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Study PartnerSo this is a recollection of something that Happened when I was around 21/22 and in University.Growing up with strict parents meant that I wasn’t allowed to invite people over often unless it was absolutely necessary. So once I had a boy I was fooling around with come over as my lab partner so we could study. I invited him over as we wanted to hang out and had the munchies after smoking weed. I made sure to tell him how strict my parents are and told him that he cannot do anything that he normally does with me outside (more on this later).So I come home from Uni with a boy and I indicate to my mum that he is my lab partner and we need to do some work. My mother agrees and tells us to sit in the living room. I seat him in the living room and go to my room to change into my house clothes. I generally didn’t wear underwear because I never liked underwear. So I put on a hoodie and some shorts and go down. My clothes were baggy and not at all revealing so my mother did not have an issue with it at all.As I come down he is on his laptop doing something, and I pop into the kitchen to get some food for me and him. I grab a whole bunch of junk food and head to zonguldak escort the living room. He is sitting on one of the side chairs and I sit at the head of the dining table beside him so that I can keep an eye on the door to the living room. We message each other online to talk as we cannot discuss everything for fear that my mother will overhear. He tells me that he is watching porn on his laptop because he is horny. So I ask him to share the link and he does.So we both sit there and watch porn for a few minutes and also have some snacks. At this point I was getting really horny and my nipples had become erect. I could also feel that my thighs were getting fairly wet. I message him indicating I am getting horny and could really use some dick. He felt the same way and asked if I was wearing a buttplug. I had lots of toys hidden in my room, but wasn’t wearing any at the time. So I went upstairs to my room to get a buttplug.I inserted a buttplug and sneaked a glass dildo in my hoodie downstairs. As I passed by the kitchen I saw my mum was on the phone. So as I went back to our living room, I handed him the dildo and signalled to him that my mom was on zonguldak escort bayan the phone. I then sat cross legged on the chair and he could reach my pussy through one of the leg holes on my shorts. He then began to finger me and rub my clit. This went on for a few mins and afterwards he started to fuck me with the dildo. I was having an amazing time but I was also extremely afraid of getting caught. I also had an urge to suck dick really hard at this point and my ass also wanted to be drilled as the butt plug was not enough. So as he continued to destroy my pussy with the dildo, I unbuckled his belt and undid his pants. He was fully erect so I had a look at the door and once confirming that no one was there, began to lick and suck his dick. I told him to shift his chair away from the door and keep an eye there. I continued to suck his dick and he blew a load in my mouth.Sucking his dick while my mom was on the other side of the door made my slut brain go crazy. So I pulled my hoodie forward and spit his cum down my chest where it would turn me on even further. After this he buttoned his pants and sat smiling while I got a blanket from one of escort zonguldak our couches and put it over my shoulder. I then pulled my left hand inside my hoodie and began to rub his cum over my chest and play with my nipples. We pretended to study for a few more minutes and my mom came in with more food for us. She asked what we were studying and how it was going, just the casual stuff and left us to it. As soon as my mother left I told him I needed my ass teased and fucked. So I slouched on the chair and he played with my ass using the buttplug. As he did this I was still massaging myself with his cum. He then inserted the glass dildo in my pussy and fucked both my holes while I played with my nipples and eventually I came. After about another half an hour while I was sitting there buzzing with what I had done, my mom came in and said she had to go out to get something.My heart leapt out of my chest at that as I said oh ok. As soon as she left I pulled my shorts down and asked him to fuck both my holes. He bent me over our dining table and proceeded to fuck my pussy and then my ass. He came in my ass and then inserted the buttplug back in. We both got dressed and continued to pretend to study. Once my mother came home he thanked her for the food and left shortly afterwards. As he left my mother said “He seems nice” and I was like yes mum he is nice. Once he left I went upstairs to masturbate again before I showered.The End.

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