanked them to the ground. The girls ran laughing back inside and closed the balcony door. As I stood there, totally naked with my underwear around my ankles, the girls turned on the balcony light, ensuring that any passersby got a good veiw of me tied up out there. Over the next hour, about 25 or 30 different groups of people passed by and laughed at my shaming. Some even took pictures! That was most certainly a night I will never forget!

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